A Mother’s Rival for Her Son Ch. 03

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I want to thank my vol. editor Qu3tQu3t for all the great help she gave me on this story.


When we reached the door Kelly put her finger to her lips and said.

“Shh, we don’t want to wake anyone up and have to explain why I’m sneaking a man into the house.”

I just looked at her with this expression on my face. When she asked


I just chuckled and said duh. She punched me in the ribs. We got to her room and she let us in. The small bedside lamp was on giving off just enough light to see the cozy room she had. Kelly locked the door and melted into my arms. I pulled her close and kissed her. Her tongue slid in my mouth and started playing with mine. She pushed her hips tight against me and felt my cock start to respond. She let out a moan and rubbed her hips back and forth, bringing it up to full hardness. She pulled my shirt off and started on my pants, when she got them unsnapped they dropped to the floor. My seven and a half inch popped out looking straight up at her. Kelly dropped to her knees and put it in her mouth. She ran her tongue around it, then slid it out to the tip. She ran her tongue around the fat head, then stuck the tip in the hole. I was starting to feel my balls tighten, so I pulled her up and carried her to the bed. I laid her down and started nibbling and kissing down her body. I stopped at her hard nipples and took each one into my mouth, licking and sucking on them. Kelly tried to hold me tight to her breasts, but I continued my tongue on down twirling it around in her belly button. She was moaning now raising her hips up as I continued down to her shaved pussy. I pushed my tongue between her soft lips and down to her hole. Raking it across her clit as I went. She jumped and cried out as I passed over it and buried it deep in her pussy. She grabbed me by the ears, raised her hips, and smashed my face into her wet cunt. I slipped my tongue out and stabbed it at her clit, bringing forth another cry.

“Please don’t tease me. Suck on it for god’s sake. Suck it hard I’m cumming.”

With that she stiffened up. Her back arching and her legs clamping on my head. She let out this kenning sound, it rose in volume, as her fluids poured out. I moved up her body and slid my hard cock into her sopping wet hole. She grabbed onto my butt cheeks and started fucking my shaft before I started. I got into her rhythm and started slamming into her. She was meeting my every down stroke with her raised hips. All the time telling me to fuck her harder, she was ready to cum again. I could feel my balls tighten and the sperm spewing through my shaft. She grabbed on to my butt, lifted her hips up and held them there as I cried out my own release. I emptied my balls, as I spewed shot after shot deep into her womb, I collapsed on top of her, trying to catch my breath as my cock slowly shrank, and finally popped out of her cunt followed by our fluids. I rolled off her and she cuddled up to me, her head on my chest, her leg over mine. She gave out a soft purr and rubbed her wet pussy against my leg.

“Geez I love your cock. Just look what you’ve done to me. You’ve turned me into a cock loving sex fiend. I’m sure glad you walked up to me that day. Look what all I’d be missing.”

“I’m glad I walked up to you too. I love you so much.”

She snuggled up closer and dropped off to sleep. I kissed her on the forehead and went to sleep.

I woke up early and decided I had better get going before everyone else woke up, besides I definitely had to pee. I slipped out of bed quietly so I would not wake Kelly up. I put my pants on and headed for the bathroom. I hurried down the hall, I was reaching for the knob when it opened and a lovely girl with a towel wrapped around her covering her breasts and just down to the bottom of her butt stepped out. She gave a little start, but then recovered smiled and said,

“Why good morning Al, how was your evening? I guess seeing you here though must mean that it went well.”

She smiled as she went by and headed on down the hall. “The bathrooms empty so you can go on in. Oh and say hi to Kelly for me will you. Tell her I’ll talk to her later when she gets up.”

Laughing softly as she continued down the hall way. I just stood there the whole time with my mouth open. I went on into the bathroom thinking to myself, oh great Kelly is going to kill me for this. I can just hear them now. Oh Kelly how was your date. I heard Al was seen in the hall early this morning heading for the bathroom wearing just his pants. He did not say much though, so we just wondered how it went. Boy was I in trouble. When I got back to the room, without incidents by the way, Kelly was still sleeping. I went over and sat on the edge of the bed and gently shook her awake. She opened one eye slightly smiled and closed it again.

