A Submissive at Heart Ch. 04

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First off I wanted to comment that I am sorry for the long delay between chapter 3 and 4. Life has been busy and while it was important for me to conclude this story I have not had a lot of time as of late. I will say this will be the second last chapter in my crazy adventure that I call my life. I will endeavour to write the 5th and final instalment as soon as a can.

Thank you for the positive feed back

Prologue to chapter 4

It is crazy to think where my life has taken me vs. where I would likely be and what my mind set would be if it wasn’t for internet porn. I can say in all honest that even today I am a straight man, not that I have any problem with gay men but if it wasn’t for my evolving taste into more naughty and kinky porn I do not think I would have ever ended up with the lifestyle I have today.

The new normal

Picking up where we left off….

Michelle and I headed outside to see the boys.

To be completely honest as much as it turned me on, at least in my fantasies to be treated like a sissy faggot, I was feeling very apprehensive about the current situation. In retrospect I can say fantasies and reality are not always congruent; at least not in the moment they are consummated.

Mark and Gerald calmly approached us from the truck they had rented. Mark immediately greeted Michelle with a long güvenilir bahis passionate kiss. Awkwardly I introduced myself to Gerald; we shook hands and while we made small talk he looked me up and down, the way I had done to so many women in the past. The next hour or so was a blur for me. Michelle and I helped the guys move their stuff into our respective rooms. It was strange and erotic helping Gerald move his personal belonging into the spare bedroom, the bedroom that we would be sharing, where he, this stranger, would most likely be making love to me night after night.

Once we finished the boys move in the 4 of us sat down in our living room. The guys had brought a few 12 packs of imported beer and a 26 ounce bottle of grey goose vodka as a house warming of sorts. I think we were all eager to indulge in the drinks by this point in the process. Michelle and Mark sat on one couch and Gerald and I sat on the other. While the tension was palpable the alcohol quickly loosened us up. Over the next several hours the 4 of us chatted about everything from celebrity gossip to quantum physics. Finally at around midnight and deep into the booze Michelle and Mark began to make out passionately while Gerald and I did our best to continue chatting. This continued for about 10 minutes or so until Michelle finally took Mark by the hand and they headed off towards our master bedroom. Michelle paused türkçe bahis and looked back before they went up the stairs and with a smirk on her face wished the two of us sweet dreams.

Not to be deterred, Gerald and I continued to chat and drink anxiously. The alcohol was really hitting me by about 1 am and I found myself moving closer and closer to Gerald. Without missing a beat his right hand began to trace up and down my inner thighs as we continued to talk. Our conversation gradually evolved into my relationship with Michelle and the current state of affairs. I explained to Gerald that while it most likely all seems crazy I am straight and the fantasy of having a “real man” take me like a woman turns me on like nothing else. Gerald then explained to me that while he too was straight he has always loved the idea of dominating another man sexually. He confessed that while he had only fucked 1 man in the past he had always wanted to do it again and take it to the next level. By this point I was as hard as an oak tree. In the most submissive manner I could muster I began to kiss Gerald and rub my hand along his crotch. He eagerly responded to my advances by rubbing my willing buttock and soon we were removing each other’s cloths. After Gerald removed my boxers and his own I decided it was time to lead him to the bedroom. We kissed the entire way and when we arrived I lay on my back as güvenilir bahis siteleri Gerald quickly crawled up on top of me as we continued to kiss passionately. His hands fondled my ass and my hands found his thick penis. It was scary and incredibly hot when I rationalized that this large black cock I was stimulating would most likely soon be deep inside me.

After several minutes of making out I crawled down and began to give Gerald a slow and sensual blow job. He quickly spun my body around in a manner that made me think we were going to 69. In that moment I was rock hard and even though the idea of being sexual pleased by a male did not form part of my fantasies I didn’t care; I wanted him on my cock. Gerald surprised me however, instead of planting his lips on my cock his mouth went straight for my asshole. This was a new experience for me and I can say to the uninitiated, having a tongue inside your ass is incredibly pleasurable and erotic. We continued like this what seemed like an eternity, me pleasuring my man and him softening my “pussy” for the love making to come.

After several minutes of our oral stimulation Gerald rolled me onto my back and positioned himself between my legs. As if it were the most natural thing in the world he slid his manhood into my well lubed asshole and began to kiss me. Falling into my role, the role I was fixated on in all my fantasies, I began to moan as he made love to me in the missionary position. Gerald’s thrusts began more urgent, soon I felt his beautiful cock erupt deep inside me.

I screamed and for the second time in my life a man had made me into his woman.

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