A Mother’s Luxuries Ch. 07

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The day went by like normal with the exception of a few customers that wanted to see Gregory. No one paid to touch him though and by the time closing time neared he was ready to call it a night. A knock at his door took his attention from cleaning up and he turned as Valarie walked in.

“Here.” She said and tossed him a set of keys. “You are my official partner in this business. I just sent in the paperwork. That is your key set. Close up when you are done okay?” She smiled and closed the door.

Gregory cleaned up his room and organized his oils and toys and walked out. He made quick work of closing the gate and locking all the doors and as he prepared to leave he stopped and took a small amount of joy locking the store. It was now fifty percent his store. He walked out to his car and quickly drove home.

When he arrived home he did his best to walk in quietly but it didn’t make a difference since his mother was sitting on the couch.

“Oh, you’re still up?” He asked as he closed and locked the door behind him.

“I never got a text from you all day so I was feeling a little worried.” Linda replied. “You worked all day?”

“Yeah. The store has been really crazy busy and popular as of lately.” He replied and as he set his bag down he stopped and realized two things he hadn’t noticed. The first thing was that all the lights in the house were off. The only light at all was coming from the numerous tea-light candles that were burning.

Their flickering flames casted wavering shadows across the pale walls. The second thing he noticed was that his mother had a bit more makeup than she normally had on. Her lashes were polished and her eyes were outlined with a dark eyeliner. Even in the flickering light of the candles he could see the blush that she had applied.

Gregory couldn’t help but feel the immense attraction that he had been avoiding towards her. It didn’t help that he was wearing relaxed slacks and no compression shorts to keep his cock from showing.

“I’m glad you are home. I want to talk to you about something.” She said and patted the seat next to her on the couch.

Gregory adjusted himself as quickly as he could, pinning the tip of his cock under the drawstrings of his pants in an effort to hide his growing erection. His penis pulsed as he closed the distance to his mother and got a good long look at what she was wearing. She was wearing a mid length nightgown which was obviously made for lingerie.

It illegal bahis was a satin black material with white frilly edges and he was pretty sure it laced in the back. He imagined pulling the strings and watching her nightgown fall away so he could see her breasts. His eyes travelled down to her cleavage which was showing heavily and it took all of his will power to look back up at her face.

“Gregory love. You are a grown man and I am obviously a matured grown woman.” Linda said, though as she was saying what she had rehearsed she felt like it wasn’t quite right. “I’m sure you have…explored certain aspects of adult hood which you should do.” She said. Gregory blushed and swallowed hard as he felt his penis stiffen again and it slipped ever so slightly from where he had pinned it.

If he tried to adjust it now it would be too obvious.

“Are you giving me a sex talk mom?” Greg chuckled. Linda blushed and chuckled too. “No…I mean kind of but-” she took in a deep breath and Greg watched her bosom rise and then fall. It took all of his control not to dive head first into them.

Linda reached under her leg and pulled out a pair of panties and held them up. Gregory furrowed his brow for a moment in confusion and then realization struck him over the head like a hammer. He was positive that he had tucked them under his dirty laundry. Hadn’t he? He tried thinking back but panic was setting in like the unforgiving tidal wave of a tsunami.

Gregory felt like a fish gaping for air as he opened and closed his mouth trying to find something to say. Anything to say.

“I love you.” Were the only words that came out.

“I love you too Greg and-“

“No mom.” Greg interrupted her. There was no denying it any longer. “I am…in love with you.”

As the words came free he felt both relieved and terrified at the same time. Linda didn’t move or waver an inch when she heard those words. She just breathed a sigh of relief and felt an over whelming amount of joy.

“I know sweetie.” She replied and reached around behind her and pulled the drawstrings to her nightgown which fell away.

“I am in love with you too.” Gregory’s eyes flew wide as he watched his mother’s top fall away like the curtain to some cinematic show. Her breasts were large and her aeriolas were dark. Despite being nearly two decades older than him her breasts remained as perky as anyone his age. Gregory sat frozen in place.

He had dreamt of this day…of illegal bahis siteleri this exact moment in time. Never had he actually thought about it truly happening. He looked up and met his mother’s eyes which seemed to reflect the candle light.

