A Better Way of Life

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‘He’s a pig!’ I complained to my friend, Susan, as we sipped our coffee at the local Costa. ‘He’s certainly not the man I married.’

‘I think we’ve all seen what he can be like Kathryn; I don’t know how you cope with him,’ she replied.

‘John was so different when we married Sue, but he’s piled on a massive amount of weight and he drinks so much that I swear he might be an alcoholic.’ I paused, mulling over the last few years that had seen my life with John deteriorate so much. ‘It’s embarrassing going anywhere with him where normal people might be because he ends up so drunk and he’s so big now that I swear he hasn’t even seen his own dick in years!’

‘I did wonder how you guys managed to have sex without you getting crushed,’ Sue laughed.

‘Oh, we haven’t had sex in ages,’ I scoffed. ‘It must be close to twenty years now since I last had sex, not that I’d want to have sex with him anymore.’

‘I don’t know how you cope Kathryn, I know I couldn’t live without sex,’ Sue sighed.

‘It’s easy when that fat drunk is your only option,’ I laughed.

‘Why don’t you leave him then? God knows, you have enough cause!’

‘You don’t understand Sue,’ I cried, ‘I’m too old to start again. I just have to accept that this is my life and I’m stuck with it.’

‘There are always alternatives Kathryn so just because your current life is terrible, it doesn’t mean that you can’t find a different life.’

Sue and I had been friends for about five years, having worked together before I retired earlier in the year. Having just turned sixty years old I’d decided that I’d had enough of the rat race and wanted to relax, though relaxation was hard to come by with John at home all the time. He claimed he’d also retired but the reality was that his drinking and weight meant he couldn’t keep a job so was effectively unemployed. He was a few years older than me and was a heart attack waiting to happen with his way of life. He certainly wasn’t the man I’d married forty years previously and although it might sound harsh, I simply didn’t love him anymore and hadn’t for a long time. It didn’t help that although I’d now entered my sixties, I remained active, ate healthily and I was in pretty good shape.

‘You still need to get out Kathryn,’ Sue replied. ‘Look, we’re having a few friends over for dinner next Saturday; why don’t you come over and enjoy yourself?’

‘What about the pig?’ I asked.

‘Bring him along if you have to, it’s OK. He’ll be passed out in a corner before long anyway and I’ll make sure you’re not left alone.’

‘OK Sue, I’ll come,’ I eventually responded. ‘If you’re sure you don’t mind John being an embarrassment, I’d love to get out for a change.’

It was never entirely pleasant going anywhere with John, especially with civilised people but I reasoned that pretty much everyone I knew was aware of John and I generally received sympathy for having to put up with him. I’d often thought about leaving him but whenever I came close to such a move, I always backed out, too afraid to be alone. I doubted he’d be able to cope at all without me.

Sue was a wonderful friend and I had always felt I could trust her implicitly but as I drove home to the pig, I was saddened by the fact that she had poked a bit of a raw nerve when she’d mentioned sex. I had no desire at all to have sex with John but even at 60 years old, I did miss having sex and had done for a very long time. We hadn’t even slept in the same room for the last ten years but at least once I had my own room I was able to secretly buy a vibrator to give me some sort of pleasure. It was a long time, that was for sure and at my age I knew I may not get to experience sex again but at least I had good friends like Sue and I hoped that Saturday would provide a brief distraction to my daily woes.

Unfortunately, when Saturday finally arrived, John did decide to tag along, probably because he saw an opportunity for free booze. He’d had a few before we even left the house and as soon as we arrived at Sue’s place, he immediately helped himself to a large single malt while ignoring the normal social niceties.

‘I’m so sorry Sue,’ I said, immediately wishing I hadn’t bothered coming.

‘Don’t be silly Kathryn,’ she reassured me, ‘it’s all absolutely fine.’ She called her husband over from another couple. ‘Paul, can you make sure John knows where that bottle of Glenmorangie is as I’m sure he’d appreciate such a fine scotch?’

”Certainly darling,’ he replied cheerfully, moving immediately over to where John was already helping himself to a second drink.

‘Don’t encourage him Sue!’ I protested, sure that the evening would just get worse.

‘Don’t you worry Kathryn,’ she smiled, ‘I know what I’m doing.’

