A Mother’s Promise Ch. 08

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Authors note: Unfortunately, as I wrote chapter 8, it ended up being way too long (in my opinion) to post as one chapter. Therefore, I’m splitting it up into two parts which will end up being chapter 8 and chapter 9. As always, I appreciate your comments and emails. Many of your style suggestions have been accepted and I want to thank those of you that have sent me your own personal accounts similar to what these chapters hold. Some of them are absolutely breathtaking.

When my senses came back to me, the first thing I recognized was the sound of the shower. It seemed, perhaps, like I had been floating above the shower stall, experiencing an out of body experience as I watched myself make love to my mother’s lovely bottom. I blocked out any thoughts that I had buried my cock in her ‘ass’ or her ‘butt’. Those words seemed to be such a cheap and despicable way to refer to the way I had made love to her. There was no doubt in my mind that we had ‘made love’, although it wasn’t exactly how I expected my first time to be, by any means.

In my mind, I had always seen my first time as an experience where I was humping wildly, sweating profusely in the back seat of a car while I was plowing in and out of some cute, young girl’s pussy – making her moan out of her mind for a good thirty minutes, telling me what a stud I was and how good I was before I popped my cork, sending her into a never ending orgasm due to my sexual prowess.

But, this wasn’t at all expected. Setting the ‘cute young pussy’ stuff aside, I didn’t last but a few short seconds inside my mother’s bottom and that bothered me. It bothered me a lot. “Not really much of a man, are you?” I thought. With my eyes shut tightly to avoid the embarrassment of having to face her, I faced the reality that I wasn’t much of a man at all…. just an inexperienced boy.

The warm water felt good as it beat down on me. It was soothing, in a transcendental way, allowing me to displace my shame and replace it with the continual sound of running water. Mom had moved the shower head to a position where the water was cascading down my chest, but I didn’t feel it at first. I was still ashamed of my short performance and as I dwelled on it, I became deeper and deeper embarrassed of it.

At some point, I felt her handling my cock. Looking down, there she was on her knees before me, both her hands gently washing my cock and balls. She was extremely careful with me, knowing my cock head was still sensitive so soon after cumming. After she lathered me up with her special soap, she stood and turned the shower head toward my midsection and rinsed me. “Almost done.” She whispered. Her smile was warm and gracious, just like it had been in the laundry room when she cleaned my cock after I masturbated in front of her. She seemed happy to be pampering me.

Once I was rinsed, she got down in front of me again and washed me one more time. As she did so, she said “Baby, you have to make sure you wash up well after any kind of anal activity. It not only will make you feel better, but, your girlfriend or wife will appreciate it, too, because it will lessen the chances of infections for her. As long as you are safe and have good hygiene, anal play can be fun and exciting for both of you.”

She stood and rinsed me again. “There you go, sweetheart, all clean and ready to go again.” She said. She adjusted the spray and moved me into the water so that she could rinse my face. The thing that struck me in that instant wasn’t the fact that I was naked in the shower with my mother, or that I had just lost my virginity in her lovely bottom, but, it was her touch. She was gentle and soft. When she laid her hands on me, it wasn’t rough or sudden, it was graceful. And when she grasped my arm to move me, her grasp was light and loving. I was sure I didn’t deserve her tenderness – at least not now.

“I’m sorry.” I said.

“For what?” She answered.

“You know,” I mumbled, “I, uh…. I came pretty fast.”

“Baby, do you think I didn’t enjoy it?” She asked.

“Come on, Mom,” I continued, “Remember, I saw you and dad like that? He must have lasted at least ten minutes. I probably lasted five seconds.”

“Oh, sweetheart,” she said as she put her hands on my cheeks and looked at me seriously, “you’re being way too hard on yourself. It was your first time, baby – what did you expect? It’s a lot tighter than your hand, honey. You didn’t know what it was going to feel like and I’ve had you so wound up for the last twenty four hours, I’m just surprised you didn’t finish before you had a chance to get inside. Baby, you did just fine and I’ll always cherish the way you felt in me. Besides,” she continued, “I take it as a huge compliment that I turned you on so much that you erupted so fast.”

“We’re just going to have to work on your staying power, that’s all.” She added. “Trust me, now that you know what to expect it will be much better next time. You’ll see.”

