a mother, her son, , some friends

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Getting pregnant at fifteen wasn’t Ruth’s plan in high school or not even knowing the father too. She was a very shy girl and so when he friend invited her to her birthday pool party she didn’t know that night would change her life forever. That night some boy fucked her after she passed out and she never knew who it was. Her parents never blamed her for it but before Ruth could find out whom the boy was her parents shipped her away to her aunt’s house. There she had and raised her little boy Max and was a great mother to him. She didn’t have much but her aunt told her that she could stay there as long as she needed; so Ruth did just that.

Now Ruth is thirty and her little boy is becoming a young man. They live in the same town as her aunt just in their own two bedroom apartment. Ruth’s parents help out a lot since Ruth was their only child and her father would never have her living on the streets. Ruth got her GED and now works a good job at a bank. Life was going good for them till one night when Ruth walked pass her son’s room and saw something that would change her life forever.

Max wasn’t as shy as her mother and had a good amount of friends; he even had a lot of girls that seem to like him a lot. He would bring them over to the apartment all the time and Ruth being a very young mother didn’t mind it because she just wanted her son to have friends and enjoy his youth while he could.

It was a Friday night and Ruth aloud her son to have some of his friends spend the night. So as average kids they were up all night playing video games and eating pizza. It was around two in the morning when Ruth got up to use the bathroom that was at the end of the hall pass her son’s room. She headed there and as she passed Max’s room she saw the two girls Jess and Becky on his bed but she didn’t see Max or Dave but heard the TV on. They didn’t notice her walking by and Ruth was almost at the bathroom door when she heard her son’s friend say “truth of dare Jess”. This stopped Ruth in her tracks and she needed to know what was going on. Ruth was not an old woman and knew very well how a game like this would play out with teenagers with racing hormones.

Ruth stood by the door in the shadows and could see in her son’s room and see them all. Max and Dave sat on the floor and the two girls on his bed. Jess took a moment to answer by after looking at Becky told Dave dare. Ruth watched as a big smile came across his face and with a little dirtiness to it told Jess to make-out with Becky for a full minute. Jess said a full minute and Max told her yes sixty seconds answering for his friend. Jess reached her hands up to Becky’s and with waiting for her to be ready. Pressed her lips on Becky’s and started to kiss her. Ruth watched as Jess gave Becky and very wet and hot kiss using her tongue to enter Becky’s mouth. Ruth thought how Jess had to know what she was doing and didn’t care if it was another girl she was kissing.

Watching this Ruth felt her pussy moisten as the two girls made-out on her son’s bed. After the minute was up Max said time and told Jess it was her turn to go. Jess looked at the three other people in the room and turned to Becky and started to ask her but changed her mind and asked Max “truth of dare”. Max didn’t take more then a second to fire back dare and wait for what he was going to have to do. Jess giggled when Max said dare and told him that he had to take out Dave’s cock and put it in his mouth for half a minute but if Dave got hard he would need to suck it for three.

This hit Ruth like a ton of bricks; she needed to go in there and stop this game at once. She was about to enter the room when something inside her stopped her. She didn’t know what it was but something in her wanted to know what her son would do. Max looked over at Dave and told him lets get this over with and told Dave to stand. Once Dave was up Max undid his friend’s shorts and pulled them down with his boxers. There Ruth could see his soft cock and a little patch of black public hair and thought how it was a good size even soft; Max scooped up his cock and put it illegal bahis in his mouth. Jess looked down at her watch to keep time as Max held his head there with the cock in his mouth.

After Ruth had Max she never really had time for other guys so her sex life wasn’t what she wanted it to be. For the most part she would look at porn and masturbate at night after she put Max down. For being a very shy girl growing up she found that she got turned on by a lot of stuff. She would masturbate to straight, gay, lesbian or even shemales; she found that she was into a lot of fetishes and even though she didn’t have time of someone. That didn’t stop her from wanting to try out some of the things she saw on line.

So standing in the dark watching her son put a cock in his mouth made her pussy tingle with pleasure. She lowered her hand to her wet pussy and started to rub her clit. Before time was up Max started to gag and pulled his mouth off Dave’s cock to find that Dave was sporting a seven inch rock hard cock covered in Max’s saliva; Jess and Becky giggled and told him to suck it. Max punched Dave lightly in the thigh telling him take he couldn’t hold it a little more. Dave said “sorry dude I tried” as Max started to give him the blow job. Ruth stood and watched her own son suck on this cock bobbing back and fourth as he took the cock into his mouth. Ruth was getting very horny watching this and soon had two of her fingers up in her pussy.

