A Personal Assistant Ch. 03

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Please read previous chapters before reading below, this episode continues from CH. 02


Dragging Mel along behind me I entered the en-suite and stepped into the shower turning it on, Mel squealed as the jets of cold water hit her and gave me a semi-dirty look and calling me a bastard while I chuckled.

“Right, just for that. NO fooling around in here mister, we haven’t got time anyway!” she said trying to act grumpy as I grabbed a sponge and started lathering her up. Working on her shoulders down her back to her delectable ass and perfect legs, then I slowly moved round to the front, capturing her large beautiful breasts. Pressing my body to hers, I licked and nibbled her ears and neck while playing with her nipples. Slowly moving one hand down her taught stomach to work on her neatly shaved pussy, she groaned and started grinding her ass back onto my rapidly expanding cock which was now firmly imbedded between her soft ass cheeks.

Her pussy was already soaked so I slid my full length into her agonisingly slowly while I lightly worked her clit and gently tweaked her pierced nipple with my fingers. I was still kissing and nibbling her neck, Mel was moaning “so fucking big, my god you’re turning me on!”

I kept this slow pace for about 10 minutes until she was pushing back harder into me, seeking something more. I started taking longer strokes, pulling nearly all the way out of her before returning and grinding into her deep before retreating again. Her breathing increased, her breasts swollen and nipples as hard as bullets.

“God, right there Mike. Please don’t stop, oh..oh.ahhh, I’m gonna…..” She groaned

“Cum for me Mel, come all over my cock!” I growled in her ear.

She squealed as she climaxed hard, I could feel her hot juices flooding my balls as her pussy clamped onto me. I kept grinding deep into her pussy and working her clit harder now pushing her back up to another climax and then onto a third and final one, we both came together when her pussy clamped onto my cock like a vice.

After a few minutes our breathing started to return to normal, I quietly shut off the shower, wrapped my arms around Mel and gently moved her out of the shower. Grabbing a large towel, I gently dried her and then myself.

After a few moments Mel quietly spun around, gently looping her arms around my neck and we kissed passionately. Slowly she gently leaned back looking at me in the eyes with a slightly glassy look and gently spoke “you know, I’ve had more orgasms this weekend with you than I’ve had from any man for about the last year!”

“Good!” I said “I’ve enjoyed myself more with you in 24 hours than I did with my ex in 7 years!”

Mel gave me a glassy eyed look before turning back into the bedroom.

I quickly got dressed and suggested to Mel that she dry her hair and get dressed while I quickly took Buster for a walk.

Mel gasped “oh bugger, I don’t have anything to wear Mike so we can’t stop anywhere for breakfast. I’ll have to go straight home.”

“Nonsense!” I said, “I’ll find you something, I have a box of stuff that’s basically new that my ex bought and never wore, you are reasonably close in size so that should work. T-shirts, leggings and other bits I think. Let me just grab it for you and you can take a look while I go and take care of Buster.”

I quickly dove into one of the large cupboards in the master bedroom and pulled out a medium sized cardboard box and dumped it on the bed for her. “Here you go, take a look through this and see if there’s anything suitable.” I said and went downstairs to take Buster out.


15 minutes later I’d returned with Buster and headed upstairs to see if Mel had found anything to wear. As I approached the master bedroom I could see her facing away from me twisting and turning in front of the mirror, I quietly leant against the door frame and watched for a few minutes.

She’d found a grey pair of skin-tight leggings and a red tank top, Mel was a goddess but while the clothing fit her it was rather snug. Mel was only an inch or so taller than my ex but she was considerably curvier everywhere. She didn’t carry an ounce of fat that I could see anywhere on her body and trust me I had really looked but she also had an hourglass figure with a big bust.

She didn’t have any clean underwear so the leggings were bordering on scandalous, I could see her pulling at the crotch to try and loosen it but as soon as she moved a step it was back to being fully imbedded up her beautiful ass and it was cameltoe city from the front. Without a bra the tank top would have been bad enough if it was loose but it was extremely tight and may as well have ‘Come Get Some’ written on it!

I gradually moved closer and I could see the extent of her tank top, you could literally see everything! Nipples, the piercing and even the little tiny bumps around her areole. I walked up to her and put my arms around her, “god you’re casino siteleri fucking sexy Mel!” I growled.

