A Sister’s Love

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Copyright 2018 Nina Dalicia

Chapter One

The portrait was meant to be a gift.

It was a beautiful painting, capturing the likeness of the newly coronated Queen Raye perfectly. The young monarch of the neighbouring kingdom of Helene was a vision of beauty, none would contest. But in the end, they had to get rid of it. If Princess Amelia had to state one reason why it wasn’t suitable, she would have to say that it captured Raye’s essence almost too well.

That is to say, the full body portrait not only exaggerated Queen Raye’s already generous figure, but her gorgeous yet modest purple gown was… strategically edited as well. A little too fitting in some places, a little too revealing in others… it was a lovely picture, just not one they would be likely to hang where anyone could see it. So it had to be scrapped, and the artist advised to keep it in his pants next time.

So it was with great sadness, and with great difficulty, that Princess Amelia personally set the portrait to the side in a dark corner, to be discarded in the morning. And it was with even greater difficulty that she snuck down to retrieve it late that evening, safely delivering the borderline pornographic portrait to her bedchamber, whereupon she stripped naked and lay back on her bed, finally given a chance to masturbate. She had been waiting for this moment since she first laid eyes on the finished work.

“Oh God, Raye,” Amelia moaned to herself. “I liked your hair long, you know… oooh…” Her talented and experienced fingers worked her clit, while another hand hefted and squeezed a heavy breast. It was late, and the dim candles cast flickering light over the great portrait. In the meager light, and in her approaching ecstasy, Amelia was sure that the image of Raye had winked at her. And her typical warm, welcoming smile appeared to becoming closer to that of a smirk, as though she were enjoying the scene before her as much as Amelia was.

Amelia bit her lip as she tried to stifle a cry; her first orgasm of the evening putting an arch in her back and a song in her heart. She rode the waves of pleasure for a moment, eventually settling back to rest for a moment in her wondrous afterglow. Upon catching her breath, she put both her hands on her breasts, her nipples still hard, and pushed them together, creating a deep cleavage. She then imagined pushing her large breasts into Raye’s similarly curvaceous figure, nipples rubbing against each other, and she felt the embers of her pleasure begin to be stoked once again.

She was about to reach for herself when she heard what sounded like a flap of wings near the window. Her attention was drawn for only an instant, but it was enough to notice a small ornament lying on the sill. Amelia got up and went to the window, picking up the strange object, then stepping back (though she was high up, she was still naked, after all). There wasn’t much to it; just a beautiful diamond mounted on a small ceramic base, rubies accentuating the diamond’s pedestal. But she had enough diamonds, and she certainly had no need of unexplained, suddenly-appearing diamonds in places where they very much ought not to be. So she pulled her arm back, preparing to hurl the object out of the window and into the empty courtyard far below.

Why she didn’t is the sort of thing that can’t really be explained. Perhaps the diamond caught the light just so, drawing her eye. Perhaps the mystery of where the object had come from got the better of her. Perhaps she just changed her mind.

“Maybe I’ll give it to Raye,” Amelia smiled to herself. She went to put the diamond back on the windowsill, but was stopped just short of it by a stabbing pain in her crotch.

“Oww- AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” Amelia screamed, dropping the diamond. It hit the floor and bounced under the bed as Amelia sat back on it in shock, staring in stunned silence at her brand new, fully erect cock. That she had just rammed into the stone windowsill.

After a few moments, Amelia came to her senses enough to go to the heavy door of her chambers, listening for approaching guards, her body turned to prevent smashing her newfound penis into anything else. She could not hear anyone coming. It was late enough that her scream hadn’t attracted any attention, it seemed.

“Do I wake the doctor… do I tell anyone…?” Amelia wondered out loud, laying back on the bed, the great cock standing hard at attention. Though Amelia didn’t know this, it was a particularly large cock, as cocks go. Its surprise headbutt into the stone windowsill didn’t seem to have left any damage on its big, thick head.

Exploring the rest of her crotch region with her hands, she was surprised to find that she still appeared to have labia. The slit was directly under the massive cock, and she slid her fingers into it, getting the same jolt of pleasure she was used to receiving. She did not have a scrotum, either, just the massive pillar erupting from where her clitoris should be.

Her attention was then canlı bahis şirketleri drawn to the portrait of Raye, coming into focus behind the sudden appendage. “I guess I know how to make it go away somewhat,” Amelia reasoned, taking hold of the massive shaft with one hand, while her other prepared to work her breast. “I can’t get anything done with this massive hardon, now can I?”