Paul is a very kind and considerate man and I’d always considered Sue to be a lucky woman having such a husband. He had only recently turned fifty but kept himself in very good shape and even at that age, he was still a very good looking man. More than once I’d looked at Paul and envied Sue for being able to have such a man make love to her while I only had John. The reality was that canlı bahis for pretty much the whole of the five years I’d known Sue and Paul, my sexual fantasies had entirely centred on Paul ravishing me. My jealousy aside, they made a good couple. Men seem to age better than women but even at forty seven, Sue was a beautiful woman. She had silky blonde hair, smooth skin, a slim figure with long legs and full breasts so I guess Paul was as lucky as Sue. I was interrupted from my mental undressing of Paul by Sue, who was wanting to introduce me to someone.

‘Kathryn, let me introduce you to Dan who has agreed to be your escort for the evening. He’s an architect, unattached and has been keen to look after you this evening since I told him about your situation.’

I was faced with a young man of between forty and forty five with a warm smile and very well dressed. I began to wonder if every other man in the world was gorgeous or if it just seemed that way because I was stuck with the pig that was John. Either way, Dan was very easy on the eye and I was flattered that such a man was prepared to waste his time on me.

‘I’m pleased to meet you,’ I said, shaking his hand. ‘Thank you for so gallantly offering to be my escort but you really don’t have to tie yourself down to an old woman like me when I’m sure you can find more appealing company.’

‘Not at all Kathryn, I’m sure you’re captivating company and what sort of man would I be if I ignored your ……’ he paused for thought, ‘…..situation.’

I glanced over towards John, who was busy helping himself to another large scotch.

‘Yes,’ I replied slowly, ‘and not a very good situation.’

‘Then I’ll have to see if I can do something to improve your situation,’ he said warmly as he disarmed me with his friendly smile.

With the exception of John’s drunkenness, I had a wonderful evening thanks to Dan, who offered excellent companionship. He was a ready and understanding listener while also managing to keep my spirits up with a range of jokes and witty stories. The evening flew by and all too soon it was time to head home, which meant having to help John’s drunken carcass into a taxi. Fortunately, Dan was at hand to help and accompanied me in the taxi to make sure that I was able to get John into the house. With him safely deposited on the bed, I escorted Dan to the door.

‘Will you be alright Kathryn?’ he asked.

‘Yes, I’m fine as he’ll be out for the night now and we haven’t slept together for some time anyway.’

‘You deserve better Kathryn.’

‘Perhaps, but at my age I’m unlikely to get a better offer.’

‘I think you’re too modest Kathryn, many men would love to be with a woman a lovely as you,’ he replied.

I wasn’t sure but it felt like there was a ‘moment’ between us. I dismissed the idea as the foolish hopes of an old woman, though I knew that Dan would feature heavily in my fantasies when I went to bed and tried to find some sense of satisfaction with my vibrator.

‘May I kiss you goodnight?’ he asked.

Assuming he meant nothing more than the customary peck on the cheek, I moved towards him for his kiss but was surprised when he kissed me on my lips instead. I was shocked to say the least and as he held me, I thought I felt the outline of his cock pressing against me. The kiss seemed to last forever and I certainly did nothing to stop him. When we finally parted I was unsure what to say so after an awkward pause, he politely said he hoped he would see me again and while I was still gathering my thoughts, he’d gone.

Lying in bed that night, I couldn’t stop thinking about Dan and most of all, I couldn’t stop thinking about that kiss. Was it really as loving and tender as it seemed? How could it be anything other than simply a goodnight kiss? Was that really his cock I’d felt as he kissed me? He didn’t feel completely hard but I was sure I could feel his cock pressing against me and there was no denying that as I lay there in bed, my pussy was distinctly wet at the thought of a man other than Paul for the first time in many years. It might have only been an old woman’s fantasy but it was still lovely to lie in bed and think of a good looking man giving me pleasure again for the first time in years.

Sue phoned the next morning and immediately asked me how I liked Dan.

‘He was very nice,’ I replied, not wanting to say just how much I liked him. ‘Thank you for making sure I had such a lovely evening with good company.’

‘Yes, I’ve often had a little fantasy about Dan myself,’ Sue laughed.

‘I didn’t mean that!’ I protested.

‘Well, you’d be a very unusual woman if you didn’t! I’m a very happily married woman and the idea of having sex with Dan even makes me wet!’ she said, rather more candidly than I expected. ‘Anyway, I’m pleased you enjoyed yourself for a change and you seem to have made quite an impression on Dan too.’

‘I’m sure he’ll soon forget about an old woman like me,’ I chuckled, while secretly hoping that what Sue said was true. ‘What makes you think I made an impression on him?’