She just blushed heavily and said she couldn’t go out wearing what she had on, I told her that was nonsense and insisted that as it was so cold outside she would have to wear a coat or a jumper anyway that should cover everything up. Moving to my wardrobe I quickly found a couple of my old high school sweaters, she chose a black one and threw it on. The sweater was baggy on her and came down to mid thigh so now she just looked like a sexy girl wearing old baggy clothes instead of a bimbo.

She grabbed my arm then kissed me, squeezed my cock through my jeans and sashayed away giggling saying “c’mon stud, bring that gorgeous cock of yours. We need to get going back to my place and you promised to feed me!”

We loaded ourselves into my pickup, leaving Mel’s car at my place and headed off to an all day cafe called ‘Bennies’ that was one of my favourites. It was only a 15 minute drive and was also on the way to Mel’s flat.

20 minutes later we were seated and the waitress had already brought us some coffee and taken our food orders. It was not a particularly busy at the moment, maybe a third full plus it was about 11:30 so we had managed to beat the lunchtime rush. There were also no families as this was a diner so mostly long distance drivers and business people.

Regardless of the way she was dressed most eyes had been on Mel since we’d walked in and I caught her blushing a few times noticing a few glances.

“Do I look strange or something?” She said, “people keep staring at me Mike.”

“Babe, you’re fucking gorgeous people are gonna stare at you. Why do you sound so surprised?”

“Well, I kinda get a few looks sometimes when I dress up nice to go out clubbing but I’m wearing like old work-out clothes with a baggy jumper over the top. Plus I don’t even have any make-up on!”

“Seriously?” I asked, “Mel, honey you would still look great if you were wearing an old sack and war paint. You’re a goddess, do you not realise how sexy you are?”

“He’s right honey, listen to the man he has great taste!” our waitress said to Mel, winking at her when she appeared out of nowhere with our food. “Even hidden like you are in those baggy clothes I can see you’re a hottie!”

Blushing Mel sat there no knowing what to say but with the waft of food we were both so hungry we ate in silence for a few minutes until our food was gone.

“You know what?” I said, “I’m gonna make you a bet, or actually a dare to prove to you just how stunning you are. Are you game?”

Sheepishly she asked “well which is it? A bet or a dare?”

“Kinda both” I replied, “look, I’m gonna dare you to do something and bet you on the outcome. Does that make sense?”

“Yes, but what?” she replied, “and what do I get If I do the dare? And what kindof dare is it?”

“It’s a public dare but it’s my dare to you, so if you do it you also get to ask me to do something and I have to do it!”

“Ooh, now I’m piqued” she said, “that sounds like fun. C’mon then spill, what’s the dare?”

“Well” I said, leaning in close to her “I dare you… to go to the toilet, the ladies is all the way over there at the far corner of the diner!”

Looking worried Mel asked “what’s the catch?”

“I’d like my jumper back before you go!”

Mel’s eyes opened wide and her jaw dropped, “MIKE!” she shouted in whisper. “God, you’re evil!”

“No I’m not, I’m making you a bet. Do you hear all this ambient noise, people speaking etc? And while we’re sat here in the corner nobody’s looking right?”

She nodded.

“Well” I continued, “my bet is, that if you do what I dare you to, that within 5 seconds of you getting to your feet you’ll be able to hear a pin drop the whole way to the toilets and back plus EVERYONE in here will be staring at you! All proving my earlier point”

“IF I do it, and it is an IF!… I get to dare you to do something anytime I want?” She queried suspiciously.

“Yes, but you’ll have the advantage as I will just have to do it whereas you currently have a choice and nothing to lose.”

Mel sat there contemplating, chewing her bottom lip while I worked out the bill and left the cash on the table with a nice tip.

“Okay!” Mel said blushing, “I’ll do it… But I’ve already thought of a few possible things for you and you’re in so much trouble mister!” she confirmed while slipping my jumper off over her head.

While we were still sitting in the corner booth we were mostly hidden so nothing would really happen until she got up and started walking but she basically may as well have been topless.

Looking down at her breasts, she started blushing again and shaking her head looking at me in the eye. While Mel looked at me, after many long seconds I noticed suddenly that her blush was gone and was replaced with a look of confidence and lust. She pushed herself to her feet and started walking the 40 or so paces to the toilets through a restaurant that was growing busier by the slot oyna minute now it was Midday.