“Hon I have to get going before the whole house is awake, and I wanted to tell you how much I loved you before I left.”

“Mmmm, I love you too.” “I also wanted to tell you that when I woke up I really had to go pee. I illegal bahis put on my pants and headed for the bathroom.”

“That’s nice dear.”

“Just as I got there though, this girl came out and saw There was nothing I could do. She said hi Al how was your date. Then she went on down the hall to her room.”

It took a couple of minutes to register in her half asleep state, then her eyes popped open wide. She bolted up in bed and said.

“You did what? You mean to tell me you went down the hall to the girls bathroom in a girls’ boarding house because you had to pee couldn’t hold it, and someone coming out saw you. Was she dressed? Every girl in the house knows it by now. How am I going to face them? I can just hear the questions now. How was your date? Where did you go? What did you do? Did you have a good time? Is he good in bed? How big is he? Can you get your hand around it? What did he feel like inside? Was he gentle? Did he go down on you? Did you go down on him? I can’t believe this. I’d make you face them, only you’d probably make it worseI wonder if it’s to late to change schools. School!! Oh god by lunch time Monday it’ll be all over the school. “

I just sat there and took what I deserved. Then I told her I was sorry and that I was not thinking straight. I pulled her to me. She resisted for a minute telling me that it was not helping. That she was still upset with me. I kissed her on the forehead and then on the lips. Again she resisted a little. Then her lips softened and her tongue slid into my mouth. Her body molded itself to me, and she made that soft growling sound deep in her throat. When we finally parted I asked her if she still wanted me to pick her up this evening for dinner at my place. She told me yes she might as well, Facing my mom could not be any worse then facing this mob here. I told her I would pick her up about five. She could meet me outside. She punched me again.

“Oh no you don’t. You caused this problem. You can face it like a man.” I kissed her again and told her that I had better be going. I finished dressing and peeked out the door. Seeing it was empty I looked back, blew her a kiss and hurried out. This time I made it to the door and out without a mishap.

When I got home I found mom was still asleep. I quietly went up to my room got undressed and went back to bed. Mom came in to my room later and set on the edge of the bed and woke me up. I looked up and saw that she was wearing only her thin night gown. She told me that it was breakfast time. She then leaned down and kissed me on the lips. When I responded she slid her tongue into my mouth. Our tongues played with each other as I slid my hand down to her breast noticing that she was not wearing a bra. I gently squeezed her breast and tweaked her growing nipple. She let out a soft moan, and slid her hand down to my hard cock, squeezing it.

“My, your either excited or you have to go pee,”

I told her that it was both, but that since Kelly and I were serious about one another that it would not be right if I cheated on her. She pulled her hand back and sat up, and with a sad look in her eyes. She told me.

“You’re right hon and I’m proud of you for being honest to her and to me. I wish your father had been half the man you are, Now I’ll see you down stairs.”

She kissed me on the cheek and got up and left. My dick still itched for her as I watched her leave her butt showing clearly through the thin material. My mind though kept thinking of Kelly and how much I loved her. I finally got down to breakfast and sat down to a plate eggs and a stack of pancakes. Mom was watching me as I devoured breakfast while she quietly sipped her coffee.

“How was your date last night? You must tell me all about it.”

I told her that we went out to dinner and dancing. After that I drove up to the lake where uncle Bob used to take me fishing. I left out all the personal details. No sense in letting anymore people know what we did then know already. I asked her if the dinner was still on for this evening.

“Of course it’s still on. I can’t wait to see this young girl who stole my son’s heart. Speaking of which you better go get cleaned up, and clean up your room while you’re at it. That way you won’t be under my feet while Iget things ready. I’ll have to do a little shopping first. So get.”

I went up to my room and looked at it. She was right it was a mess. I got busy and cleaned it up, then jumped in the shower. The hot water felt well splashing down in me. I started thinking of Kelly and how she felt as my big cock slid into her tight pussy. My dick started to harden and I wrapped my soapy hand around it. I slowly began to stroke it it, as I pictured her naked body in the moonlight. My dick started to itch as I got closer to cumming. I reluctantly took my hand away, deciding to wait until I could unload it in her. I climbed out and dried off. It was after one by the time I finished dressing. Mom was back and busy in the kitchen. I decided I might as well go over and face the crowd. I went illegal bahis siteleri in and told mom I was leaving gave her a hug and kiss and headed out.I pulled up to her place, got out, took a deep breath and headed for the front door. The door opened as I was getting ready to knock. A pretty little blond stood there smiling. Before I could say anything she told me.

