A Couple’s New Playmate

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Jeff and Nancy stopped by their local bar for a nightcap after the movie they just enjoyed. It was a romantic comedy with a very steamy love scene in the middle of it. Jeff had his arm around his wife at the time and he could feel her starting to stroke his leg and move up to his hardening dick. Obviously she was enjoying the scene as well. She loosened his zipper and reached between the layers of his underwear to reach the prize: A nice, stiff dick. She gently stroked it and watched intently.

A new hotel opened close to their house. It was considered a five-star hotel and catered to the upper class in their large city. The hotel was also known for a spectacular bar and restaurant. They sat at the bar enjoying wine for her and a good bourbon for him. They looked around and admired the very nice woodwork and interior decoration. They recognized several famous people.

As Nancy looked around she noticed a very attractive woman across the room sitting by herself. She giggled from the effects of the wine and nodded toward the woman. Jeff looked over and smiled. Nancy breathed huskily, “Now there’s the type of woman I wouldn’t mind doing it with.” His erection returned immediately.

They had occasionally talked about Jeff’s fantasy of watching Nancy do it with another woman. From time to time Nancy had mentioned it when she was feeling particularly naughty in bed. She knew this was a sure-fire way to get Jeff rock hard. He talked about how he wanted to sit next to the bed with a fine whiskey and watch as the women pleasured each other. The thought of a woman licking his wife to an orgasm had a powerful effect on him.

Nancy put her hand behind Jeff’s head, leaned over, and kissed him deeply. Her tongue slid between his lips for a kiss that ended much too quickly for his liking. They must have been kissing longer than they realized because when they came up for air they realized the woman was sitting next to them at the bar.

Nancy was startled by the sound of the woman’s voice. “Mind if I join you?” she stammered, slightly drunk herself. “No. Not at all.” said Jeff as he and Nancy exchanged glances. “Hello. I’m Natalie.” she said and held out her hand uncertainly. Slightly stunned, Jeff returned the handshake and said, “Hello. I’m Jeff…and…uh…this is my wife, Nancy.” Natalie’s eyes broke from Jeff’s as she looked at Nancy and shook her hand too.

“I couldn’t help notice the two of you enjoying the evening. My date stood me up and I was just in the mood for some company.” she said. “I’m glad you decided to join us.” said Nancy. He voice was stronger. She knew what was going on and she was enjoying the unfolding scene.

Jeff looked to Nancy for her approval. She just smiled at Natalie and patted the bar stool next to her. Natalie sat down and ordered herself a drink. As she crossed her legs the slit up the side of her gown opened up, giving Nancy a glimpse of her stocking top. Natalie enjoyed the effect the sight was having on her.

They enjoyed several drinks and exchanged casino oyna many funny and interesting stories. Clearly everyone was enjoying the company. By now the bar was empty apart from the three of them. Nancy caught herself saying “Why don’t we grab a few bottles and get a room?” This completely stunned Jeff but seeing Natalie agree with his wife’s idea, he nodded with dumbfound approval. So, armed with a chilled bottle of champagne, a bottle of fine bourbon and three glasses they departed the bar.

In the elevator on the way up to their room Nancy couldn’t help noticing that Jeff was struggling to keep his eyes off Natalie’s cleavage. She had large breasts, wide hips and a narrow waist. About 35 years old, she was clearly in good shape and knew how to dress to get a man’s attention. Natalie’s hands were soft and warm with long, well-manicured fingernails. She was HOT.

As the elevator doors opened Natalie slipped an arm round both of them and set off along the corridor. Once inside the room, Jeff poured the drinks, and they sat down to enjoy the libations; Jeff in the armchair and the ladies on the edge of the bed. Natalie crossed her legs again, once more exposing her stocking top to Nancy’s gaze. Jeff noticed this as well.

Natalie saw them exchange glances and followed their eyes to her exposed leg. “Oops, I’m sorry” she playfully apologized. “Don’t be sorry,” Nancy purred. “I’m sure Jeff was enjoying the view”.

My legs aren’t nearly as nice as yours”, said Natalie. “You’ve got lovely legs” drunkenly exclaimed Nancy, without realizing what she was saying. “You haven’t seen all of them” “So show me”, Nancy said in a low, husky tone.

Jeff sat in stunned delight as this conversation was taking place. His pleasure heightened further as Natalie accepted the challenge and stood up, pulling her dress up to her waist, exposing the lacy tops of her stockings as well as her black lacy panties. “Your turn” she smiled at Nancy, who immediately followed suit. As he sat there looking at both women showing off their stocking-clad legs, Jeff couldn’t help letting his hand start to stroke himself.

The women let their dresses fall back down over their legs, and Jeff gave a groan of disappointment. “Did you enjoy that, sweetheart?” asked Nancy. He nodded dumbly. “Perhaps you’ll like this as well”. And with that Nancy leaned over, pulled Natalie’s hair to maneuver her head back and kissed her with great passion. The both slowly turned toward each other, embracing and kissing deeply.

Nancy reached behind Natalie to undo the zipper on her dress, letting it drop to the floor. She had a lacy bra and matching lacy panties, black of course. Natalie returned the favor and assisted removing Nancy’s dress. Nancy couldn’t believe how exciting it felt standing there in bra, panties, and stockings in front of her husband and some woman they had only met that evening. She looked at her husband with a distant, erotic look.

