A Night of Sexual Elegance

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Author’s Note: The inspiration for this story came from a late night visit to a Las Vegas nightclub a number of years ago. It was an establishment where the young men performers seemed to have been chiseled out of stone by Leonardo Da Vinci and the young women to have stepped out of Hugh Hefner’s Playboy centerfolds. Earlier, my woman and I had our usual number of drinks: an aperitif before dinner, several glasses of wine during dinner and a cordial afterwards. Upon arrival at the club we ordered another drink. After the second one both of us were in a mellow and free thinking mood.

We were upstairs in one of their club rooms where only gay men performed (my woman likes to look at them when they dance because she thinks they are more graceful). Obviously it was a slow night because we were the only people in the audience. After one of the on-going acts was over, a performer came to our dimly lit booth. I invited him to sit and have a drink. He turned out to be a fascinating gay man and our conversation soon took us to sexual things. He told us a story that unfolded a world that we had never previously thought about. It was a world of beautiful and handsome homosexuals traveling around the globe for hire attending private sex parties for the sole purpose of offering their bodies to the very wealthy gay and lesbian community.

As we listened, he mentioned that many gay travelers like him shaved off their pubic hair because their clients liked them that way. Looking around to make certain that no others were observing him, he opened his trousers and showed most of his shaven area. That prompted me to want to display my woman. She knew I have always wanted an opportunity to show off her nearly perfect female body, providing there was no threat to her dignity. Now seemed the right time! Since she always pleases me by never wearing a bra or panties when we dine out in the evening, I opened up the jacket she was wearing and showed him her breasts. He was impressed – so much so that I opened her wrap-around skirt to reveal the rest of her frontal charms. Her triangle of pubic hair lay below her beautifully rounded stomach. That look impressed him even more. “Your body is exceptionally beautiful,” he said. Coming from a gay man that was high praise indeed! When I told him that at one time she had been a lesbian and wished I could have seen her being loved, he suggested that could be arranged even now. Though my woman tolerated displaying her body to a total stranger under these present circumstances, she balked at this. So we didn’t follow through. We returned to the hotel full of desire for each other. Some years later this experience came to my mind and I conjured up this story.


“What a beautiful sight!” thought Jean as she and David, her present lover, walked toward two well-proportioned young men who were standing nude on a raised platform along a side corridor wall of a sumptuously decorated very exclusive sex club. It was part of the hotel they were staying at. Their male bodies seemed to her to be chiseled in granite and their genitals something to behold. Each penis was presently about three inches long and hanging down behind and a little below was the male sac; encasing testicles that she always loved to feel and suck.

Jean and David were also naked, having been prepared earlier by the club’s preparation attendants for this night of all sorts of sexual pleasures. As they approached the Adonis-looking men, their guide turned and said, “This first stopping off place is especially for you, Ms. Jean. If you would like, you can watch these men masturbate to climaxes. Or you can simply fondle their genitals and move on. They are elevated so that if you prefer, you can bring them to orgasm by stroking or sucking them; it is your decision.”

Speaking to them was their “matron of the evening.” Mrs. Boulder by name, she was introducing them to the second of eight sexual events offered that night throughout the luxurious club. A woman in her fifties, she was in a uniform – a dress, stockings and shoes that were all in ultra white. Both Jean and David were English and in their late 30s, vacationing in France at this very expensive boutique hotel discreetly catering to a wide range of the sexual desires of the rich.

Jean was a handsome woman with firm breasts that would fit nicely into a C cup bra. Her 5’5″ torso was trim and shapely, as were her legs. The triangle covering the locus of her femininity was full and dark brown, as was the hair on her head – with the exception of the highlights put there by her hairdresser. Her derrière was beautifully rounded and tight. David was tall and dark and handsome – all over. Between his legs was his hanging manhood. At the moment his soft shaft probably equaled the individual length of the two men before them – though his penis was uncircumcised.

An hour earlier, after enjoying a number of drinks and an exquisite dinner in the beautiful dining room, they illegal bahis had entered the hotel’s exclusive adult club and registered. Welcoming them were two attendants.

