A Taste of Medicine Pt. 01

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My first ever attempt at a story. Very short and sweet, and pure fantasy. I am the first to admit that dialogue is not my strongest area, so I tend to gloss over the talky bits…


I was going home tomorrow. The minor operation had been a success, and my wife was coming to pick me up in the morning. It was just after lunchtime, and I was as bored as it was only possible to get in hospital. Don’t get me wrong, it was a nice hospital. The company I worked for gave all their salaried employees private medical insurance as part of their benefits package, so when a niggling problem (I won’t bore you with the grisly details) had started playing up, I had taken advantage and “gone private”. The food was much better, and you got a private room. In many ways it was very like a simple hotel room, except instead of a normal bed there was a hospital bed, and behind the headboard was all manner of pipes and plumbing for the more serious patients.

I had been making a nuisance of myself with the nurses since I arrived, flirting outrageously whenever my wife wasn’t visiting, and generally trying to find something to stave off boredom when I couldn’t face reading any more. In the afternoons, daytime TV went into in its usual “housewives choice” mode that meant there was absolutely nothing for a red-blooded bloke to watch. There’s only so much “Loose Women”, “cash in the attic”, and “Sixty Minute Makeover” that a man can stand!

The knock at my door came as something of a surprise. I hadn’t rung for a nurse, and I wasn’t expecting anything at this time.

“Come in?” I called, curious.

There was a slight rustling outside for a few seconds that I thought sounded a bit like somebody taking off a coat or something, then the door opened. My jaw hit the floor. It was one of the nurses I had been flirting with this morning, her name-tag said “Claire Jones”. I hadn’t taken any specific notice of her over the others, although I had thought she was perhaps slightly prettier — but with no makeup and the same drab and unflattering uniform, it was always difficult to tell.

She was in a nurse’s uniform now too, but not like any I had ever seen in a hospital before. It was a white PVC micro-mini-dress, very short, cut very low at the front, and very shiny. Almost like a fancy-dress costume, and extremely slutty! White fishnet stockings, with lace stocking tops, were clearly visible below the very short skirt, and as she walked, each step revealed a flash of suspender and bare leg above the stocking-top. She wore shiny white patent court shoes with full six-inch high stiletto heels and sexy little ankle straps, that emphasised her slim ankles and made her wiggle alluringly when she walked.

She wore dramatic makeup that made me want to look at her all day like a classic painting. A beautiful ruby-red lipstick had been applied generously, and made her mouth look enticingly kissable. Her eyes were made up very simply, with some subtle silver-grey eye-shadow, and a dramatic curve of generous eyeliner all around the eye and on the waterline then swept out in a wide cat-flick to the sides, plus lots of beautiful black mascara to make her eyes really stand out above those perfect red pouting lips.

Her long blonde hair, which I had normally seen confined in a tight and shapeless bun and then held in place beneath the standard nurse’s cap was now hanging long and loose across her shoulders, with a small PVC nurse’s hat to match her mini-dress. The difference to this morning was unbelievable. If I had had any idea that she could look this good, I would have been far more intimidated, thinking her not even in my league, and beyond even flirting. I was getting hard just looking at her, and suddenly starting to feel quite vulnerable in my hospital bed, wearing nothing casino oyna but the regulation hospital gown that tied up the back.

She closed the door behind her, and pressed the button to turn on the light outside that indicated I wasn’t to be disturbed before she said a word.

“Well now Mr Smith,” she said, all business-like (all names have been changed to protect the not-so innocent), “it looks like you have a nasty swelling there.” And she looked pointedly at my slowly growing bulge under the sheets. “We’ll have to do something about that, won’t we?”

“W-w-what did you have in mind?” I gulped.

She didn’t say anything, but came up to the bedside, walking easily on the six-inch needle-thin heels, her hips swaying provocatively as she moved, stocking-tops flashing with each step. She grabbed quickly at my still hardening cock through the sheet before I could react.

“Well, that isn’t nearly hard enough for the treatment to be effective” she said. And before I could protest, the sheet had been whipped down to reveal my now almost fully erect penis. Fingers with ruby-red nail polish wrapped themselves tight around my shaft to hold it vertically upright, and without a further word, she bent over and her wonderful lipsticked lips opened to take me deep into her throat in one go. Then her lips closed around the very base of my shaft and she sucked hard.