“Al come in Kelly’s in her room getting ready. You can go on in if you want. You know which one it is, right? Or if you’d rather, you can wait out here and chat with us. She said all this with a big smile on her face. I declined the offer and headed through the living room and on to Kelly’s room. I had to listen to all the giggles and questions as I walked through. I knocked on Kelly’s door and gratefully went in as soon as it opened closing it quickly behind me.

“I see you made it through the gauntlet all right. Be glad you weren’t here. I didn’t even get out of bed before they mobbed my room. They didn’t even knock. It was about eight o’clock when they just burst in. Scared the crap out of me. They jumped on the bed, sat in the chairs, on the desk and on the floor. Throwing questions at me one after another. I just told them that we had a very good time. I told them that after we ate and danced you drove us up to a lake. That didn’t seem to satisfy them though. They kept asking intimate questions just like I told you they would. I told them the rest was personal. I just know they they could smell the sex in here. Your sperm was all over me and the sheets.”

I pulled her to me and kissed her. She tried to protest, telling me that everyone would hear. She stopped though as my tongue slid into her mouth. She gave a little last whimper of protest then melted into my arms. Luckily she was still wearing her robe after getting out of the shower. I picked her up as she clung to my neck and sat her on the desk. I undid my pants and let them fall to the floor. My hard cock already seeping precum popped out. Kelly grabbed it and started stroking it as I pushed it towards her hole. She laid back on the desk and put she legs over my shoulders. I surprised her though. Instead of slamming it into her like she wanted me to do. I dropped down and pushed my face into her crotch. My tongue pushing into her hole tasting her sweet fluids. She let out a gasp as I slid my tongue up her channel to her clit. Grabbing it with my lips, pulling on it, then battering it with my tongue. She grabbed the corner of her robe and stuffed it in her mouth as she screamed out her first climax. I stood up ant moved into her. My cock red and swollen from earlier pushing into her tight cunt. She sucked in her breath as the head bumped into her g-spot and slid pass. I started hammering into her hard. Kelly meeting me with every stroke. I harden more as my climax neared. Then as her hips raised off the table, her legs tightened, she screamed out her second climax into her robe as her ass bounced up and down on the desk. Feeling her cunt muscles tighten around my cock was too much and I flooded her insides with my sperm. I pulled my still dripping rod out as a mixture of our fluids ran out of her open pussy to puddle onto the desk top. After letting her breathing return to normal she looked down at the mess.

“Oh great! Can’t you ever keep that thing under control? Look at me, I have your cum all over me, and I smell like I’ve been in an orgy. I sure can’t walk down the hall to clean up with your spunk running down my leg. Just what do you suggest I do?”

I pulled my pants up and fastened them, then I took my handkerchief, folded it and pressed it over her pussy. I put her panties back on her so that they fit tight to her crotch.

“There, now you can go to wash up then rinse out the hanky, and no one will know.”

Kelly returned after getting cleaned up. She finished dressing and we headed out, ignoring the whistles and comments. When we reached my house and I helped her out of the car, I could tell she was a little nervous.

“Don’t worry hon it’ll be alright. She won’t bite.”

She gave me a weak smile as we walked to the door. Just before we went in she told me the next weekend would me my turn to be nervous. I gave her a questioning look, and she said over her shoulder as we stepped into the house.

“When we go down to meet my folks.”

Mom came over and gave Kelly a hug as I introduced her.

“Mom I’d like you to meet Kelly. The girl I’m going to marry. Hon I like you to meet my mom, June.”

“Well it’s nice to meet you. I was anxious to meet the girl that swept my son off his feet so quickly. I see he has very good taste. You look kind of familiar. Have we met somewhere before?”

“I don’t think so. I worked at the clothing store in town while I was waiting for my school semester to start. You could have seen me there.”

“Yes, that’s probably where I saw you. I go there quite a bit to buy my work clothes.”

