A Model Mom

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It was difficult for me to watch her stretch and exercise at home every morning. She did that in addition to her workout at the spa. She wore black shorts and a black tee shirt; neither covered much. She always wore a bra when exercising but her nipples were evident anyway. It’s difficult to watch a beautiful woman bending and spreading even if she is your mother. At least it was for me.

She usually was up before me and when I came to greet her she always had a smile and a sing-song “Good morning Christopher, how are you?” She would stop to do her ritual with me. She would kiss my eyes and then point to two spots where she wanted me to kiss her. It could be her cheek, her neck or the corner of her mouth: each morning, different places. She didn’t know what she did to me.

I’ve seen my mother in her bra and panties many times. It’s possible you’ve seen her too. She was a model and she’s been in lots of catalogs and some ads in magazines. She was in “New Woman” for skin cream. The ad said, “Now 53 can look like 35 again”. Mom is seated with her back to you. You can see her smiling face in profile and a hint of the curve of the full breast under her arm. The way she’s lit makes her look like unending smooth skin from head to toe. It’s another picture for my scrapbook.

I had always found my mother attractive. When I was very young I thought she was pretty; when I got older I knew she was sexy. As a teenager I started masturbating with her in mind, almost always her. She has lovely breasts and I took every opportunity to look. The soft mounds in her bra always intrigued me and when she went without her bra, I was hard all day.

On rare occasions she would have a friend stay over and mom and I slept in the same room because the guest used my bedroom. I remember watching her undress in the dim light; I devoured her nipples and ass with my eyes and the mystery between her legs fired my imagination.

Mom is just turning forty now; she started modeling when she was thirty and I was nine. An agent saw her in a mall and gave her his card. I think she got a lot of work because her looks combine ‘mature’, ‘sexy’ and ‘girl next door’. She was always there for me even after her career began; she never used it as an excuse not to do things with me.

Her name is Alexis but she modeled under the single name ‘Jennifer’; which is what she preferred to be called. I have pictures of her beautiful body from every angle. Most boys had things like Playboy, I had mom.

I loved going on the shoots with her whenever possible. I’d go into her dressing room and sometimes help her in and out of the clothes. Nudity is common on the shoots: sometimes she’d change on the street behind a blanket, sometimes she’d take off her bra in front of me when she was in a hurry. Once she sat topless for fifteen minutes and did her makeup while I sat behind her looking into the mirror.

I had sex for the first time in Las Vegas. Mom had a shoot there and she took me with her as a present for my eighteenth birthday. She fell asleep on my shoulder on the plane and I got hard. Her smells were intoxicating even though she wore very little perfume. I could smell the powder she wore and her fragrant hair. I could smell her warm skin.

She had the light airline blanket on her. I pulled it to her shoulder. I slid my hand under it and laid it on her breast. I closed my eyes and pretended to be asleep should she awaken. She didn’t. Her breathing stayed even for a long time as I gently molded my hand to her full breast and fondled it. My cock strained in my pants. The soft sweater let me imagine I had had my mother’s bare tit in my hand. My fantasies took flight until the announcement of our landing made her stir and I reluctantly let go.

When she opened her eyes and stretched I asked, “How was your sleep mom?”

She smiled the warm smile that always made me melt and said, “It was lovely dear, very sweet.”

Mom spent the day working and I spent the day getting ‘charged up’ looking at all the beautiful women at the casinos and hotels on the strip. I made the acquaintance of a waitress who let me know that she also indulged in extra-curricular activities. I had been with a few girls and done a few things but I was still technically a virgin. I was determined to be one no longer. I made an appointment with my new friend. When mom left for a meeting with the client, the girl came up. We sat for a few minutes and talked and then I heard a knock at the door. It was my mother.

She looked in and said, “The meeting was cancelled and I thought we could spend the time together.” She had seen my ‘friend’ and just said, “Honey do something for me; please ask her to go.”

I gave the girl some money; she shrugged and left. Mom came over to me and said, “Have you slept with a woman before?”

I told her I hadn’t. “Honey this isn’t the way to do it, you don’t know what that girl might have and wouldn’t you want your first time to be with someone you care about?”

“Sure but I was just so turned on today güvenilir bahis and I’m never going to have the person I really want.”

