A Tale of the Technician Ch. 04

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*Friendships don’t latest forever, they are built forever*

(Ten Months Later)

A quick recap: Jamie was having sex with Craig and Emily in equal measure; Amber was having sex with mostly Craig but occasionally Emily; Craig and Emily were not having sex but were good friends. Does that make sense? If so, explain it to me; Craig.

High School football was great. We took our team to All-Regional, losing out All-State to Dillon City but since they were twice our size we didn’t take all that bad. The real benefit was that a dozen of us got scouted by some colleges. I was stunned by getting three offers. I immediately went to the women to figure out what we would do.

Jamie got a scholarship to State in Computer Engineering (did I mention that she was the brains of the outfit?), Emily got a partial scholarship for Cheer Squad to State as well and Amber could swing the tuition. I took State’s offer though it promised the least play time the next two years. Their quarterback was really, really good.

In high school we got endless ribbing for our choices. It was all made better by my good buddy Quantrill’s choice to go to State as well. It would be good to have a guy friend because sometimes guys need to hang out with guys. Quantrill and some of my other teammates claimed it was a desperate need for sleep.

On the plus side I broke six feet before I started tryouts. I also put on twenty pounds which made me more of a fireplug. Quantrill got taller and faster — fast enough to make the team as a walk on. It didn’t hurt that I could hit Quantrill from Mars we were so good together. Mind you, Lawrence Morgan, the real QB, was quicker in the scramble, had a better arm, and was taller which comes in handy when the defensive line is trying to block you. Against him; he wouldn’t run the ball and he was arrogant, both fueled by his (and most people’s) certainty that he would go pro.

In a turnabout from High School, I loved the coach, his style, and his playbook. He liked my enthusiasm too. He promised me that if I held out for two years I’d be his man, and I believed him. This guy had a way with people. I did well in scrimmages and developed a great rapport with ‘my’ guys on the offensive line.

School-wise Emily went for Journalism, Amber went for Sports Medicine. They were happy with the possibilities so what could go wrong? I went for Biology because I actually wanted to study something other jocks weren’t in plus I actually was good at it, and Jamie, as mentioned, went for Computer Engineering. I took one look at her course work and had a strong desire to do a practice without a helmet.

(First Week)

Our first day of classes was a massive shock. Sure we knew things would be different, but we went from being somebodies to absolutely nobodies. Even being part of the football team didn’t mean anything. My own senior teammates treated me like I barely existed. To teachers I was someone who had to earn the grade all on my own not some pampered elite.

No one at school knew my name and it was weird to walk across campus as a non-entity after such a phenomenal senior year in my little high school in a town virtually no one could find on a map. I took a seat in my first class and grabbed a place in the middle of the room. I caught the guy across the way looking at me.

“You are that guy,” he stated.


“One of the freshman on the football team,” he said.

“Hi, that’s me. I’m Craig,” I offered my hand. The guy shook it.

“I’m Barney,” he told me. “So what are you doing here?”

“I was dumb enough to place out of 101,” I laughed. Barney also chuckled.

“Me too.”

“So, why are in in advanced Biology? You have football,” Barney asked.

“Dude, the odds of me going pro in the NFL is 20,000 to 1; the odds of me finding a job at a pharmaceutical corporation are 10 to 1. Guess which odds I’m playing?” I grinned. Barney nodded.

“Do you want to study together?” Barney offered.

“Deal,” I agreed. The teacher came in to bring the class to order. I thought he was a bit young then I learned she was a graduate student. Freshmen classes didn’t deserve the attention of actual teachers. Better yet, our ‘teacher’ informed us that a quarter of us wouldn’t finish the class. Her name was Eleanor Cosby and I loved her optimism.

After the class our teacher pulled me aside and waited for most of the students to leave. She looked terribly ferocious for a small woman. She started off by poking me in the chest.

“Listen up Mister. I don’t care that you are part of the football program. I’m going to ride you doubly hard. If you don’t perform to my expectation I’ll flunk your ass.” She stormed out without me getting in a word and I was left wondering what I’d already done wrong.

When the gang gathered for dinner (along with half the student body) we compared our day. Everyone was upbeat, especially Jamie who found it cool to be with people that almost as smart as she was. We all thanked her for that. Only I had a bad experience. casino siteleri No one knew what to make of it. Emily was strangely distant.

