A Tight Spot

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It was stuffy as hell in that elevator, mostly due to the fact that it was packed tight with people. I definitely had my reservations about whether this situation was safe or not. And judging by mom’s grimacing expression, she was having similar thoughts.

Thirty people were packed into an elevator designed to hold ten comfortably. The way we were all crammed in together, you couldn’t even breathe without jostling someone. I was stuck at the far back of the elevator, with mom pressed tightly in front of me. To my left and right were two guys in suits, and around them were more business people. It looked like I was the only one in there not in a suit, though that didn’t bother me at the moment as my shorts and t-shirt were definitely much more comfortable in the stuffiness of the elevator.

For what seemed like the fifth time I wondered why I had agreed to come with my mom to her job this morning. It was Friday after all, not to mention the start of a four day weekend. I was off from school and had major plans, like a weekend-long session playing the new Warcraft expansion. But my mother had asked me to come into work with her so that I could help move some of her stuff into her new office; she had been promoted the week before and would be moving to a more spacious workplace. Being the loving son that I was, and the fact that she offered to pay me twenty bucks, I agreed.

Speaking of my mother, she was currently pressed up tightly against my front, her face just a few inches short of my own. As she breathed, her warm breath blew softly across my cheek while her considerable chest rubbed softly up and down on my own. I shamefully admit to having not so innocent thoughts about my mother in the past, and believe me, if you had ever seen her you wouldn’t blame me. She is, for all intents and purposes, a major MILF. She has long, light blond hair, which was currently tied up in a classy yet sexy way that left several strands loose here and there. She spent two hours three times a week at the gym, which kept her body nice and tight, with well-toned legs, firm ass, big, generous tits, and soft but well formed tummy. The light gray suit that she wore definitely hugged her lush curves quite nicely. Her dark green eyes sparkled with intelligence and allure, and the little librarian glasses she wore just completed the entire delicious package.

So yeah, I’m a sick bastard for perving out on my mom. She was a gorgeous woman though, and I was a hot-blooded young American male. It’s nature. Plus, the fact that she was pressed up so tightly against me, her warm soft body rubbing so nicely against mine with every subtle movement, didn’t help matters. While her head turned away, in what I guess was a vain attempt at peeking backwards to check the elevator display to see what floor we were on, I took a quick glance down. Mom wore a white blouse along with her suit, and had left a few buttons open so that some of her cleavage could peek through. The up-close and personal view that I was provided though showed much more. With her tits pressed so nicely against my chest, they were almost ballooning upwards causing the blouse to part slightly. I was afforded a great display, for I could see all the way down her shirt and her majestic breasts, confined quite snugly in a lacy black bra, were open to my scrutiny. It was a wonderful panoramic view of epic proportions, a landscape of tit flesh and cleavage surpassing any natural wonder. Oh, how I’ve lusted after these breasts for so long, ever since puberty hit and the bumps on women’s chests suddenly became so much more fascinating. I felt my dick start to inflate, not that it was soft to begin with since all her rubbing up against me had caused quite a stir down south. But now it grew to a more rigid state, hard enough to rub up against her thigh. Thankfully, she didn’t seem to notice, as she didn’t say anything.

My eyes ate up as much of the cleavage show as time afforded, before they shot up again when mom turned her head back to me. She had a frustrated look on her face, and she shifted up and down on her high-heeled feet, pressing her big boobs even more roughly against me and unknowingly stimulating my penis with her soft, smooth thigh.

“This damn elevator takes forever,” she whispered to me, her breath blowing across my lips.

Said elevator then stopped, the doors opening and letting some people out, but to everyone’s annoyance, even more people came in. Several folks complained, telling them to wait for the next one, but as with most businesspeople, time is money and they could not afford to be late to their meetings/presentations/golf appointments. As the last person, who was a rather rotund man in a suit that looked one size too small, stepped into the elevator, the space between everyone became even more cramped. I was smashed back fully against the wall of the elevator, and poor mom was sandwiched even more tightly between me and the back of an annoyed looking Japanese guy with slicked-back hair.

