A Testing Time

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Copyright 2004. All rights reserved.

Names have been changed to protect the innocent.

Chapter 1.

Natasha Wagstaffe stepped out of the taxi in front of the hospital where Cleo worked. She sniffed. It was hot. After the coolness of the cab the heat hit her hard. She could feel a dribble of sweat run down her spine.

Dallas, a city in a desert.

Her brother, David and his band, Artwork, were due to play there the following day. It would be the last show on their current tour.

She remembered the previous year when she had been persuaded to play on a number of their dates while they recruited a replacement keyboard player. Staring out upon thousands of faces. She had nearly frozen the first nights. But with practise and the encouragement of the others she had had learned to enjoy it.

The hardest part was getting rid of the tension that built up inside her during each show. Most of the others had used the never-ending string of young girls who seemed only too willing to let the band members and any other members of their entourage have them.

She couldn’t do that. Take a different man every night? That was unthinkable. So she had been left to her own devices in the toilet or beneath her blanket as they moved from show to show.

That had been quite some summer. She had met some friends of her father’s. A girl called Laurie and her two friends Amanda and Taylor. She should look her up while she was there. And Frankie, the daughter of Len and Stephanie who ran the pub in her village back in Somerset. She wondered how she was getting on her exchange year at university in Dallas.

“Hello Nat.” She heard Cleo’s soft New England accent.

“Hello Cleo.” She replied embracing and then kissing her.

There was a group of about eight other people all in white coats standing behind her. Natasha thought they looked like chicks following a mother hen.

“I’m showing a group of prospective doctors around today.” Cleo answered her unasked question.

“Sounds like fun.” Nat replied looking over the group.

They all looked the same. Young, fresh faced, keen. Well, apart from one. A small girl. From the Indian sub-continent Nat guessed. Her long black hair shone.

She looked like the others in many ways. She was certainly young and she was fresh faced. But she didn’t look keen. She had the look on her face that Nat remembered being on her own so many times in the past when she had been dragged away from her piano to look at some old building or visit some historic site she hadn’t the slightest interest in.

Those had been times when she had resented Cleo’s visits from America. David she knew had had a crush on her. She remembered the Christmas three years before when the police had been on the phone and visited their house. Cleo had gone missing in America and they were trying to trace her. How she had been found eventually at the cottage of a schoolteacher then, strangely had refused offers of either a lift to their house by the police or her father’s offer to pick her up. Nat had discovered later that the schoolteacher lived with a woman who hadn’t been in the cottage that night. That had all been very strange.

“Have you got the tickets for the show tomorrow?” Cleo asked as they walked towards the security desk. “We need you to sign in.”

“I’m hoping to see David in the morning. He knows I’m here.”

“Will you be going to the party?” Cleo smiled.

“I expect so. If only to keep Marianne company.”

“When’s the baby due?”

“Not for three months yet.”

Nat pinned on her visitors badge and turned to face the group of prospective doctors. Were they standing a little bit closer than before? They all had excited, expectant looks upon their faces.

“This is my friend Natasha Wagstaffe.” Cleo made the pronouncement. “Some of you may have heard of her brother.”

“You know David Wagstaffe?” The Indian girl spoke first.

She seemed keen now, Nat thought.

“Quite well.” Nat confirmed.

“Sorry.” The Indian girl said. “Of course you would. You played on some concerts last year.”

“They were desperate.”

Nat turned to Cleo.

“Where are we going for lunch?”

“I thought here.” Cleo said apologetically. “See I’m a little stuck today now.”

Cleo looked about her then pressed the button for the lift.

“Well I don’t think anybody is likely to have died from eating here.” Nat smiled.

“You haven’t tasted it yet.” A tall blond boy quipped.

“You will soon.”

“What’s your name?” Nat asked the Indian girl as the doors closed behind them.

“My name is Pranoo.” She replied.

Chapter 2.

Nat put down her knife and fork and pushed the plate away from her. She didn’t suppose it would kill her.

She looked around the table. Cleo was explaining some surgery technique and all of the others were giving her their un-divided attention. All except Pranoo. She was looking past Cleo and out over the Dallas skyline.

At least it gave Nat the chance to look at her.

She had an illegal bahis interesting face. Dark brown, almost black eyes. A nose a size too big for her face and a mouth that seemed a year in advance of the rest of her.

She turned her head towards her and Nat hurriedly looked away.

She’ll be thinking I fancy her next. Nat thought.

