A New Old Friend Ch. 01

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The cold late October wind had thoroughly chilled both Eric and Jeffrey as they finished their round of golf at the neighborhood course. It was only noon but both men were die-hard golfers and had no problem starting early.

Jeffrey, a tall thin man in his early seventies with bright blue eyes who still retained a nice head of white hair, was a retired widower who had lost his wife five years earlier. Eric, in his late fifties with light brown hair with more than a little gray, was semi-retired and currently between short-term contracts in his field of information technology. They lived in a subdivision of middle-class homes adjacent to the golf course and had, over the past summer, become regular partners on the golf course.

Both were pretty good “sticks” and played to single-digit handicaps. Neither man wasted any time on the course, each well aware that this was friendly neighborhood golf, not the final round of the U.S. Open.

Eric had finished two-up in their friendly wager for a couple of bucks.

“Let me buy you a drink,” Jeffrey said. “But why don’t we do it at my house instead of the clubhouse bar?”

Eric had not yet been to his friend’s house, which was only two blocks away from the house he shared with his wife of over thirty years. Since she was out-of-town visiting relatives, the prospect of a drink or two and the company of his friend definitely appealed to him.

“Sure thing,” he replied, “I’ll follow you over.”

The two men were relaxing in Jeffrey’s spacious conversation area. Eric was sipping his Manhattan while Jeffrey worked on his vodka martini.

Eric’s attention was drawn to a pile of thick woolen sweaters in one of the corners of the room.

“Wow,” he said, “that’s some collection of sweaters. Why do you have so many?”

Jeffrey took a long, slow sip, obviously figuring out what to say to his friend. “Well, Eric,” he said, choosing his words carefully, “It’s a hobby of mine. I buy and sell sweaters on the Internet. I have been fascinated with wool sweaters since I was a teenager. When I think about it, it must have started when I entered puberty and all of the pretty girls in high school seemed to wear either mohair or angora sweaters almost every winter day.

“I used to buy them for my wife and when she died, I found myself with around forty different kinds of sweaters. Having more than a little time on my hands, I searched around online and found there is a community of wool, there is no better word for it, than fetishists, online. I did some more research on how to set up on an online store and here I am, Mr. Sweaters of Idaho.”

Eric had to stop his mouth from dropping open. Like Jeffrey, he was fascinated by sweaters. It seemed ridiculously improbable that two old guys, in north Idaho, who had become friends on the golf course, actually shared the same fetish.

He finally managed to say, “You know, Jeffrey, I could be one of your customers. I like sweaters as well.”

A smile slowly formed on Jeffrey’s face and he said, “Really?”

Eric felt himself blushing and squirmed a little on the couch. “Yes, really, for almost exactly the same reasons as you.”

“What does your wife think about it?” Jeffrey asked.

Feeling rather flushed, Eric said, “Well, she knows, of course. But my, illegal bahis I mean, our collection is pretty small, just five or six in fact.”

Jeffrey walked over and held out his hand for Eric’s glass. “Why don’t I make us another drink while you check out my current inventory?”

When Jeffrey returned he found his friend holding up a long black mohair sweater-coat with a hood and a mohair belt. Eric had a sheepish grin on his face.

“Ah,” Jeffrey said. “I just got that one in a couple of days ago. It is one of my current favorites. Do you want to try it on?”

Eric blushed once again and his friend noticed the bulge in his beige Docker slacks. Jeffrey smiled to himself and he suddenly knew how the afternoon would progress.

“Don’t be shy my friend,” he said. “It’s just you and me here. I bet you will look great in it.”

“OK,” Eric said quietly. “I certainly do like the way it feels.”

Jeffrey set the two drinks down on the coffee table and stepped over to Eric and took the sweater from him.

“Here you go,” he said, spreading out the sweater so the younger man could fit his arms in the sleeves. “I love to play the part of the perfect gentleman and the perfect host.”

