17 year-old nephew and his aunt’s

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17 year-old nephew and his aunt’s
Hakim was staying with me for the summer.
The 17 year-old wished he could go home. He missed his
friends and he resented the disciplinary side of his
aunt. i am the Mother’s younger sister and i am
only 24 and this was causing some friction between the
aunt Fathia and nephew. Hakim ’s parents made sure he understood
that while he was in his aunt’s home he must abide by
his aunt’s rules and discipline.

Hakim was increasingly misbehaving as a way to rebel
against his aunt’s authority; he resented being told
what to do by a 24 year-old. Fathia set a curfew of 10pm
during the week and midnight Fridays and Saturdays.
Hakim began to almost totally disregard the curfew.
Friday night Hakim stayed out to 1:30am, when he got
home Fathia told him to go to bed; She would discuss his
behavior the next morning.

Saturday morning Fathia sat Hakim down and said to him,
either he would obey her or he would have to leave.
Although Hakim wanted to leave, he knew his parents
would be very upset. Hakim was entering the last year of
High School in September. His parents had promised him a
new car if he graduated, and behaved himself while he
was at his aunt’s house. Hakim very much wanted the new
car; he realized that his aunt had the upper hand.

Fathia said, “Hakim, you have given Me no respect since
your arrival. That is about to change; starting today
you will be spanked if you misbehave. I am going to
spank you right now. Hakim stand up and remove your
robe”. Since it was morning, the boy hadn’t dressed yet.
Hakim stood and removed his robe; he was now standing
before his young aunt in his jockey shots.

The boy was small in stature; he was thin and about 5ft
2in in height. Aunt said “Hakim, you want to
behave like a baby I’ll treat you like one. You will
remove your shorts and receive your spanking on your
bare ass.”

Hakim was mortified; he definitely didn’t want to be
naked in front of his pretty aunt. stood up, she
towered over Hakim, and she stood about 5 feet 9 inches
with a very nice figure, this morning she was wearing a
T-shirt and very short tight shorts. Fathia put her hands
on her hips and “what will it be, either take the
underwear off or go home. Fathia understood about the new
car, so she knew what kind of power she had.

Hakim pulled his shorts off. I could not believe my eyes, His dick was massive his balls was proportionately huge. as Fathia
looked her nephew over, paying close attention to his
penis. Fathia said, “You’re such a big man are
you?” Hakim was very embarrassed responded “no Aunt Fathia”.
“Hakim get over my knee, like the c***d you are. The
adolescent boy got into position, he felt humiliated to
be in this position. Fathia began to hit Hakim on the
cheeks of his ass with the palm of her hand. She was
hitting as hard as she could.

Hakim ’s penis was rubbing up against his aunt’s bare
thigh and this was causing him to have an involuntary
erection. His penis was now fully erect; it was between
his aunt’s legs. Fathiacould kaçak iddaa feel her nephew’s penis and
she opened her legs.

Fathia said “Hakim stand up”. The boy didn’t want to
stand with an erection but his aunt insisted. Hakim
stood trying to cover his penis. Fathia told Hakim to put
his hands behind his back. Hakim red faced put his hands
behind his back and stood with his 11-inch cock sticking
straight up pointing at his aunt.

Fathia said, “Why do you have an erection Hakim?”

“I’m sorry I can’t help it.”

Fathia said, “Hakim you will stand in the corner until
such time as you can stand before Me without an
erection, at such time we can resume the spanking. Hakim
said “Yes, Aunt ”. Hakim went to pick up his robe
but his aunt said to stand in the corner nude.

Hakim stood in the corner feeling very uncomfortable,
the more he willed his 17 year old penis to go soft the
harder it became. Finally his penis got to a flaccid
state, now he had a dilemma he had to stand in front of
his aunt and show her his penis was not hard, this was
something he didn’t want to do, but had to.

Hakim turned and approached his Aunt at the kitchen
table. Hakim said Aunt I’m ready to finish the
spanking. Fathia said, “lets see, what your penis looks
like now”. Fathia leaned down to stare at her nephew’s
penis and said, “yeah I guess you are ready”.

Hakim get over my knee.” Hakim got in position and
Fathia began spanking Hakim’s ass. Hakim couldn’t help it
but he seemed to like to have his ass spanked and also
the friction of his penis rubbing against his Aunt’s
bare thigh caused him to have an erection again.

Fathiathrew Hakim off her lap. Hakim stood with a hard-
on rubbing his ass. Fathia said, “Hakim get a ping pong
paddle from the porch.” Hakim went to get the paddle, on
his way back his aunt sat watching the boy approaching
her with his hard cock bouncing. She was determined to
teach him a lesson.

“Hakimget over my lap.” Fathia really started to beat
the boy’s exposed ass with the paddle. Hakim ass was
becoming very red, but his dick was still very very hard
and throbbing. Hakim couldn’t help it, but he ejaculated
all over his aunt’s legs. Fathia pushed Hakimoff her lap
saying, “you dirty pig”. Hakimwas on the floor and cum
was still oozing out of his dick.

Fathia was furious with her nephew. Fathia said, “Jimmy
you had no right to use me for your satisfaction”. Fathia
said “HakimI want your cum off me right now, lick it
off Me, you piece of shit.”

Hakim knelt naked before his aunt and began licking his
cum off his young Aunt. Hakimlicked all over his Aunts
thighs, even after the cum was gone Hakim continued to
lick his Aunts inner thighs high up. Hakim was enjoying
this and his erection was back. Fathia backed up and sat
down and spread her legs open, she too was enjoying her
nephew’s licking. Hakim continued to lick, there were
cum stains on his aunt’s shorts right on her crotch, and
the boy started licking his aunt’s shorts on the crotch

Finally Fathia said, kaçak bahis “That’s enough, stand in the corner
until I tell you to get dressed.”

