A Mother’s Curiosity Ch. 03

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It was a few hours later that I opened my mail. My dick was already hard as soon as I saw her name. But her words stopped me in my mental thoughts. In big bold letters that spanned across the page were the words,


Those were the only words on the page. And it almost seemed like they pulsed as I read them. I jumped at my keyboard and wrote a short message. I gave Samantha my home number and told her how to dial without her number showing up on my caller ID. I told her that I wouldn’t move until she called me. A few minutes later the phone rang.

“Hello? Sam is that you?”

I could hear the sobbing in her voice. “Samantha? Tell me what happened? Please Samantha! Tell me what has upset you?” I could hear her soft sobbing in the background.

“Oh Sam! I feel so dirty!”

Her voice sounded frantic. “Samantha!” I shouted her name over the phone to get her to shut up. “Shut the fuck up and listen to me! I can’t help you if I can’t understand you! Now, take a deep breath.” I could hear her pull in a lung full of air. “Let it out slowly.” I heard her blowing the air from her lungs in one long breath. “Now listen to me and only answer yes or no. Do you understand?”

I heard her half sob, then a soft whisper. “Yes.”

Now it was my turn to take a deep breath. I did! And then I sat back in my chair. I hadn’t noticed that I was sitting on the edge of it. “Do you have a drink in your hands?”


“Well, go and pour yourself a weak one, then come back to the phone.” While she did as I told her to, I poured my own drink. I could hear her walking around, so she must have had one of those portable phones.

“Ok Sam! I have a drink in my hand.”

Already she sounded a bit calmer. “Go and sit in a nice comfortable chair. A recliner if you have one there.”

“Yes! We have one. Ok!”

I took a big gulp from my glass. “Take a sip of your drink. Set it down on the nearest table then sit back in the chair. Tell me when your ready.”

A few seconds later, I heard a soft sigh. “Thanks Sammie! Can I tell you what happened now?”

I sipped my drink. “First things first! Hello Samantha! My name is Sam and I’m glad to meet you.”

Samantha didn’t say anything at first. Then she burst into laughter. “Hello Sam! Good to meet you too! And I must say, you write some very powerful stories. I read your incest story about the mother and daughter with the intruder. I think the name of the story was “Turning My Daughter”. I must say, you have a very bad imagination.”

I laughed. “Does bad mean good and sexually wicked.” I liked her voice already. Her soft laughter caused my dick to start waking up. “Ok Samantha, so you read my story. Then what happened?”

Suddenly her voice grew a bit softer. “I didn’t think that I would like it. I have always hated the idea of a parent or relative abusing some young child. But this wasn’t about a young child. This story was about two grown women. The more I read, the more uncomfortable I became.

I started to sympathize with the mother about her feelings for her daughter. Then I started to see Cynthia as the daughter in the story and me as the mother.”

I slowly unzipped my pants and took my now hard dick out. I was stroking it slowly.

“Sam? Are you still there?”

I sighed. Damn but her voice sounded sweet. “Yes Samantha, I’m still here. Don’t worry. I wouldn’t leave you in the state you’re in.”

“Sam? Am I becoming like the sluts in your stories? Only interested in satisfying my lust? I don’t want to become like that.”

I laughed. “Oh Samantha! You could never become a slut. It’s natural for a woman that has denied her sexuality for as long as you have, to become aroused reading erotica. And no, it’s not all that strange for you to even feel the things that you are feeling for Cynthia.” I stopped talking long enough to take a sip from my drink.

“But Sam, you don’t know what Cynthia wrote at the end of that story. That’s why I feel so ashamed.”

I took my finger and rubbed the drop of pre-cum that had formed at the tip of my dick all over the head. Then I licked my finger clean. “Before I ask you what she wrote, I will tell you a few things. The first love of any young girl is her father. And for a young boy it’s his mom.

They grow up wanting their lover to be as good and kind as their parents are. And as they grow up, they will sometimes enter into an incestuous relationship with family members to satisfy their dreams and fantasies. And as long as both members are adults and it is consenual, that’s their business and no body else’s!

In your case, you are only feeling for Cynthia what she probably feels for you. What did Cynthia write at the end of this story?” I had gotten more excited hearing what Cynthia had written after she read the story then the stories themselves. So I waited eagerly for her next words.