Nat picked p her disposable cup of what had jokingly been advertised as coffee and took another sip. She wished she took sugar now.

Nat looked down the table to where Cleo sat. She was thirty now, she thought, and seven years older than she was. A qualified doctor and surgeon. She had really made something of her life. Nat thought of her own life. A degree in music. But was she going to do with it? Become a pop star like her brother? She had tried that life and it wasn’t for her. Teach? Give piano lessons?

Marianne, David’s girlfriend wanted her to go into a recording studio with her and cut some tracks. That was after the baby was born. She’d be an aunty then. Her father would be a grandfather. Her mother had said he had never really come to terms with being a father so she thought this might hit him hard.

Pranoo was standing up opposite and walking to where another, older woman was standing. The family resemblance was obvious.

They seemed to be arguing about something. Then she returned to the table.

Cleo stood up and went to speak to the lady.

“Who is that?” Nat asked.

“My mother.” Pranoo replied. “She is head of the surgery department here.”

“Does that mean she’s Cleo’s boss?”

“Doctor Mc Toomb.” The tall blond boy said as if correcting her.

“Sorry.” Nat stood corrected. “Doctor Mc Toomb.”

It felt strange using her title. She couldn’t ever remember calling her Doctor before.

“Yes.” The blond boy said. “She’s a very important person.”

Nat looked at him. He was hardly a boy. She thought. He would only be two or three years younger than her at most. He was well built already. Wide shoulders. She could feel her hole start to moisten.

She needed a man. It had been so long since the last one. But there were no one she fancied.

She had made up her mind. She was going back to England. She could teach music at the local primary school where her mother was the head teacher. If only up until Christmas. Her mother had suggested she organise and run the children’s nativity play for that year. That was if her mother could get the board of governors to allow the name of Jesus to be spoken at Christmas time.

“Sorry.” Somebody had spoken to her. “What did you say?”

“I said we have to stay here tomorrow afternoon.” Pranoo spoke. “We have a chemistry exam. My mother could have changed the time but she won’t.”

“I see.”

“Some of us have tickets to the concert.” The blond boy said. “But if we have to stay here until five then we will miss the start of the show.”

“That would be a pity.” Nat could see how going to the show would appear more important than medical studies.

“Pranoo was elected to speak to her mother.”

“It was Mitch’s idea. I don’t even have a ticket. She said no anyway.”

“You had to get them inside the first couple of hours.” Mitch smiled a very self-satisfied smile.

“I was at an exhibition in Houston with my mother and father.” Pranoo said, glum-


“It will be on pay per view.” Mitch pointed out.

“It’s not the same. That’s what my mother said.”

Cleo sat down at the head of the table.

“You will all be pleased to know that your exam will be starting at nine-thirty tomorrow morning and will finish for one.”

There was a low cheer from the students. Nat noticed that Pranoo didn’t join in. She resolved to see if she could do something about it.

Chapter 3.

Cleo closed the door after Nat left her apartment. It was three-thirty. She picked up her cell phone and pressed the buttons Pranoo’s parents home number.

“Hello.” It was amazing how much disappointment could be put inside one word.

“Hi. Pranoo?” She asked.

“Yes. Is that you Doctor McToomb?”

“Yes it is. I have some good news for you. My sis.” She hurriedly corrected herself; she didn’t want the world to know. “My friend Natasha has managed to get an extra ticket for the show. If you would like it.”

There was a moment’s silence.

“A ticket? For me?”

“If you want it.”

“Yes please. Oh please. Please.”

“I think you do. Do you know where I live?”

“No. I’m sorry I don’t.”

Cleo gave her the address.

“I have to get changed.”

“That’s alright. I’ll be here until five.”

“I’ll be there as soon as I can. Thank you so much.”

“I didn’t do much. You should thank Natasha.”

“Oh I will, if I see her again.”

“You will see her tonight. Bye.”


The line buzzed and Cleo switched off her phone.

It had been nice of Nat to think of Pranoo like that. Perhaps she fancied her? No. Not Natasha Wagstaffe. She on the other hand could see a lot of potential in young illegal bahis siteleri Pranoo. Should she? It wouldn’t really be betraying a teacher student relationship.

Perhaps she should drop some hints and see what developed.

How long would it take her to get there? She looked at the clock on the wall. Three forty-five. If she took a cab it was a fifteen-minute ride. She was getting changed first. She wouldn’t be there much before ten after four.

