A Creamy Night with My Sister

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She came into my room that night and whispered through the darkness, “Kristin? Are you awake?”

I had been asleep but I responded by grunting a yes. She asked if she could come talk for a sec and I grunted again similarly. She came and sat on the edge of the bed like she used to do when we were little. I was kind of scared/excited for what she was going to say. It must be important if she decided on this method of delivery.

She asked me quietly, “Sis, do you think it’s bad for me to do something with a girl while I’m dating David, I mean does that really count as cheating?” That wasn’t what I expected to hear at all. My mind froze and I rolled over to see if she was seriously asking me this right now. My sister is 18, 2 years younger than me, and has never expressed any interest in women before. I was freaked out a little at first just because that was the typical reaction to jokes like that and what not.

She looked serious though and I waited a while then said, “I guess not, I mean that’s not technically cheating is it?”

She agreed, “Ya, that’s what I thought too but I still would feel bad about it if I did, not that I plan on it.”

“If you don’t plan on it then why are you asking?” I asked.

“Well I got an offer and it’s been on my mind lately. I don’t really want to but I haven’t ever thought about it like this before so it’s freaking me out.”

I asked her if she ever has before and she said no. “Who made the offer?” I asked curiously.

“This girl Brittany I go to school with.”

“Hmm… well I guess there is one way to find out if you’d like it,” I said, “Try it and find out.”

“You don’t think that’d be weird? I feel like it would be horribly awkward for me if I didn’t like it.”

“Well, try it on someone you’re really comfortable with first, kiss me, that’ll be more awkward than any other girl could ever be.”

She laughed and said, “I’d rather kiss you though cause then I know you wouldn’t creep on me after and plus you couldn’t tell anyone or anything since you’re my sister.”

“That’s true,” I said as if I was really interested. Honestly the idea wasn’t that bad, it wouldn’t hurt anything. “I’m ready!” I said puckering up my lips towards her and closing my eyes jokingly. Before I could open my eyes and pull my head back her lips were on mine; just for a second and then they were gone but it surprised the shit out of me.

“Wow, I was kind of joking there buddy,” I said.

“Sorry,” she said laughing with a cute little grin on her face.

We sat for a minute in silence and I thought about what just happened. Her lips weren’t like a guys rough lips they were soft and smooth and felt nice. It wasn’t awkward at all, if anything it was funny. “That wasn’t so bad,” I said with a tone of optimism, “You’re better than most guys are.”

“Ha, thanks,” she said, “I hate when guys try to kiss with tongue the first time.”

“Same,” I agreed, “Glad you didn’t do that to me.”

“What like this!?”

She came at me again and I half moved out of the way and basically got slobbered on.

I looked at her like I was freaked out then said, “No! Like this!” and attacked back.

She moved a little then our lips touched again and I kept them on hers a little longer than would be normal for the situation and she stopped avoiding me and moved hers onto mine even more. She kissed me gently a few times and I kissed her back and then we stopped and looked at each other each questioning what just happened.

She was super cute looking and I understood why the boys all liked her. Her long brown hair was messy and her eyes wide open with wonder made her look so innocent. We didn’t speak but I rolled over and sat up a little more and then she shifted around and looked away for a second. When she looked back we both began apologizing then stopped as to not interrupt the other one. We looked at each other again and moved our head towards each other at the same time. Our lips embraced again and this time it was on purpose and we both knew it.

I put my arm around her and gently pulled her closer to me as she held me in her arms equally, our kissing getting more and more passionate. She flicked her tongue about and moved it slowly around illegal bahis my lips. I did the same to her and she sucked it into her mouth. I bounced it in and out playing with her tongue and teasing her lips along the way. She pushed me over and back into my laying position and then resumed making out with me by laying half beside and half on top of me.

At one point I was thinking to myself, this is crazy, this is my sister, what the hell am I doing. But then the next moment I was sticking my hands up her shirt and rubbing her stomach and back while she stuck her tongue down my throat. She slipped her hand up my shirt and would occasionally let a finger go down below my waist band a little bit.

I wasn’t wearing a bra and she was so I decided I should even up the playing field. I reached my hand up slowly and easily unclipped the strap and let it fall against me hanging inside of her shirt. She didn’t seem to mind and we kept on making out. She must have gotten sick of it hanging there awkwardly because she sat up and pulled it off underneath her shirt eventually. Her nipples were perky as I imagined mine were and I could see them through her shirt really easily. She laid back down and resumed kissing me moving down to my neck now. I could feel her boobs rubbing on mine and it was wonderful.