“Next time?” I asked.

“Uh güvenilir bahis huh.” She nodded.

I paused for a moment and then asked “You mean with you?”

“Well,” she answered as a small smile came across her lips, “I thought we might have another go at it later. That is….. if you want to.”

My face broke out in a huge smile. I felt so much better now, and of course, she was right. I’d never been as sexually excited as I had been the last two days and the feeling of being inside the warmth and tightness of her bottom completely overtook me so fast that I couldn’t control it at all. Hell, I was a goner as soon as I got insider her!

“My,” she continued, as she turned herself into the warm spray, “I think this is just about the longest amount of time you’ve gone without an erection in the last two days.”

“Yeah, but there’s not much I can do about that, Mom,” I replied, “It’s not like I can just turn it off, you know.”

“Oh,” she corrected me, “listen, I’m not complaining at all, Bobby. You have no idea how much fun it’s been for me to have this time with you, and do all these things and to see your physical reaction. As far as I’m concerned, you can just keep getting as hard as you want any time you like. Believe me, it’s flattering, and honestly, I like knowing that I’m the one that is making you hard. It makes me feel young and special and, well…. important.”

She was so right. There was no doubt about it. I remember the feeling in my own heart before we went back to sleep earlier this morning – after I licked and sucked her to orgasm. All I wanted to do was give her pleasure, and that desire on my part didn’t have any selfish motives. I just wanted to be the one to excite her and to take her to the end. And when it was over, I remember how proud I was and how it felt to give something back to her. So, yeah, I knew what she was talking about. Damn, too bad she’s not eighteen and not my mother. I could easily fall in love with this woman and marry her myself.

Her shampoo smelled heavenly. As she turned her back into the water and faced me, I watched her breasts jiggle as her hands worked the orange smelling shampoo into a heap of suds on top of her head. I seriously loved that smell – the smell of her shampoo. I could smell it all around her after she washed her hair, and sometimes the smell would fill her bedroom for hours. It was just more of her beauty, grace and style that I had always took for granted.

Without asking, my hands reached up and took hold of her nipples. Pressed between my thumb and forefinger, I teasingly held them. She has nice sized nipples, about the size of the end of my pinky finger and they stuck out about half an inch. I felt them harden as I tweaked them, but she didn’t say anything, and neither did I, but after a minute she broke into an abbreviated, teasing smile. I began to roll them between my fingers and her smile diminished and she closed her eyes as her hands continued to work the shampoo in her hair. Reaching down with one hand, I pressed my fingers to her labia. At first, I was only going to lightly stroke her clit while she finished her hair, but once my fingers found their way to the opening of her vagina, I found it literally flooded with her lubricating juices.

Her pussy wasn’t juicy with water, and it wasn’t soap. Her wetness was the exact same consistency as I felt when I played with her nipples before. Her vagina was hot and slippery. I was turning her on again.

As my finger slid into her, she murmured “No” and pulled my hand back up to her breast. “Right here, baby,” she said, “just like you did in your room yesterday. Just hold and pinch my nipples a little. There’s no need to rush, sweetheart. Take your time…. a woman likes to be touched and caressed. Don’t feel like you have to immediately go for the pussy.”

“Here’s a secret,” she whispered, “believe it or not, when you touch my nipples a certain way, I can feel it in my vagina. It makes me really wet, too.”

And so I did exactly as she asked; I rolled and pinched her nipples in rhythm, every now and then pinching them just a tad harder. “Oooh, that’s nice. Let me turn around, baby,” she asked, “I need to rinse”. Letting loose of her nipples, she turned around, reached for my hands and put them back on her nipples. Not surprisingly, my cock went from soft to hard and as I moved closer to her while she rinsed her hair. My cock settled vertically in the crease of her bottom and I rubbed against her lightly since the soap made everything so slippery.

Once her hair was rinsed, she moved the shower spray out of the way and leaned herself forward, holding her body away from the wall with her arms and pushing her pussy back to me. In an almost silent voice which I barely heard she uttered “Go ahead, sweetheart. It’s okay.”