Mom illegal bahis sighed in annoyance, her cheek rubbing against mine. I, however, was less annoyed. Her body was now all but on top of me; her boobs were squished up firmly against me, and I could definitely feel every ounce of their wonderful softness. Even better was the fact that one of her legs had slipped up between mine, her firm thigh pressed directly against my groin. The sensation caused my dick to become hard as steel, the growth causing my length to find its way out of the front slit in my boxers to inch itself down the right leg of my shorts. My rod was now sandwiched between mom’s thigh and my own, with only my thin khaki shorts and my mom’s nylon stockings separating us. Judging from the tensing of my mother’s body she had definitely felt it.

Mom attempted to move around; my guess is that she was trying to get away from my hard-on, acting like it was a hot bar of metal that would burn her skin. But her small, slight movements only served to enflame me even more. The constant friction of her thigh caressing the side of my dick and the delicious pressure of her knee pressing against my balls pushed me closer and closer to the edge of a climax. I tried to hold it off, but I knew it was a fruitless effort. Pretty soon I would cum, and as good as that would feel I really didn’t want to do it in an elevator full of people. Not to mention that it would make things between mom and me really, REALLY awkward. I mean, sure she was hot as hell and I’ve fantasized about her a lot, but to actually do anything about it was just plain sick and wrong.

“Honey, your… thing,” she whispered to me. I swear to God, if she had said dick, or cock, or even penis, I would have lost it and cum all over my leg.

“Sorry,” I muttered in embarrassment.

Suddenly, the entire elevator jerked to a stop. Mom stopped her shuffling, looking around in worry. Her cheek brushed mine as she moved her head around, some of her loose hair tickling my nose. Other people began to mutter in worry as an ominous creaking sound was heard. Someone to my left complained that they were about to be late for their meeting when, all of the sudden, there was a loud bang and the elevator dropped. Everyone in the packed confines were lifted into the air as it fell, screams and curses sounding, when the emergency brakes suddenly kicked in and the elevator jerked to a stop.

The abrupt halt slammed the back of my head against the wall, and I was seeing a few stars before my brain cleared. All around me people were in a mass of tangled limbs and bodies. Women were crying and men were shouting, but thankfully no one seemed to be hurt. Ironically enough, the tight confines within the elevator prevented any severe injuries. Unfortunately, everyone was now in an undignified clump, as people here and there had been jerked around from their original positions and were now stuck in various random positions. People were stuck with their heads on other people’s shoulders, some had their arms or legs crammed into another’s belly, and many had their hands pushed against someone else in a most immodest manner.

I was in such a position as well, as both my arms were stretched outwards to the side and stuck between the wall and the people who were crammed in around me. I was effectively trapped, unable to move. It was then that I noticed that my mother was not in front of me. I looked around in worry, calling her name, when I glanced downwards and found her. If I had thought my position was undignified, well… it was nothing compared to hers.

The fall and sudden stop had caused her to collapse onto her knees, and all the people pressing in around her had managed to trap her in that position. Being a tall woman, her face was at the level of my stomach, while her bountiful chest was pressed oh-so-comfortably against my groin. She looked a bit frightened, but like the business professional that she was, she maintained herself and didn’t scream or cry like the other women on the elevator. Her cute little librarian glasses even managed to remain upon her nose, allowing her to maintain some modicum of dignity despite her awkward position.

“We’re all gonna die!” wept the chunky man who had entered the elevator last. “We’re doomed! Oh God, why me? Why!”

“Shut the hell up, you fat bastard!” The annoyed looking Japanese guy shouted at him. “It’s because of you that we’re in this mess. Your fat ass probably caused the cable to snap!”

The other man said nothing, but the sound of his weeping could still be heard.

“Leave him alone,” spoke up a cute red-head from up front as the fat man continued to cry. “This is nobody’s fault.”

“Oh, says you!”

As the argument continued, I tried to ignore it as best I could and chose instead to focus on my mother. “Hey, mom. Are you okay?”

Mom lifted her head up to me and gave me a strained smile. I was relieved to see that she was alright, and returned her smile with one of my own. I could illegal bahis siteleri see that she was scared, but she was handling it like a trooper.