This was how things went horrible wrong (or right). We were in our pre-season game with Hudson State. Morgan had a flawless game. He did so well that the coach put me in for the second half. I did surprisingly well. I didn’t get horribly mangled and ran in for a touchdown, proving that I was just as dangerous inside the twenty. A few reporters asked me about my time so I told them that was up to Morgan and the coach.

After the game a new truth came to light; we weren’t in rural Kansas anymore. Emily showed up with her date, an honest to God girl. She was a junior, very attractive, and a bit condescending. She could legally buy beer after all. Jamie took the news a bit hard so Amber gave the two of us the night. It was a sensitive night like we hadn’t had since the beginning.

Later at night I was rubbing Jamie’s shoulder and gently pushing deeper into her ass when my roommate, Jesse, showed up. I yanked some covers up in time so we avoided total embarrassment. He made some excuses but Jamie refused to stop her pleasure and pushed against me.

“Harder Craig,” she groaned, “I want it harder.”

My roommate made a hasty exit and I pinched her ass. That made her wiggle with pleasure so I stroked up to her nipples and began twisting and pulling on one of her nipples. Jamie turned her head and bit my arm hard enough to leave a mark. Something about her and pain was such a turn on. I pounded her harder and she let up on her hold to concentrate on the sensation.

Seconds later I felt her ass clench and I was shooting off into her.

“Thanks Craig,” Jamie moaned into the pillow. “That was great.” I wrapped my arms around her even as I felt our combined juices soaking into my crotch and the bed. The reality of sex is that you often have to change your sheets and flip your mattress. For Jamie it was worth it.

(Second Week)

The first game of our season was against Carson. State has two rivals, Central, who we hated with a passion and Carson who we despised. I hadn’t been in school three weeks and I hated Central through osmosis. I really couldn’t explain it any other way. Carson was our out of state rival and our rivalry was relatively short term; say fifty years or so. They’d also won the past five outings. They were in a rebuilding year though.

We went on the field and warmed up as the game got ready to go. Carson got the ball first but only got to our thirty. I was sitting on the bench talking to our punter when the coach called me over. I trotted over to see what he wanted.

“Yeah coach?”

“Where is your helmet?” he asked. I looked back to the bench where I’d left it then it dawned on me what he meant. My mouth gaped. I grabbed my helmet and ran onto the field. I had the distinct displeasure of telling Morgan to go see the coach about this whole unasked for change in events. I had to make the first play. I reminded myself of every defense Carson ran.

I swept to the right and got eight yards. As we marched up to the line I looked over to the sidelines but the coach stood there like a stone. Our fans realized what was happening and started booing me. I could hardly blame them. I tossed for a first down, ran a running play for the next two, and put three more before putting it in the end zone with a goalpost dive. Now everyone was cheering.

The coach didn’t explain anything when I sat down, but Morgan glared an all too familiar brand of hate. Hadn’t I left high school behind to get away from this? Morgan and I alternated between series of downs and Carson was never able to adjust. The coach played it all brilliantly and we won the second most important game of the season. The point that I was now ‘somebody’ didn’t suck.

Nothing strikes up the masculine allure like victory and now that I was a victor. I suddenly had all kinds of upperclassmen woman (is that how it is said?) wanting to know me. Those made me feel full of myself right up until Jamie came up and put me into a headlock.

“Mine!” she shouted. A few people were stunned, a few teammates laughed at me, and a few daggers were glared Jamie’s way.

When we broke through the crowd I put my hand around her waist and held her tight.

“Thanks,” I told her.

“Hell Craig, do I have to put a brand on your ass?” she smiled evilly. Somehow I thought she was only half kidding.

“I’ll be good,” I swore.

“Actually I want you to be bad,” she teased me while playfully drawing one of my fingers to her lips and biting it.

“I can do that to,” I promised.

We caught up at a party with Amber and she rushed into my arms and buried me in kisses. Her friends seemed suitably impressed that she knew me. They were confused about Jamie until they exchanged their own kiss. From that point on I was The Guy — the Weird Sexually Twisted Guy, but still The Guy.

It was our first night together on campus and the bed was tiny for three but slot oyna we made it work. Amber sat on my face and I grabbed her ass cheeks and pulled and kneeded them hard. She was bucking against me and when my tongue found her clit I wouldn’t let up. I even snuck a finger in underneath and began finger fucking her with it, which only drove her harder.