I heard Samantha sob. Then she illegal bahis sniffed back her tears. “I have to make a confession Sam. You see, when my husband got sick, he couldn’t enjoy sex anymore. He would kiss me and finger me but that wasn’t enough. He was confined to his bed a lot.

Well, I found someone to satisfy my needs. It wasn’t love or anything like that. I would go over his house, get into bed, he would fuck me then I would go home to my bedridden husband. I didn’t even think about his needs. Nor, if he even thought about sex! Well evidently Cynthia found a way to make him happy.”

Her words stopped me in mid stroke. “What? What did you say?”

Samantha didn’t reply right away. “No Sam! I don’t mean that they actually fucked or anything. But what they did was almost like fucking. You see, he couldn’t get up out of bed most of the time. So we had to wash him like they do in the hospital.

Well, I found out that sometimes while I was out satisfying my itch, Cynthia found a way to satisfy her father’s needs. But I need to tell you what she wrote after reading your story. She wrote that she wished that it had been her and I in the story.

Like the girl in the story, she would have encouraged me to make love to her. And she would have eagerly made love to me. Sam! She wrote that she actually fucked herself while calling out my name. And while I read her words, I could see the two of us in the story. I will have to make sure that I steal one of her many dildos. I have been using it constantly. I am becoming like the sluts in your stories!”

As I listened to her words, I slowly stroked my hard dick. My pre-cum oozed over my fingers and I wished that Samantha had been kneeling before me. I didn’t say anything for a few seconds. But I know that Samantha had heard my slightly labored breathing over the phone. I heard her soft giggle.

“Sam! Are you playing with yourself?”

I laughed. Samantha! I’m glad that we don’t have phones that let you see what the other person is doing while you talk to them. Otherwise, I would be slightly embarrassed right now.”

Samantha laughed also. “Well, I think that we would both be slightly embarrassed. I feel very naughty talking to you dressed in just an open bathrobe.”

I sighed. “And I bet that those sweet perky tits are hard too?”

Samantha grew quiet. “Sam! Am I a bad person?”

It was the way she said it that caught my attention. “Why do you ask that?” I could hear the ice clink in her glass as she took a sip from it. Then she took a deep breath.

“While I was going to my friend to get screwed; taking care of my own needs; I was leaving Cynthia to care for her dad. It seems that she cared for him all right! Cynthia was relieving her dad of his stress and frustrations! I read her story and instead of being horrified by it I got so turned on that I had to make myself cum. It was only after that the guilt hit me so hard I wanted to die.”

I could hear her voice starting to crack with emotion again. “Samantha? Would you feel better if you told me about it? I promise that I will give you my honest opinion afterwards. If I think that it is wrong, then I will tell you.”

Samantha gave a soft sigh. “Sam! We all knew that he was dying. That it was just a matter of time. But Cynthia and I wanted to make him as comfortable as we could. She came back home and would take most of her time when not in college to care for him. That left me with time to relax and care for other things. Well as much as I thought I had kept my infidelity a secret, both of them knew.

It seems that one-day, when they were talking; the talk ended up with her getting mad cause I was out. Her dad told her that he didn’t mind. That I needed some satisfaction, and he sure couldn’t give it to me! Cynthia told him that it wasn’t fair. She said that I should sacrifice my pleasures to take care of him. She told him that if she were his wife, she would be home doing everything to make him happy.

I won’t bore you with minor details but the talk got around to her sexuality. She confessed to him that she didn’t have that much sexual experience. That the boys she knew didn’t go in for fucking the fat girls. But that she wasn’t a virgin. She confessed that she had lost her virginity to a boy after he got her slightly drunk. But he didn’t just get her drunk and fuck her; he made her do it with another guy at the same time.

Her dad let her tell him all about it and it seemed to make him hot and horny. Well Cynthia saw the tent in the sheet and started to slowly rub it. When he tried to make her stop, she just told him that she was making him comfortable. That he needed some satisfaction too.

Oh Sam! She wrote in great detail how she ended up sucking her father’s hard dick until he came in her mouth. And how he fingered her pussy while she did it! And they did it, up until the time when he was too weak to get it up any more.

I had neglected him out of my own selfishness, and my daughter did what I was too illegal bahis siteleri selfish to do. They kept this relationship up for months and I never even suspected anything.”

I couldn’t help it. I sat in my chair, my hand slowly pumping my dick. The pre-cum kept oozing from the tip and I had to stop at times to lick my fingers clean.