Instantly, I knew exactly what she meant. But, I also knew what she was asking for was a mistake, at least for now. I just couldn’t see türkçe bahis myself taking advantage of her heated condition, and I didn’t want her to feel guilty later. So, I ignored her plea and whispered back to her by name, something I hadn’t ever done in my whole life, saying “Sherri, I love you, but I know you’ll regret it later.”

“Do you have any idea how much I want to feel you inside me right now?” She questioned.

“About as much as I want to feel you around me.” I answered. And it was true. I was longing to slide my young hardness into her vagina. I wouldn’t even need to move it in and out – I would be satisfied just to be inside her and hold it in her as long as she would allow it, but I knew it was dangerous to even think it. “Just let yourself go right now, Sherri,” I said, “let me make you come again.”

I continued my playful tweaking of her nipples as her head bowed down into a relaxed position as she remained propped against the wall. All the while, we were rubbing against each other – my cock sliding up and down in the crack between her ass cheeks. She started to make some low cooing sounds and I took that as a sign that her climax was approaching. I increased the pressure of my nipple pinching and it seemed to push her further and further, closer and closer. It wasn’t long before the signs of her orgasm were unmistakable because she started to tremble and shake as I had seen her do before. Then, she let out a moan and thrust her head up saying “Oh, yes… yes… yes!”

I held onto her as she climaxed, pulling her away from the wall and hugging her from behind until I knew she was calming down. As I hugged her, I stroked her breasts and chest, down to her stomach and then settled my arms around her in a light bear hug. I wanted her to feel me holding and caring for her the same way she held and cared for me.

When she turned around, I could see her eyes were teary. Even though we were in the shower, I could tell she was about to cry. “What’s wrong?” I asked.

“You’ve never called me by my name before.” She replied. “It just took my breath away, and for a minute, I imagined you as my lover. The only thing I wanted is to feel you inside me. You don’t know how close I came to begging you….”

“I know,” I said, “believe me, I know and I felt it, too, but you know you would regret it later.”

She sighed and nodded her head. “I know you’re right, baby. I guess it’s a good thing one of us kept a cool head. Thanks for being the strong one, sweetheart, and you know…. I love you, too.”

We melted into one another’s arms and kissed deeply, mingling our lips and tongues until it was clear we were getting heated up again. As our kiss ended, she looked at me, her eyes now clear and bright, saying “Okay, we better get done or all the hot water will be gone. Why don’t you get out, dry off and find something sweet and sexy for me to wear while I put some conditioner in my hair. I’ll be done soon.”

Reaching over to glass door of the shower, she opened it and ushered me out. Grabbing a towel off the rack, I dried myself in the over steamed bathroom. When I was dry, I asked “What do you want to wear?”

“Look in that drawer were my panties are and the drawer below it. Pick out anything you like,” she said, “it’s your choice, sweetheart…. surprise me. Pick out some panties you like and I’ll wear them just for you while we’re home together today. But don’t forget, I get to pick something out for you to wear, too.”

When I heard her say the word ‘panties’, it caused my cock to jump. I know it’s just a word to describe a woman’s underpants, but, I knew she selected her words just for the sheer erotic effect she knew it would have on my cock. And it worked. All she had to do was say the word and I was hard in an instant.

Hanging up my towel and leaving the bathroom, I went to her chest of drawers and opened the top drawer. It was filled almost to the top with delicate panties in a rainbow of colors, all neatly folded – one pair on top of another. My mind drifted for a few minutes while I looked at all her silky things and wondered how I would look dressed in each one. I immediately passed over the ones that were brightly colored. Somehow they didn’t interest me. I passed over the cotton panties, too. I was looking for something soft and silky – something my hands would enjoy touching and stroking while she wore them.

I found the perfect pair for her….. uh, for me….. no, I mean for her. They were bikini style; white, and felt smooth and silky as I examined them. There was a cotton crotch panel which is an important requirement, I discovered, especially if one was going to use the panties for a prurient purpose after they were worn. In my mind, I saw her wearing them all day for me, allowing me to touch them however and whenever I wanted. I could see her sitting with her knees pulled up as we sat and talked, openly displaying her softly covered vagina to me, or even touching herself güvenilir bahis siteleri in them while I looked at her. These were perfect panties – absolutely perfect in every way.