Cleo made herself a cup of coffee. Should she be about to go into the shower or be just coming out from it? She unbuttoned her blouse and unfastened her bra. Her breasts dropped slightly. She took the clothes off and hoisted them in either hand.

Why had she never married?

She had been thinking about it a lot recently.

It wasn’t that she didn’t like men, far from it. There had been a lot in her life. Too many at times. But each one had let her down in some way. The only people who had remained constant were the girls she knew. There hadn’t been so many of those. But each one had meat something.

But what would having Pranoo mean? She was a nice girl. Pleasant personality. Short but leggy, if that wasn’t a contradiction in terms.

Cleo released her breasts and unzipped her skirt. Her panties followed it to the floor. She leaned forward from the waist to pick her clothing feeling the cheeks of her ass open as she did so.

That afternoon. In the penthouse apartment of the hotel in the centre of town. Her, Jenny, Michelle and Tammy. She’d lost count how many times she had been licked and then fucked with the strap on dildos. How many times she had strapped one about her own waist to have one of the other women.

And Paul sleeping through a lot of it. Would she really have sunk down and impaled herself completely onto his prick as Michelle was urging and guiding her to do? In his half asleep state she didn’t think he would have realised who he was fucking. If only Jenny hadn’t suddenly said no.

She hadn’t complained when Michelle had taken her place. Or when Paul had knelt behind Tammy while she was licking her out and put his cock in her ass.

She hadn’t seemed to mind his doing those things. Just not fuck his illegitimate daughter.

Cleo dropped her clothes in her laundry basket in her bathroom and switched on her shower. She walked naked back into her lounge and picked up her coffee cup.

It was still hot. She replaced it onto its coaster. It would be cool enough to drink after her shower.

She turned to head back to the bathroom when the doorbell rang.

She hurried to the spy hole and, lifting its cover, peered out. It was Pranoo. Cleo glanced at her wall clock. It was only just four.

Should she get something to put on or let her in naked?

Her hand went to the door locks almost without her bidding them to.

She opened the door slightly and looked out. Pranoo was alone.

“Come in.” She said, opening the door just wide enough for Pranoo to slip inside.

She turned to face her full on. She couldn’t help but notice that Pranoo’s eyes didn’t remain fixed to her own face.

“I was just about to have a shower.” Cleo said. “I hope you don’t mind my not having any clothes on. But as you a re going to be a doctor I don’t suppose it matters much. Coffee?”

“Please.” Pranoo replied. “No. I don’t mind.”

Mind? She thought. I don’t mind. I’ve been aching to see her without any clothes on.

She watched as Cleo walked to her kitchen and poured her a cup of coffee. She walked across to join her and accepted the cup. She held it to her lips. It was hot.

“Too hot?” Cleo asked.

“A little.”

“You got here quickly.”

“My father was going downtown and he gave me a lift. I didn’t stop to do any more then change my jeans for trousers.”

“I’m about to shower. If you haven’t had one.”

“I will need to get to the stadium if I want to get in and get a good place.”

“Not with these tickets.”

Pranoo couldn’t take her eyes from Cleo’s ass cheeks as she crossed the room to a sideboard and picked up what looked like airline tickets and two plastic coated badges on chains.

“What are those?” Pranoo asked, crossing the room to stand by Cleo’s side.

“These are your tickets.” Cleo held them out for Pranoo to see, accidentally brushing the front of her breast as she did so. “I’m sorry.”

“That’s alright.” Pranoo replied, smiling.

“I feel a little now.” Cleo admitted. You with your clothes on and me like this.”

She ran one of the tickets down the front of her body.

“Do you want me to take my clothes off?” Pranoo asked.

“Do you want to?”

Pranoo was silent for a moment.


Cleo stepped back and watched as Pranoo unbuttoned her top and pulled it over her head. She wasn’t wearing and bra and the nipples on her small high breasts were already standing hard.

“These tickets are for the VIP area.” Cleo showed Pranoo the face of one ticket. “And this one is for the party afterwards.”

Pranoo canlı bahis siteleri looked deep into Cleo’s eyes as she unzipped her trousers and stepped from them. She turned away from Cleo and placed her clothes on the back of the large sofa. Cleo watched as she leaned forward and pulled the strap of her thong from between her ass cheeks.

“They can get into the most awkward of places.” Pranoo said, turning back to face her.

“I’ve never really liked wearing them.” Cleo said, stepping forward and hanging one of the chains around Pranoo’s neck. “That’s your backdoor pass. Sorry, backstage.”

