A Mischief Ch. 01

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I am not at all a regular writer, but writing for the first time for . The incidents written by me are not fictional and I was involved in all these incidents with the names and places changed.

I was at the age of 22, when this happened. I, Kamala, was brought up in a typical town in India, which may be described as a big village and we all girls during vacation used to go to relatives house in nearby city. During study holidays for the College PG exams, I went to my uncle’s home for the vacation. He is the younger brother of my father working in a private firm and he is highly wealthy when compared to our family.

My uncle and aunt lived in a big house at the heart of the city and they had only one son who was then in college second year in UG three years younger than me. His name is Kumar and he was well built with 5′ 11″ height, broad shoulders with wheatish complexion. He used to tease me that am a village girl and make me cry often.

My aunt asked me to wash the utensils and then the clothes. When washing I found underwear of my brother also in the heap. With a little bit shy, I took it for wash and noticed some stains in the front side. I did not know what it was, so asked my aunt what is this. She simply scolded me and do wash without disturbing her sleep.

In the evening when my cousin brother, Kumar came home, I asked about it to him. He smiled mischievously and told that he will say it next day morning, after my uncle and aunt set out for some function. I have to introduce myself at this time, a beautiful village type girl with necessary curves, will be the apt word as told by my friends.

When my uncle and aunt went out, Kumar came to me and told me to repeat the question. I asked him why there was a stain in front side of his underwear. He immediately took one more underwear and showed it to me with the same stain. But it looked somewhat fresh, so I curiously said yes. He told me to touch and smell it and I did. It was somewhat sticky and smelled good. Then I asked to tell me what it is.

He began to laugh and criticize me ‘ you are a college girl going to third year and does not know what it is. Do not tell lies.’ I was confused and requested to say. He told that it needed some practical knowledge and asked me whether I was very eager canlı bahis şirketleri to know it.

I was in wearing my blue sari and a matching blouse showing my beauty without any doubt. My boobs were not large but at the correct size with pride posing straight like two small mountains and my abs also in exact shape so as to make all even older people to look back. My legs were long as I was 5′ 7″ height which is above normal in our area.

Kumar was wearing a half pant and a T-shirt showing his well built muscles. Half pant was tight with a clear projection in between his thighs. His voice was husky and male and I was always interested in talking to him.I asked him what practical it would be. He came near and held my cheeks with his hands and looked deeply into my eyes; his breathe was warm and I could feel it. Suddenly, I was having some strange feelings I could not explain and my body started to heat up. He gently kissed me in my cheek and advanced towards my lips.

Just then I noticed that he had locked the front and back doors already and there was no possibility of anyone coming at that time. I wanted him to stop but could not say or move from him. His lips had to be very much experienced as they moved nicely and trickily to my lips. I could not resist as it was feeling good and at the same time fearing that he may even beat me if I did so. His lips touched mine and there was great arousal in my body especially between my thighs, I had not felt so far.

He immediately stopped kissing and moved away. I was simply stranded and felt …… as I was lifted to heights and suddenly dropped nowhere. Simply sitting on the couch, he asked me to bring water from the fridge. My legs struggled to move and in despair I brought him water. After drinking, he asked how it was and with myself blushing it was clean to him that I enjoyed the mischief. Akka, meaning elder sister, he told I was inexperienced and could not cope up with him, so, ‘go and study something’ and with that he ignored me.

I was dumbfounded and went to the room allotted for me and sat on the bed. My body was aching for something and unable to refrain, my right hand without my intention was in between my thighs over sari. That felt too good to me and reminded the words described by my canlı kaçak iddaa friends about playing in the private area, so far not even thought doing myself.

I could not concentrate on anything, so came out slowly without making any noise to the living room where my younger brother was sitting on the couch. He was not distracted by me and with a jolt I saw him doing something, what I attempted in the room.

He had removed his T-shirt and the pant was down to ankles. His right hand was moving steadily over something I could not see from behind. So I stepped without any sound and went to the side of the couch. He was holding his thing and working out. I had seen small boys in my place as it was common for the small ones to roam without underwear. The thing between the legs will be protruding like beans and I used to tease them.

But what I saw was amazing, it was nearly for a length of forearm and as thick as a rod and he was working his hands to and fro on it. It was a beauty to watch as I observed it without disturbing him. At the same time my hand went again between my thighs and it was feeling so nice there.

He was deeply involved in his action with eyes closed and my hand slowly lifted my sari and petticoat and entered into the prohibited area inside my panty. So far not teased lips were then in a swollen stage and some juice was felt by hand. Totally unaware so far about these things, I was wondering whether I was doing the forbidden act that too very shameful, lustily looking at the act done by my younger brother.

Suddenly I heard, ‘that’s good this is what I told practical’, the voice of Kumar. As I enjoyed myself with pleasure, didn’t notice that he was observing my act with a broad smile. Suddenly, dropping my petticoat and sari, trying to adjust myself to the reality, I stood there caught by Kumar unable to move. He with his husky voice asked me why stopped. He was continuing the act casually in front of me and it was again shock to me that my eyes were fixed on his thing intentionally and longing for something to happen.

In a flash of a moment I regained my composure and rushed to my room. I heard behind a seductive laughter from my brother. I wandered inside my room, laid on the bed unable to control my whirling desire. canlı kaçak bahis The huge erection of a young thing of my younger brother moving in his hand was running as a show in my mind. I dared not to go to the living room and face my brother.

Suddenly, I got it …. yes the sticky stain in the underwear.. oh my god, I was such a stupid to ask a question to him and more than that, touched and smelled before him. Shame after shame gripped me and the show again came to my view totally changing shame into lust. All the stories told by my friends regarding the love act between a male and female and the same performed by the individual themselves began to take a slide show before me.

Even when the show and slide show were running, there was a strange words from inside, ‘oh god! how a elder and responsible sister think about her own younger brother and his thing – cock.’ To my bewilderment, the kiss got from him and the scene just seen flashed back into my mind. The size of the cock as big as that of a horse moving in the hand, released a fresh stream of warmth in between my thighs – pussy. The purpose of two things were now running in the back of mind, I wanted to run back into the living room and show him everything and beg him to do it for me.

As I tried to stand from my bed, one hand was gently on my shoulder pressing me to sit back. I understand that he was also in the same state as myself and could not resist from coming into the room as I wanted to go to the living room; without any word, I sat back on the bed and expected him to make move; at last the desire won.

His hand slowly caressing my shoulder, came to the front over my saree and blouse covering one half; oh my goodness…. his hand was very large for a teenage; easily covering one side with a slender touch, my nipples began to grow eternally as I saw them protruding painfully over the blouse without bra. Proudly I did not wear any bra for most of the time as they didn’t need any support. He also might have noticed it; his palm was now covering one side. The touch of his hand over the saree and blouse onto my nipples made me moan immediately; was surprised to hear he also moaned and that was because due to the jerk my back touched his exposed, enlarged and much endorsed organ.

His hand gently squeezed the right boob as standing behind me and I was rubbing his throbbing member by my back.

The most important matter to be informed is am describing this incident after nearly 20 years to my beloved husband…..

To be continued..

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