I was right though, after a few seconds dead silence. Most of the men’s jaws were on their tables and some of the women’s. Even after Mel had disappeared into the toilets everyone stared at the door and waited for her to come back out. When she did, every damn eye was on her and I swear she almost looked sexier than if she’d done it naked.

I collected our things and met her at the front door so we quickly ran out to the car and jumped in before anyone could accost us or molest her.

I started the engine and we were quickly on our way, Mel was breathing heavy and was flushed with excitement.

“My god!” she said gasping, “that was a fucking rush, I may as well have been naked, the way that people were looking at me I felt so powerful… God I’m so fucking wet!”

“I told you though, didn’t I! Not a sound and everyone’s eyes on you and you only!”

“Mike, get me to my place quick. I need you in me! I need your cock, I’m so fucking horny!” she groaned rubbing her thighs together and rubbing my growing cock through my jeans as I drove.

Within 5 minutes we pulled up at her flat and we inside within the next 2. Mel called out for Amy and when there was no reply she was all over me and dragged me into her room throwing her clothes off as she went.

I started to kiss her and rub her breasts but she stopped me “no foreplay, I need you in me now. Please just fuck me, fill me with your cum!”

Shedding my own clothes I threw her over the bed, she twisted round with her face in her pillow and ass in the air waving at me. Her crotch and inner thighs were already soaked so I moved behind her and drove in and sheathed myself to the hilt with one constant stroke.

“Oooh, that’s it Mike. Now fuck me hard. Fill me with your seed. Wreck my pussy!”

That’s all I needed to hear and I started to slam my body into hers pounding her pussy right from the start. Mel was hot to trot and more than ready to go, within minutes she was shaking with her release clamping down onto my cock but I kept pounding faster and faster, within a few more minutes I feel my balls start to churn. “I’m going to cum. I’m going to fill your pussy with my cum bitch. Are you ready?”

“Do it, fuck me, fill me you bastard! Shoot your load into me. Fuuuck I’m gonna to cum again too. Fuck that pussy and make me cum!”

That was all it took and I was exploding into her, still pounding hard my climax triggering her second and we both cry out as she hoses down my balls squirting her release. We both collapse forwards onto her bed breathing heavily.

“Mel?” I hear a female voice call “Mel, what the fuck the front door is wide open what the hell are you….. Oh shit sorry!” Amy’s voice now entering Mel’s bedroom doorway but blushing, turning and scurrying away.

We put our clothes back together and wondered out of her room back into the lounge/kitchen area where Amy was putting some things away in the cupboards.

“Beer?” Amy, still blushing and not making eye contact, offered towards me and then to Mel which we both gratefully accepted and sat on the stools at the kitchen counter.

There was silence for a few seconds as we were all looking at each other, myself and Mel still breathing heavily and then Amy started laughing and we soon followed with her.

Calming down a few minutes later Amy asked Mel “so, c’mon then girly. It’s getting on we better start getting ready for tonight!”

“Ready?” Mel asked, “what’s going on tonight?”

“You’re kidding right? You big ditz! We’re going out tonight with the girls. Sam’s engagement party remember?”

“Oh, fucking hell… Shit, is that tonight?”

“Yes, now hurry your ass up and start thinking about getting ready they’ll be here by 4!”

“I better leave you to it then girls” I said smiling at their banter and started getting up to leave.

Amy scurried off into her room and Mel got up and walked over to me putting her arms round me.

“I’m sorry baby, I completely forgot about this and Sam’s my friend so I can’t call off a night like this, she’ll never forgive me! I’ll make it up to you I promise and I still want to stay with you tonight and tomorrow if you’ll have me?”

“Of course Mel, I’m not mad. I really should stop and see my Mum and Dad while I’m in this side of town anyway.”

“I’ve got an idea” Mel said, “come back here just before 6, we always hang here for several hours first having a few drinks and catching up before we head out so if you come back I can give you a bag of my stuff to take to yours for later tonight when I get home. Plus I can show you off to everyone and make them jealous!”

I gave her a hug and a kiss goodbye and then headed round to my parents for a late lunch if I could catch them. Dad was out fishing for the day so I spent a few hours with Mum before going into town to do a little secret shopping for some things I thought I might need.


I pulled up outside Mel and Amy’s flat at about 5:40, canlı casino siteleri checked myself in the mirror saying “right Mike… You ready for this? 6 or more partially drunken girls!” This could be a nightmare but could also be extremely fun!

