A Quiet Night on the Couch

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I walked into the living room. He was sitting there, legs up on the couch, leaning back and watching tv. The man I chose to live with for the time being, an uncomplicated yet intimate relationship of the kind I never thought I’d have with a guy.

I took off my shorts; the cool breeze from the window felt good through my trimmed pubic hair. Clad only in a white t-shirt, I walked over. He parted his legs to let me sit between them; I did, and I leaned back onto his chest. He wrapped his arms around me, pulled me in close. I kissed his muscular forearm.

He took his hand and ran it up under my shirt, to feel the curve of my waist, my soft stomach, my breast. Whatever was on TV faded to the background. He kissed my neck, then slowly ran his hand lower to play with my hair, my labia. He reached down and felt how wet I was; I was ready to go.

He pulled his cock out of his boxer shorts and I felt its heat against my back as it solidified, thick and simultaneously hard but forgiving, flesh that would be mine. I reached back and cupped his balls, feeling their softness and their hair, hearing him breathe deeper into my ear.

I sat up a bit, straddled his lap, folded my lower legs back alongside his thighs. I could feel the heat coming from him against my cunt, and he could feel my wetness drip down onto his shaft.

He pulled a condom out from somewhere and slipped it on; then he teased my opening with the head of his penis, and entered me. I spread my legs even wider, casino oyna swallowing him up, and leaned back onto his chest. He pulled my shirt up, exposing my tits. He fondled one of my soft DDs as he reached down to touch my clit. I closed my eyes as we slowly started rocking back and forth together; the feeling of his skin sliding against mine, in and out of my wet opening, sent waves of sensation down my thighs and up my spine, radiating out like signals from a homing beacon. As he touched my clit, I began to feel bathed in warmth, the intensity building up high and fast.

He bent his legs up a bit; his cock went farther inside me. We rocked harder, the TV indifferent to our actions. I started moaning as he drew wet circles around my throbbing center; he started intermittently grunting as the sensation built. He took his hand off my breast and unexpectedly grabbed my arm, twisting it back toward him. I let out a wimper; “is this okay?” he asked. It almost hurt but it felt so good. I moaned and let out a breathy “yeah” in response. He me in, my arm on the edge of pain, at his mercy, being pulled down onto his stiff cock. I moaned louder.

I felt myself nearing climax; just as I started going over I reached back with my free hand and turned his face toward mine, kissing him for the first time. As I came, I bucked against his hand on my clit, against the hand holding my arm, against his broad chest, moaning into his mouth. As he kept fucking me, waves of orgasm came over slot oyna me, over and over again, each one as good as the next. I was being loud now, I knew, and the neighbors could definitely hear us with the open window, but I didn’t care.

Finally he held me still, let go of my arm and my clit. He wrapped his arms around me, squeezing me tight, holding me still. I knew he liked to stop moving when he was on the edge, and let the spasms of my vaginal walls finish the job. We stayed still for at least 15 seconds before he started coming, his shaft moving inside me with every wave, filling me with sensation. He buried his face in my neck, holding me, breathing me in. I was utterly at his mercy after I had come multiple times, and he held my limp body against his as he filled the condom with his seed.

I got off him when I felt him start to go limp; he tossed the condom in the trash can nearby and lay back. I lay against him and he kissed me deeply. As soon as he started kissing me I felt ready to go again; he knew this, so he let me grind against his leg. He took off my shirt so I could feel my bare skin against his; he knew I liked that too. I couldn’t stop myself from straddling his leg, my wetness lubricating it, and as I ground my clit against his thigh he kissed my mouth and my neck until I came again, in waves, and collapsed against his chest.

I saw that he was ready again. He sat up and pulled out another condom; I straddled him, desperate for another fuck. I canlı casino siteleri rocked back and forth on his cock, coming almost immediately; then he sat up and lifted me off of him, turning me around to fuck me from behind. I felt animalistic, needing his cock inside me to feel whole, so wet that he slipped inside me almost by accident. He grabbed my hair; now he was being animalistic. We fucked compulsively, our drive becoming our need, our sweat combining, the heat of our bodies building together. A quiet evening of TV was not so quiet anymore.

He was still far off so he reached down to lubricate his thumb with my juices and slowly began entering my ass, widening my puckered hole. I moaned, the sensations in both holes building off each other; then he pulled out of both openings and gently started sliding his cock into my ass. I lowered down from all fours onto my stomach. “Slowly slowly,” I told him; he responded. As he slowly, gently slid into me, checking my expression for signs of pain, he lowered his body onto mine, until he lay alongside me, kissing my shoulder and caressing my stomach, spooning me as he entered me further. Then slowly, he started fucking me.

I started touching myself. I was swollen and wet, and really sensitive; I used indirect pressure to stimulate my clit, moaning as I rolled it between my fingers. He kept fucking me gently, watching me touch myself. I never did come again, but he did, and the gratitude of his body as he pressed it against mine, touching me all over and pulling me closer, made me almost tear up with the beauty of the sensation. It was sweet and beautiful, our bodies giving into one anothers’.

We had fucked like animals, and now I felt more human than ever.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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