Hakim stood and walked to the corner with a very obvious
erection. Fathia sat at the table looking at her naked
nephew in the corner. Hakim erection wouldn’t go away,
he found he was excited to be treated this way by his
aunt. Gradually Hakim started to fondle his cock; soon
he was standing there jerking off with his Aunt
watching. Fathia said, “stop doing that Hakim and get
over here”.

Fathia had to admit to herself that she was aroused
controlling her nephew, and he seemed to be turned on
too. Fathia decided to see where it would led if she
pursued her dominant desires. Hakim stood before his
Aunt with a raging hard-on. “So I see I turn you on”?
Hakim replied, “I’m sorry, but I guess it excites me to
behave submissively”.

Fathia said, “Come with me, we’ll see just how
subservient you want to be.”

Hakim w as led into Fathia’s bedroom, Fathia said I’m going
to take a leak if you want to clean me with your tongue
stay here, if not leave now. Hakim said, “I’ll stay”.
Fathia removed her shorts and panties and walked to
bathroom. She sat on the toilet with the door open in
full view of Hakim. Fathia pissed nosily; when she was
done, she called her nephew. Hakimca me into the
bathroom checking out his Aunt’s pussy.

Fathia stood and said to Hakim“knee at my feet and use
your tongue to clean my piss off my cunt”. The boy got
on the bathroom floor and sank his tongue into his
Aunt’s snatch. He used his tongue to lap away at his
aunt’s pussy. It was the first pussy he had ever seen
outside the pages of a magazine. Fathia said, “let’s lay
down on the bed”.

Fathia laid face down on the bed and said, ” lick my
asshole, salve”. Hakim hesitated unwilling to put his
tongue on his aunt’s asshole. Fathia said, “you can
either lick my asshole or get out of my bed”. Hakim
didn’t want to be shut off from his exposure to sex, so
he shut his eyes and put his tongue on his aunt’s

Fathia stretched out on the bed with her legs spread
apart completely relaxed enjoying the sensations of the
boy’s mouth on her ass. “Hakim ick my asshole and try
to stick your tongue in my asshole.” Hakimdid as he was
told; he held his aunt’s ass cheeks apart while he
slobbered over her anus. Fathia forced him to continue to
lick her asshole long after he wanted to stop. He
wiggled his tongue in her asshole as she moaned.

Fathia finally told her nephew he could stop licking her
ass. Hakim stopped . As i rolled over and spread my
legs out. Fathia said, “i can see Hakim penis is fully-erect , if you want to fuck me i can give you
permission to Fuck me .you will cum only when i want you come cum.. His penis is actually a pretty good predictor of what my pussy was loking for

i say to him you going to fuck me like crazy right now , I want to do exactly that, He works just the top of his dick inside me, pushing in and out with steady rhythm as my pussy güvenilir bahis latches onto him, He started thrusting deep and deeper ; I could feel him go so deep inside me. A moan escaped my lips as my pussy continued to wrap tighter around his dick.suddenly and then he barrels deeper inside me, surprising me with a hard thrust that makes me Almost cry out

I groaned as I felt my pussy lips stretching—hell, my whole body seemed to stretch as … His whole enormous cock was filling me in ways that I’d never been filled before. … Feeling Hakim push deeper into My pussy starts to tense up and my body starts to quiver. With each inward thrust the head of his cock would stroke just the exact spot against the front wall of my pussy to send waves of pleasure through my body It feels fucking amazing every time He fill my pussy with your huge dick!” his cock felt so fucking good, i was in a happy place as he pushed all the way inside. he was doing it so good, so good than my boyfriend .

as i gripping him tight as he tries to work himself deeper I feel kind of helpless,he thrusts harder and faster. i come hard as he thrust deep and then i seeks Him to release the cum inside my pussy . he lays on me for a second, then roles off to the side and pulls …

The boy wished Fathia would try to gratify him, as he had tried
to gratify. This was not to be, as Fathia lay on the bed
oblivious to Hakim . The boy had never
seen a naked woman before so his dick was still Hard on t. Fathia said, Hakim masturbated
yourself by the side of the bed . Hakim came and his Aunt said, ” if you
make a mess you better clean it up.”

Hakim tried to lie down on the bed; he said, “Can I take
a nap with you Aunt Fathia?”

Fathia responded, “Slave, if you want to nap with me, lay
on the floor at my feet.”

Hakim lay on the floor nude.

That night Fathia told her nephew, if he agreed to be her
sex salve, she would fuck him occasionally. Hakim said,
“I agree Aunt Fathia”. Fathia said he would have to obey
her, if he didn’t he would be shut off from having any
sexual contact with her; also if he was really bad she
would report his behavior to his parents.

Fathia said, “Hakimw hen we are alone you will not wear
pants or underwear around the house, do you understand?”
“Yes Aunt Fathia I understand”. “If you misbehave I will
spank you on your bare ass, regardless who may be
present”. Fathia said “also anytime you are in the house
without your pants on, you will keep your legs separated
at all times so that puny little prick of yours will be
displayed at all times.” “Yes Aunt Fathia, I understand.”

Fathia said, “Okay slave boy, tidy up the house my friend
Denise is coming over to visit.” This was said in a
pleasant lighthearted manor. A little later that evening
Denise came over. Denise was Fathia’s best friend she was
a 22 years-old very pretty redhead. Fathia related what
was happening with her nephew, they decided to have a
little fun.

Hakim sat pulling the skin back on his dick exposing its
purple head over and over again. He would stop
occasionally, to stop the blood flow and then resume.
Fathia and Denise talked about many things; one of the
things Hakim heard them talk about was what a good fuck
machine they would turn him into.

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