When she slowly pulled back, I could see a deep red stain of lipstick all around the base of my cock, the shaft glistening with saliva as she started to slowly work up and down, sucking deeply, and playing with her tongue the whole time. I didn’t think it was possible, but I felt like I was getting even stiffer with each stroke of her lips and tongue. The sight of those beautiful deep red lipsticked lips wrapped around my cock was arousing in the extreme, and the feelings each time she reached the head and teased the sensitive spot underneath with her tongue was such that I had to concentrate very hard not to blow my load there and then.

She must have felt the pulsations as I was just starting to cum, because she stopped suddenly, and squeezed the end very hard with her hand. Painfully hard! In fact I was surprised that such a slight girl had the strength to squeeze me so hard, it hurt like hell! I couldn’t help myself, and I gasped in pain. After a minute or two of gasping in her painfully tight grip I was surprised to feel myself slowly starting to soften. After a minute she relaxed her grip, and took me into her mouth once again, taking me all the way down her throat to the very base of my shaft and sucking hard. She was clearly enjoying every second of sucking me, and I was fully hard again in just a few seconds.

Once more, just before I felt I was going to cum, she stopped and squeezed very, very hard until I started to go soft. Then after a minute or two she would start all over again sucking and licking. She did this two or three more times, and it felt like each time the explosion I was denied would be bigger than the last. She was building me up for something, and by now I was squirming in the hospital bed literally begging to be allowed to cum.

“No, not yet!” came the strict answer. “You need your medicine.”

I wasn’t sure what she meant, but I was about to find out.

This time, she didn’t stop when I felt myself starting to cum. She pulled back until just the tip of my cock was in her mouth between pouting red lips, and she gripped me hard, but not too hard, just enough to keep me from jerking out of her mouth as I exploded in jet after jet of hot sticky spunk into her eager mouth. I could hardly contain myself, and it felt like I was going to keep cuming forever, such was the need she had built in me.

It was only as I finished, and my body calmed down canlı casino did I notice that she didn’t appear to have been swallowing any of my jism. She had kept it all in her mouth. Now I found out what she had been talking about earleir. She climbed seductively onto the bed, smiling all the while as a tiny dribble of my cum leaked from her over-full mouth. She climbed on top of me, straddling me and pinning my down, then she lent down kissed me hard and deep with that mouthful of my own juice. Her tongue sought out mine in the sticky warmth that flooded into my mouth, and we shared the taste of my cum, her lipstick, and each other’s mouths as our tongues intertwined.

After she had given me back most of what I had ejaculated into her mouth, she pulled back from the unexpectedly deliciously kiss.

“Now swallow your medicine!” she ordered.

I did as I was told, and felt the sticky liquid slide down my throat like an oyster. Having never tasted or swallowed cum before, I didn’t have anything to compare either the taste or texture to, but it was…. different. Not unpleasant, salty and yet also kind-of sweet at the same time.

Once she had watched me finish swallowing my own cum, passed to me in that deep kiss, she leant forward, still sitting astride me, and kissed me again. This time it was slightly gentler, but only slightly, and her tongue seemed to search all around my mouth for as much of the remnants of my cum as she could scavenge. I couldn’t help myself, and my hands came up and fondled her breasts through the tight PVC material as we kissed, and she moaned with pleasure as I felt her nipples harden beneath my hands.

“And now you need to exercise” she ordered, and slowly, teasingly, she pulled down the zip that ran up the entire front of her uniform. It gaped open and she slid it off her shoulders to reveal she was wearing a tight white-lace basque, boned and pulled in to accentuate her waist, her petite and pert breasts pushed up and almost spilling out of the top. Suspenders led from her basque to hold up her white fishnet stockings, and a tiny white lace g-string barely covered her pussy. She leaned in to kiss me some more as I explored every inch of her body and lingerie with my hands, taking my time when I got to her sexy suspenders and stockings.

“Are you fit enough to work up a sweat?” she asked in a tone that brooked absolutely no dissent.

“Y-y-yes nurse, I think so” was all I could stammer in response and she turned around on the bed. Kneeling on all fours on top of me, she pushed her pussy and ass into my face. I needed no more encouragement, and set to work. Pulling the tiny white lace g-string to one side, I pushed my tongue deep into her pussy as far as I could. She was dripping wet already, and her juices flowed liberally onto my tongue as I probed deep before pulling out to lick down to her clitoris.