But it didn’t seem to… work. “Isn’t this how men masturbate?” Amelia asked herself, after what felt like a very long time. It felt good, for certain, and she was enjoying the thought of plowing Raye with her newfound attachment. But after spending quite a while pumping her fat cock with one hand, she had to switch to the other, and then she was forced to try both. “Why isn’t it going off?” she asked, in growing frustration.

If anything, the surprise cock appeared to be getting harder. And it was beginning to redden, too. Attributing that to her attempted masturbation, Amelia changed tactics and grabbed a book from her nightstand, attempting to ignore the dick into submission. Fifteen minutes later, this had achieved nothing.

“God dammit!” Amelia shouted, throwing the book to the side. It felt harder, and she hoped it was just her imagination making it seem like it was slightly larger, too. It was definitely getting hotter, though. She stood up and looked out the window. “What’s happening to me-“

That was when the moonlight hit the shining fortress, far up the hill, where Amelia’s older sister Evelyn was living in self-imposed exile. It shone like a beacon in the night. “Evelyn,” Amelia realized. “She has magic, and she’s been studying it for months. She might know what’s going on. But how will I get there…?”

Amelia pulled on her pyjama dress, her giant cock giving it an impressive tent in the front. Then she got dressed as best she could over it; boots, winter coat, a jacket wrapped around her waist. Pulling on a hat and gloves, she left the relative warmth of her bedchamber and went to see her sister, leaving only a note where someone would find it that she was gone visiting for a few days.

¦ ¦ ¦

It was a few hours’ ride up into the mountains of Pandora for Amelia, an awkward ride as she had to sit slightly askew in the saddle in order to give her penis somewhere to go. Her sister Evelyn had sequestered herself away into the eastern fortress, terrified that her ice magic might one day hurt someone. Now soldiers brought her supplies twice a month and tried to talk her into coming back to the castle, but she would always refuse. Amelia’s visits were typically a little more cordial, but Evelyn would refuse her too. Amelia knew Evelyn was just scared, but it hurt being so far away from her older sister.

An hour into the trip, Amelia was sweating. It was snowing, and a little windy, but while Amelia was used to the cold, she still shouldn’t be this warm. She pulled up her nightshirt and looked at her cock, quite certain that the beastly dick was redder than ever now. The strangeness continued as she got hotter and hotter, eventually tossing off the jacket from around her waist and opening her coat.

“What is happening,” Amelia wondered aloud as she rode. “I feel so… so warm…”

She eventually stopped the horse and slid off. She experimentally removed her coat altogether, standing in what was becoming a snowstorm wearing only a nightshirt and boots. Her legs were bare, and she removed her hat and mitts too. Amelia pulled up the nightshirt and revealed her cock to the forest, and realized that she wasn’t getting wet from the snow anymore. Indeed, the snow was melting and evaporating before it could hit her.

Amelia knelt down and picked up a handful of snow, then dropped it above her cock. Even the heavy clump of wet snow sizzled out of existence before it could reach the massive, pulsing penis.

She took off her boots and stepped towards a snowbank, her feet bare. The snow wasn’t even cold between her toes, and it melted shortly after anyway. “The heat from this thing…” she mumbled in confusion.

This is how she wound up riding the rest of the way completely naked, as though she had a protective bubble against the snow, and the cold wind was nothing but a refreshing breeze to her. She had stashed her clothes in a saddlebag, and she was continually astounded by how the path she was blazing through the snow-covered forest appeared to be widening.

The mountain fortress finally came into view. Amelia tied on the horse nearby and marched right up to the door, her own little sphere a balmy summer day against the storm outside. She banged on the door. “Evelyn!” Amelia shouted. “Wake up! I need help!”

The door opened surprisingly quickly. “Amelia,” Evelyn smiled. “I’ve been- oh you’re naked.” The slightly taller sister was always the more pragmatic and logical one, but her stark naked sister in a snowstorm was enough to get her eyebrow up. Evelyn had apparently been in bed, as she was wearing a sheer, ice blue nightgown that was so translucent canlı kaçak iddaa it might as well have not been there. The nipples on her considerable breasts were plainly visible, and the nightie did nothing to protect her modesty anywhere else either.

“Me being naked isn’t the problem,” Amelia replied, entering the dimly lit fortress. Evelyn rekindled a torch and gasped as the light revealed Amelia’s throbbing cock. “Well, it’s the lesser problem. “

“I see,” Evelyn remarked, remarkably calmly. “Come into my room, the light is better in there.”