I began caressing them through her shirt as she kissed my neck. She moved down slowly and when she was interrupted by my shirt she grabbed it and slid it up to my neck and I bent forward so she could slide it completely off of me. I felt so exposed and it was so hot. She began kissing me lower and lower until her mouth was grazing over my perky nipples. She went further and began kissing my stomach. I wanted her to feel what I was feeling so I rolled her on her back and slid her shirt off during the process.

I started at her neck as she had done to me. I teased her nipples when I got to them and then when I thought she couldn’t take it anymore I latched on to one of them and she made a noise of arousal. I nibbled on it a bit before letting my tongue explore her belly button. I slid my naked torso up hers and met her lips with mine again. Hers slightly salty with the taste of my body as I imagine mine were with hers. I ran my fingers through her hair and made out, this time slightly more intensely than we had before. She rolled me on my side and we faced each other for a second. Just looking at each other and smiling.

I didn’t know what was happening but it was fun and my sister looked as happy as I felt. We hugged and held each other against one another feeling the smoothness of our touching skin. It was really warm and I could feel her heart beating hard through her chest. She was breathing on my neck and it sent shivers up my spine despite the heat. I wanted to continue our adventure and stay in this moment forever at the same time.

Eventually she pushed me away and went to work licking and kissing my chest again. I rubbed her back and ran my hands down as far as they would reach. Just barely making it to the mound that began her ass. I wanted my hands around her ass and I wished my arms could reach while she was kissing my stomach. She came back up and kissed my lips some more. I took the time to let my hand trace down her front until it came to her pajama pants. Then tracing the edge a little I forced it down a little further. I could only begin to reach the mound that started her pubic area but it felt smooth and nice and I rubbed as much of the area as I could. She enjoyed the feeling and rolled her head back allowing me to access the area better.

I felt her move up slightly so I could reach further and took the hint. As she kissed my ears I slid my hand further down into the warmth of her crotch. I felt the heat and ran my hand a few inches down her legs. They were smooth and wonderful. I was amazed how incredibly turned I was from a girl. And my sister nonetheless. As she was playing with my hair I continued to trace her legs with my fingertips. Finally I pushed one of her legs away and she moved it, spreading her legs for me to have access to her most sensitive area. I found it at once and could feel that she was completely soaked. I supposed I was too but wasn’t paying attention to my own wetness at the moment. illegal bahis siteleri I rubbed my hand along her clit and let my fingers begin to enter her soaked little hole. I could feel how bad she wanted it. She closed her legs again though after only a few seconds and I pulled my hand out sensing that she wanted to switch positions.

My hand glistened as I pulled it up towards my face. My sister and I both studied my fingers as they came between our faces then as if we were on cue we each moved our mouths toward them sharing the wetness between us. And when there was no more on my fingers we licked it off of each other’s lips. Overwhelmed with desire she rolled me on my back and pulled my pants right off of me before I even knew what she was doing. She then straddled me with her soaking wet pajama pants and ran her hand down my body kissing me along the way, slowly making her way towards my pussy. When she got the top of it she ran her hands down my legs and kissed the insides of my legs then slowly opened them exposing every part of me to her longing eyes.

She pushed my legs up as far as they would go and then disappeared, lowering her face towards my wet little pussy. She traced around the edges with her tongue and slowly got more and more aggressive until her tongue was deep inside me. She then moved her head forward and back fucking me lightly with her little tongue. It felt amazing and I almost came right then. She moved her tongue to my clit and I was sad at first but she quickly replaced it with her finger and began fingering me slowly while licking me at the same time. She sped up and inserted another finger as she went. I moaned in pleasure and she seemed to try harder hearing that I liked it. She stuck yet another finger into my hole still licking me all the while. I was tight but it was so wet and I was so horny that it went right in. It was too much for me though. I was about to cum all over her hand. “Mmmm finger me Kristin!” I moaned seductively. She sped up a little more and I moaned loudly as I began to pulse from the orgasm. She seemed determine not to let any of my juices escape and licked up every drop she could. “My turn,” I whispered. But instead of rolling over and letting me feast on her she just pivoted and swung her beautiful pink pussy right into my face and then lowered onto my mouth. I quickly began tongue fucking her and fingering her as she had done to me only seconds before. Her asshole was right above my eyes and I watched as it contracted in pleasure every time I did something she liked. She didn’t take as long as me and I soon felt her cum running down my cheeks as she moaned into my pussy refusing to remove her mouth from it for even a second. When she was done she raised herself off of me and smiled at me, her face covered in my juices.

