A Primitive Hope Ch. 03

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Author’s Note: It is strongly recommended that you read Chapters I and II to completely understand the magnitude of Kristen’s inward journey. Her journey continues as she has been taken to an undisclosed location, bound in heavy chains and blindfolded in a rugged crate. The purpose of this story is simple… a woman is stripped of her worldly existence and made to build herself back up in a more purified state of substance.

It must have been hours before I woke to find myself lying in a plush king size bed. The velvet comforter and pillows bore bright white warmth as the early morning sun lovingly cast its rays inside a huge marble bedroom. Looking up, I saw countless tall windows that overlooked the vast picturesque desert of the Nevada desert. In the distance, I could see the minute specks of sin city. It seemed so far away… just as my life that I had forsaken over a year ago.

Sitting up, I found myself fully nude and obviously bathed. I wasn’t afraid, especially after inhaling the sweet aroma of the herbal oils used to rubdown my body. I tried to figure out where I was exactly as this room was new to me. The last thing I remembered was being auctioned off and Fiona angrily pulling that black hood over my head. God, I felt like a savage… or maybe what a slave felt like years before my time. The act of erotic supremacy, treated like an animal was something I came to relish. I had come so far in this all-female society, and to live day to day as my ancestors did made me a better woman. Working for the things most women take for granted, such as food or electricity had made left me completely changed. I was pure… whole. The barren, overweight divorcée I left behind in Chicago last year was dead.

I crawled from the plush bed, stretching in the luxuriating sensation of a sweet mattress and silky sheets to sleep between. Compared to the savage conditions I was living in, this was an awesome change. The bedroom was huge… the walls and flooring, a milky white elegant marble. No decorations, no furniture, nothing except a magnificent golden mirror standing over ten feet high. I realized that it had been over a year since I was able to actually see what my body had evolved into. No mirrors or anything reflective was allowed, except for the occasional momentary reflection I was able to see bathing in the spring. Jumping out of the bed like a giddy teenager on prom night, I rushed over to see completely altered woman in the mirror’s reflection. My flesh now glowed with a deep bronzed tan. I caught my breath upon seeing my bald head, now sporting a dark mahogany hue. Oh my God… I was thoroughly changed. Gone were the chubby folds of my once plump stomach… my once heavy motherly breasts were considerably smaller, yet still retained their genetically plentiful size… my cottage cheese thighs and big wide ass were smoothed out by exercise and a healthy diet. I ran my appreciative palms over my breasts, appreciating my now modest and tone waist size. With the bright sunlight illuminating my body from the side, I was thrilled… absolutely delighted by the prominent, tantalizing results I had struggled so hard for. I wasn’t a ripped bodybuilder like Fiona or Cindi, but I certainly had molded my body into something far more deserving than before. And I unequivocally adored how my small stomach and waist flared out into a set of wide, ample hips. I had kept my hourglass figure, and I quietly thanked God for keeping my inherited form. I somehow knew Cindi would appreciate every curve I had sculpted especially for her…

Running my callused hands across my skull, I felt a myriad of rugged bristles of hair on my tan skull. It hit me that it had been a few days since Fiona had confined me, and was in need of a good shave. I had come to embrace my bald features, having been completely hairless for well over a year now. I had come to love the daily ritual of my head being doused with warm water, and seductively cleansed of hair. It had become the central core of my new life, and honestly, I was sickened by the meager burr I now had. It reminded me of a life I had willingly abandoned so long ago. My life of self-indulgent gluttony and egotism– dependent on someone else for my ultimate survival. I was free from that thankless life. Stripped of everything the world had taught me to depend on. Having been forced to fend for myself, I grew my own food and created a barbaric, yet cozy home for my lover and I. It was honestly the best thing that ever could have happened to me. Although most would say I took a thousand-year step back in terms of the evolutionary chain, the experience cemented my will to be the best woman I could be for Cindi. Now, I did not need a person to complete me. But in being away from Cindi for so long, I truly found myself missing her terribly. I now could see the brilliant purpose ‘Mother’ had in mind for me all along.

I must have gotten lost as I stared at my new body because I didn’t hear the young woman enter the vast marble berth.

“Madam?” canlı bahis şirketleri asked a coy young girl, maybe all of 19 years old.