“Good evening, Ms. Jean and Mr. David,” greeted the man. “My name is Craig and this is Jacqueline. We intend to freshen up your body with a shower and also tend to any shaving needs that are necessary. For your information, we love preparing people for an evening of ultimate sensuality – and raw sex, if that be your pleasure. So that you feel no discomfort as we work on you, I am gay and will attend to Jean and Jacqueline who is a lesbian will attend to David.” Both Jean and David protested. Jean said, “We are bi-sexual and would be disappointed if Craig didn’t serve David and Jacqueline me.” So attendant gender roles were quickly put aside.

Pleasures One

David and Jean were taken nude into a shower room by Craig and Jacqueline. They had discarded their white coveralls to reveal bathing suits. David and Jean were wet down and thoroughly soaped all over. Jean’s pubic hair and labia were gently and carefully cleaned – as was the entrance to her vagina. David’s pubic hair, penis and scrotum were carefully attended to, taking care to pull back his foreskin to thoroughly clean the ridge under the head. When they stepped out of the shower they were dried off with heated towels.

Jacqueline said to Jean, “Please put your leg up on this shower bench so I can douche you.” Carefully, Jacqueline spread Jean’s labia and inserted the douche nozzle into her vagina. Flushing the warm water up into her more than a few times, Jacqueline finally said, “There, I think you are now totally fresh there. Let me insert some cream into you to make certain that you are nice and soft for what may or may not come about later in the evening.” She then asked Jean to turn around and bend over so she could take another syringe and push some warm water up into her anus to clean it in the event her love making also took her there. When finished, Jacqueline put some KY jelly onto her index finger and pushed a little of it up into her back hole, circling her finger to stretch it wider. Then she beckoned Jean over to a massage table and asked her to lie back on its silken scented sheets. Jacqueline took Jean’s legs and put them into stirrups so that her vagina was fully exposed. Upon inspection, Jacqueline said to Jean, “The shape of your pubic hair is almost perfect. But you can use a little trimming around the bottom and sides.” With that, she took a nearby shaving mug filled with lather and daubed around the areas to be trimmed. With a safety razor she shaved away the small amount of unwanted hair. When she wiped away the remaining lather and powdered her, Jacqueline stepped back and said, “Ms. Jean, your mound and labia and crevice look just perfect. Whoever takes you, if you go that route, will love the look.” Before moving away, she leaned over and lightly licked her several times where it counted.

All the while, David is being attended to by Craig. Needing no douche, of course, he still needed to be anally cleansed. So Craig took a small syringe and pushed water into his rectal canal until he was satisfied. He took some KY jelly onto his middle finger and inserted it deep into David’s back hole. Moving circularly to stretch it, Craig said, “I am readying you for some nice big penis, if that is what you want as part of your pleasure tonight.” Then he asked, “Would you let me shave off your pubic hair? It is the rage now in all the private clubs. You will be quite popular.” David consented. Craig pointed to a massage table and told David to lie back on it and put his legs in the stirrups. An electric body groomer designed especially for shaving off men’s genital hair began to do its work. Craig shaved off the pubic hair around David’s penis and the hair growing on his male sac. He used special powder afterwards, rubbing it all over his shaft and scrotum. When finished, Craig said, “Now you have a silken male sac and baby smooth skin around your penis. The people you make love with tonight will love the way you feel around your genitals.” He bent over and kissed the tip of David’s cock before leaving him.

Pleasures Two

Both were scented and given slippers by Mrs. Boulder, a club matron who had earlier entered the room. She escorted David and Jean into another part of the club; the station for the second of pleasures in this night of pleasures. It was here where Mrs. Boulder, one of the club’s escort matrons, introduced Jean to the two young men waiting to meet one or two of her sexual desires.

Turning to David, Jean asked, I’d like one cock to go into my mouth until it explodes and I swallow his sperm. The other man I’d like to stroke his cock to a climax and watch the sperm go onto my breasts. Is this okay with you?” David smiled and said, “Since when do we need each other’s approval to be sexually gratified?” She smiled and shrugged her shoulders as if to illegal bahis siteleri say, “Just thought I would play traditional in front of this lady.”