Stepping back from the drawer, I wasn’t surprised to find myself hard again – it just seemed right and normal for that to happen. I drifted into a brief day dream thinking about how I would help her put them on. How I would kneel before her and hold her panties out for her to step into and how I would take my time pulling them up her shapely legs and feeling them all over to ensure I had obtained the correct fit.

My enjoyable daydream was prematurely ended as I heard the water shut off in the bathroom. Thinking I needed to hurry, I opened the drawer under her panty drawer and found a sea of folded silky things. Slips and camisoles and silky tops – I knew there was going to be something in here that would match the panties I selected – but I wanted something that wouldn’t obstruct my view or access to her panties as well as offer me a clear view of her breasts and nipples. Something soft. Something sexy and feminine. Something to flatter her and make her feel beautiful.

Down on the right side of the drawer I found exactly what I was looking for. I’m not sure what it was, but it was light and sheer. It was gathered with an elastic band under her breasts, and flared out with a ruffle to about waist length. I guessed it was a silky top – maybe a pajama top, and the color matched the panties exactly.

As I closed the drawer, the silkiness of the top was overwhelming and without thinking, I dangled it loosely over my hard cock. The feeling of the silky material sliding over my cock was unbelievable and I couldn’t stop my hand as it wrapped around my cock. I was enjoying a brief interlude stroking myself when she opened the bathroom door and peeked her wet head out.

“Sweetheart,” she said, pointing to the silky item wrapped around my cock, “is that for me, or you?”

I was so busted. Here I was, holding a pair of my mother’s panties in one hand, standing in front of her chest of drawers, naked, with some other piece of her clothing wrapped around my cock and enjoying the feeling of it sliding up and down my rod way too much when she catches me. I turned red in the face and thought about how I was going to answer her.

“Uh, mom,” I started, “I was just trying to find something for you to wear and I got turned on looking through all your things. I didn’t even realize I was, you know…. doing this…”

“Baby, it’s okay,” she answered, “I told you before you could wear any of my things anytime you wanted to, but, if you’re going to masturbate, I’d really like you to hold off until I can watch. Can you wait a few more minutes until I’m done in here so I can see, too?”

“Mom, really,” I said, “I wasn’t going to masturbate.” Then I realized how it must look. I was stroking myself when she saw me and naturally, she simply assumed I was masturbating again. “I was just thinking how this was going to look on you and kind of lost track of what I was doing.” I added.

“Oh, sure. That’s a likely story,” she said with a knowing smile, “I better keep the door open so I can watch you.” She smiled, shook her finger at me and added “Boys will be boys.”

As she turned back into the bathroom, I watched her sensually look back over her shoulder and motion for me to come to her. I laid her outfit on the bed and walked back into the bathroom. Standing next to her, she reached out to grasp my erection and smiled at me. “I love seeing you hard and excited like this, Bobby,” she whispered, “I can’t put it into words better than that. I wish I could keep you like this after they come home. Boy, that would really surprise them, wouldn’t it?”

“Shock is probably a better word.” I answered.

“Be honest with me, though, would you, sweetheart?” She asked as she caressed my erection in her hand. “Would you really mind so much if someone else saw this marvelous penis?”

“Come on, mom. Get real.” I answered.

“No, baby, I am being real.” She said. “You forget that I grew up with a boy exhibitionist, remember… your Uncle Mike. And just like him, you like wearing panties and you like masturbating and I bet just the thought of someone seeing you in those panties, naked or masturbating sends an electric charge through you big enough to almost make you cum. Am I right?”

I didn’t say anything. What the hell could I say? She had me. I don’t think she was trying to be condescending or cruel, I think she was simply stating the facts as she knew it. The tone of her voice was conversational, she wasn’t lecturing or scolding me at all.

“Never mind,” she said, “I know the answer to that. I’m wasn’t trying to embarrass you or put you on the spot. It’s just kind of exciting to fantasize about all that.” She reached up to kiss my cheek, gave my cock a quick stroke and then reached over to the towel rack and took a towel from it. Bending over at the waist, she let her wet hair drop down so it was hanging below her and then quicker than I could comprehend, she had that towel wrapped around her hair and tucked into a tight wrap like she had done it thousands of times before.

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