A Scenario

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He told me to write down a list of things that I wanted to try with him. I tried, but ended up writing a scenario that I would like to try with him instead. He’s at work, and is going to be off fairly soon, so I have to hurry if I want to set it up.

Instead of simply reading it to him, I thought I could best him one and simply do it instead. He’s always playing these silly kinds of bedroom games with me, and I think I’m beginning to catch on. I like how it changes things up a bit. This time the ball is in my court, and I’m going to take him to the hole, so to say.

The first step was clothing. I picked out my sexiest black bra and panties first. As I continued searching for what to wear, it occurred to me that I wasn’t going out, and lingerie would be just enough anyhow. Soon it would be no more than a floor decoration anyhow.

Once my entire bedroom was lit up with softly glowing candles, I needed some mood music. Ah, Barry White. I get chills when he talks. “This should do the trick for now.”

Earlier in the week I had bought some massage oils while I was shopping around the mall because I was thinking of my man. I’ve never had a better masseuse, and he could simply melt me with his touch. Add a little oil, and I should be in ecstasy. Now they sat within arms reach of the bed. I chuckled to myself as I arranged them neatly so the labels could be read.

Just as I smoothed out the wrinkles in the comforter, I could hear the clicking of his key in the front door. I shuffled quickly to the bedroom doorway and posed in a way that I had once seen on a swimsuit calendar somewhere. My legs were nearly shaking because I was so anxious for him to come around the corner.

There he was. I think he almost dropped his things when he first saw me. I know he dropped his jaw, anyway. “Whoa.” is all he said. A devilish smile came across my face as my finger lured him toward me.

In one swift motion his shoes were off, tie loosened, and keys on the floor. Our arms flowed around each others bodies as our lips met in a divine seal. I found myself walking backwards into the candle-lit room and towards the bed. Not once did our lips part, nor arms stop moving.

I could tell this was just what he wanted by the way his fingers pulled at my bare skin and his tongue explored my mouth.

His arms eased me backwards and down onto the bed, catching my head before it hit the pillow. I could smell his musky scent from having worked a hard day. He brought himself to be kneeling over me as my hands undid his tie. I dropped it to the floor and began slowly unbuttoning casino oyna his white shirt. He just stared deeply into my eyes without saying anything as I worked down his chest.

When the shirt was undone, he pulled it to the floor, followed by his undershirt. My hormones went crazy as I watched his thin, but very well-toned form move to free itself from the shirt. My hands began wandering over his chest and abs even before the shirt was over his head, and I was already beginning to feel quite wet.

With his shirt off, he again moved to kiss me, and I dug my nails into his bare back to pull his entire body against mine. I wanted to feel his warmth and his stiff cock rubbing me through his pants. After a very passionate kiss, I again grinned and pointed to the massage oils lined out a few feet from us. Being a smart guy, he immediately moved from his spot to retrieve the bottles.

As he figured out which oil was best for what, I unhooked my bra and turned to my stomach. I had always wanted a full body massage, but until I met my man, I was too self-conscious to be naked with a guy. Now here I was lying topless on my bed, eyes closed, waiting for his next move.

The next thing I felt was a warm drop of liquid hitting me right between my shoulder blades, then sliding slowly down the spine of my back. It was a strange feeling, yet I also liked it. His hands both touched down at the small of my back, catching the drop, and spreading it outward along with the rest he must have put into his palms.

After showing my entire back some amazing attention, he moved to my left arm, right on down to each knuckle of each finger. Then he repeated the same for the right arm. I heard the squirting of more oil, and wondered where he would touch me next. Not knowing or looking was half of the fun.

My neck felt like it would melt completely off; it was so entirely relaxed from pressure in all the right places. From just behind the ears to the base at the shoulders, I was soon moaning out my relief and contentment without even realizing it.

I couldn’t believe how well he could read my mind as to what I had written out for him, but he was going along verbatim with what I had thought earlier.

As he moved his hands across my back once more he gathered more oil in order to massage my legs. Again he started with the left, rubbing every inch of the thighs that I think are too big, though he always says otherwise. My calves must have needed more attention than I thought, because it felt as though he rubbed out a few good knots which made them feel wonderful. My feet, slot oyna although normally quite ticklish, seemed to be too relaxed to notice as his thumbs kneaded them to heaven.