The two girls counted down the last ten seconds and Max pulled from the cock leaving more of his saliva on it. Without even wiping out his mouth Max turned to Becky and asked “truth of dare”. Becky gave him an evil smile and told him to do his worst as she was going dare. Max looked square in her eyes and told her that she had to strip totally naked and eat pussy. Becky laughed and started to say “that’s it” but Max cut her off and told her not Jess’s pussy his mother’s.

Ruth’s heart stop and she started to panic; not for the fact that her son dared one of his friends to eat her pussy, but for that she was still standing in the hallway outside his room playing with her pussy. Ruth quickly and quietly rushed back to her room. Once inside she removed her bathrobe to her naked body and used it to wipe her juices from her pussy and hand. She then jumped into her bed and under the covers and tried to remain still, but with her heart racing she knew that they would know that she had been awake.

Moments later Ruth heard her bedroom door open and in the light of the moon watched a petite naked girl creep into her room. The moon only casted light over the door so Becky couldn’t see that Ruth was watching her enter the room, but Ruth did watch and could see three other faces stacked one on top of the other in the doorway to her room. Ruth looked at Becky amazing body in the light; her perky little tits her smooth white skin and her little strip of hair above her pussy. Ruth lay still as Becky lifted the covers at the bottom of the bed and slowly moved them to the side. There Becky could barely see anything but little got in the bed and moved into place over Ruth’s pussy. She stuck out her tongue and started to like the pussy; Ruth tried her hardness to not move with the girl’s tongue like her clit and pussy. Becky started real softly flicking Ruth’s rather large clit and big lips. Ruth always kept her self clean all the way back to her asshole because with her big lips that would open up when she got horny. She always enjoyed looking at herself in the mirror and at how sexy her pussy looked.

Ruth let out some soft moans and the three other kids by the door jump as to run back to Max’s room if she woke. Ruth acted if she was in a dream and softly moved her legs around and pulled at the covers as Becky got into it and licked deep inside her soaked pussy. After a couple more minutes Ruth lost control and grabbed onto Becky’s head and pushed her deep into her pussy. She started to move her hips and drive her clit into Becky’s mouth and ride her face. The others saw this and didn’t know what to do and they watched Max’s mother illegal bahis siteleri continue to get off by Becky. Becky didn’t stop for one bit and soon was swallowing a massive load of pussy juice as Ruth had one of the biggest climaxes of her life.

Once Ruth came back down from her climax she hit the light by her bed and saw Becky between her legs with a face covered in cum. The others took off running to the other room leaving Becky there to answer to Ruth. Becky started to tell Ruth what was going on when she stopped her and got up and headed to Max’s room. When she got there she walked in still naked and asked Max what was going on and why was there a naked girl in her room that just got done eating her pussy. Max told her that they were sorry and they were playing truth or dare. Ruth walked over to her son sat down on the floor and grabbed a pillow from his bed and place it in her lap. She said since she was up that she would join in on the fun.

Becky enter in the room very shyly but Ruth told her that she had nothing to be scared about and that she gave her the best orgasm of her life. The kids were a little shock by all this but that didn’t stop Max by telling Becky that it was her turn to go. Becky looked around and asked Ruth “truth of dare”; Ruth not wanting to get to crazy right off the bat replied with truth and Becky asked her what was the biggest cock she has had. Ruth thought about it for a moment and told her that she hasn’t been with a lot of men being a single parent but she would have to say about six inches. Jess chimed in with that she needed to try a real big one to get the fullest of being fucked. The girls giggled and Ruth looked at the group and said I have a dare for all of you “I dare all of you to strip and stay that way for the rest of the game”.

They looked at her like she was nuts and Max even asked if he was to strip too. Ruth turned to him and said that she was naked here and it was you who dared Becky to lick my pussy. Max was thrown by this by he now knew his mother was out side the room as he told Becky the dare. Max asked what else she heard and Ruth poked him in the side with her elbow as she said “oh, nothing more then a dick in ones mouth”. Max turned red now as his mother made her comment about him sucking a cock. Max started to say something, but his mom cut him off and said he was dare and rules are rules. The three kids got up and stripped from their cloths and stood in the room naked for Ruth to see.