Jamie was riding my crotch and scratching my chest so much I knew I was going to catch hell from the physical trainers come Monday. At the time it was well worth the pain. Jamie, the little vixen was getting off on it too because she was the first one to cum. I came right after that and I kept playing with Amber until Jamie came up my body and took control of Amber’s breasts and nibbling on her earlobe. Amber came with a shudder and I drank her up.

We had just finished flipping the mattress (again) and putting on new sheet when Emily called sounding really upset. Twenty minutes later she was up at my place and crying into Amber’s shoulder. It seemed that her new ‘friend’ had only been using Emily to make her previous paramour jealous and now that they were together, Emily was dumped to the curb.

We found ourselves cuddled on my bed, Emily against the wall and head resting on my shoulder, Jamie on top of me with her head on my chest, and Amber on the outside, my arm around her and resting her head on my other shoulder. Surrounded by three warm bodies I felt like I was being cooked alive. That is when Jesse walked in. He looked us over with disbelieving eyes.

“Jesus-Fucking-Christ man! Three?” he groused before turning and slamming the door.

“That guy has issues,” Jamie observed.

“Is this going to be okay?” Emily asked.

“We’ll deal with it,” Amber said she put her head back down. I was asleep before I gave it much thought.


“Do it again,” my favorite female grad student who was both my teacher and lab instructor growled at me. I looked to Barney who shrugged.

“Can you tell me what I did wrong?” I pleaded. This was our first real lab experiment and I wanted to get it right. It only got harder from here.

“Figure it out on your own?” she gloated. I walked back over to Barney.

“Sorry for dragging you down with me,” I mumbled to him. Barney shrugged.

“Eh, we’ll get it right,” he added and we did. When I brought it up she went over it studiously. She finally gave up in frustration.


“Thanks Eleanor,” I sighed with relief. Right then I figured I’d fucked up again.

“Ms. Cosby,” she seethed. “You will call me Ms. Cosby.”

“I’ve heard the other students call you Eleanor,” I griped.

“You are not most students, Mr. Dawkins. If you want to know how special you are you can ask any number of those drooling coeds walking around campus,” she replied with anger.

“How about I try this again,” I said hopefully, “Hi, I’m Craig, Ms. Cosby. What have I done to piss you off?”

“You breathe, Mr. Dawkins,” she spat back. I responded logically; I held my breath. She didn’t know what to make of that and left me hanging for nearly a minute.

“Get out of my sight, Mr. Dawkins,” she growled. I started breathing again and left. As I did so I imagined I might have seen the tiniest of smiles. Barney caught up to me and slapped me on the back.

“I thought she was going to let you choke out,” he grinned. I could only nod.

Over the next few days Emily was all over me; I was her anchor in the strangest way considering her and Amber’s relationship. I had a few teammates ask me about her in all kinds of sexual ways and I found myself beating them off with a stick. Why do so many guys assume that all a lesbian needs is a big stiff dick? If pissed me off for guys to think of Emily as if something was wrong with her.

Amber and I had the same circle of school acquaintances, Jamie and I shared the same math course, but Emily and I had the actual sport. I initiated the actual flirting on the field. The first time she seemed confused and a bit stiff, but afterwards she got more attention from other members of the cheer squad and the process fed on itself.

The only people not happy with my activities were the coach (whoops!) and Emily’s ex. Apparently Emily was supposed to take weeks to rebound and certainly not with someone like me. Emily got so excited that she came to me after one practice and pressed into me.

“You know, I almost want to have sex with you,” she whispered.

“Would that be weird?” I responded. “You are my best friend.” She hugged me even tighter.

(Third Week)

Claremont was our second game of the season and a solid victory. This game I got to play the last bit of the fourth quarter. It wasn’t good but then I didn’t expect much. The coach didn’t hold my hand, but then that wasn’t his job. Morgan gave me a bit of a verbal slap but I didn’t care. For my freshmen year my numbers were good enough for me.

I did get an odd meeting with someone I came to identify as a ‘booster’. He offered me a deal on a new car and canlı casino siteleri praised me on my performance. He mentioned an ‘off campus’ party a few of the fans were holding for the team. I asked about bringing some friends and he asked me how many so I told him it was my three girlfriends. He stared at me then suggested that we do it next time.

