A Quiet Night at Home Ch. 04

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Siobhan quickly sat up, looking startled. “Wha…,” she began, her face taking on a look of embarrassment as she realised there could be no explanation for the way things were, other than having been peeing and masturbating into her pillow the night before.

“I’m…I was…I just..” – it was almost fun to watch her trying to come up with a reason for being naked, with a very obviously pee-soaked pillow between her legs. Her face reddened as she trailed off, and I felt another jolt run through me as I saw her breasts and stomach flush at the same time.

I decided to take charge of things, and try and make her feel as comfortable as I could, given that I’d rather deliberately caught her in the aftermath of having pleasured herself in quite a kinky way.

“Oh hon, don’t worry about it! I used to have this happen to me a lot when I was about your age!” I chose my words carefully, making it sound like I was talking about bedwetting, when really I was talking about peeing for pleasure and fucking her pillow.

I took her gown from the hook inside her wardrobe and handed it to her. “You go and have a shower, love, and I’ll sort things out in here.”

Siobhan stood up and took the robe from me, looking at me with a furrowed brow.

“It’s really OK, hon,” I said, looking her straight in the eyes, “this used to happen to me, it happens to lots of girls. It’s perfectly natural, some people say it’s even quite healthy to..” I trailed off. Maybe I’d gone too far there – bedwetting, healthy?

Siobhan gave me a sort of sheepish smirk, and muttering, “Thanks, m,” she slunk off to the shower.

As soon as I heard the shower curtain close, I flung my robe open, picked up the wet pillow and jammed it up against my hot cunt.

Almost immediately I just let it all go, feeling the liquid heating and soaking the pillow, my lips, my clit. I felt my hardening clit strain against the material as I pressed it hard into me.

I managed to stem the flow, and started to thrust my hips, rubbing the hot, wet fabric deliciously over my cunt. Before I knew it, I heard the unmistakeable noise of the shower shutting off.

Quickly, I pulled the pillow out from between my legs, wrapped my robe back around me, and ran as quietly as I could to the laundry. My heart was beating like crazy with excitement when I got there!

I stopped for a brief moment to think about the situation. It was utterly depraved, filthy, naughty – disgusting, even – and I was loving every minute of it!

I got the pillow into the machine and started the wash off, then got in the shower myself. Just moments earlier, Siobhan had been here where I stood, cleaning herself of the night’s excesses.

The thought of this sent my hand straight to my cunt, fingers rubbing insistently over my engorged clit, the feeling enhanced by the hot water running over my whole body.

I lost myself in the wonderful feelings, and before I knew it, I’d pushed myself over the edge into a lovely, shuddering, knee-trembling orgasm. I heard something in between a grunt and a moan escape my lips – I just couldn’t help it!

I leant back heavily against the shower wall, regaining my breath, my fingers still playing gently over my lips and clit.

Suddenly, I heard Siobhan call out, “Bye – I’ll see you tonight!” from just on the other side of the bathroom door.

I managed a weak, “Bye, see you when you get home.”

God – how loud had I been? Had she heard me? Just the idea that she might have sent a shiver of pleasure through me, and my fingers found my clit again. It was just a quick come this time, but no less intense for that, images of Siobhan watching me masturbate running through my mind.

Luckily, I had a lot to get done that day, so I was able to keep my mind off my clit, pretty much illegal bahis until Siobhan arrived home around seven.

Nothing was said about the morning as we ate dinner together, instead telling each other about the things that had happened as we went about our day.

Siobhan cleared the plates away, calling out, “I’m completely knackered, so I’m off to bed.”

I took my chance now, handing her a bottle of water. “Take this to your bedroom with you, OK? I know I liked to drink a lot when I was your age, and I think you’ll find it will help with, um, what we sorted out this morning.”

I was amazed I could get the words out, I was feeling so horny! I was almost positive that Siobhan would be able to read between the lines. She confirmed this by silently taking the bottle and heading into her room, but not before I could ssee her obviously reddening.

Whether it was embarrassment or horniness (or both), I didn’t really mind, as long as she got the message that I was more than OK with her masturbating and peeing in her room as much as she wanted.

Within about five minutes I found myself outside Siobhan’s bedroom door. I’d already stepped out of my clothes, leaving them in a pile in the kitchen, so I stood there completely naked. I kept my hands off myself as long as I possibly could, standing right next to the door and listening hard to hear what Siobhan was up to.