Jean looked at the two men again and decided that man number one’s penis was the prettiest. The head was so nicely shaped and the color of the shaft so attractive. She took his manhood into her mouth and began to gently suck. In a few moments it grew larger. She loved the change in size. Taking it out of her mouth to look, she saw that it was even more beautiful in arousal. She stroked the shaft as she re-enveloped its head with her mouth – so pleasurable – so exciting! She could feel the continuing stiffening, and then after several minutes she knew. This man was about to cum! So she brought as much of his penis into her mouth as she could. She sucked more furiously and then it happened! With loud primeval sounds coming from him, load after load went into her mouth. Each was warm and thick and so very tasty – she never failed to enjoy the flavor of a man’s sperm. As she swallowed each load she could feel the wetness flooding the crevice between her legs. It was all so glorious! Hooray for men! She stepped away when she could suck no more out of him. The matron took a wet cloth and wiped him clean. He left the hall through an exit door.

Jean moved over to the second man. She pulled on his now stiffening penis, obviously affected by the previous scene of a voluptuous naked woman – for that is what she was – whose breasts were swaying as she sucked away with obvious pleasure. She stroked his manhood, causing it to grow even larger under her nimble hands. She sensed the power and energy exuding from this man’s penis and said to David, “I have to lick this head, it is so desirable.” Her left hand also caressed his male sac, and she felt the testicles within. “Oh how I love doing this too!” Jean thought. She positioned herself so that when he climaxed, his sperm would shoot out onto her breasts. After a few moments of stroking, she noticed the slit at the top of his penis was opening wider. Suddenly, it filled with a creamy whiteness an instant before each wave shot out with a force. Sure enough, they all landed on her breasts, helped by her moving his shooting shaft back and forth over them. Jean thought, “How I enjoy feeling the warmth of a man’s seed on my breasts, especially as his sperm slides downward across them.” When the man finished spewing his treasure, Jean ran her hand up his shaft to try and squeeze out any remains. She licked them off at the slit, swallowing this residue of cum with deep pleasure.

Mrs. Boulder then took her own hands and slowly smeared the sperm around so that both of Jean’s breasts were totally covered with it. Jean moved her own hands around her breasts too. Jean called for David to come and suck her nipples. He did, enjoying once again the taste of a man’s seed. Afterwards, the matron took a soapy wash cloth and cleaned her hands before she washed off the sperm from Jean’s breasts and hands. Mrs. Boulder also cleaned the man’s penis and sent him on his way.

David kissed Jean as they moved away from this station, letting her know that he delighted in her enjoyment. Jean turned to Mrs. Boulder and asked, “Is there something for David coming up?” She smiled and replied, “Yes indeed.”

Pleasures Three

They arrived at the end of the corridor and entered double doors off to the right. It was a beautifully furnished bedroom dimly lit. In the center were standing two gorgeous naked women – a blonde and a redhead. Clearly, neither had dyed the hair on their head. Both David and Jean were aroused at such a lovely combination of sensual femininity. Jean said to David, “Oh how I could enjoy these two beauties, but I guess they are for your pleasure, isn’t that right, Mrs. Boulder?” She nodded yes.

The matron escorted Jean over to a couch as David walked over to the ladies. Mrs. Boulder notice what he was doing and said, “Wait, Mr. David. I want to help you examine their charms before you go ahead acting out your desires.” Making certain Jean was comfortable, Mrs. Boulder went to Rhonda the redhead and directed her to lie down on the queen-size bed. She told Bea the blonde to sit in a stuffed chair that faced both the bed and couch, with her legs draped over the arms so that all her charms were exposed and visible to both David and Jean.

Mrs. Boulder raised the head of the bed so Rhonda was sitting up at a forty-five degree angle. She put her legs into stirrups. Now David could easily see her face; her breasts were fully defined and her vulva was beautifully exposed despite the abundance of red pubic hair that surrounded it. This was possible because Rhonda had pushed aside her pubic hair and pulled apart the labia to reveal definition, pinkness, and wetness. The matron went to her breasts and gently twisted the nipples until they got hard. She took David’s hands and placed them on top so he could feel them. David couldn’t help canlı bahis siteleri himself; he leaned over and caressed them with his mouth as he inserted two of his fingers into her opening, which he found soaking wet. She smelled so fresh and it enhanced the feelings that he was getting from doing these things to her. His penis was thickening; it couldn’t be stopped. Rhonda was a vision of loveliness to him, despite his penchant for dark-haired women. But she had a triangle of hair so full that it excited him despite her hair color. “I just love loving women who have full and neat hairy bushes around their cunt,” he muttered to no one in particular.