“Why wouldn’t you?”

“Because…oh… you wouldn’t understand mom.”

“Maybe I would sweetheart… I know you were touching me on the plane.”

“Oh…God…you weren’t sleeping…and you let me?”

“I was sleeping at first but when I felt you fondling me I woke up. It felt good and you were touching me so lovingly I let you do it.” She kissed me fully and said, “Since you’ve grown up, you’ve been turning me on; let me be your first. I haven’t made love in such a long time; it’ll almost be like a first time for me too. Just promise me one thing baby, after tonight, you won’t ask me again. It will just be something for us both to remember.”

She took the blankets off the bed and turned off the lamp. I turned it back on and said “I’ve seen you in the dark but I’ve been waiting a long time to see you in the light.” She laughed and we turned on every light in the room.

She took all her clothes off and stood unashamed in front of me. Her beauty overwhelmed me. I’ll admit I’m not very objective because she’s been the object of my love and lust for so long but I still think that my mother naked would impress anyone. I didn’t know what to kiss or touch or finger first.

I started where I started as a child, sucking on her nipple that reached out for my tongue as it entered my mouth. The soft guttural moans my mother was making sent a line of electricity through me. I stood and gazed between her legs. I was mesmerized. I saw the fine beads of moisture that were forming on the fine trimmed hair through which I could see my mother’s reddening pussy lips. I moved to the folds between her legs and mouthed her hungrily. I could almost feel her swelling in my mouth as the juice covered my lips. I could feel her smile as my tongue slid along her opening to find her clit.

“Darling” she said, “You’re making me feel so good; I’m so wet for you…darling…darling” I loved hearing that endearment for the first time from my mother’s mouth: the beautiful mouth that would bring many first pleasures to me that night.

I worked my way around her body with kisses and licks. I took my clothes off because I thought either the zipper or my cock was going to break. Mom looked at me fully erect and said, “You’re going to make a lot of girls happy with that.”

I said, “I only want to make you happy with it.” I knew I was bigger than most because I’ve seen enough in the team locker room; I just wasn’t sure I knew how to use it. Mom helped – a lot.

She opened her pussy lips for me and showed me her swollen clitoris. I licked and sucked at the pink until my mouth and chin were soaked. I could feel her start to vibrate as she said, “Baby…baby…you don’t know what you’re doing to your momma…it’s so good…OH…OHH…” She stiffened and arched pressing her pussy against my mouth and holding my head. The sounds she made as she came were an aphrodisiac to me. “Oh my honey…yes do that to momma …there…there…yes…fuck…OHHH…” With her final cry, I almost came without my cock being touched.

It was touched. It was sucked, licked, and slathered over before my mother was done with it. My first entry into my mother’s mouth was almost a shock: her warm lips and tongue massaged the tightly stretched skin on my shaft and she circled the spongy head until I thought I would explode. I fought to keep from coming, wanting her to suck me forever. She kept telling me how big it was in her mouth and how much she loved sucking me. “My beautiful big cock” she called it. “All for your momma…all for me” she said. It was a miracle I lasted as long as I did. I blew my first load into her mouth. By the time I was done there was cum on the bed, on her face, on her tits and I can’t imagine how much was in her mouth. I didn’t know there was that much cum in me.

I thought I was done but my mother had other ideas. About five minutes later I was hard as a rock again after she played with me, telling me, “I can’t wait for you to be in me…in your momma’s pussy…the pussy that wants your big cock so badly…now baby…now.”

When my cock finally entered my mother’s sweet pussy she said, “Easy baby…easy…OH…it’s so big…you’re so hard for your momma, aren’t you? This is what I need honey…I need you in my cunt, in my pussy…fucking me…fucking me.” It was what I needed too. She was so wet and I told her how good it felt to be so deep in her. “You’re so good in me baby,” she said, “filling me all up”. My mother’s slippery passageway was a haven for my cock, a warm safe place I never wanted to leave. With every slow push in and out of her, she whispered something sweet. Her hands stroked me, as I loved her with my cock. I had dreamed and fantasized of being inside my mother so many times; this was better than all my imaginings.