We finished dinner and Kelly insisted on helping mom clean up. I went on into the living room and turned canlı bahis siteleri on the tv while I waited for them to get done. We sat around the rest of the evening talking. Finally I suggested that it was getting late and that I had better be getting her home before it gets to late, because we have school tomorrow. They hugged each other as we were leaving and Kelly told her,

“I had a wonderful time and really felt welcome, thank you. Oh, and thank you so much for the necklace, it’s really beautiful. Al told me how much it meant to you. I really love it.”

Mom hugged me then and told me to drive carefully. I promised her I would, kissed her cheek, and headed for the car.

Kelly snuggled up to me slid her hand up my leg to hold onto her favorite toy. She told me that she really liked my mom, and thought that they were going to be very good friends. I told her that was good, otherwise she might not come to our wedding or baby sit our kids when we go out. It took a minute for it to sink in and when it did, she sat up straight, her eyes got big, and her mouth dropped open. I pulled up to her place and turned the car off. I turned to her as she finally got the words out.

” What!! What did you say? Did you just ask me to marry you?”

I told her that it would probably be a good idea, since we both love each other and wanted to raise our children in a cabin up by the lake.

“That is if you want to?”

She flew into my arms and started kissing me and saying yes over and over as tears ran down her cheeks. I said after I was able to get a word in that I figured I had better hurry and marry her before some handsome jock snapped her up. She snuffled and punched me in the chest.

” You big jerk. Like that could ever happen. That means that we’ll have to drive down so you can meet my mom and dad. Would next Saturday be all right? Gads, I have so much to do to get ready. Would spring break be good?”

I told her that it would be fine on both counts, but that I thought it might be wise if she informed them first.

“Your right. That’s not something you want to spring on them right after an introduction. Mom, dad I’d like you to meet Al. We’re getting married this coming spring.”

We both started laughing at the thought. I kissed her again then finally pulling back told her.

“I want more then anything to join you in your room right now, but I think it would be better if I went on home and picked you up in the morning for class.”

She reluctantly agreed and kissed me with a short goodnight kiss. Stuck her tongue out at me, and slid across the seat to the door. Purposely showing me a lot of leg and panties. She climbed out telling me.

“Ok your loss.”

She walked toward the front door with an exaggerated hip movement. Laughing gaily as she went. Shaking my head and chuckling to myself, I headed for home and an empty bed.

The week was kind of hectic. What with getting used to a new school, and getting my mind back to studying. Add to that, Kelly’s excitement of our impending marriage, and my apprehension at meeting her family. All told it was not the calmest week. My mom was surprised but seemed to accept the idea. Friday finally rolled around. I met Kelly after her last class and we walked out to the car. We had packed all the clothes we would need for the trip, and loaded the car. We decided to head out right from school and because the trip was a little over a hundred miles. We would stop and have a dinner on the way, spend the night, and leave fresh the next morning.

The drive down was very enjoyable. We talked about our future plans. How many kids we wanted and how soon. Our career plans, likes and dislikes and what we were like growing up. It was about six when we pulled into a bed and breakfast that also served dinner. After we finished we decided to go for a walk in the cool night air. I held Kelly’s hand as we just quietly enjoyed each others company. We finally returned to our room and got ready for bed. I told Kelly that she could shower first if she wanted to. She flashed this cute little look and said.

“You just said that so you could watch me get undressed. You pervert. If you’d like though we could undress each other and take one together.”

I gave her my most lecherous grin as I walked over and started undoing her blouse.

“Mmmm, talk about being a pervert.”

“What are you talking about. I’m just trying to save us some time and water.”

She leaned in and kissed me as she undid my belt and pulled my pants down. Even though she wore more then I did. I came in a close second. I followed her into the shower. My eyes glued to that tight luscious ass. I imagined sliding my big cock into it someday. When she got to the shower door she reached back without looking grabbed a hold of my rod, and pulled me into the shower. We actually started out washing each other. I started on her back, then soaped up that tight butt. I ran my up her rear crack, playing close attention to her puckered hole. This brought forth a hum as she pushed back on my finger. She turned around and as I started to do her breasts, she reached her soapy hand down and started to slide it up and down my already ridged cock. From there on our idea of taking a bath deteriorated rapidly.

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