A short pleasure trip (Part 3)

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A short pleasure trip (Part 3)
By Dina Petro

Writer’s note “All names and information about characters in this story are fake and altered for the reason of privacy”

(Part 3)

A continuation of part two of same story, exactly from where it ended
Soon enough Alice was shaking and trembling between my hands as if her body was fully electrified, she was very verbal as well, screaming of words like “oh lick me more Natalie, don’t you stop please, I want more of that” till she started shouting and screaming of the words “I am Cumming” she started splashing her sweet, fresh and hot pussy juices in my mouth, I made sure of collecting each and every drop, enjoying the taste of it.
Afterwards, while we were embracing each other in bed, relaxing, we were chatting and laughing, she had admitted to me that it was her first time ever to have sex with another woman, I was shocked asking “and how long you have been working here?”
She said “I was the last to be hired, don’t get me wrong, I love sex, I was first fucked by Julio, the boss, and that was when he interviewed me to be hired, he must have liked it, he gave me his approval before we got dressed”
I smiled asking “and that was it?”
She said “No, he has been fucking me every time he is here”
I said “I meant the others?”
She smiled saying “well, chef Rickie was the first to fuck me after Julio, but I could not take his cock in me the first time, we ended up having oral sex, I jerked him to cum and he licked my pussy till I came, later on, he had to try a few times before I could handle his giant dick”
I said “wow, is he that big?”
She nodded smiling, looking me in the eyes and saying “you would not believe it Natalie, he got the biggest, longest and thickest dick I have ever seen or felt in my life, the first time he fucked me, I could not walk normal for two days, but later on I got used to it”
I giggled saying “I sure would love to try that cock”
She asked “really?”
I said “You bet your life on it, in fact, I want him to come and fuck us both together right now, what do you say to that?”
She was laughing naughtily saying “do you want the truth? I slept in his bed last night, between his arms, he fucked me and he said he saw you being double fucked by the boss and your husband, he was dying to get between your legs in fact”
I said “wow, that is mutual thinking and sexual attraction, the first time I lay an eye over him, I knew he would be a hung black man, I wanted his cock so bad, why don’t you call him now, and let us not waste time, we will wait for illegal bahis him both naked in here in bed”
As if she was waiting for my approval to reward her best fucker with my pussy, she dialed his number saying “Guess what Rickie? You will get to fuck me and Natalie together, why don’t you come over right now; we are hot, horny and naked for you”
It didn’t take Rickie that long to walk into the room, he seemed happy and fully ready for us, as we could both see his hard cock building a tent under his shorts, we both attacked him as soon as he came in, got him nude, I was totally shocked and happy with his cock, he was a real hung man with at least 11 inches of black cock meat.
I looked at Alice saying; “no wonder why you could not take it from the first time”
He smiled saying “you told her that too?”
I nodded smiling and saying “but I am going to give both of you a lesson on how professional whores could handle such a gorgeous dick up my pussy and my ass as well”
Alice and I got on our knees in front of him, sharing his cock, sucking it together, making it harder and longer, extending to the furthest it could, Alice said “I would love to see Rickie’s cock sliding into your ass Natalie, do you think you can handle his dick anal?”.
I laughed saying “that would be an easy fantasy for you to satisfy, I got on my knees, asking Rickie to get behind me, as soon as he started finger fucking my ass, preparing it for his giant cock, I pulled Alice asking her to spread her legs wide for me, I started licking her pussy while Ricky was busy fucking me in my ass.
Ricky was shocked seeing my tongue in and all over Alice’s pussy screaming “How did you manage to get her to accept that, did you know that Maria has been trying hard to get to this bitch’s pussy and never was able to?”
I said “really? I have already figured Maria would be a good pussy eater, how come she could not get under Alice’s panties?”
Ricky said “yes, I know Maria is a good pussy eater, besides being the best cock sucker, she would make me cum in her mouth, she had licked the entire girl’s pussies in this place, except for Alice, and how did you manage to get her to spread her legs for you?”
By then I have already enjoyed a good fifteen minutes of ass fucking by the super huge cock, I said “coming to think of it, there is one thing I did not get this little slut do so far, I want to switch places with her Ricky”
Alice and I switched places, she was on her knees being fucked by Ricky while I spread my legs wide open saying “Now, illegal bahis siteleri I want you to show me how good of a pussy eater you are, my little slut”