Turning around, I saw this charming young woman politely at the doorway. Her hands pressed together much as any refined handmaiden would. Her head was bowed in servitude, and dressed in a Grey chiton, much like ancient Greek women wore from long ago. Her smooth shoulders were bare, tinged with an olive hue to her flesh. Her long vermilion colored hair cascaded down her arched back, pushing out a sweet curvy ass that hinted at some thick juicy thighs not far away. Beneath the flimsy material, I clearly saw two promising knolls of buxom breasts… perfect and absolutely ripe. Yet she was statuesque in every supple way a woman could possibly be. Atop her head, she wore an ancient headpiece, adorned with gold and silver ornamentation. Both of her wrists bore two gold bracelets similar to her headband. But most intriguing was her symmetrical body, so perfectly lithe and shapely.

“My God, you are beautiful.” I managed to utter.

Her face lifted, revealing a remarkably attractive young face. My heart leapt, keenly taken by her fawning looks. Her turquoise eyes glowed with the confidence of a thousand women. And her ripe lips… so eager for just the right kiss. The cheekbones’, complimenting her eyes and jaw so eloquently… While I loved how my castaways (I had just spent a year with) looked, seeing a young woman in all her glory with flowing hair, subtle makeup and statuesque features left me wanting.

“I’ve been appointed to you during your transfer.” She respectfully said, bowing her head back down in total servitude as she knelt.

“I am Euterpe… I am bound to you.” She politely spoke, bending over to lay her head on the clean marble floor.

“Euterpe?” I thought to myself. Having taken two years of Greek philosophy in college, I knew the meaning of her name quite well. According to myth, Euterpe was a daughter of Zeus, well known as the “giver of pleasure” with her name meaning “delight”. I was deeply intrigued, and heavily aroused.

With her hands flat on the floor, and her forehead resting atop them, I was able to see the inviting outline of her limber body as nature had intended. Naturally, my focus centered on the maternal width of her splendid backside. I had thankfully become a true ass girl through and through, and perhaps this could be another woman I could seduce so my tongue could disappear between the glorified cleavage of her ass. Oh my… I had to calm myself down. After all, she had just arrived.

“You say you are bound to me?” I asked.

“Yes, Madam.” She replied, still in her respectful pose.

“And what do you mean by ‘transfer’?” I asked.

“You have been anointed the status of “a?ap?µ????”. You are favored within the circle. I am here to prepare you for consecrated wedlock.” She replied.

“So I am no longer on the lowest order of a woman here?” I responded.

She faithfully answered, “No, Madam.”

Wow. I made it. After a year living like an animal, I had proved my worthiness to Cindi and Mother. When she said I was to be prepared for wedlock, I almost lost it. Now I had proof that I was indeed going to marry Cindi, and become her legitimate wife. I was ecstatic! But I had to make completely sure that Euterpe knew whom I was to be married to. I made her stand, asking her to show me who was to be my bride.

Euterpe took me by the hand, and dressed me in a flimsy white kimono with thin spaghetti straps that barely held the cloth to my body. The kimono fell just above my feet as she then led me outside into a grand antechamber that was made of pure marble. (Everything in this annex must have been made of marble!) The ceilings were unbelievably tall, and all illuminated by the glorious sunshine of the late morning through windows garnishing the ceiling. It reminded me of a grand cathedral. I had never seen such wondrous beauty in my entire life. This was certainly something they didn’t show me on my first tour last year. But as we made our way through the temple, Euterpe guided me into a small entryway leading into another room, but obviously more private in character. There, in the center, stood a twenty-foot tall marble statue of a huge muscle bound woman dressed in an ancient Greek robe. The statue’s right hand was rising high into the sky, holding a sacred chalice as if offering it to the Gods. The robe barely clung to the woman’s Herculean frame, draped across her left shoulder leaving the other one bare. My God, her body had the thickest of muscles. She was unequivocally stunning whoever she was… and as I came to stand beneath the statue, I clearly saw the woman’s face and head… completely bald.

It was Cindi.

I caught my breath, taking in the sheer scale of Cindi’s colossal sculpture. Euterpe fell to her knees, and began worshipping the stone statue in fondness. I could tell it wasn’t because she was forced to either, but canlı kaçak iddaa rather as an admirer of such feminine power.

“Kallisto is to be your wife, your eternal spouse.” Euterpe softly voiced.