Once Eric’s arms were in the sweater, Jeffrey gently turned him around and began buttoning the sweater from top to bottom.

When he reached the last button, just over Eric’s crotch, he stopped and said with a soft laugh, “My, my, I see someone is getting rather excited!”

He then softly ran a finger along the bulge in Eric’s pants and then began caressing his friend’s shoulders. When Eric opened his mouth, Jeffrey put a finger to his friend’s lips.

“Relax Eric,” he said. “I understand exactly what you are feeling.” Keeping his finger on Eric’s lips, he took his friend’s wrist and guided his friend’s hand to his own erection. “It seems we are more than just golfing buddies, doesn’t it?”

He then reached up, and with both hands, gently arranged the hood of the sweater-coat over the back of Eric’s head. He then unfolded the cuffs of each sleeve so that the mohair now completely covered Eric’s hands.

Taking Eric’s wrists, he asked, “the question is, of course, what do we do now?”

Eric nodded, lost in the sensations of the moment—the feel of the mohair and the way his friend was so obviously seducing him.

Jeffrey once again began to caress Eric’s mohair-covered shoulders. “Tell me, my friend, have you ever fantasized about moments like this? I must admit that I have.”

Eric nodded and finally spoke, “It sounds so weird to actually say it out loud but I have always wanted to be tied up while wearing a soft, sexy sweater like this. I have been into bondage since I was teenager and was devouring Nancy Drew and The Hard Boys mysteries. I always identified with detective who finds himself or herself bound and gagged.”

Eric smiled and continued, “Pretty oddball eh?”

Jeffrey didn’t hesitate. He turned his friend around so his back was towards him, slipped the sweater-coat’s belt out of its loops ant, quite expertly, knotted Eric’s wrists together behind his back.

“Well,” he told Eric, “you have just found an equally oddball friend. Like you, I have been into bondage since I was a kid and I used to tie up the next door neighbor illegal bahis siteleri girl when we played cops and robbers in the woods behind our houses.

“Now, don’t go anywhere my friend. I do believe I need to get some more rope and something to gag you with!”

Eric closed his eyes, not really sure he believed what was happening on this fine afternoon. He had fantasized about this kind of moment where he was gently seduced by someone who loved both bondage and sweaters and now the moment seemed to have arrived.

Jeffrey returned with several long lengths of soft, black rope. The first thing he did was untie the sweater belt around Eric’s wrists and then re-tie his wrists in front of him. This was done with a sure confidence that caused Eric to remark, ‘It looks like you have done this before?”

“Many times, my friend.”

He then led Eric out of the room and down the stairs to a big room where there was a home theater set-up, a treadmill, a long couch, an easy chair and a nice big hook that had been attached to the ceiling.

“Most people who have come here think this is for a hanging plant,” Jeffrey said, laughing, “but, actually, before she got sick, my wife spent many hours in exactly the same position you are about to find yourself in.”

Another length of rope was used and Eric found himself standing, with his arms over his head and attached by the rope to the ceiling hook.

Jeffrey then went over to a drawer in a desk in the corner and came back with a leather strap penis gag which he showed his helpless friend and then said, “Showtime Eric, open up.”

Eric obeyed and the three-inch rubber cock filled his mouth. The gag was buckled into place and when he tried to say something, all that came out was a garbled “mmpppphhh.”

“Perfect,” Jeffrey said from behind him and Eric felt his friend’s hands begin to caress his sweater-covered torso.

“Is this your first time being tied up by another guy?” Jeffrey asked.

Eric nodded and felt Jeffrey begin to gently rub his crotch where a rapidly hardening erection would be sure to give away his excitement about what was happening to him.

“Oh my, oh my!” Jeffrey said. “Hello in there. I just have to look at this!”

He came around and got down on his knees and began unbuckling Eric’s belt, then his pants which he let fall to the floor around his ankles.