As soon as Ricky shoved his dick in her pussy, she was screaming loud, she was still not fully used it his cock’s length and girth, although he had fucked her many times so far, I pulled her head with both my hands, pushed it to my pussy saying “shut up and eat my pussy little whore”
She was munching on my pussy, she wasn’t the best pussy eater, but she was learning so fast, following my instructions till she made me cum all over her face.
I asked Ricky to pull his cock out of her cunt, I lay on my back, asked Alice to lay on top of me, facing me, we started kissing each other on the lips passionately, while Rickey was fucking us both, alternating his cock between our fuck holes till he was ready to cum, we jumped up, took his cock and started sucking on it, milking it sharing his cock cream, then we kissed each other till we both swallowed it all.
I relaxed a while after all that fucking I had, took a little nap, and in the afternoon, I called for service, the two other guys working with Chef Rickie came together, they walked into my room, I was fully nude as usual.
They said “we are at your service madam, what can we do for you?”
I looked at them both, and of course they were looking at my naked body, it wasn’t the first time they see me naked, in fact, they have witnessed my being double fucked last night.
I smiled, checking them out, up and down, then I said “coming to think of it, I was going to ask for my coffee, but I think doctors recommend juice first, it is healthier than coffee, don’t you guys agree?”
They both nodded saying “of course mam, what kind of fresh juice would you like, we have all kinds”
I said “I would like to have some fresh cock juice if possible?”
They were both shocked, looking at each other, then at me, as if not knowing what to say, I said “you both heard me boys, and you know exactly what I want, I guess your boss’s instructions were clear to all of you, didn’t he say for me to be treated as a queen?”
They both nodded, and I continued saying “So get naked please, I want both of your cocks together”
Not that I was asking them to do something they did not like doing it, they were both happy to hear my request and got rid of their clothes so fast, when their cocks sprung out of their underwear, fully hard and erect, I knew it was their wish as much as it was mine.
I asked them to get closer canlı bahis siteleri to me as I sat on the bedside, feet on the floor, I took each cock in one hand, and started massaging them, not the largest cocks, but so cute with a regular size, each of 6-7 inches long, on the thin side of girth, they were in their late teens, so fresh, young and active and that was what I wanted, I wanted fucked nonstop.
I was massaging their cocks, sucking on them simultaneously, taking them deep in my throat one after another and at other times, trying to push both of their cock heads into my mouth together till I made sure, they were both hard enough and ready for my fuck holes.
I asked one of them to get on his back on the bed, I rode his dick, making it slide into my cunt balls deep, rode it for a few minutes, then I asked the other guy to fuck me in the ass same time, saying “hey boy, I have no doubt you were watching me being double fucked by your bosses out there yesterday, isn’t that true?”
He said “Yes mam, I was hoping I could fuck you like them”
I said “ok, now it is your chance to fuck me the same way they fucked me together” I was double fucked again, for the second day on a raw, except these cocks are not half as big as the other ones I got last night, the difference, is that, these are fresh young and strong ones.
The other ones were of older men, which needed Viagra to be strong enough to satisfy my fuck holes, I was truly enjoying being double fucked by those younger guys, screaming and moaning as loud as I could, I was having an orgasm after another nonstop.
We switched positions many times, then I managed to take both cocks side by side in my pussy, which wasn’t that easy, but it wasn’t the first time I did it, and I enjoyed it as well, the other thing was taking both cocks in my ass together and that was a stunt to do, but a hell of a good one, they both came in my mouth and all over my body.
The night session was totally different, as I had all night to be alone, with Raul and Julio busy with their conference, telling me they would need all day and all night to get back to the resort.
The first session was with Maria and Sally, her other girl which I did not fuck yet, we had a lovely female threesome for a good hour, then we were joined by the other girl, Alice and the three guys, we ended up having one hell of an orgy of group sex all night long.
I was the center of attention of all of the staff, at a certain point I was fucked by all three guys together, once I had a cock in my pussy, another one in my ass and the third in my mouth, at different times I tried having two in one and the third in the available hole, which was a night to remember for the rest of my life.

The end

Wishing you all the best

Dina Petro
[email protected]

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