She looked so fucking sexy. She rolled me over and I was a little confused as to what she was going to do to me. She raised my ass up and resumed her feasting on my crotch from this other angle. I happily stuffed my face into my pillow and moaned to myself as she at me out. As she was doing this I felt her venture up further and further with her tongue. Gradually getting closer and closer to my asshole every time. Eventually she gave up pretending and flicked her tongue around the edge of it. I’ve never had anyone touch it before let alone lick it but I was so horny I would have let her do anything so I kept going enjoying the new sensation. She kissed it and licked it and then began sticking her tongue in it. It didn’t go far but she kept going in a little bit more each time.

I couldn’t believe how wonderful this felt to me. I had always thought of anal as being disgusting but suddenly found it a more interesting idea. She stopped licking my asshole and began massaging my ass cheeks while licking my juices up like she had been before. She then began running her finger around the edge of my puckered little hole which was now covered in my cum and her drool. Slowly she started inserting a finger into my ass. She was still licking me and it felt wonderful as she began going deeper and deeper each time her finger reentered my ass. It was wet and slid in easily so I wasn’t worried about being hurt though she was being extra cautious anyways. After a minute canlı bahis siteleri of that she began using two fingers.

My ass has never been penetrated before so two fingers filled me up pretty good. I loved having her finger fuck me in the ass while she was licking me and in no time at all I came all over her face once again. She pulled her fingers out of my ass and I rolled over. She smiled at me and I smiled back to let her know how good it felt. I could see that she still had her hand with two fingers pointing up and I grabbed it and forced the two fingers into my mouth. I could taste my cum and my ass hole on them still. When I took them out, my sister took her turn and then we kissed sharing the taste of my asshole. I wanted to finger her ass now and so I rolled her on her side and ducked down to get my face near her ass.

I started by licking her everywhere then stuck my tongue deep in her ass as she had done to me. It tasted great in a bizarre way and it turned me on a lot. I hope that mine had tasted as good as hers did to me. I stuck my fingers up her ass and began fingering her when she pulled my face up to hers and kissed me awkwardly as my fingers were still going in and out of her ass. She began moving her body with me and riding my fingers forcing them deep into her ass until I felt her contract on them and her eyes rolled. I pulled them out of her ass and licked them off excitedly.

She then jumped up and told me not to move as if I was going to go anywhere. She then tiptoed out into the hall. A few minutes later she came back with a can of spray whipped cream. She smiled at me evilly. I didn’t care what she had in mind. I was game. I was living some wonderful sex fantasy and was so horny that I didn’t care what happened at all. She laid me down and sprayed some on my tits and my face and down my legs then began licking it off of me.

When she got to my face she licked a lot of it up then grabbed my chin and opened my mouth then spit a lot of it back into my mouth. I swallowed it happily and she cleaned off the rest of my face. She then handed me the bottle and told me it was my turn. She laid on her back and I sprayed in allover her making sure to get a lot around her pussy so I could lick it off from down there. I took my time and let it make a mess all over my bed but I didn’t care. Her pussy was covered in a glaze of cum, spit, and melted whipped cream. It tasted wonderful. Once I was done she rolled me on my stomach and spread my legs.

She sprayed it down my back and all along my ass crack. She took her time licking every last drop from my ass and especially the area right around my asshole. I tried to roll back over anticipating my turn but she pushed me down.

“Ready?” she asked.

I didn’t answer or get a chance to ask what for before she stuck the nozzle of the spray can right into my asshole. I felt her turn it slightly and the cream began to rush in. It was cold and I could feel it inside of me, filling me like a balloon. After a few seconds she stopped and it felt very much like I had to shit horribly. She told me to hold it and rolled me over. It felt good and bad at the same time and I was incredibly turned on.

She laid down and opened her mouth and told me she was ready. I got the clue and climbed on top of her positioning my asshole right over her mouth. Then as if I had held it in for years I stopped holding it in and felt it squirt out of my ass onto her face and into her mouth. When it stopped coming out I pushed and a little more was forced out along with a few whipped cream farts. It felt really sexy to be farting on my sister’s face but I was embarrassed anyhow.

She told me to do the same to her and I promptly filled her ass hole up to its limit. I then took my position and awaited the arrival of the cream fountain. I loved watching her little asshole tensed down and then release and sugary goodness flooded my face and mouth. I swallowed as much as I could but my face was covered. I clearly filled her up a lot more than she had filled me up.

I couldn’t see anything but could feel her turn around and she began to lick it off of my face like a cat.

She cleaned me up well and then looked at me and said “I think you need a shower.”

We took a shower together and took turned fucking each other with our fingers and tongues until every orifice was cleaned out. She went back to her room and I went to mine and thought about her until I fell asleep, happily waiting for more adventures to come. =)

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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