We fell into a rhythm and enjoyed it for a while and then she’d shift. I saw every part of her from every angle. I loved türkçe bahis taking her from behind, holding her tits and getting high enough in her to feel myself against her ass. I loved hearing the sounds my mother made because my cock was in her. I loved hearing her tell her son how good he made her feel and how much she wanted it from him. With my cock buried between my mother’s legs I whispered to her, “I’m in love with you.”

In the few hours before dawn she slept in my arms with my hand gently resting on her breast. I inhaled the sweet aromas of our lovemaking; the feel of my mother’s body touching mine burned itself into my sensory awareness. I made myself stay up because I didn’t want the night to end and I didn’t want to face a tomorrow in which all our loving was only a memory.

The next day came despite my efforts and we went home. Not a moment went by that wasn’t colored by the rainbow of that night. During the following months even the gentlest effort to push past a hug or a kiss on my part was set aside by my mother’s smile to remind me of my promise.

I didn’t press her no matter how intense my need became because a painful change came over her during this time. The work started to dry up. The agency stopped calling and she started getting depressed. It wasn’t the money; I had a job and she had invested well. That they didn’t want her anymore tortured her.

I was afraid as I watched her slowly descend into obsessions and depressions. All I heard was, “When did I get ugly? Am I fat? Am I out of shape?” Once she said, “Chris, do you think I should have my breasts made bigger? All the models today are so big.”

I told her “Mom you have the most perfect breasts I ever saw. They fit your body and your body is perfect.”

She thanked me and came to hug me. She stayed in my arms for a long time as I soothed her with stroking hands and words. I wanted her so much and I wanted to help her so much more. That was the last display of emotion I saw from her for a long while.

Her body wasn’t the problem. It’s the modeling business: where the appetite for ‘new’ faces is voracious and after a certain age they throw you away. At 39 she was just too old. Of course I told her how beautiful she was and tried to soften the blow but the fact remained – that part of her life was over. She was lucky to have gotten as many years and as much money as she did. She didn’t want to hear any of that kind of talk.

She went to different doctors – same name: Dr. Feelgood. So it was uppers, downers and sleeping pills. I was going to move out but she was becoming helpless. A few nights I had to help her to bed. I left her in bra and panties. I kissed her pretty face before leaving. Each time she gave me a small smile and slept. I tried to help in every way I knew how. But after all was said and done, as far as my life went, I’d come to accept certain truths: I loved and wanted her, and I was losing her.

One night I went into her bedroom. She opened her eyes and just looked at me as I sat on the bed. I didn’t say anything because I was breathing so hard. I opened her nightgown to her waist and exposed her. I fondled and kissed the breasts I was longing for. I started to take one of her perfect nipples into my mouth. There was no reaction and no words. I kissed her and said, “Mom I love you; I want to sleep with you.”

She shrugged blankly and said, “If you want.”

I’d been waiting to hear a word of sexual encouragement from her for a long time but not those words, that way. It pained me to hear her because I knew what she was saying: “I don’t care if you sleep with me, I don’t care if you don’t; I don’t care if I live and I don’t care if I don’t.” I left the room. We didn’t say another word to each other during the following day.

It had been a particularly brutal summer. The next day, the clouds became ominously dark. By nightfall it was teeming: hot, thunderous unceasing sheets of rain. I was trying to get mom to eat something. I asked her what she wanted and she said, “…I want to model…I want to be a model like I used to be.”

I couldn’t stand it anymore. I grabbed her wrist and took her into the backyard. I yelled at her over the din of the pounding rain: “I want it not to be raining, I want to be in Paris, I want you to be happy, I want…Las Vegas…I want you to love me again.”

We stood for a moment as the water cascaded off us and then she started crying. She turned to me and came into my arms. She held me as tight as she ever had and she began trembling. She said, “Oh Chris honey…I’m sorry baby… I’m sorry”.

She kissed me as if we’d apart for years. Her mouth clung to mine as her tongue made promises it would soon keep. Her wet lips then slid over my face covering it with kisses. “Come inside love” she said. Those words revived us.

She wouldn’t stop kissing me. I didn’t want her to. She kissed the rain from my eyes and licked it from my lips. Our clothes ended up in a puddle in the middle of the floor. Our hands explored every inch of güvenilir bahis siteleri each other’s body as we kissed long and languidly. Her nipples responded to my mouth and elongated as my tongue circled the soft flesh around them. My mother’s soft hands hardened me.

