A New Beltane

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Earth Day, in my understanding, is a time to think about the environment, to consider that we only have one Earth, one place to live, and that it is in our best interests to take good care of it. Over time, though, it has become clear to me that Earth Day is also a rallying point for those individuals who claim a personal connection with our planet, followers of ancient and esoteric disciplines, and opportunities for vegetarians and animal rights activists to attract attention to their causes. This tale concerns my discovery of a person who exemplifies the best of these traits.

I went to school in a small town in Indiana. The college there is beautiful, and one end of the scenic campus, ‘the Point,’ offers breathtaking views of Midwestern trees and waterways. Excellent hiking abounds nearby, and appreciating nature was an unavoidable element of the college experience for most of us. Our college was the perfect place for a regional Earth Day celebration.

Kay organized the event. Kay was blond and curvaceous, a gregarious, athletic woman with a smile that dominated even in the natural beauty of the landscape. Having seen her grow from a child into a woman before my eyes, I was only marginally aware of her sensuality, though it was natural and intoxicating. What I always noticed was her quick, infectious laugh and her powerful, shapely legs. We exercised together several times a week, and I counted her among my dearest friends.

Kay had organized the Earth Day activities to include area restaurants, regional apparel and sportswear retailers, national activist groups, and an internationally-recognized nutritionist. It was truly a coup for her and her passions, and she was lit up like a Christmas tree for the entire week prior to the event. Every time I saw her, she seemed to be thriving on the stress, the challenges, and the juggling act that she was obligated to perform in order to get this thing off the ground. I marveled at her intensity, her organization skills, and her work ethic. A confident woman in control is sexy; I don’t care what anyone says.

The best preparations, however, cannot control nature. There was a warm rain falling on the day of the festival, a spring Saturday, and it kept some of the crowd away. We had erected a large tent on The Point, and that had become a focal point for the day’s activities. Nonetheless, many adventurers braved the trails for hikes, ate their vegetable kabobs under trees, and strolled along the flower-lined paths through the campus. Overall, the day was a huge success.

Kay took it all in stride. She had dressed for a sunny, warm day, as she often did this time of year. She wore a loose, floral-patterned, cotton skirt, a tank top that was canlı bahis probably a size too small for her muscular shoulders and back, and no shoes. Her hair was in a pony tail, and her breasts (in that top) definitely made one think of the nurturing Mother Earth. She swished along all day, her braless breasts bouncing heavily along with the soft ripple of her tight, round ass under her skirt.

Every person there wanted her, I think. From my post at the tofu barbeque station, I watched her move quickly and efficiently from area to area, and horny sets of eyes followed her like they were glued to her beautiful body. At some point during the day, she acquired an anklet of bells from some Asian religion or another, and the ubiquitous jingle announced her arrival for all of us.

The rain caused the tank to cling to her, and her nipples stood out like pencil erasers, unashamedly pointing toward the face of whomever was lucky enough to be assaulted by her smile. She was amazing to behold, and the strands of hair that the water plastered to her forehead and neck only made her more alluring. Such was the nature of the day, that a woman should be sexiest without makeup, wearing comfortable clothes, and working harder than two men. It just made sense.

It was a long day, but I didn’t go home when it was over. I just stood around near the tent, under some pin oaks, and I watched people leave. The sky was darkening for night now, and I was happy to have the magical place I loved mostly to myself. I sat down, leaned against a friendly tree, and my head began to nod.

I heard the telltale jingle that heralded her arrival as the full moon rose, the Point all but empty. I was in a cluster of trees, just three of them, and they were already beginning to bloom. Their perfume made me think of an Indian temple full of cloying incense, but only in the best of ways. The ground was muddy where it had been raining all day, and the patrons had not been careful to keep from trampling the grass. The rain had let up to the point where it was merely a drizzle, and the moon was clearly visible, watching and smiling down.

She entered our little grove, a modern-day pagan with her dress clinging to her soft, full curves and her smile radiating toward me, illuminating her way. I was immediately aware of something deep and primal, something in her scent under the patchouli and the new flowers, something that made my cock thicken behind one thin layer of fabric, or maybe it was the way the breeze caught us both just right, causing a double chill as four nipples stood on end through soaked shirts.