“Samantha! I want you to listen to me very carefully. Being a caregiver for someone you love is very hard. And it puts a strain on you that you sometimes don’t even realize. You knew that there was very little that you could do for your husband. And in your anguish, you sought pleasure where you could find it. But that does not make you a bad person.

Cynthia was angry! But that is just a child’s way of showing her concern and fear. It must have been very hard on her to see her dad dying before her eyes every day. So when she found a way to give him something that was special to just the two of them, she did it.

She is not bad either! Nor did your husband take advantage of a helpless young child. All of you were adults at the time this happened. If anything, I admire your husband for being the strong man to love you enough to want you to be satisfied.

I deeply admire Cynthia for loving her dad enough to give herself to him! And I can hear all the love and guilt you feel for him in your voice. No! If anything I envy all of you!

I think that you and Cynthia should sit and have a nice long talk. Bring everything out in the open. Let her know how much you love her and that she still has a best friend that she can come to and just have some girl-talk with!

But don’t be ashamed or afraid to let her know your feelings also. If you are honest with her, she will be honest with you. And since I know that you now have my phone number, I will be here if either of you need me to talk to.”

The phone was quiet for some time. “Samantha? Are you still there? Or did you fall asleep?”

I heard her soft laughter. “No Sam. I’m still here. You’re a very nice man, do you know that?”

I started laughing and ended up choking. “Samantha! I’m sitting in my den, my bathrobe open, stroking my hard dick as I talk to you. I am a lot of things. Nice, is not that high up on my personality scale.” I heard her soft breathing then a short gasp from her. My voice dropped to a lower, softer level. “Samantha! Are you stroking yourself too?”

Her voice was very soft as she answered. “I was just thinking about you sitting they’re playing with yourself. My hand just dropped to my lap and I brushed it across my pussy. I am so wet. Do you do this to many women? Have phone sex with them?”

I thought about whether I should answer truthfully or lie to her. “I won’t lie to you Samantha. I do occasionally enjoy having phone sex with some of the women that read my stories. Would you do me a favor?”

I heard her soft sigh. I could only imagine her sitting in a chair, her thin legs wide and her fingers stroking her pussy. “What favor?”

I took a deep breath. How would she answer my request? “Would you let me make love to you right now?”

I heard her gasp. “Sam! I’m not a very pretty woman. I’m skinny and I don’t have big tits for you to suck on. You wouldn’t want to fuck me.”

I laughed. “No Samantha! You’re just the type of woman I would really enjoy fucking. And I want to fuck you right now. Would you go and get your dildo and follow my instructions? I will tell you exactly how I will fuck you.”

She hesitated for a few heartbeats. Then she said in a whisper, “Ok”.

My dick grew even harder. “Go and get a big fluffy towel and your dildo. Then lay back on your bed with the phone.”

I heard her walking around, and doors opening and closing. Then the rustle of bed sheets could be heard. “Now what?”

“Place the towel beneath you, so that you won’t drench your bed. Open your thighs wide and bend your knees. Do you see me looking down at you?”

Samantha’s breathing was getting more ragged. “OK! I’m ready!” Samantha gave a nervous giggle. “I feel so naughty.”

I laughed with her. “Describe to me exactly how it would look to me.”

“I am laying on my bed. I’m naked. My legs are open and my knees are bent. I can already feel the hair on my pussy getting wet. My lips are swollen and I can feel my pussy pulsing. I want to touch it for you. Can I touch it Sam?”

I gave her a few moments of silence. Then I heard her soft low moan. “I’m standing at the foot of your bed. Close your eyes so you can see me. I’m slowly stroking my hard black dick. The pre-cum is dripping off the tip.”

Samantha gave a soft moan. “Owww Sam! I want to suck it! Will you let me suck it?”

“Sshhhh! Cradle the phone so that both hands are free. Now slowly stroke your titties. I want you to feel how hard they have become.” I closed my eyes and could see her hands slowly working over her tits.

“Yes! They are so hard and sensitive.”

“Now tweak your nipples. You know what to do.” I listened canlı bahis siteleri to her soft moans. “Harder, Samantha! Like I would do it.” She gasped. “That’s it! Pull the nipples. Slowly twist them between your fingers.”

“Oh Sam! That feels so good!”

“Now slide your hands down over your stomach. If I were there, it would be my tongue sliding over you. Place them on your pussy lips and open up slowly. Spread them open wide.”