It was okay; we cruised the local mall that had nearly had more stores than our entire town. We did things like order Chinese food and get sundaes before grabbing a movie. It was normal date stuff and we fell into our older order of me with Amber and Jamie with Emily. It felt great to leave the hectic world of college behind us for a few hours and be our old selves.

On Monday afternoon the college world came crashing back in the form of Ms. Cosby. As she reviewed my work she couldn’t help but comment,

“Not the star athlete, are you Mr. Dawkins?”

“We won, didn’t we?” I countered.

“Not with much help from you,” she taunted me. I decided on a different tact since being reasonable wasn’t getting me anywhere.

“Please call me Craig, Eleanor and I must say how stormy your brown eyes look today,” I grinned. I swore she was about to take my head off.

“Do the work again, Mr. Dawkins,” she growled. I beamed kindness her way.

“Call me Craig please and I’d be glad to spend more time with you.” I heard her teeth grinding as I walked away. Barney looked at me as if I’d lost my mind.

“Dude, you are pissing off a woman who can make killer diseases,” he whispered. I could only shrug. If I couldn’t pass freshman Biology labs then I was sunk anyway.

On Wednesday night I begged off the women and was catching up with my studying when I got a strange call. It took me a moment to place it; Gina Orwell.

“Gina, what’s up?” I asked.

“Craig, Mark and I had a fight and I don’t know who else to call?” she answered. Of course, calling Jamie, Emily, or Amber seemed like better choices to me but okay.

“What can I do for you?” I said.

“Can I stay at your place tonight?” she stammered.

“Gina I’m at State,” I replied.

“So am I,” she came back with. Now the essence of her fight with Mark Quantrill became clearer.

“Sure, where do you want me to pick you up?” I inquired.

“I’m at the Little Caesars,” she informed me.

“I’ll be there in fifteen minutes,” I replied. I said goodbye and put on some sweats. Thirty minutes later I had Gina back at my place, pretty upset and confused.

She had hitchhiked to college to firm up her relationship with Mark and he’d gotten upset with her. She was left without a way home and no place to go. I had been the first one to answer their phone so here she was. After minutes after getting the story Emily called me, found out I already had Gina and seemed okay with us spending the night together. WTF?

Gina and I used the bathroom surreptitiously then got back to my room. She stripped down to her bra and panties — sexy as hell because they were meant to entice Mark — and crawled into bed with me. When she moved close to me and began softly crying I knew what hell was like. She was so hot, so vulnerable, and so way out of bounds. I was still thinking about my bizarre life when Jesse walked into the room and cut on the lights.

“Shit man! Another one,” he snapped. I sat up with my t-shirt still on. Gina sat up beside me and held the blanket to her chest.

“No!” I shouted. “This one’s clothed and everything; she’s a friend from my hometown who needed a place to crash.” Jesse stared at us.

“It is true,” Gina responded. “I came up to see my boyfriend and things went poorly. I’m sorry.” That mollified Jesse.

“Okay, as long as you two keep it down,” he muttered. When Jesse had crawled into his bed on the other side of the room Gina put her hand on my covered chest.

“So, you want to screw around,” she murmured. I couldn’t tell if she was kidding or not.

“Mark is my friend and I don’t know which one of the girls or Mark would kill me first,” I whispered in return. That made her giggle; she ran her hand to the waist band of my pants but stopped there. Gina put her head on my chest.

“Thank you,” she sighed before drifting off to sleep. I guessed she was grateful for not being treated like a slab of meat.

In the morning Jamie, Gina and Mark got together to talk things out. Gina was contrite; Mark was apologetic and we all pony-upped the money to get Gina a bus ride home. She had our numbers if she needed things. Emily, Amber and I will there to see her off. Only as she was hugging me goodbye and thanking me for the place to stay did Amber discover where Gina had been the night before. I had some explaining to do.

When I got back to my room Jamie was waiting. I considered this to be a really good thing until I saw the look in her eye that told me that she knew something that I didn’t but should have.

“Jamie, who let you in my room?” I began with the basic question.

“Jesse did. We had a talk,” she nodded.

“Do I still have a roommate?” I cringed. Jamie could be a bit … confrontational.

“Sure. We had a good talk and I think I know what the problem is,” she grinned. I didn’t like that grin.

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