It was soon very obvious that she was doing exactly what I’d hoped she would. I could hear a kind of rhythmic movement, accompanied by the rustling of material, and a very faint creaking from the bed in time with it all.

It was no good, I couldn’t hold back any longer, and I started to rub my right hand up from my soaking lips to my stiff little clit, my left hand doing its best to play with both my nipples at once.

I was ultra-horny already, but even so, my excitement continued to build. Along with it, I was certain I could hear the movements from Siobhan’s room become more vigorous, more urgent.

This in turn spurred me on, and I pressed harder, stroking my middle finger up from my lips, over my clit, and back again, building up a nice steady rhythm as I started to feel that familiar feeling of arousal deep inside me.

I closed my eyes, and imagined bursting in through Siobhan’s door, just watching her go at it with he pillow, watching her single-minded focus on bringing herself off, while I do the same, standing beside her, watching.

I got so caught up in the delicious thoughts, and the feelings they bring, that it took me almost a minute to realise that the noises from Siobhan’s room had all but stopped. I hoped against all hope that she hadn’t finished, that she was watching me through the keyhole as I continued building towards a wonderful orgasm.

I kept the beautiful mind’s-eye image of me in Siobhan’s room, watching her rubbing her hot cunt over her pillow as I rubbed my hand over my own hot, wet fanny.

What felt like another whole minute went by, and I decided to open my eyes as subtly as possible, to see if I could see what was happening. I leant my head back, opening my right eye just the barest possible amount.

I saw Siobhan’s door, and as I watched, the keyhole below the door handle went from dark to light, and I heard a couple of light steps and a sigh from the bed. She WAS watching me! A delicious, naughty shiver ran through my whole body at the thought of this.

I heard the noises begin again in earnest – she was fucking herself again! She saw me fucking myself, and she wasn’t disgusted, she went right back to masturbating!

I couldn’t believe this was happening – it was like a dream I never wanted to wake up from. My fingers kept at my clit, the index finger joining the middle finger, squeezing my clit deliciously between them as illegal bahis siteleri I rubbed over it.

I heard a watery, bubbling sound from inside Siobhan’s room – she was drinking the water! This just got better and better…

I decided that then was the time to move right up against the door, and squatting down (with my fingers still doing lovely things to my clit), I put my eye to the keyhole.

Siobhan’s bed is to the left of the door, so I had to lean to the right to see it. I only got the slimmest glimpse of her, and only if I held myself in exactly the right way, but what I saw was incredible:

Siobhan was visible from her upper neck to the bottom of her buttocks. I could _just_ see the pillow underneath her bum as it clenched and pushed forward and back. Oh my god, this was utterly incredible, I was finally watching her fuck herself!

A ticklish feeling moved from my stomach down into my cunt, and as I moved my hand down under my lips, I felt a little splash of hot liquid on my fingers. As I went back to rubbing my clit in earnest, I started to make more noise with all the liquid down there. It felt divine, and the thought that Siobhan can hear it made me ever hornier.

As I thought this, through the keyhole I saw her right arm come across behind her as her body twisted towards the door – she’d be able to see that I was looking through the keyhole!

I had stopped caring by this point, and kept watching her, rubbing my hand over my soaking cunt and clit just as hard as ever.

I saw Siobhan turn back away from me, then lean back on her hands, lifting her bum up as high as she could. After a brief pause, I heard a trickle, followed by a squirt and a little grunt. She was peeing on her pillow, and she KNEW I could see her doing it.

I could not possibly imagine being any more turned than I was right then, frigging myself outside Siobhan’s door, watching through the keyhole as she started fucking the wet material vigorously.

I went straight through the door, no more hesitation. Siobhan briefly glanced back at me as I stood in the doorway, then turned right back around, fucking herself ever harder against the pillow.

I moved so I was standing beside her bed, only about a metre from her as she stopped moving, lifting herself up again (this time leaning forward). I quickly moved round behind her, getting a brief glimpse of her deep red, soaking wet cunt before she rested it back against the pillow.

I heard another beautiful squirt as she peed again, and I could see pee run down her thighs and onto her calves.

Her voice came back to me, “oh, mum, I’m making a BIG mess!”

I found myself replying, “that’s good love, you’re doing fine – mummy LOVES to see you having fun like this.”

I couldn’t believe I was actually saying this, and as I did, Siobhan went back to fucking her now sopping wet pillow. Each time her bum moved back towards me, I could see her lovely little anus as her cheeks spread apart. I could still only catch the briefest glimpses of her cunt as she does this, but it was more than enough for me.