Already seeing Becky’s petite little body Ruth looked at the others and Jess was the complete opposite of Becky; she had a full rack about a “C” cup and a round ass that looked very juicy. With her strawberry red hair she had a thick bush of matching public hair over her mound. Her shin was pale and she had freckles all over the place unlike Becky that even with her pale skin it had a milkiness to it and she had very short blonde hair. Dave had a very athletic body from playing sports in sport and just a little chest hair was forming. His cock was rock hard and now Ruth got a real good look at it and saw I thick vain running down the middle of it with smaller ones running across it. Last was her son and for the first time since he was a little boy did Ruth get a look at his body. Max didn’t have one hair on his body besides his spiky brown hair. His balls were hairless and hung down low and his cock was huge like something out of a porno. Both girls and Ruth just stared at the shear size of it hanging down between his legs. Even Dave was speechless looking at Max’s dick was it hung there.

Jess was the first to speak and say that if she was living in this house she didn’t care if Max was her son she would get some of that. This made Ruth giggle a little because even though she was now sitting in her son’s room with his friends and everyone was naked she never thought about her son in a sexual way before. Now Ruth was in a different state of mind because she couldn’t think about the game anymore or for the fact that what she was about to do was going to be with her own son. All Ruth knew was that she canlı bahis siteleri needed that cock and she was going to get it.

Ruth reached up to the cock and grabbed it with her hand it was still soft but it felt so huge in her hand. The others watched as Ruth stroked her son’s cock to hardness and all of them saw for the first time just how big it was. Max was now sporting a nine and a half inch cock that was the thickness of a cucumber. Max didn’t stop his mother in any way he just place a hand on the back of her head and pulled it in to his cock. Ruth opened her mouth and sucked in the massive cock as best as she could. Ruth started to bob back and fourth on her son’s cock as the other watch the screen in front of them. Ruth reached back and grabbed the hand of one of the girls and pulled her down next to her. Ruth removed her mouth from around her son’s cock and guided it into Becky’s mouth. She then reached around her and started to stroke Dave’s cock as she told Jess to join in on the fun.

Within minutes there was Ruth, her son and his three friends kissing and sucking and licking each other. Soon Ruth found her self on her back as her son lined his huge cock up to her pussy. He asked if she was ready for the fucking of her life and as Ruth pulled her son into her she replied with “Fuck you mother Max”. Max pushed his cock into his mother and found that she was extremely tight and that he was going to push hard it get it in. Jess climbed onto Ruth in a sixty-nine position and as Ruth begun to lick her pussy Jess pulled out Max’s cock to get it more wet with her mouth.

Max fucked Jess’s mouth hard till she was gagging and saliva was covering his cock. He pulled from her and rammed it into his mother’s pussy. Ruth was screaming with pleasure into Jess’s pussy as her son fucked her as hard as he could. Ruth managed to find Dave and pull him next to her and got him to stand behind Jess. Becky and Jess was taking turns sucking on Max’s cock when he would pull out of his mother. Jess didn’t know it but as Ruth was licking the young girl’s pussy she got a hold of Dave’s cock and lined it up with her asshole. Dave took the clue and pushed it into her tight ass just as she was taking Max’s cock into her mouth causing her to go forward and swallow his cock all the way. Jess gagged on the cock but there was no break to rest as Dave picked up a fast pace and fucked Jess’s ass as hard as he could. With Ruth under her and Dave in her ass Jess was in tears with a mixture of pleasure and pain.

It wasn’t long before Jess was cumming all over Ruth’s face and soon her body went limp. Jess couldn’t take anymore and Ruth told Becky to jump up to take Dave’s cock. As soon as Becky on was top Dave had his cock up her ass too as Max was going between his mother’s pussy, her ass and Becky’s mouth. Ruth was on her third climax of the night and with all the fucking her son was giving her she knew that number four wasn’t too far off. Becky took the ass fucking a little better then Jess but she was still tight.

Dave was fucking her as hard as he could and between his moans and groans say he was cumming. He unloaded a big load of cum into Becky’s ass and soon it was flowing out down her pussy and into Ruth’s mouth. Ruth sucked up as much of the cum as she could. Becky collapsed onto Ruth and soon Max was cumming into his mother’s ass too. As he was cumming Ruth climax for the fourth time and with her milking her son’s cock in her ass he filled her up fast. Max pulled from his mother and shot a good amount of cum onto Becky’s face as she laid there.

After Max was done he took a sit next to the dress and looked at the others. Becky was still on top of his mother with Dave kneeing by her head feeding the last of his cum to her and Jess passed out on the bed. Dave got up and with using Jess’s body as a pillow covered them both with a blanket and fell asleep. Max helped Becky from his mother and Ruth told them both to join her in her bed since she had more room in it.

As they walked to her room Ruth could feel the last bit of cum running down her legs and turned to kiss her son and tell him that she loved him. Max told her that he loved her too. So with Ruth scooping Becky and Max scooping his mother the three of them fell asleep in her bed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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