She didn’t speak, my priestess. She moved forward to me, stopping a few feet away, looked up at the moon, closed her eyes, bahis siteleri her smile softening, and she began to dance. Her wet, round body swayed in the breeze, and her hands twined through her long hair and over her head. I was in awe of her power, her raw sexuality, and my breath caught as I watched. I fancied I heard native drumming from far off, beating a tattoo of potent sexual rhythms, but it was only my heart. My cock took the character of a warrior’s club, and I felt the power all around, in the wind dimpling my skin, the water soaking my face, the muddy earth gripping my feet, and the fire burning in the pit of my stomach. The subtle cacophony of bells at her ankle only served to hypnotize me further…

She danced toward me, and I began to sway with her. She surrounded me with her arms then, and I was lost in a passionate embrace that was licked with rainwater and her sweet saliva. She kissed me on the lips, finally, and I fell into her, a prisoner, a mass of raging cock and thick balls, nothing existing but the muscles and organs needed to claim this perfect nymph as my own.

I pressed into her, and my hands found her strong back. I peeled the tank top off of her, there in the open night, and her arms held onto mine as she bent backward, her full breasts glowing and pointed, parting from gravity and defying it at the same time. I lowered my head to kiss the hardened tips, and she tore the shirt from my back with a growl, the fabric of the old tee surrendering at her insistence, its destruction a symbol of my own loss in the face of a holy union. Her nails dug into my back as she pulled, and she left deep furrows in my skin. I groaned, and I suckled her like a hungry infant, which I was, a new thing created from the night, the moon, and this creature purely of the earth. I was born again, and I had no time to waste.

I sucked on her full breasts, rubbing my unshaven face roughly into her soft, perfumed skin. She growled and clawed at me more, plastering me into her bosom. My teeth chewed on her, and she only pressed me closer to her. I inhaled the tempo of her heartbeat and, in one move, I was atop her on the ground, her soft white flesh bathed in the cool mud of this Earth Day sanctuary.

We rolled on the ground, tearing at one another’s clothes, demanding nothing but nakedness and one another’s flesh in our mouths. She sucked my nipples as hard as I had hers while she stripped my shorts from my thick legs. Her mud-covered hands grasped my ass cheeks as she dropped to swallow my bursting cock, her lower lip bumping against my sack in one smooth movement of her mouth. My hands reached out to find her slicked tits, and I used the wet earth as lubricant to knead them, to make her moan bahis şirketleri as she swallowed me like there was nothing else.

Her fingers played in my anus as she sucked me, one finger alternating with another in my ass, stroking deeper to find my prostate, to make me buck into her face, her mouth my personal pleasure house. I began to fuck her hard and deep as she stroked me, and I loved the feeling of my bone slipping all the way past her thick lips before it hit the tightness of her throat again. I sat up on my elbows as I fucked her sexy face, both of her hands under me, one fucking my ass, one squeezing my balls, her face only inches from the mud, but it would never get there, because my cock was holding her up.

It didn’t take long for this show to attract some attention. It was probably my animal cries and her loud moans. I began to see eyes peering through the walls of our glade, a few gasps, and what may have been a camera’s flash. I pulled her head off me, and I motioned toward our audience. Her reply stunned me then, and it makes my cock twitch to remember.

She sat on her knees, looking at them. Then, she turned back to me, her gorgeous breasts still heaving with the effort of her magnificent blowjob, and smeared mud from her knees to her hips as she pulled the skirt to her waist. She bent straight back, still on her knees, and placed both shoulders on the ground. I could see her wet gash from my place, and she opened her arms to me.

As I climbed onto her, slipping once in the muck, her waiting pussy engulfed my cock with no effort at all. I only pushed to open her, to part the wet tightness and cause her to swallow me with those lips as fully as she had in her mouth. She straightened her legs, placed her calves on my shoulders, and she raised her hips up to meet me. My mouth attached itself to her rock-hard calf, and I chewed a place into her leg there, the bells jingling in my face.

She fucked me as hard as I fucked her. The raw power of her hips rocketed her up to meet me, and the mud splashed and splattered us. I heard sounds behind the watching eyes, and all of these pushed me past sanity with an erotic rage I’d not known until then. She was my goddess, and I was the horned god, and we fucked on that Earth Day like it was our job to create the new season, like it was up to us to set the standard for sex and heat in this new age.

Our twin orgasms, mine first, in thick spurts deep in her pussy, then hers, gripping me like a vise, throbbing around me, rose from us accompanied by screams and roars. I had tears in my eyes when we ceased moving, and my cock was sore for days after. I had found a place to fit, and it was with this beautiful goddess, Kay, the one that had introduced me to everything nature could be. In honor of such a revelation, I would always celebrate Earth Day, my personal Beltane.

I hope you enjoyed this tale. Any feedback is appreciated.

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