A few swift movements and Nancy was topless wearing only white slot oyna cotton panties. She pulled Natalie’s bra straps over her shoulders and the bra fell below Natalie’s arms exposing amazing breasts. Nancy eased Natalie back to admire her new friend. She couldn’t take her eyes off those big, beautiful tits.

The two naked women turned their attention to Jeff. He put up no resistance as they grabbed a hand each and lifted him to his feet. As Nancy undid his shirt, Natalie kneeled in front of him. Her hands reached up to undo the button of his pants, and lower his zipper. She helped him out of his pants while Nancy removed his shirt and then eased his boxers down over his hips, exposing his erect cock to their wondering eyes.

Nancy wrapped her fingers around his shaft and started to slowly stroke him as Natalie cupped his balls in her hand and fondled them gently. Nancy joined Natalie in kneeling in front of her husband and lowered her head to take his cock in her mouth. Jeff gasped with pleasure at the sensation. At the same time Nancy shuddered with excitement as she felt Natalie’s free hand tracing its way up her stockings and slid around to her front. The excitement increased further as she felt her fingers start to stroke between her legs, before long two of them found their way inside Nancy’s wet pussy. She began to heave with Natalie’s thrusts.

Nancy reached out and pulled Natalie’s head towards her breasts, clamping it between them as she continued to suck on Jeff. Nancy freed Natalie’s head and offered Jeff’s hard cock up to her mouth. Natalie needed no further encouragement and started to suck while Nancy continued stoking and kissing Jeff’s balls.

The women sensed that he was nearing climax and stopped what they were doing. They weren’t finished with him yet. He sat back on the chair.

Natalie took Nancy’s hands and placing one on each of Natalie’s breasts. This was completely new territory for Nancy, but she felt a surge of excitement as she started to squeeze her new friend’s tits, and pinching the nipples gently between her thumb and forefinger.

They embraced in a long, deep kiss. Their tongues moving back and forth between their hungry mouths. They kissed for a long time. Nancy had never kissed a woman before and was enjoying a soft tongue and lips without a scratchy beard getting in the way.

Nancy was on top of Natalie. She gently eased her way down Natalie’s body kissing her breasts, then her belly button, and then down to Natalie’s thighs. Jeff watched in amazement as he watched his wife begin to lick this woman’s pussy. He sat back enjoying the whiskey and the erotic show. Natalie moaned with pleasure and started to caress Nancy’s head. It wasn’t long before Natalie shuddered to a massive orgasm.

Feeling a secret sense of satisfaction at the part she had played in the orgasm, Nancy now straddled her husband and lowered herself onto his throbbing cock. It slid easily into her well lubricated slit. Natalie moved herself to straddle Jeff’s legs, canlı casino siteleri then reached round to caress Nancy’s breasts with one hand and stroke her clit with the other. Natalie’s mouth was kissing tenderly at the back of Nancy’s neck, and it all became far too much for Nancy who started to ride Jeff harder and faster, clenching his cock in her contracting pussy.

Nancy yelled, “Fuck me from behind!” She leaped off Jeff and jumped on the bed on all fours. Jeff quickly moved behind her and guided his throbbing member into her quivering body. He massaged her back then slid his hands around her shoulders. He began to thrust.

Natalie enjoyed the show herself and downed a few swigs of champagne. After a few minutes she started massaging Jeff’s balls from behind. She could tell he enjoyed it. He began to grunt and moan. By this time he was heavily thrusting into Nancy who began wailing. Then Natalie laid face up on the bed and slid her head between Nancy’s legs. She raised up and began to lick Nancy’s clit. She latched on and licked Nancy furiously. As she did this she reached up and continued massaging Jeff’s balls with one hand and rubbing her own clit with the other.

By this time all three were past the point of no return. Jeff heard noises from Nancy that he’d never heard her make before. She began to curse. She’d NEVER done THAT before. “Oh GOD! Fuck me! Fuck me hard. HARDER! FUCK ME HARDER!” He felt the familiar tickle deep in his balls. He could feel the load beginning to build. His engorged dick got even thicker. It was now hard for him to hear his wife’s screams of pleasure.

Then it happened. The explosion was unlike anything he’d ever felt. He’d never had his balls massaged while he came and it was the most wonderful sexual experience he’d ever had. Because he had so many unsatisfied erections that night, he had built up an incredible load. The cum filled his wife and squirted out the sides. Natalie licked even harder. Nancy exploded in an orgasm and cried out. She shook uncontrollably for several minutes then fell over. Jeff rolled Nancy off Natalie and onto her back. Natalie rolled with her and continued licking until Nancy begged her to stop. Natalie continued licking the cum off Nancy’s thighs until she was clean.

Jeff was now gasping for breath. His disappointment on feeling Nancy fall to the bed was only temporary as Nancy’s pussy was replaced by Natalie’s mouth. As she sucked and licked Nancy’s juices off him he started to come again, and she took as much of it as she could in her mouth.

They both laid on the bed quite content. After a while the three of them got up and enjoyed a threesome shower. They dozed off until morning. When they awoke Nancy noticed Jeff’s morning wood. She giggled and motioned to Natalie. They both lay on Jeff’s shoulders looking at the erection. They began stroking him. Nancy had much experience with that and they alternated massaging his balls and his cock.

Soon he was taken to the limit and he exploded again, his cum shooting all over his belly and chest. The girls laughed and they showered again.

Natalie got dressed, kissed Nancy deeply and departed. Occasionally the three of them meet at the nice hotel bar for drinks and sometimes for something else.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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