My eyes then moved away from her face, my gaze crawling downwards, following the graceful line of her neck before finding its way oh so slowly to her chest. I think I may have groaned out loud, I’m not sure, but the sight before me was quite an inspiration. I was pressed against the back wall by the weight of numerous other people in front of me, and was in a quasi sitting position. Mom was between my bent legs, her arms all but locked in by my thighs and her chest pressed tightly against my crotch. Her breasts were sort of laying in my lap, like two large cantaloupes lying atop a shelf. Her position, along with the tight blouse and suit jacket, caused her tits to strain against her bra and shirt. The buttons were fighting valiantly to hold the two sides of her blouse together, and with mom having to arch her back to keep a comfortable position in the state she was in, it seemed to be a losing battle. I could definitely see her black bra and the creamy flesh of her tits poking through in between the openings of the fabric. There was a spectacular display of cleavage from the top opening of her blouse, teasing me with their round, creamy whiteness. The soft, upper slopes of her breasts rose and fell as she breathed.

I tried my best not to, I really did, but the sight before me, combined with the heavy weight of her big tits resting on top of my dick, caused the little sucker to grow. I had gotten soft when all the excitement with the falling elevator happened (the thought of imminent death tends to do that) but now that the danger had passed my cock had gotten free reign of my brain again.

It grew and grew and grew, and, to my absolute horror, rose and rose and rose. I don’t know how it happened, maybe it was during the fall, but I could now feel that my cock had somehow gotten free of not just my boxers, but my khaki shorts as well. It was now pointing upwards, and as it grew, it slid against my mom’s chest, the fat head rubbing against the smooth silk of her blouse. As more blood poured into my rod, it eventually poked its way into one of the openings in the front right between two straining buttons. I shuddered in both horror and lust as my erection wormed its way up into my mother’s cleavage, digging in right under her bra. I hissed in pure blissful agony as it pushed up into the tight, warm softness, my eyes growing in horror when the swollen, purple head poked up from the top of her tits in the middle of her soft, upper slopes. The scene looked like a grotesque hotdog sticking out from between two sourdough buns.

I’m pretty sure mom felt it (hell, I sure did!) for she had a confused look on her face before she looked down. It must have been quite a shock to her to see a very aroused and almost angry looking cock head peeking out from between her tits. An affronted gasp erupted from her lips when she looked up at me, her face twisted in indignant fury. Her green eyes burned hotly with ire and a little bit of confusion, as if asking how her son could possibly have a hard-on in the middle of her tits.

Very easily, it would seem.

Mom then looked around, worried that someone in the elevator would see her in such an embarrassing position. Thankfully, everyone else’s attention was elsewhere. The earlier argument had ceased, and it seemed that everybody was content to just wait around for rescue. Most of the people were having quiet, if angry, conversations with one another, while others had fallen asleep where they stood. Nobody was paying attention to the gorgeous thirty-six year old blond who was on her knees with her teenage son’s rock-hard cock in between her fantastic rack.

Mom, being very careful in her movements, attempted to extricate herself from her precarious position. As I had said before, she had just gotten a very lucrative promotion. If word got around that she had been titfucking her son (even accidentally) in a crowded elevator, well… her job would be the least of her worries.

As slowly as she could, mom tried pulling her tits away from my dick. Unfortunately for her, the Japanese guy behind was pressed pretty close, so her movements were limited. All she managed to do was move back a few inches, and was then pressed forwards again. This, of course, caused her boobs to move. The friction of those big, warm tits pulling against the sides of my cock, then pushing back and pressing against it was fantastic. She tried the move a few more times, even moving her upper body from side to side, but that only served to stimulate my already bloated cock even more. The inner slopes of her breasts, confined as they were by her bra, were like a tight velvet glove masturbating me. It was warm and soft yet firm, the perfect environment to make a horny penis happy. And moving around like she was, mom was not helping any. Her motions were slow, like a caress. Her warm skin was heaven against canlı bahis siteleri my bare cock, and the slowness of each movement was almost torture. I tried my best not to do what I did, I really did. But like the tides, it was inevitable. A horny cock will only last so long ensconced in between a beautiful woman’s big, soft breasts, even if that woman happened to be his mother.