Mrs. Boulder took hold of his thickening penis and pulled him away from Rhonda. “I want you to also look at Bea more carefully before you “do” this lovely redhead,” she said. David saw that she was equally curvaceous and desirable – and her lightly colored blonde triangle just as thick. He thought, “I wonder how they knew I like to eat and penetrate women through a lot of pubic hair?”

“Mr. David,” she asked, “What is your pleasure?” He replied, “I’d like to do something different. I want to shave off all the pubic hair of Rhonda because I have never made love to a naked cunt.” Mrs. Boulder smiled and said, “Your wish is our command.” She took her cell phone and called for the necessary equipment. Within moments, a female shaving kit arrived. “May I assist you?” Mrs. Boulder asked. David said, “Please, since I have never done this before.”

First making certain that he washed his hands thoroughly, the matron opened up the kit and explained the use of the utensils: “Here we have the very best shaving gel because pubic hair grows in a very sensitive skin area and the best is needed. We also use the finest razor available with a pivoting head so the shave is smooth and close. We provide professional barber scissors – along with a comb. These are used to first trim down your lady’s pubic hair as short as possible. You do that by placing the comb flat on her skin and triming over the comb with the scissors. Once this is done, you will soak the area with warm water from a large pan that is coming to us in just a few seconds. To enable you to do this, your red-headed lady will get out of bed and straddle over the pan. Soak one of the towels in the water and keep wetting her genitals. Don’t be reluctant to soak them thoroughly. The excess water will drip into the pan. I will tell you when her skin is softened enough to shave. When that happens she will go back to the stirrups so you can apply this shaving oil all over her pubic hair, most of which is growing above the wiggly line of her slit. Make sure you adequately oil all the pubic hair growing on the sides and off onto the inner part of her thighs. Once that is done, liberally apply the shaving gel over the same area with this shaving brush. Doing this will allow the razor to glide easier and not irritate her skin.

“Next,” continued Mrs. Boulder, “shave off the top part of her red pubic hair. Then go after the hair on the inside of her thighs and the hair on each side of her slit. My suggestion is to gently pull one of the vertical lips toward her opening. This will stretch the skin and allow you to shave off that side cleanly without fear of cutting it. Then do the other side. Be sure to rinse the razor after each shaving stroke – always shaving away from her opening. When all is shaved, rinse the entire pubic area and gently pat it dry. Make sure that you spread her vertical lips to get at any lather that may have slid into her.”

With these instructions and the arrival of the warm water and pan, David began the actual process of shaving off her pubic hair. He helped Rhonda get out of the bed and move to the pan that had just arrived. She squatted over it and waited for David to begin. He sat on a three legged stool that came with the pan. “They think of everything,” he thought, “even to the extent of this low stool.”

He looked at the abundance of fluffy thick red hair that hid the sight of her vulva. He turned and said to Jean, “You know I love to feel the pubic hair of every woman I go down on. But I have always wanted to see and kiss and lick and suck a naked cunt, so I approach this with great anticipation.” He took a towel, soaked it, and thoroughly wet her pubic hair and skin. He was thrilled with the sensations he was having and the pleasant smile on Rhonda’s face. She seemed to be saying, “I love pleasing you.”

When the matron handed him the scissors and comb he knew she was ready. After drying her, he took Rhonda the bed and the stirrups. Taking the scissors and comb, David trimmed as much hair as possible in the mound area over that delectable looking clitoris. He trimmed each side of the crevice that he sensed was opening slightly and the inside of her beautifully formed thighs. Lifting her derriere, he asked Mrs. Boulder to spread her cheeks to see if there was any hair that needed to be removed around her anus; there was none. When David finished clipping, he looked at her genitals and said to no one in particular, “Here is the part of a woman that every bi-sexual, every lesbian, and every straight man desires to touch, taste and enter.”

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