I heard her gasps for breath. “I’m so wet! I never used to get this wet before!”

I was beginning to breathe just as hard as she was breathing. “Do you see how much pre-cum is dripping from my dick? I’m tasting it for you Samantha! Do you see how I’m sucking my fingers clean? I want you to taste yourself for me too. Do it Samantha.”

I heard the rustle of material, then the soft sucking sound.

I heard her soft moaning. “That’s it! Suck all that sweet juice from your fingers. It taste good! Doesn’t it Samantha? Would you like more?”

I felt my dick twitch, as she answered me. “Oh yes Sam! Can I please have more?”

I didn’t answer her at first. I was busy stroking my dick. “Use two fingers this time Samantha. Scoop up all that sweet crème. Tell me how much it is?”

Samantha moaned. “Oh Sam! I can’t believe how much cum there is.” I heard her moaning, then her sucking sounds. “Oh Sam! My pussy is throbbing so. I know that if I stroke my clit, I will cum so hard!”

I was also on the verge of cumming. But I had to make it last for both of us. “Ok Samantha. Now I want you to pick up the dildo. But I don’t want you to put it in your pussy just yet. I want you to just tease your pussy with it. This is the way I would make love to you. Just take the head and rub it up and down your slit.”

I listened as I heard Samantha moaning. “Oh yea Sam! Your dick feels so hard. I can feel it pushing between my pussy lips. Oh fuck! The lips are so swollen. Fuck me Sam! Shove that hard black dick up my cunt and fuck me hard. Fuck me like you fuck the girls in the stories.”

I laugh. “Not yet Samantha. I want you to slowly push just the head in. Then slide it completely out. I told you that you’re gonna do it just like I would. Don’t let any more than just the head slide in and out of that juicy pussy.”

I heard her moan in between breaths. “Oh god! This feels so fuckin’ good! Each time I push it in, my whole body trembles. And when I pull it out, I can feel my juice running down the crack of my ass.”

I listen to Samantha as she slowly works the dildo in and out of her pussy. “Sam? Am I starting to sound like one of the women in your story? Am I saying the things that excite you? Is this how you like the women you fuck to talk to you while you’re fucking them? Am I turning into one of your story sluts?”

I laugh. “Samantha. The things you say while in the throes of lust are not you. From the way that you write, I can tell that you are a very classy woman. It sounds like you are letting yourself go for the first time in a very long time. Don’t worry about if I will respect you later. I will not let the things that you say or do for pleasure change the great respect that I have for you already. I want you to enjoy this. I want you to enjoy me.”

I have her tease her pussy like that a bit longer. Then I tell her that she can take a little more in her pussy. While she is slowly fucking herself, I tell her how hot and sexy she looks. I remind her that she is not doing this to satisfy herself; she is doing it because I want her to.

I ask Samantha if she wants to cum for me? “Do you want to cum for me Samantha? Can you see how hard you have made my dick while I watch you? Look at how much pre-cum is oozing from the tip. Watch me as I rub it on my fingers then slowly suck them clean. Now, as you watch me, slowly push the whole length up into your pussy. You’re almost ready to cum for me, aren’t you Samantha?”

I could hear her moans and whimpers as she slowly worked the dildo. Then She gasped. I imagined her slowly pushing the entire length up her cunt. I was stroking my own throbbing dick hard and fast. My pre-cum giving me enough slickness to allow my hand to fly up an down.

“Sam! Oh fuck! Sam! Yes! I want to cum for you! I’m gonna cum! Make me cum for you Sammie! Talk dirty to me like you do in the stories.”

I closed my eyes tight. I could almost feel her close to me. “That’s it Samantha! Take that dick all the way up your juicy cunt. You want this! You want everything that you have read about. You want to feel me sucking your hot pussy! You want the same nasty sex that your daughter wants. Say it Samantha! Tell me you want it!”

I could hear her grunting with each thrust. I could only imagine how hard she must have been fucking her pussy. “You need this Samantha. Just like Cynthia needs it. You’re starting to get hot thinking about her too! Imagine what she looked like as she sat in her kitchen. Imagine you were there at the door watching her.”

“Oh Sam! Please! Can I cum now?”

“Only if you tell me the truth Samantha. Have you been thinking about your daughter? Does the idea of knowing how she pleases herself excite you? Would you like it if the two of you pleased each other like in my stories?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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