A Day on Ellen , Ken’s Farm Ch. 03

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Previous chapters – Ken and Ellen have invited her sister Susie and boyfriend Billy to visit them on the farm. They have enjoyed watching them and being watched. Ken and Ellen have started to partake of their guest anyway that they can! Suzie and Billy surprised Ken dressed in Suzie lingerie and used “Kendra” as the slut she was. They even had Ellen sucking his boy clit.

The dream was so real! Ken was lying at a pool, and a young girl had brought him a drink. As she handed it to him she spilled it, covering his lap in white zin. She had said she would clean that up and was now between his legs, busy with her tongue on his cock and balls. Ken could FEEL her working his cock as he awoke, to find a wet pussy an inch from his face! Ellen was in a classic 69 chewing his cock to hardness as he inhaled the sweet smell of her wet fuck hole!

“Oh yes dear, suck it, you know how I love that!” Ken moaned as he ran his tongue between her lips.

“You are always so horny dear, bet you were dreaming of some young innocent pussy doing you as always! Next thing you will tell me is how you want to do my baby sister. She is just a baby at 18, bet she has not even been kissed or fooled around!” Ellen replied as she felt his tongue finding her willing holes.

“I want you to tell me what you would do if she was here! Come on tell me, or I will stop sucking you!” Ellen said as she had a handful of his balls and casino siteleri cock.

“I would love to have you watch as I gave her a ride on my cock, all ninety pounds of her on my cock, my arms around her waist doing her from behind. Her feet would be off the floor and she would be stuck on my cock. I would carry her into the kitchen like that, have you see us, have you come over to help her. But how your help is to eat her pussy right where my cock is busy spreading her. OH to hear her cum as I fuck her and you eating her!” At that Ken buried his face deep between Ellen’s legs sucking the cum right out of her.

Ellen could not believe how hard she was cumming and knew she and Ken just had to go see her sister! After untwining they headed to her parents to see what they could do to her baby sister.

In their haste to reach her they were pulled over by the highway patrol. Ellen watched as two cops approached the car. Both were black, well over 6’4” each and solid. The one on her side was also sporting a nice package. Ellen thought it looked like it needed a good lickin’ also!

“So, where were you going in such a hurry?” asked the cop at Ken’s window.

“Ahh .. To see my sister-in-law,” replied Ken to the officer.

“Tell him what you were going to do!” added Ellen as she smiled at the officer at her window.

“Ahh .. I was going to give her a ride,” replied Ken hoping Ellen would slot oyna stop with the comments.

“Well he was planning to slide his cock in this! “ as Ellen slide her skirt up exposing her pussy to both officers, “And she is just eighteen to boot!”

“Alright. Both of you perv’s out of the car, NOW!” As the officers opened the doors and pulled both of them out of the car.

Ellen quickly assumed the position and hoped the officer would get the hint. She knew he did as she heard a zipper and quickly felt a long black cock invading her from behind.

“Oh officer, are you going to be rough with me?” Ellen said, as she hoped so!

“Fuck yes slut! Wanting to do a child like that, teach her how it feels to ride a cock, well hope you enjoy my hard slut-fucker!” As the officer picked her up and impaled her on his fuckstick.

Ellen’s mouth opened to scream but nothing came out till the officer started working her up and down on his cock. At that point she also saw the other officer about to do the same to Ken, he with his pants around his ankles. Quickly the two officers had both of them riding cock, their feet off the ground, both riding black rods!

As Ellen pictured what it would look like, her little sister where she was, with a black cock in her, she started to cum again. She wondered if they would like to stop at her parents and meet the family, she was sure they would! The feeling canlı casino siteleri of that thick cock working her lips apart would look even better spreading her sisters little pussy.

At the back of the car, Ken was busy getting “busted”, his ass busted actually! He was on his back; the officer had his ankles bent back close to his head. Ken moaned on each stroke as his hole was opened and spread around that ass-buster. Ken could see Ellen watching him getting fucked. Then the officer bent lower and got Ken’s cock in his mouth. At that Ken started filling his mouth with cream as he lubed his ass with a load of cum.

Ellen and her cop-fucker were slowly fucking watching, but once the show stopped he started fucking her harder.

“Give it to me hard you fucker! Can see you like fucking white meat! You ever fuck any young meat? Oh my! Can tell that that turned you on, GOD you are splitting me!” Ellen panted as she was being worked over.

The officer leaned back against the car, Ellen impaled on his cock. She felt it stiffen even more, and then explode as he empted his balls into her. As he cam, she joined him, they’re cum running down his legs.

As the officers left they took Ken and Ellen’s address for a visit later that evening after they got of duty. The officer that fucked Ellen said he might even bring a friend, she said no problem, as long as they like to fuck!

As soon as they got home, Ellen called Cindi to invite her for supper. Little did she know she would be dessert also!

Hopefully you enjoyed this chapter, feel free to tell me any ideas you may have and of COURSE cast a vote for the story!!!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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