I squatted down behind her, my eyes level with her cunt, and watched as she lifted herself up off the pillow again. This time she moved a bit slower, and I got a chance to see her deep red clit, hiding behind its pink hood.

She started to pee again, but this time kept her bum off the pillow as she did so, allowing me to see the beautiful liquid squirt its way out from deep inside her.

She kept peeing as she dropped her bum back onto the pillow and began to fuck harder than ever before.

A slick, wet noise came from her cunt rubbing across the wet material, with the occasional squirt as more pee escaped, lubricating her wanking session more each time.

Her voice came back to canlı bahis siteleri me again, breathier and more horny now, “oh, mum, I’m making SUCH a big mess, but it feels soooo good!”

I replied, again without thinking, “don’t worry about the mess, baby. Mummy LOVES to make a mess when she makes herself feel good. Mummy’s just happy to see her girl making herself feel so good – you make as much mess as you like!”

I don’t know where all this was coming from, but by god, it made me feel SO sexy!

“Oh mum,” came the breathy reply, “I’m gonna do it again, I’m gonna make more mess, more sexy mess on my pillow!”

This was the most incredibly horny thing that had ever happened to me, I still could not believe it! I heard myself replying, as if in a dream:

“That’s a good girl, show me how much of a mess you can make. I want to see my girl making a huge mess and feeling REALLY good!”

It was true – I really did want her to feel as good as she could. As I watched her manouevre onto all fours above her pillow, I felt the muscles in my cunt go into overdrive as I began cumming. It was a gentle, rolling orgasm, that I kept ticking over with little movements on my clit. Every so often I’d reach down to my lips, and each time I was amazed at how wet they had become.

Meanwhile, Siobhan’s spread legs opened up her lips right in front of my face. I watched her cunt become a deeper red as she pushed, which was followed by a small squirt of pee.

“Come on, baby, just let it all go, squirt your hot pee into your pillow for me.”

Siobhan’s cunt tensed up again, followed by a slightly bigger squirt.

“Come on, baby – let it go, let it go. Mummy’s right here, it’s OK – make as much mess as you like, it’ll feel SOOOO good!”

Suddenly, Siobhan was peeing, hard. She angled her cunny so as much as possible went on the pillow.

“Ohhhhhh, mummy – I’m making a BIG mess! I want to cum for you, mummy, can I cum for you?”

My continuing orgasm deepened at the sound of these words.

“Of course, baby, mummy wants you to cum! Fuck your little clitty on that hot pillow for me. I want to see you feeling AMAZING, and cumming and cumming for me!”

While I was saying this, Siobhan had pressed her cunny back into the pillow, still peeing, and was rubbing herself back and forth like crazy.

“Oh, I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna cum, ohhhhh, here it is – here it is! Ohhhhhh mummy, I LOVE cumming! Ah ah ah ah ah HHHHah!”

This last was a series of grunts, as she came, very hard indeed. I watched her clench her bum, then release it and saw her anus spasming along with her orgasm.

My own orgasm was still building, and as Siobhan wound down from hers, collapsing onto the pillow, I stood up and started really going at myself.

Without even thinking about it, I was soon standing on the bed, astride Siobhan’s arse. I started talking to her again, my sexed-up brain taking over completely.

“Oh baby, you’re such a good girl, you came so beautifully! Mummy loved seeing you cum so hard and make such a big mess.”

Siobhan’s only response was a gentle moan from beneath me.

“It’s my turn to cum now, sweetie – I want to see if I can cum as much as you did. Oh, honey, I can feel it starting – I’m starting to cum! I’m gonna cum on you so much!”

“Mmmm, come on me, mummy, cum on me and my mess – I want you to cum on me!”

Her words pushed me over into a full-blown orgasm, impossibly even bigger than the previous night. My knees gave way, and I collapsed onto Siobhan, to another moan of pleasure from her.

As my hot cunny touched her cool arse, I felt a huge spasm, at the same time hearing and feeling a jet of liquid squirt out of me and into her bum crack.

I only squirted a couple more times, but the feeling of release was unlike anything I’ve felt before, it was completely amazing – fulfilling and deliciously naughty all at the same time.

“Ohh, mummy’s made a mess too, sweetie. I’ve made a huge mess of myself with a huge cum, and I LOVE it!”

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