“Boxers I see,” he said laughing. Eric moaned softly into his gag.

The plaid boxers soon found their way down his les legs as well, leaving his uncut, hardening cock exposed.

Jeffrey began to slowly caress it with a fingertip. When he had succeeded in making the bound man’s cock fully hard, he kissed its tip softly, causing Eric to moan loudly into his cock.

“I don’t really understand what you are saying,” Jeffrey said laughing, “but I think you want me to continue, am I right?”


The older man took the cock in one hand and very very slowly began to pump it.

Eric had closed his eyes again and was hoping that his friend would keep going. He knew his explosion was only a few moments away.

But Jeffrey stopped after only ten or so of the long, gentle pumpings.

He stood up and looked at this gagged and helpless friend. “You didn’t really think that I was just canlı bahis siteleri going to dress you up in one of my sweaters, tie and gag you and then masturbate you and send you on your way, did you?”

Eric’s eyes widened and Jeffrey smiled.

“We are just getting started sweetie.” He went over to the couch and returned with black mohair scarf in his hands.

“I am going to blindfold you now. Then I am going to go upstairs and finish my martini. When I come back and I am going to ask you one question. All I am going to say is ‘Continue?’ If you nod your head, You are going to get the chance to give me what I suspect is your very first blow job.”

He then blindfolded Eric, patted him on the cheek and whispered, ‘be a good boy’ in his ear and went upstairs.

“MMMMPPPHHH!!!!” Eric complained as Jeffrey left. He already knew what his answer was. He had been fantasizing about a moment like this for a long time. He had even had numerous conversations online with men who would have been happy to put him in just this position—although probably not with the lovely bonus of the mohair sweater coat.

But the men always lived too far away and Eric was too shy to cruise a bar looking for someone to tie him up. To him, that sounded like a recipe for disaster. But Jeffrey was his friend, he a kind and gentle man. Eric ran his tongue around the rubber penis firmly positioned by the gag in his mouth.

“Yes, I will do this,” he said to himself.

Ten minutes later when Jeffrey returned and resumed stroking Eric’s still hard cock, Eric moaned and vigorously nodded his head.

“I thought so sweetie,” Jeffrey whispered into his helpless friend’s ear as he caressed him up and down his body. “Now, have you ever done this before?”

Eric shook his head and managed a muffled “no.”

“Ah, first-timers are a specialty of mine,” Jeffrey said. “Let’s get you situated shall we.”

He undid the knot around Eric’s wrists and then quickly retied his friend’s mohair covered wrists behind his back and led him the few steps it took to get the gagged and blindfolded man in position in front of the leather couch.

He gently forced Eric to his knees and then unbuckled the leather strap gag.

“I am going to leave the blindfold in place,” he said, “so you can enjoy the sensation of my cock fully and completely without any distractions.”

Jeffrey took his friend’s head in his hands and slowly moved it towards what Eric knew was his waiting cock.

“Tongue out,” Eric was told. “First thing I like is a good slow licking.”

Eric complied and felt the tip of the rock-hard cock with the tip of his own tongue. He experimented with his tongue, touching as many places on the cock as he could.

“That’s a good boy,” Jeffrey told him. “Now, some kisses are in order I believe.”

Once again, Eric complied, kissing the shaft and the tip of Jeffrey’s cock and Jeffrey’s hands kept his head in place, leaving only every now and then to caress his mohair-covered back.

Then it was showtime. Slowly, the cock went in between Eric’s lips and Jeffrey guided his friend’s head up and down the shaft slowly at first, then almost imperceptibly faster. Eric was totally lost in the sensation of experiencing this fully aroused cock in his mouth. It was even better than he thought it would be. As he heard Jeffrey’s breath quicken, he knew that he would soon complete his very first blow job.

“Oh my! Oh my oh my oh my oh my!!!!” Jeffrey said as he shot his hot cum into Eric’s mouth.

(to be continued)

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