‘Only that he’s already phoned this morning to say that bahis siteleri he hopes you’ll be at one of our other little gatherings and to ask if he could have your mobile number,’ she said knowingly.

It seemed barely credible that someone of Dan’s age would have any interest in a woman in her sixties, especially a man as good looking as him, yet I knew that Sue wouldn’t lie to me. Even so, a relationship of any kind seemed impossible. Leaving John certainly wouldn’t be the biggest problem but a relationship with a man fifteen to twenty years my junior surely couldn’t last.

‘As much as I like Dan, a relationship with such a young man would never work Sue and you know that as well as I do,’ I said, voicing my doubts.

‘Perhaps not a conventional relationship, no, but that doesn’t make it impossible Kathryn, as long as you’re open-minded enough,’ replied Sue, somewhat cryptically.

‘You mean just have sex with him,’ I said, stating the obvious.

‘What’s wrong with that?’ she asked.

‘I’m not a slut Sue so something is very wrong with that!’ I argued.

‘You do miss sex don’t you?’ asked Sue.

‘Yes, of course I do.’

‘And you haven’t had sex with anyone for about twenty years?’ she asked, confirming what I’d already told her.

‘No, I haven’t,’ I replied, feeling dejected again.

‘Then you don’t sound like much a slut Kathryn and even if you did have sex with Dan, one guy in twenty years still doesn’t make you a slut.’

I couldn’t really argue that it would because clearly that would be ridiculous so Sue decided to continue. ‘If we’ve established that you’d like to enjoy sex again and we know that Dan is interested, the only question now is if the idea of sex with Dan appeals to you,’ she persisted.

‘He’s young and good looking with a great body so obviously it’s a nice idea,’ I confessed, ‘but what would people say?’

‘Why do you care and why would they have to know?’ Sue asked. ‘Maybe the only people who have to know are the people who genuinely care about you and therefore don’t mind.’ After a few moments of silence, Sue decided to push things forward. ‘Why don’t you come over a week on Saturday but leave John at home this time? It would give you a chance to taste life without John and also give you an opportunity to get to know Dan better in an environment you’re comfortable with.’

I couldn’t deny that such an opportunity was very appealing so it didn’t take long for me to accept her invitation. Following my conversation with Sue, I wasn’t entirely surprised to get a phone call from Dan a couple of days later but I was very excited.

‘Hi, Sue, it’s Dan from the other night,’ he said by way of introduction.

‘Hi Dan, I wasn’t expecting a call from you,’ I lied, ‘what can I do for you?’

‘I just wanted to make sure you were OK.’

‘John’s a drunk and a pig but he’s not dangerous,’ I laughed.

‘Then I guess I just wanted an excuse to talk to you.’

‘Do you need an excuse?’ I teased.

‘Well, you are a married woman so some might see me phoning as inappropriate.’

‘That would depend on your intentions towards me Dan; are they strictly honourable?’ I asked.

‘I think that depends on you and how you define “strictly honourable”‘ he replied cryptically.

I wasn’t sure where to go from there without giving away too much so I stayed silent for a moment.

‘Sue tells me they’ve invited us both to their place for dinner a week on Saturday,’ he finally continued. ‘I do hope you’re intending to go because I’d love to see you again and perhaps get better acquainted. I believe we’re the only guests.’

‘A sort of double date then,’ I quipped.

‘I hope so,’ he replied, ‘I’d like that very much.’

As much as I tried to tell myself that I was reading too much into his words, it certainly did sound as though he was interested so for the next week and a half my mind was filled with thoughts of Dan and the possibilities that Sue had presented to me. Even though it sounded impossible and too good to be true, every night ended with me in my bed and my fingers wandering down to my moist and long forgotten opening.

The new set of batteries I’d bought for my vibrator were put to good use and I marvelled at its life-like form as I held it in my hand and imagined it was Dan’s cock that was hard for me. I let it trail down my body and between my legs, rubbing the head over my clitoris. Although long dormant, my body started to awaken and I half closed my eyes as I whispered Dan’s name and started to ease the vibrator into my tight pussy. The vibrations from the mechanism were driving me crazy but most of all I loved the thought of me stretching around Dan’s manhood and feeling him filling me up. I was surprised when I came after only moving the vibrator inside me a few times and even more surprised that the same pattern was repeated every night. Clearly I was missing sex even more than I thought! I must have been desperate because John was never that good even when he was younger, though he wasn’t as big as this 7 inch vibrator either. I think it’s fair to say that the days dragged bahis şirketleri by at a laborious pace until the appointed day arrived.