Evelyn had no love for the heat, but she still needed to see at night, so she had several banks of candles arranged in places away from her bed and chairs. After lighting them all, she turned to her nude, fully erect sister. “So what have you done this time?” she asked.

“I was just in my room masturbating,” Amelia started.

“No surprise there,” Evelyn smirked.

“Shut up. I was busy 69’ing Raye in my head when I heard a bird fly away from my window. I guess it left some kind of magic diamond in my room. I was going to throw it away when I noticed this big dick. I’m guessing it was enchanted to do this to me.”

“And did you bring it?”

Amelia was quiet for a minute. “I… dropped it. I guess it went under the bed. I didn’t even think to bring it… Also, why were you up? I figured I’d be banging on that door for half an hour.”

Evelyn was trying not to stare at the massive cock. She eventually settled on looking away. “I felt you coming. The heat that thing is letting off… at first I thought a fireball was rolling uphill at me.”

“I got so hot that I had to take off all my clothes,” Amelia explained. “And it’s still getting hotter, and redder… and I think bigger. I’m already sweating from the heat and it’s only been a few hours. What am I going to do, Evelyn?”

Evelyn held out her hand and produced a small cloud of ice in her palm. She held the icy cloud out towards Amelia’s cock, but the magic spell shattered as soon as it came within a few inches.

“Don’t think this is weird, but I’m gonna touch it,” Evelyn explained, causing a finger to glow with frosty ice magic. She placed this finger on the shaft, then recoiled as if burned.

“Are you okay?” Amelia asked. “It doesn’t hurt when I touch it… yet…” She gingerly tapped it with her finger, to test that this was still true.

“It didn’t hurt, it just neutralized my magic in a way I wasn’t expecting,” Evelyn explained. She created a long icicle in her hand, then tried to touch the cock with it. The icicle melted cleanly in half as it approached, the far end of it falling to the floor, already half melted. Before long it had evaporated.

Evelyn wound up at her bookshelf, apparently looking for a tome, and Amelia caught herself staring. She blushed just as Evelyn turned back to her, book in hand. “…what?” Evelyn smiled. “As I recall, you gave me this gown.”

Amelia sighed. “I was just noticing… you’re filling out a bit again. You were getting so thin back at the castle… your figure has come back better than ever. I’m so aroused… geez, even my sister is starting to look good.”

“Well, I do a lot of eating and reading here,” she explained. “Not a lot of physical activity. And don’t point it at me if you think it’s gonna go off,” Evelyn teased.

“I tried that, it wouldn’t work,” Amelia explained. “Besides, that’d be kind of gross, wouldn’t it? Even though you do look amazing- ugh. This thing is starting to mess with my head. I mean, I’d think you were beautiful anyway, just not that way- dammit. I’m just happy that you’re eating at all,” Amelia rambled, trying to get back on track. “This… this isn’t the time, but I want you to come back so much… but I can tell you’re happy here…”

Evelyn closed her eyes. “You’re right, this isn’t the time. And I am happy… but I’ll be happier when we deal with whatever this is.” She cracked open the spellbook and began reading. “It’s simple elemental logic that one extreme cancels another. There is definitely magic behind the heat generated by your cock, so we should be able to solve at least that problem by applying ENOUGH cold. The issue is…”

“Is what?” Amelia asked.

“I don’t think I’m strong enough to generate that kind of cold,” she explained. “The magic behind this enchantment is extremely strong. And even if I could cause that kind of cold, there’s no telling what that spell would do to the rest of you. I can’t- hm.”


Evelyn didn’t answer right away. She simply put the back of her hand against the huge shaft. This time there was no magic in her hand, and she didn’t pull it away right away. She then got up and went to the bookshelf again, looking for another book.

“What are you doing?”

“Confirming a theory. Shush for a moment.”

Evelyn flipped through several books while Amelia sat and waited, growing warmer by the moment. The flames in the nearby candles even seemed to be growing, and Evelyn was beginning to canlı kaçak bahis sweat a little bit herself, despite standing across the room.

Evelyn snapped the book shut and put it back, then turned to her sister. “I hope you’ve been taking this time to eyeball me, because this is gonna get weird.”

“What do you mean?” Amelia asked.

“We have to neutralize the magic in your penis by exposing it to the coldest environment possible,” Evelyn explained. “Don’t worry, I don’t think it’ll hurt me.”

Amelia shook her head. “I don’t understand. What do you have to do with it?”