“Kallisto?” I asked, wondering what on earth she meant.

But before I asked her to explain, I saw a golden plaque at the bottom of Cindi’s statue. On it, written in the finest calligraphy read “Kallisto, Goddess Of The Most Beautiful.”

It was becoming quite clear that this society Cindi had become a part of was based on the ancient civilization of the Greeks. Apparently, women were to take the names of Greek women in assuming their new lives as Goddesses of the highest order. Once they were purged of their past lives; they were to become something greater and more powerful than ever imagined. Outside, women were enslaved to the worldly shackles of money, men, and capitalism. Here, women were to be cherished and exalted as magnificent goddesses of the highest order. I was simply amazed. This was something that was simply to good to be true. As I stood gazing at Cindi’s mighty chest and arms, I felt Euterpe’s hand slip inside mine.

“This way, Madam.” She whispered.

She led me through a smaller passageway that took us to the artisan’s workroom. At least ten women, all dressed in hard leather sarongs were busily working on two other sculptures. The workers were all buff and hard working, their well-built bodies turning me on. I loved how they were all sweaty and dirty, just as I was back at our camp. But as we made our way in, I saw a huge square block of granite as tall as Cindi’s statue was. Euterpe stopped, gazing up at the crude slab in awe.

“What is it?” I moronically asked.

Her bluish eyes lovingly stared into mine, saying “This is to be your statue. The gorgeous fiancée of our matriarch deserves nothing less… Our Queen.”

“Me?” I asked, flabbergasted by such an honor. “I’m really not worth all this.”

Her hand tightened around mind with assurance.

“Your beauty intoxicates us… This statue will cast an aura of magnificence and grace on us.” She voiced, stepping closer to me with the intent of kissing me right there.

I too wanted to make love to this sweet angel. Her devotion to me was simply breathtaking to see. And nothing would suit me more than to have sex with her right here in the middle of this dusty, smutty room. After all, I’ve made love in more foul places.

Together, hand in hand, Euterpe and I left the artisans’ workshop and made our way back to my chamber. I knew as well as she did, what we were meant to do. Not only would she bathe me, but we would also make love… love of the purest and most eloquent manner known to a woman. But what really made me smile was knowing that a marriage to Cindi was finally in the works, and that I would soon be reunited with my girl after a yearlong absence. Plus, these women were crafting a statue of ME? What had I done to deserve such honor? All I was doing was pursuing the woman I forever knew belonged to me.

Euterpe led me through a vast channel of softly illuminated corridors and magnificent passageways until we reached an area I immediately recognized… It was where I was brought to when I first arrived. Euterpe explained that this was the assembly where the new inductees were initiated. We passed by a small berth where I saw a fascinating spectacle… a thick brunette woman, not fat or chubby, but quite shapely and very tantalizing to look at. She looked to be in her early 30’s, and was absolutely fuckable. Her plump hour glass figure left me curious to know more about this new arrival. Her body held remarkable features I had come to adore in a woman… full, motherly breasts… a sweet taper in her waist, forming a delightful set of wide hips. Her wrists, ankles, and waist were strapped to a huge chrome table with her arms and legs stretched out from her body, much like I was when I first arrived. But she already had short, brown hair… not burred, but slightly “butch” in nature. She just looked like a girl who could seriously beef up with no problem. A vulgar chrome ball filled her mouth, strapped to her head with four leather straps. I couldn’t help but stop and gaze at the shocking, yet sensual scene.

“She arrived last night with Fiona.” Explained Euterpe in a soft voice, careful not to disturb the two servants carefully tending to the inductee’s short hairdo. “She came from a appalling situation… an abusive partner and unhealthy lifestyle.”

“What will Mother do with her?” I asked.

Turning to gaze at me, Euterpe had thoughtful look in her eye. “Whatever you desire.” Euterpe replied.

I immediately thought of her becoming a strapping, beefy bodybuilder with muscles the size of Cindi’s, or perhaps bigger. But me? Why was it up to me to decide on what this lovely woman’s fate was?

“Whatever I desire? What?” I asked, dumbfounded by her answer.

“This woman is to be you and your wife’s chambermaid.” canlı kaçak bahis Euterpe said, standing before me.