Standing outside the door, I could hear loud music and lots of giggling and loud voices. Typically I knocked several times but there was no answer so I let myself in taking my jacket off in the small hallway walking towards the living room. Rounding the corner I saw Mel in a killer glittery silver dress with her back to me waving a blue coloured dildo around.

“No, this one is Mike!” she said giggling and waving it around in front of her friends!

“I don’t think so” I said, “mine definitely isn’t blue!”

Mel snapped round still grasping the blue rubber phallus, her mouth gaping open, silence for a few seconds and then all her friends burst out laughing uncontrollably, one of them even rolled off the sofa onto the floor with a thud but still kept laughing. I wish I’d had a camera, her face in that moment was priceless.

I smiled, she smiled then giggled and walked up to me put her arms round my neck and kissed me passionately. We kissed for about 15 seconds until her friends started whistling, jeering and calling out “get a room!”

Mel told them all to be quiet and stuck her tongue out at a couple of them and then introduced me to everyone, there were eight girls including Mel all dressed to kill and already on their way to being drunk.

Amy brought me a beer then stood on her tiptoes kissed me on the cheek and whispered “thank you” into my ear.

“What for?” I asked.

“For being you I guess…” she replied, “I’ve not seen Mel this happy since we were in high school.”

“She makes me really happy too and I love that she can be so spontaneous!”

“Hold that thought!” Amy said, rushing off.

The other girls were now all huddled around Mel, whispering about something. ‘That can’t be good I thought’. They all seemed to agree on something, looking at me one at a time and then separated with hushed tones and big smiles.

Mel got up, smiling at me from ear to ear and slinked across the room towards me. “Mike, you remember that you owe me a dare right? And you have to do it, no matter what?”

I nodded, feeling petrified.

“Well…” she continued, “when you came in and I was waving that dildo around we had challenged each other to a deep-throating contest to see who could get the most down their throat and we were trying to find a big one to test it on.”

“So?” I pondered, “what does that have to do with me?”

Her arms wrapped round me I felt like a fawn in the arms of a lion, “I’ve decided that can be your dare babe!”

“What can be my dare? You’re not making sense Mel!”

“We’re gonna use you for the deepthroat competition of course silly!”

“Me, oh my god Mel you can’t be serious!”

“Totally serious, that’s your dare so you have to do it!”

“God Mel!” I said, desperately trying to think of a way out of this scenario but failing miserably. “Okay, look I’ll do it for my dare but you have to promise me that no one will say anything to anyone about this ever!”

Giggling, Mel kissed me on the cheek “don’t worry about it babe, all the girls are either married or have boyfriends so none of them will ever say a thing to anyone.”

Kissing me full on the lips with a tiny bit of tongue, she spun round to her friends and said “he said yes, so let’s get this competition started! So here are the rules… We’ll draw cards for the order of who goes when. Before you start you have to put on a fresh lot of lipstick, then take him as far as you can and press your lips around his shaft to leave a mark. The lip marks will be measured after each attempt to find the winner.”

“What if there’s a draw?” One of the girls shouted out giggling.

“Umm… Okay if there’s a draw, the girls who drew have to deepthroat again to the point they did previously and hold it in their throat for as long as possible. Longest time is the winner! Agreed?”

“Yes!” They all agreed at the same time.

“Right!” Mel announced, “let’s get this party started…” drawing her card she continued, “I’ve got my card the Jack of Diamonds. The rest of you draw while I get Mike ready for action!”

Giggling they all quickly drew and arranged a batting order, so to speak while Mel approached me and sunk to her knees.

Undoing my jeans, she peeled them and my boxers down to my ankles and took me in her talented mouth. Within 20 seconds I was as hard as granite. “That didn’t take long babe! I think you’re a little excited!”

“Are you really sure about doing this Mel?” I whispered.

But she just winked at me and turned back to her friends, “okay ladies, who’s first?” Mel asked.

A blonde called Hayley held up a 2 and said “me I think.” She got up and walked over to me, she actually blushed as she knelt down in front of me and applied a fresh coating of lipstick.

She then held onto my legs gently and lowered her mouth over my cock that was now as hard as an iron bar, I could feel my head pressing against the entrance to her throat but she was struggling and I could hear her gurgling and gagging around my cock.

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