Evelyn arched her eyebrow at her adorable little sister. “The coldest possible place in the kingdom, possibly on the continent. Is inside me. Therefore, you have to put that monstrosity inside me.”

“But that doesn’t make any sense, how would I-” Amelia got it all of a sudden. She turned beet red as her jaw fell open in surprise. “NO WAY,” she shouted. “I can’t do that!”

“You have to,” Evelyn explained. “If we don’t do something soon, and I mean in the next few hours soon, you won’t even be able to drink water anymore. Then in a few days, at best, you’ll die. Horribly. We have to do this now while I can still even stand to be near you.”

“So to live, you’re sure… you’re sure I have to have sex with you? I have to fuck my sister?” Amelia exclaimed, voice wavering as she whispered.

Evelyn pulled off her nightgown in one smooth motion, her relative nudity not changing by that much, but now both sisters were completely revealed to each other. “Come on, just think of someone else,” Evelyn replied. She lay back on her bed, her large breasts jiggling. “It’s either this or die. You know I’d do anything I could for you. Even this.”

Amelia slowly stood up and lurched towards the bed. She stood in stunned silence at the foot of it, her enormous cock throbbing with anticipation, the rest of her body filled with dread. She was standing at the foot of the bed where her beautiful older sister waited to be fucked by her magical cock. Was she really going to do this…?

Amelia put one knee up on the bed, then pulled back. “Wait. No.”

“Amelia, you have to,” Evelyn scolded.

“Wait, I mean… turn around. I mean… you know, don’t look at me.”

Evelyn smiled. “Oh, I get it. Okay.” Evelyn got off the bed, and Amelia stepped aside as Evelyn took up a position standing at the end of it. She then bent over, putting her pleasing behind up in the air. “If you don’t mind, I’m going to get things started,” Evelyn announced, balancing herself with one hand while she fingered herself with the other. “I’m pretty sure that thing isn’t going anywhere easily.”

Amelia sighed, once again. She was now watching her sister masturbate! And soon she was going to fuck her from behind like a common whore! Well, this was better than looking her in the eye…

Amelia tentatively put her hands on Evelyn’s curvaceous hips. “Oh wow, I can really feel the heat now,” Evelyn said. She took her fingers out of her pussy and braced herself. “I’m as ready as I’m going to get. Go slow, and be gentle, okay?”

It felt like hours as Amelia’s enormous, throbbing cock slowly inched its way to Evelyn’s wet pussy. “I’m just going to put the top on the lips,” Amelia muttered to herself, quietly enough that Evelyn couldn’t quite make it out. “I’m just going to touch it. Just… touch… oh!”

When contact was finally made, both women were considerably shocked by how easily Amelia’s giant meat missile slid inside Evelyn’s cold storage.

“Oh my God,” Evelyn gasped. “Amelia… it’s so wrong… but it feels so good…”

“I’m sorry, Evelyn!” Amelia shouted. “I’m going to go deeper!”

“Aaaaah!” Evelyn cried. “Yes, Amelia! All the way in! Do it!”

Evelyn shouted again as she wound up taking the entirety of Amelia’s massive cock, the dick scalding hot but somehow still pleasurable.

“How long… how long should I leave it in?” Amelia practically screamed.

“Pull it out a little bit and check!” Evelyn shouted back, her bedspread clumped into her clenched fists.

Amelia slid her thick dick out of her sister. “It’s still pretty red,” she announced.

“Then put it back in!” Evelyn instructed.

Amelia intended to carefully slide her enormous cock back inside Evelyn, but slipped, and wound up pushing it all the way back into her all at once. The pleasure hit them both like a lightning bolt, and both sisters screamed.

“I’m so sorry, Evelyn!” Amelia howled.

“There’s no going back now,” Evelyn explained. “Just do it! Let all your heat out inside me!”

“I didn’t think this would happen when I came here,” Amelia blubbered, now sobbing.

“Dammit Amelia, you can’t unfuck me!” Evelyn shouted. “It’s done! There’s no going back from here! Just enjoy it for what it is! It’ll be our dirty little secret!”

“I’m sorry… I’ll try…”

Amelia wiped her eyes, and their lovemaking finally began in earnest. She pulled her stone hard cock out of Evelyn, then slammed it back in again, fucking her hard and producing howls of pleasure from her older sister each time.

“If you’re enjoying this,” Amelia mumbled, wiping her tears away with the back of her hand, “I suppose I might as well try as well…”

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