I felt like my body was literally glowing as I rolled myself over once more to face him. I pulled his face to mine and gave him the most passionate kiss I could, feeling the muscles in his back move with his body. “Switch me.” I said, shifting so that he could lay in my place.

I knelt over him and began kissing at the base of his chin, circling my tongue with each stamp of my lips, gliding closer and closer to the top of his trousers. His stomach fluttered a little as my tongue caressed it, and I giggled a little to myself because I thought it was cute.

I looked up to his eyes as I unlatched his belt buckle and unbuttoned his pants. The look he gave me seemed to say “Do whatever you want to me.” And tonight I would.

He helped me a little when it came to taking off his pants, and removing his boxer briefs along with them. Already at a full erection, I continued my trail of kisses around his dick and to the tops of his thighs. He jumped a little when I licked the skin of his sack. I kissed every inch of skin I could find, save for his cock itself. By then it was twitching in anticipation. I don’t think I’ve ever seen it quite that stiff before.

My tongue danced along the bottom side of his shaft, and he grabbed two handfulls of comforter along with the sensation. As I played with the head in my mouth, I cupped his balls lightly and rolled them in my hand as if they were chinese meditation balls. He seemed to like it, because I heard a soft moan escape his lips. My man isn’t a very loud guy in bed, but if he makes noise, I know I must be doing something right.

As my left hand cupped his sack and my tongue rolled over and over the head of his prick, my right hand found itself stroking up and down at the base of it, in time with my mouth. I almost felt as if I was milking it, and it felt erotic. I wanted to milk the cum from his balls and swallow him down. He seemed to hear my thoughts, because he was soon rocking his hips in time with my rhythm as well.

I knew he wasn’t going to last long at the speed I was going, so I pulled off quickly and shot my mouth up to his ear, still stroking his meat. “I want to feel you fuck my pussy from behind, and I want it now.” I said. He likes when I tell him what I want, and especially if it’s dirty. I was feeling quite dirty by now, and I only wanted more.

He rose from his back and I knelt in front of him, ass up in the air. canlı casino siteleri He grabbed my panties, and slid them quickly down to my knees, where I lifted them so he could pull the panties off completely. Grabbing a pillow to lay my head on, I could feel him placing his thick head at my pussy’s entrance.

I moaned loudly as he pressed against my tight opening with his cock. It yielded slowly at first, but I was already so wet that the lubrication sent him quickly to my insides. I gasped as I felt I was torn open, and yet my hips seemed to push backwards wanting more. With a couple slow pushes and a few more breaths, his entire length was within me.

My breaths were coming in heaves as I was moaning with every movement. I could feel every bit of him inside me, brushing along my most sensitive areas. At first he slid slowly in and out, running his hands along my back and around the tops of my thighs. The leftover massage oils kept my entire backside slick to his touch.

As he gained momentum, he leaned forward and grabbed a handful of my hair with his right hand and my left breast with his left. My back was arched from my hair being pulled back, and his cock was rubbing directly against my treasure spot. I was almost hyperventillating because my breathing was so erratic at that point, I could feel my orgasm running up on me quick.

His left hand squeezed hard on my breast and nipple suddenly as he thrust completely in me. I felt a rush of heat leave my chest and flow directly to my pussy as it exploded in orgasm, contracting over and over again, squeezing his dick and making my legs shake. “OOOOooohhhhh…” I moaned loudly as I think I ever have and then buried my face in the pillow.

He continued to ravage my cunt with his full length, though, and soon I could again feel the beginnings of another orgasm building up. We must have been on the same page, because he began letting out short grunts along with his deep thrusts, telling me he was soon to explode.

Again I was rocketed to ecstasy with another deep thrust within me as my body contracted yet again in orgasm. “I’m going to cum” was all he said then and I whipped off of him and spun around.

He began shooting his load before I could get my mouth to his cock, and the first shot hit my chest, followed by another on the cheek. I grabbed the base of his prick and sucked down the rest of his oozing cum, while the rest slid slowly down my face and chest. I just held him in my mouth until he could finally ease his muscles and open his eyes again.

He looked down at me with a very satisfied look and just chuckled a little.

While he lay on the bed, I drew us a warm bath and took a few of the candles into the bathroom with me. He wandered in when he heard me getting into the water, and we lay very relaxed in the calm water.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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