A Mom Teaches Son How to Cum

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“Oh no!” Tyler’s mom thought as she saw the shocking predicament her son had gotten himself into. He was back from college during the summer break. The time away from his girlfriend servicing his sexual needs had affected him drastically.

“What am I gonna do mom?” Tyler asked. His bandaged hands attempting to clutch onto his hard cock to satisfy himself as he knelt on his bed, totally naked, as his mom looked on. A mixture of both shock and sympathy evident in her eyes.

“Oh baby, it’s gonna be another 3 weeks before you’ll be out of the bandages and you can, well, you know…” she timidly said.

“Before I can jack myself off, you mean.” He said angrily.

“Before I can relieve myself. Mom, it’s been two weeks already. I’m a nineteen-year-old testosterone-filled teenage bomb desperate to explode. But I can’t, not for another 3 weeks. What am I gonna do?

“Oh baby, I wish I could help you…” she began before realising her fumble.

“Oh, mom could you? Please. I know you’re my mom, but it would be just like you were a nurse or something. Like a care-giver. A home help. I just need relief mom, and my stupid hands are useless. But yours aren’t mom. Please.” Tyler said, begging her.

It was too late she realised, he’d jumped straight on her fumble and looking at his poor desperate face, she knew there was only one solution to his problem, and she would just have to suck up the embarrassment of satisfying her own son, and do what he needed.

“Hell,” she thought to herself, she should just enjoy it. There was no point in getting all worked up about illegal bahis it. It wasn’t such a big deal after all. She was his mother, and a mother would do anything for her son when she saw the kind of suffering in his eyes that she saw now.

“Ok honey, but you gotta promise not to tell dad, he’ll go crazy,” she told him.

“Oh, thanks, mom. You’re the best. Sure, of course I won’t tell him anything. Promise.” He said, clearly elated, as his mom came over to his side and took his thick long hard dripping cock out of his bandaged hands and into her own.

“How’s that?” She asked as she began jacking him off, her hand running over the wet tip at the head of his cock.

“Oh mom, that’s great. Thanks. You’re really amazing.” He smiled in response.

“You did grow up didn’t you. You know you’re even bigger than your father. Quite a lot bigger than him. Much longer and thicker. And I’m so glad we decided to get you circumcised, it’s so much more attractive you know. Your girlfriend must love it.” She smiled as she stroked his cock, pumping the droplets of pre-um from its tip.

“Oh yeah, she does. She said she’d hate to take an uncircumcised guy in her mouth or vagina.” He smiled back, really starting to feel the relief his mom was giving him.

“I bet she does. Son, is it ok if I have a taste myself? It does look particularly appetising you know. And so big and long.” She admitted, clearly amazed by the glistening cock in her hand.

“Sure mom, go for it. It’s all yours.” Tyler assured her.

“Thanks, hun,” she replied, before going down on him and taking illegal bahis siteleri the hot wet cock deep into her mouth and bathing it with her tongue and lips.

“Oh, shit mom! You’re so good at that. Even better than my girlfriend. Sammy never does it as well as that you know.” He revealed.

Her mouth gorging on his hefty thick cock, she smiled as she heard his compliment, but continued to suck him off with everything trick she knew. He had suffered so much, he needed the full works now that he was finally getting some relief.

Sucking him off for what seemed like an eternity, his balls as hard as oranges, and his cock as full up with cum as it had ever been, she desperately wanted to see what kind of fuck he was. It wasn’t every day that she got to discover her own sons sexually secrets, she might as well find out if he were a good fuck as well.

Pulling off of his wanton cock, she stood up and stripped off for him, revealing her full breasts and thin waist, but best of all, she revealed her neatly trimmed beaver.

“Ok, honey,” she said, climbing onto him and lowering herself onto his erect manhood, “let’s see how well you can fuck. You’ve had a lot of experience with Sammy, and she’s such a pretty girl, so you should be able to give me a good seeing to.” She smiled, her face showing her immense pleasure as she slid down onto his huge thick cock and it buried itself deep inside her pussy.

“Oh wow mom, your body is so hot, it’s so much hotter than Sammy’s. Oh shit, that feels so good.” He gasped as she began to writhe and plough up and down canlı bahis siteleri on top of him.

“Oh baby, Sammy’s just a girl. I’m a woman. It’s so much more different with a real woman hun. You’re almost like a virgin still.” She laughed as she rode him hard and deep, like a wild animal taming her captive.

“Oh shit mom, you’re so good, I think I’m gonna cum already.” He gasped from beneath her.

“Oh baby, so quick. I’ve only been on you a few minutes. How long does it take with Sammy?” She asked in surprise.

“But mom, you’re so much hotter than Sammy and the way you move from side to side, and around and up and down. It’s amazing. And your face, you look so wanton, so sexy, so horny. I’ve never seen Sammy look like that. When I’m with her it can sometimes take over twenty minutes to cum.” He admitted.

“Oh, dear!” She gasped in surprise as she writhed atop him, finally bringing him to climax.

“Well, I’m glad I got this chance to fuck you. You desperately need to know the benefits of a mature woman over a young girl.”

“Oh fuck!” He gasped as his cum shot inside his mother’s vagina. “I know now mom, and I’ll never forget it.” He screamed as the final shots of cum fired into her.

“Well baby, I’m not gonna let you forget it. I’m gonna fuck you every day until you get better. And when I’m finished, you’d better think seriously about finding yourself an older, more experienced girlfriend. Sammy’s a sweet kid, but I don’t want my boy having all this pent up sexual tension. I can’t fuck it out of you when you’re married hun. You gotta find someone that’s gonna satisfy you for life.” She said.

The final shots of cum delivered, she lifted herself off of her son’s cock. As her vaginal lips closed as the head of his cock slipped out, a waterfall of cum came pouring out onto him beneath her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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