Just as mom moved herself backwards, pushing against the Japanese guy behind her, my dick slid down against the soft sides of her tight cleavage, a final caress that proved all too much for me. My cock erupted in a violent explosion, expelling my white milky cum up and out with the force of a cannon. The first shot splattered across her lips, catching her in surprise. She let out a soft gasp, her lovely mouth opening slightly just in time for a second barrage to come barreling in. The second shot flew right inside her parted lips, painting a trail across her tongue before slamming into the back of her mouth. This caused her to retch, the cum dribbling out of her mouth as she looked up at me in shock.

“How dare you cum on me, your own mother?” her wide green eyes seemed to say.

Very easily, my dick seemingly delighted to answer as it shot again. This time it hit my shocked mom in the cheek, the large volley splattering up and covering the right lens of her librarian glasses. This seemed to snap mom out of her stupor, and she leaned forwards again, thus directing her face away from the line of fire. My remaining explosions simply hit the bottom of her jaw, the warm white liquid splattering and collecting along her neck to run down in rivulets into her cleavage.

I trembled as the eruptions slowed down, my body shaking as I came down from the powerful orgasm that had just assaulted me. I tried to control my breathing while my heart beat a thousand miles a minute. It was definitely the best cum I’ve ever had, regardless of whom had caused it. Or perhaps, it was because of it.

My mother, on the other hand, was not as thrilled as I was. She looked absolutely pissed, and considering what happened I don’t blame her. I felt really bad for what just happened, even though it felt really, really good.

“S-sorry,” I said, lamely. I couldn’t meet her furious green eyes which were glaring at me through the cum-stained lens of her glasses.

I have to admit, though, she did look really damn hot now. Mom was one of those chicks who looked absolutely gorgeous when they got angry. Her cheeks got all flushed, and her eyes sparkled like two green suns. She was exactly that way right now, but with the added bonus that she was covered in cum. I, like all guys, think that women are at their most beautiful when covered in the white stuff, and by God, was she covered.

Her right cheek, glasses, and lips were splattered in large blots of white; there was even a blob of it hanging from one of the loose strands of her hair. Her neck and the tops of her tits were absolutely shiny with cum, and her white blouse was all but transparent. I really came a lot, and it was no wonder. I had been stimulated to the brink by my hot mother, and this was the result. It really wasn’t my fault.

Sadly, my lustful scrutiny of my mother’s current cum-soaked state was having an effect on my Johnson. Although it never really went down that much after the massive explosion, it had been in a deflated state. My dick had been happily resting in my mother’s wet cleavage, nice and warm and safe in between the mountain of titflesh. Now it seemed to be ready for more action as it grew in length, hardening to its former state, the fat head pushing its way through my mother’s tight and now well-lubed valley.

Mom’s eyes widened again upon feeling my renewed staff. She took a glance down and upon confirming the presence of the rigid man-wood sticking up from between her wet tits, looked back up and directed a stern gaze at me. She was looking at me in the manner that she often did when ordering me not to do something bad, like the time I tried to play with matches when I was five or when I had accidentally broken her favorite vase.

It was the look of a mother chiding her child for being naughty, and God oh God, I’m ashamed to say that it made me even harder.

This time mom didn’t move a muscle. She just remained completely still, glaring at me with those furious and sexy green eyes of hers. We both remained motionless, she from anger and me from fear, not doing anything, just staring at each other. My cock remained rock hard though, as the warmth and softness of her tits and the slickness of my cum provided adequate stimulation to keep me erect. I could also feel her heartbeat against the side of my dick; it was beating almost as fast as mine was, a quick staccato drumbeat against my most sensitive area.

This is nuts, I thought to myself. Here we were, in the middle of a stuck elevator, crowded by dozens of people. I had just finished (accidentally) titty fucking my mother, gave her a facial, and now I’m about to do it again. Get a grip! I needed to get out of this situation, before I make it worse. Nobody in their right mind titfucks their mom. The first time was an accident; if I do it again then I’ll be a freak.

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