A question and answer session

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A question and answer session
what have you enjoyed doing the most with someone
else with me in the room?
****I ‘d have to say sucking the black man’s cock as
you fucked me. Or fucking with the loud blonde, right
in front of my face. Though if I could include
anytime—I’d say, being with Tiffany.

what do you think is the sluttiest thing you’ve done
while i was there?
**I think, you would say the black man. I would say,
having all the people smacking my ass and touching my
which of the things you’ve done do you look forward
to doing again…but better?
***Sucking your cock with another woman. I’d like to
spend more time doing that–this time felt a little
rushed. I look forward to licking more pussy. More
being with a woman, more contact, etc. And I would
want a better looking couple to full swap with.

do you look forward to your first gloryhole?
******I suppose, I’m anxious about it. So, in a
way–I guess, that is a yes.

where do you want me to be?
******I’d prefer you to be right next to me, at least
in the room.
why do you want to go back to the adult theater?

I’d like to be fortunate enough güvenilir bahis to have another couple
be there. And be able to enjoy watching them be the
center of attention.

1. How could you be sluttier in cleveland than I’ve
seen you before?

Ever since, I’ve seen the photos—of course, I’ve
thought about doing a dance for you on the stage.
Another girl would be up there and then, we would
dance together in front of everyone. I have thought
about riding the sybian as if it were a
bronco—fucking it like I was the only one in the
room. Cumming hard with everyone’s eyes on me.
Fucking/sucking you like we were at home. Even if
it’s not appropriate.

2. What would you do to a man just to be with his
woman, there?

To a man or her man? I would start by asking if
could feel his cock between my lips. I’d let him
decide which lips those were. I would tease him with
my dancer moves. I would listen to how he wants his
cock sucked, so he can last long. I would spread my
legs as I laid on my back, get on my knees allowing
him to view my holes, or slide down his cock to grind
bouncing, slowing til he cums.

3. internet casino What were you thinking as I was describing all
the things I’ve seen you do and have done to you at
the schvitz? Which memory is most vivid?

******I was thinking, that is what a slut would do.
And I was asking myself, how did I become one. I
suppose, the most vivid would have to be with being
fucked by you, feeling my legs being spread a little
too wide, sucking a black man’s cock, you walking
away, getting on my back, still being fucked by you,
and having a new cock in my mouth.

4. Every guy I’ve seen you suck/stroke off has lasted
less than 5 minutes, how long would you rather a man
last in your mouth? None of these others (except the
black one) has really impressed you with the size,
what would you do differently if you really enjoyed
the size and feel of a cock?

******The first part is a little tricky. I’m ok with
them not lasting a long time. Because usually my mind
is somewhere else. However, if I really was attracted
to the man and was impressed by the size of his
cock–that might be different. It perabet would be nice
thinking how big he was in my mouth. To be able to
feel his cock grow and wonder if my mouth will be able
to hold it. Being able to grasp his hard cock,
sliding my hand up and down, and moving it more than
an inch. I would probably turn to you, asking
permission of sorts, to ride or be fucked by him.

5. How many different guys do you want to fuck you
on the same night? How do you want them?
******Three seems to be plenty. I think, for the
most part, I would let them decide how I was to be
fucked. Though, I wouldn’t want to be in the same
position for all. I would definitely want someone to
be a little on the rougher side, like you. I’m
starting to wonder, if you mean all at the same
encounter. I see myself bent over one of those
couches, bouncing up and down a thick cock upstairs in
one of the booths, and on the floor, being fucked like
an a****l. Though, I’m willing to compromise.

6. What will you do differently at the adult theater
that you’ve never done before?

*****Do you mean at the theater or ever? Either
one, I’m not really sure. I would like to be a little
more friendlier to the “watchers” Try to look at them
more, watching them to be able to remember what they
were doing, maybe direct them more on what I would
like to see or have done to me.

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