Euterpe took me as we strolled into the dimly lit chamber. Instructing me to stand to the side, Euterpe silently spoke with the two other lovely vassals. But as I stood there, all I could do was look at this new woman. I wondered how bad her life must have been… how she heard of this place, and if she would be thrown out to the rocks for conditioning. But somehow I looked beyond her buxom features, somehow knowing she made the best decision of her life. Stepping closer to the brunette at the table, I gazed into her lovely green eyes. We made eye contact before I stopped, perhaps a foot away from her. It was amazing to know she was about to embark on a life-changing journey. I think it was shocking for both of us to see the state of each other in direct contrast… me, bald, fully tone and healthy… and her hair that just begged for a shave.

“Madam?” Euterpe whispered in my ear.

I turned.

“You may begin by stripping her hair… if you so wish.” Euterpe said.

I about died. Me, shave her head?

With a sly grin, Euterpe showed me where the sheers and razors were kept. I was instructed to take the discarded hair and place it in a nearby furnace once I was done, but to make absolutely sure the brunette watched me do it. All the while, my heart thumped like a pounding machine in my chest, flabbergasted that I was about to deprive a woman of her most beloved festoon… the very semblance of womanhood and femininity was a woman’s locks. As shocking as it was for me to experience, I knew full well that it was the first and foremost step in stripping one’s self of a past identify. While I knew the profound significance of the shaving, this new girl may not. This thrilled me beyond compare… I was to partake in this woman’s initiation. It would be me who would peel away the soft, luxurious mane of hair… Euterpe sauntered to the wall where a control panel was to switching on a hydraulic mechanism. The loud engine rumbled to life, lowering the chrome table as it positioned the woman flat so that her head was right below me.

Handing me the electric sheers, Euterpe grazed my wrist with her appreciative fingers as she took her leave. I stopped her, wanting to know one more thing…

“Am I allowed to talk to her?” I asked.

“As you see fit, Madam.” She replied as she left the room, shutting the door quietly behind her.

Now we were alone, and I was a nervous wreck. Talk about a role reversal! Here it was me who had this done a year prior, and now look at what I was about to do. Standing behind the curvy brunette, I stammered as to what to possibly say. Unable to think of anything, I just lowered my face to hers and planted a soft kiss upon her forehead. Closing my eyes, I felt our hearts connect in some mysterious way… I remembered how thoughtful and loving the girls were when they shaved my head, and this debutante deserved no less. Thinking about that, the words came to me.

“In time, you’ll thank me for this.” I whispered.

I could hear her sigh as I switched on the clamorous sheers. The buzzing sound was so vile, yet so essential for her to experience… so hypnotizing in a romantically repulsive manner. Looking down, I could see there was not one trace of fear in her eyes. This baffled me since I was expecting hysterical tears and cries of mercy. Her boldness clearly made it known of her willingness to begin the shave. It shocked me to no end. I wanted to stop and just hold her in my arms, but I had to focus on the good this would do for her. The first step in recovery is always the hardest, and as I knew, this one act would be the most abominable. I lovingly placed my free hand upon her soft bare shoulder; taking a deep breath as the unmerciful sheers dug into her soft thick hair. Hearing the grinding of the sheers, I drudged ahead as a thick lump of hair gradually floated to the floor. Despite the steel ball lodged in her mouth, I could tell this was a welcomed act of transformation for her. Sighing heavily, it was as if she couldn’t wait for me to take another swipe at her hair.

I was actually glad I had a woman who enjoyed this deed. If this girl had been an emotional mess like I was, I might have chickened out and had someone else strip her head clean. But it wasn’t… it was borderline magical. I absolutely loved watching myself peel away the dark hair, leavings lines of pasty white skin in its magnificent wake… inch by luscious inch. Once the sheers had finished it’s brutal task, I suddenly had the urge to feel the bristly roundness of her skull… I almost lost myself, feeling my own head become dizzy in indulgence and eroticism. I had done this… I had shed this lovely woman’s garland of pride and individuality.

“Oh my God.” I whispered to myself, kneeling down to run my palms across every inch of her freshly shaved skull.

My face floated by the rugged skull, tenderly kissing the skull. I caught myself, realizing my duty had yet to be finished. I forced myself to stand, going to the nearby cabinet for the shaving cream and razor to finish the job. I held my breath, still amazed that I was actually shaving a woman’s head clean.

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