She built my excitement to a fever pitch and she finally opened her legs and said, “Come to me baby, I want you”.

I entered her slowly and the relief was transporting. I pushed my cock deeper into my mother’s pussy and her sweet juices eased the way. I spoke to her as our rhythm meshed. “It’s so good to be in you mom…inside you…my beautiful Jennifer…”

She said, “No love…your Alexis…your Alexis…oh I need you here baby.”

Her words started to make me cum. I stopped and kept myself from pumping to complete satisfaction and was able to stay inside her. I was so high on the sex that I hardened again after a few minutes of her talking and stroking me. I turned her so she was on top and she sat up and rode my cock.

“Chris baby, your so deep in me this way I can feel you at the end of me…oh Christopher you take good care of your momma…I love this feeling…don’t stop loving me…please don’t stop…promise me Chris, promise me.”

“I promise mom, you never have to think about that. I’ll always be here, loving you.”

“Will you baby…will you?”

“Yes love, yes…yes…yes.” I punctuated each word with a hard thrust up into her belly and each punctuation brought a deep moan from her. I watched as my stiff rod appeared and disappeared into her pussy. My cock was slathered with my mother’s juices that eased my way into the depths of her center.

She closed her eyes and threw her head back as short loud cries came from her. “Chris…Chris…love me…fuck me…fuck me…fuck me…” Mom came hard, impaling herself on my stiff rod over and over until she shuddered and sighed and rested on my chest laughing. “God that was good, the last time I came that good we were in Las Vegas.”

She started to move and I said “No mom stay there.” I held her ass. We kissed again stopping only for words of love as our tongues played to stirrings below. I wanted never to be out of her. I sat up and we held each other, still connected. I felt her hard nipples and soft breasts on my chest. I put my finger into her ass and she responded. I responded. I was stiff again as my mother gently ground her hips. As she took me up I thought of every place in her I wanted to be; every place I would be before the night was over.

I sucked as much of her big tit into my mouth as her pussy pulled on me. I drew on the nipple and grazed it with my teeth and my mother let out a little squeal. She laughed as I went for the other tit. When I had made her nipples into puffs of sore pink flesh, I took to her mouth. I was ravenous for her and her lips were as swollen as her nipples when I finished kissing her. I flipped her on her back before she could bring me off and stroked her pussy, holding back as we both rose to a higher plateau. She held my ass and said, “Never stop baby…never stop wanting me like this…never stop wanting your momma’s pussy…your pussy…your pussy…your pussy…”

I couldn’t imagine ever not wanting that pussy or not feeling the way her loving made me feel. This time I didn’t hold back, I put my thumb on my mother’s clit and waited just long enough for her to come with me. I shot the first jet of cum and mom responded with violent thrusts as she held on to my shoulders. Our moaning commingled as did our cum. She kissed me long and hard until we were done – for a while.

Each time I fell asleep, my hard cock would wake me up before we’d had an hour of rest. I took it to my mother’s mouth and she sucked it excitedly, wildly licking the shaft from the tip down to my balls. The last time I came in her mouth it was early morning, as I sucked her clit and felt her taking cord after cord of cum. With a long moan she quivered in orgasm. I heard her soft words, “Oh…so much cum…so much cum…so good baby…” We licked each other clean and slept until noon.

When I awoke, I expected to feel my hard dick resting up against my mother’s warm ass as I had in the middle of the night but she was already up. I found the table set and mom was smiling as she poured the coffee. “It’s a good thing I don’t have to go anywhere today…I can hardly walk.” We both laughed and before she could point, I gave a sucking kiss to both of her nipples through the white tee shirt she wore. She looked at me seriously and said, “I never came like I did last night.” She gave me a gentle kiss with her soft smile.

That day I used three rolls of film taking pictures of mom. When I had them developed, she thought they were pretty good. It helps that she’s a great model. I got interested and took some courses and learned my way around a camera.

The first session where I asked mom to pose ‘sexy’ for me was a disaster – as far as picture taking went. No sooner did she show some skin and give me that ‘I have something for you’ look in her eyes than I was on top of her, unbuttoning and unzipping. It also didn’t help that what she had for me was that crazy-making body that I could never get enough of. We did lots more love making than picture taking.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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