As it was a beautiful summer’s day, I wore a light, strappy dress and as a result of the design, quite a low cut bra, which I made sure made the most of my cleavage. When I arrived, Dan was already there and greeted me warmly with a kiss on my cheek. The innocent nature of his greeting suggested that he hadn’t told Sue and Paul about what happened when we parted last time. It was either that or I’d imagined the whole thing as looking back, that part of the evening did have a rather dreamlike quality. I’m not sure what I was expecting but it was certainly different to what I experienced. I suppose I’d anticipated a little awkwardness and perhaps some sexual tension but in fact, the evening turned out to be very relaxed and comfortable.

We sipped some quality wine and enjoyed a lovely meal that was peppered with pleasant, light conversation. It was quite at odds with nights out I usually had to endure with John. Dan was the perfect gentleman and was certainly very attentive. For a while I thought Sue and I must have been mistaken about Dan’s interest in me and he was simply a very polite young man but as we finished dessert, he rested his hand on my thigh beneath the table. My heart skipped a beat but I did nothing to remove it and simply gave him a slight smile to indicate my approval.

It was starting to get dark outside by the time we finished the meal as we were chatting at the table for quite a while. Moving to the lounge and some more comfortable chairs might have been more sensible but I was enjoying having Dan’s hand gently caressing my thigh and I suspect Sue and Paul knew what was going on so didn’t want to break the spell. Eventually, Sue announced that it was time Paul helped her to clear the table and suggested that Dan and I went for a stroll around their large garden while they cleared up.

We walked for a while in silence, hand in hand before finally sitting on a bench at the far and secluded end of the garden.

‘I’m having a wonderful evening,’ I eventually said, breaking the silence. ‘Thank you for being my date.’

‘I’m having a great time too,’ he replied. ‘You’re a very interesting and beautiful woman Kathryn.’

‘So is this a date we’re on?’ I asked, deciding I had to be a bit more direct, if only to put me out of my misery.

‘I hope so, if you’d like it to be that,’ he replied with his usual disarming smile.

‘I don’t know how serious a date it can be between a good looking young man like you and an old woman like me but you have at least made this old woman feel better than she’s felt in a long time.’

‘I’d like to make you feel a lot better,’ he whispered as he leaned in to kiss me.

The sexual implication was clear and I found myself concluding that even if this couldn’t last, I still wanted to see where it would take me. I closed my eyes and slightly parted my lips to accept his tender kiss. His tongue gently started to explore my mouth and as I drifted on the magic of the moment, he took me in his arms and started to kiss me more passionately. I could feel myself getting wet almost immediately and couldn’t help wondering what he would be like naked. It was clear he had a great body and I had no doubt that he’d have a fantastic cock as well. After so many years, I imagined that any cock would probably look great! I think that until that moment I hadn’t fully appreciated just how much I longed to be taken by a man again and I was desperate to reach out and touch him but I was too nervous.

Instead, I felt his hand move up my body and cup my left breast, giving it a gentle squeeze. I sighed softly at his touch and did nothing to halt his progress; I just didn’t want him to stop. Moving from my lips, he started to kiss my neck and I let my hand come to rest on the back of his head. As he moved down my neck, he deftly eased the strap of my dress off my shoulder and although I knew it was impossible for us to go too far here, I couldn’t bring myself to do anything to stop him just yet. Eventually he kissed the top of my breast and I moaned softly as my nipples were aching for further contact. With slow and gentle movements, he eased down the front of my dress and bra so that I could suddenly feel the cool evening breeze on my exposed nipples.

‘Oh Dan,’ I moaned, hoping he would go just a little further before we had to stop. It had been so long since I’d had a man pleasuring me that I needed to hold onto that magical moment in case it never came again.

I felt his tongue flick over my sensitive nipple before he sucked it into his mouth. All I could do was hold the back of his head and pray this moment would never end as he skilfully sucked on my breast and lightly took the sensitive nipple between his teeth. I was very wet by now and couldn’t resist moving my hand to his crotch any longer. My heart was pounding with desire when I discovered he was hard and seemed to have impressively sized equipment. He was certainly bigger than John had ever been and was probably even bigger than my vibrator but the thing that excited me most was that it was me who had made this good looking young man hard with desire. There’s very little that will flatter and thrill an older woman than knowing she can still make a man hard.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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