“I know you’ve been using my panties to masturbate and what you don’t know-” she blushed; “-is that I’ve been wearing them.”

“You have been wearing the panties I ejaculated in?” Gregory asked. Linda nodded. Gregory didn’t bother with any other questions. He didn’t bother asking for permission or asking how she felt or what this was going to be. He just dove straight in and his mother embraced him.

Their lips met in a clash of passion and tongue and saliva. He never thought her kiss would be so soft, like the petals of a rose. Linda breathed in his kiss and touch as though it were air and she had been deprived of oxygen for far too long. She knew that this was going to take off like a rocket and she had prepared for it.

As Linda got up and took her son’s hand her nightgown fell away exposing her curvaceous body. Greg followed his mother’s lead up the stairs where more candles burned along the bannister and table tops. As she pushed open his door he was surprised to see an entire set up. Blankets and candles had been spread across the floor. Linda released her grip on his hand and turned to face him.

She slid her hands along his muscular waistline and pulled away his shirt revealing his slender and defined muscles.

She ran her fingers over his muscles and he breathed in her touch. Something he had been craving for years. Linda could hardly believe that it was her son that she was touching.

Linda traced her fingers downward and paused as she touched the edge of his pants. She couldn’t wait any longer. This was it. This was what she had been dreaming and fantasizing about for so long. She pulled the fabric ties of his pants and as she did, his cock sprang out and pushed against the fabric of his pants.

She had watched him masturbate from a far but now that only a small layer separated them she could hardly believe her eyes. She cupped her hands around his massive cock and looked up at him. Greg had thought of this moment for too long. He tucked his thumbs into his pants and pushed them down revealing his penis. Linda stared at it for a long while.

His thick veins bulged out from his tight skin. The head of his cock was a dark red and shaped like a massive mushroom. canlı bahis siteleri She ran her fingers over his cock one way and then another. She had to touch it, to feel it and…she had to stroke it. She looked up into her son’s eyes as she began stroking his cock with her hands. She twisted and coiled her hands up and down his cock.

He closed his eyes and took in her touch and groaned with pleasure. Linda felt unbelievably aroused to be giving her son so much pleasure. She looked back to his cock and watched the beads of precum well up at the head of his cock. Linda couldn’t let such a thing go to waste. With the flat of her tongue she licked the precum and tasted it.

She let the sweet flavor sit on the pallet of her tongue for a moment before she wrapped her mouth around his cock. Just his swollen head alone filled up her mouth but she wanted more. She swirled her tongue around his head and drew more of his cock in. Greg let out a low moan as the pressure of his cock built up inside her mouth.

He could feel his swollen head press against the roof of her mouth as it neared the back of her throat. Linda heaved once and pulled away as his massive cock bumped her sensitive uvula. She gasped for air as his cock unplugged from her mouth with the sound of a stuck suction cup. Gregory took the advantage and grabbed his mother and threw her against the bed.

He slid between her legs spreading them wide open and started flicking his tongue between her labia. Linda’s pussy was already dripping wet and as his tongue split her lips she shivered. Her vagina was oozing thin strings of precum in anticipation of his cock.

Greg used the flat of his tongue and licked her clitoris all the way down her pussy and stopped at her sphincter. Then he moved back up and did it again. Linda’s breathing grew heavy as she leaned against the edge of the bed. Her eyes fluttered as her son’s ability to please her brought her to new levels of satisfaction.

Greg spread her pussy with his thumbs and latched onto her clitoris. Linda gave a soft sound of surprise which quickly turned to sounds of pleasure as he started sucking her clitoris. Gregory sucked and nibbled and flicked her clitoris while keeping continuous pressure. Linda’s hips started moving on their own as her orgasm began to climax.

“Keep going…don’t stop.” She moaned. Linda’s breathing turned to moaning as her orgasm ramped upward and began to climax faster. “Fuck…oh yeah. Oh yes! Yes!” She whined. “I’m gonna cum. Gregory! I’m gonna cum!” She shouted and Greg prepared himself as she orgasmed. Her hips bucked and a steady flood of cum drizzled onto his lips as she orgasmed. For several long seconds she quivered before slumping to the bed.

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