As licked into the little fleshy hood and hit the erect sensitive little bud within I felt her gasp and writhe, pushing herself back onto my tongue even further. I started a teasing game, working from her clit, up to her pussy, taking each of her labia lips into my mouth and sucking one at a time, before moving on to her ass, licking all around the red puckered rosebud opening, and pushing my tongue gently in a fraction before doing the whole thing in reverse to end up back down at her clit.

She was writhing on top of me, moaning in a low voice, and squirming her bum into my face as I worked up and down, again and again, between all three of her sensitive places, clit, vagina, and ass. She was sopping wet now, and her juices flowed freely down my chin as I lapped and licked. Suddenly her writhing increased in tempo, and she pushed her face down into the sheets to stifle her moans. As she came into my mouth kaçak casino I tasted her juices flowing and eagerly I swallowed all I could.

She shuddered as her body came down off the high, and she once more took my semi-hard penis into her mouth. She hardly needed to move, as she was facing the right way, we had been almost in a sixty-nine anyway, and she gently brought me back to life with her lips and tongue. Sucking on my cock as I slowly hardened into her warm wet mouth, I leant forward and licked at her dripping pussy and clit a little more, wanting to savour the taste.

Once I was hard enough, she turned around, and deftly removed her tiny white lace thong knickers before hovering over my rock hard penis.

“Now for your physiotherapy” she said coyly. Then very, very slowly, inch by inch, she lowered herself down onto me, and I felt every fold and pulsation of her vagina as I was pushed into her hot depths. Instead of starting to push herself up and down as I expected, she next slowly raised herself up until just the tip of my penis was inside the lips of her pussy and stopped.

“Well?” she demanded, “this is your physio, you’ve got to work for it!”

I bucked my hips and thrust up inside her. I could see her pussy open and enfold my cock as I pushed up and fell back down again. As I thrust up from beneath her, she caressed and fondled her own breasts, folding the material of her basque down to push her tits up even higher and to allow her access to her own nipples. She pinched and squeezed them to make them really stand up, erect and proud above the top of the lacy basque.

“Keep going,” she commanded. I could hardly refuse, so I repeated the bucking motion with my hips, pushing up hard inside her again and again. This was hard work, but the feeling of sliding up into her dripping wet vagina was magnificent. I kept going, but the sweat was building rapidly at the continued effort.

“Lazy boy!” She chastised, still hovering over my cock as I pushed myself into her again and again “Fuck me harder! Harder!”

I did my best, pushing higher and faster, my cock making delicious slurping noises as it plunged into her waiting, quivering vagina. I was sweating profusely, as having cum only a few minutes earlier, I knew it would be quite a time before I could recover enough to cum again. But I kept at it, getting into a rhythm of thrusting my hips up to feel her warm wet depths enfold me each time. She was obviously enjoying it as she was panting hard, and grasping at her own tits, pinching her nipples with one hand whilst her other went down between her legs to rub at her own clit as I thrust up into her pussy again and again. She seemed to hoevr on the edge of an orgasm for what seemed like an age, but I was now desperate to not disappoint, and so despite the effort, kept going, mentally urging her to cum. After what seemed like a lifetime, I heard her gasps become ragged, and a cry caught in her throat as she came, flopping forward to rest on her hands as I continued to thrust myself into her..

I was getting very close myself now. I could feel my balls tightening. Then suddenly I could hold myself back no longer. She deliberately hovered over me as I flopped back, my cum gushing out of the edge of her pussy down the sides of my cock and spurting up over the insides of her legs. Just as I could feel myself finishing and starting to soften, she dropped back down, taking my slowly softening cock back inside her and squeezing with her kagel muscles to keep me hard just that bit longer.

She was sweating too as she climbed off me, and coolly used the top sheet to mop up the mess I had made down her legs.

“That’s more like it.” She said, and started to dress. “But just look at the mess you’ve made!” She indicated the puddles of cum and her juices that were splattered over the bedding. “I’ll get one of my colleagues to come and clean you up…!” and suddenly she was gone, flicking off the “do-not–disturb” light, and closing the door after her.

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