“Backdoor sounded like it could have been fun.”

“Do you like that? Using it?”

“I do. But then I like all of it.”

“Have you had many boys?” Cleo asked as Pranoo pulled her thong away from her body and lifted each foot in turn from it. Cleo gasped when she saw the amount of hair that Pranoo had. She had only recently taken to shaving her own again.

“Some. I prefer girls though.”

Pranoo stood still waiting for Cleo’s reaction. She was amazed at herself for just saying it like that.

Cleo replaced the tickets on the sideboard and stepped closer to Pranoo. Their breasts touched. Pranoo looked down and saw Cleo’s nipples harden.

They reached out for each other at the same moment and pulled each other close. Their breasts squashed together and their pussy mounds ground against each other’s as they kissed.

At first their lips remained closed then Pranoo opened hers and started probing Cleo’s with her tongue. It was soon in contact with the tip of Cleo’s tongue. Pushing first one way then the other. Pranoo felt it being sucked into Cleo’s mouth as Cleo’s hands closed about her ass cheeks. She let her own hands move down Cleo’s back as Cleo’s finger touched her anus.

Pranoo gasped.

“Nice?” Cleo whispered.

“Hmm. It is. Very.”

“You have a lovely ass.”

Pranoo pulled Cleo’s ass cheeks apart and rubbed her own finger against her anus.

“So is yours.”

“Come with me.” Cleo said, removing her finger and taking Pranoo by the hand leading her into the bedroom.

She guided Pranoo onto the bed and climbed after her kneeling between her legs and looking down at the lips of her pussy.

“I should shave.” Pranoo said. “Like you.”

“I don’t always. Besides I like to see some hair on a sweet pussy. It feels so soft. Like a real pussy.”

Cleo placed her hand on Pranoo’s bush and smoothed it like she would a cat’s fur. Pranoo shifted on the bed and opened her legs wider.

Cleo watched as Pranoo’s pussy lips began to open then pushed a finger inside her to help them. Pranoo lifted her ass cheeks from the bed willing Cleo to push a second finger inside her.

“You like that?” Cleo asked.

“Oh yes.” Pranoo gasped. “More.”

“More fingers? Well you are very wet.”

Cleo pushed a second finger inside Pranoo’s dripping slit and worked them in and out as if they were a cock fucking her. Pranoo’s bent her knees as if she were taking a man inside her. Cleo moved her fingers faster. Pranoo tossed her head from side to side as the pressure inside her mounted.

“Oh. Ah. Oh.” She moaned.

She knew she was near coming. So near.

But Cleo had stopped. Had pulled her fingers from her. She placed her own hands onto her pussy but Cleo caught her wrists and pulled them away.

“Don’t.” Pranoo gasped in her frustration.

She opened her eyes and saw Cleo’s smiling face looking down at her.

“It’s alright.” Cleo said and leaned forward.

Pranoo felt her lips brush the inside of her thighs, then again, moving closer. She felt Cleo’s thumbs on her pussy lips pulling her open and felt her warm breath inside her. She placed her hands on the back of Cleo’s head and lifted herself from the bed as Cleo began to lick her.

“Oh yes. Hmm.” She cried out as the tip of Cleo’s tongue touched her clit.

“Yes. Yes.” As her orgasm built inside her.

“Oh.” As the pressure mounted.

A pressure that she couldn’t contain any longer.


The release, when it came was so intense that for a moment she thought she was going to die.

It wasn’t stopping. She could feel Cleo’s fingers moving in and out of her again as she continued to lick and suck on her clit. She felt the sharp stab of pain as a finger entered her anus. And all the time the pressure building inside her. Building. Building.

She opened her eyes. Cleo had her arm around her shoulders. Her cheek was resting against Cleo’s breast. She could just focus on her nipple it was so close.

“How are you?” Cleo asked, feeling with a fingertip between her ass cheeks and touching her anus.

“Fine.” Pranoo replied. “Did I pass out?”

“Only for a few seconds.”

“Wow.” Pranoo lifted her hand and cupped Cleo’s breast. “I never felt anything like that before.”

Pranoo lifted her head, looked into Cleo’s eyes then lowered her lips to Cleo’s nipple.

Cleo arched her back as Pranoo began to suck.

“We should think about having that shower and getting to the stadium.” Cleo gasped as Pranoo moved above her and transferred her lips to her other nipple.

Pranoo lifted her head, her lips wet with saliva.

“We could always watch it on pay per view.” She said.

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