A True Fantasy

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The heat of the summer was nothing compared to the heat that I had been feeling for Nick all week long. I knew it was wrong and that I should not have been having those kinds of feelings for one of my floor mates; but it still did not help the way my heart skipped a beat every time I got near him. It was the beginning of the fall semester of my junior year in college. I was living on campus on a co-ed floor with 30 other people. I had lived in a dorm all through college, so knew all of the rules and I was close to breaking rule number one: do not date any of your floor mates.

It was Saturday, the first day of orientation and I was walking around my floor trying to get to know my floor mates. I was just about to go past the men’s bathroom when the door opened. Out stepped one of the most beautiful men I had ever seen! He had a towel around his waist and was dripping water all over the floor. I was kind of embarrassed, so I was going to turn around and go back the way I came when his husky voice said “Hi, I’m Nick.” I turned back around and looked right at him. He was about 5’11, built, with dark hair that fell to his ears and deep, dark eyes that you could get lost in. I think I mumbled something to the effect of “I’m Jade,” when he started walking towards me. I didn’t know what to do, so I just stood there. “Well, are you going to let me shake your hand or are you going to stand there like a statue all day?” I gave a startled laugh at how stupid I was being in front of this guy. I mean, he was just a guy, like any other guy on campus; except he just happened to have a towel around his waist and beads of water rolling off of his muscled chest. I quickly snapped back to reality and shook his hand. “There, now was that so hard?” You have no idea I thought to myself.

The days went by and I was getting to know people a little better, trying to stay as far away from Nick as I could to no avail. Everywhere I went on the floor, there he would be; talking in the hall or watching TV in the lounge. I couldn’t shake this feeling I was having. I tried to get rid of it by seeking a distraction somewhere else other than my floor, but my thoughts always went back to the first day I saw Nick in a towel. I was so frustrated with myself that I did the only thing I knew would help keep my mind off of relationships: I studied. Everyday after class, I would shut myself up in my room and read everything that my professors gave me and then I read some more. illegal bahis

Needless to say this was not at all a healthy way to deal with the other needs my body was demanding. I had not had sex all summer thanks to my job and lack of imagination. I was so frustrated mentally, physically and sexually. I was so glad my roommate spent almost all of her time in her boyfriend’s room. It was only Wednesday and I was ready to take out this frustration on anyone or anything that crossed my path. Thank goodness a three-day weekend was coming up starting on Friday. I went to school so far away from my home that I had to stay in the dorm every time we had a three-day weekend. I was looking forward to some much-needed alone time with just myself on the floor and no one else to hear the noises I made while masturbating. Until then, I kept on reading.


Friday finally came and not a minute too soon. I had planned on a day of nothing but getting rid of all my frustrations in a long, wet fucking session between my 7″ waterproof vibrator and me. We had a full bathroom on the floor, with a bathtub next to the showers. I was in my bathrobe, running the water in the tub, when I looked around and noticed that I had forgotten my little friend. I ran back to my room, got my toy and was running through the hall when I ran into someone and flew backwards onto the floor. I was really mad when at first because whoever it was that had just knocked me down was keeping me from my day of pleasure. I was about ready to curse the person out when I looked up and saw that it was Nick!

“Sorry Jade. I heard the water running and I was wondering who was still here this weekend.”

Nick was here this weekend too? How did I not know this? Well, if I had paid more attention at the last floor meeting I would have noticed the number of people who raised their hands when the RA asked who was going home this weekend. A noise was coming from somewhere to my right. I looked over and noticed that when I fell, my vibrator had turned on! I immediately turned bright red and began to reach for it when Nick knelt down, picked it up and turned it off.

“What do we have here?”

I was completely mortified. I started to say something about how my body was aching and I needed a massage when Nick held up a finger to silence me.

“You don’t need to say anything. I understand.”

Then he did something that shocked me he leaned over and started to illegal bahis siteleri kiss me. I had to have been dreaming, because this was just so unreal. Why would a guy as handsome as Nick be kissing me? I mean I’m just about 5’6, brown hair and eyes with a petite frame! I was so plain compared to this Adonis that was kneeling on the floor next to me with his lips on mine. After a few moments, Nick leaned back from my face.

“We shouldn’t be doing this,” I said.

“I know. But it feels so right. I’ve wanted to do this for a week now Jade. Ever since we first met in the hallway.”

“You have?”


“I don’t believe that this is happening to…”

He silenced me with another kiss. This time the surprise only lasted a second and then I closed my eyes and returned his kiss. I was still in my robe and remembered about my bath. Panic filled my body, replacing the amazing feeling I was having on the floor. I pushed Nick away and stood up so fast I knocked him over.

“I forgot about my bath! It’s probably overflowing by now.”

I ran down the hallway and into the bathroom. But the tub wasn’t overflowing; it was filled with a nice, hot bath. Nick came up behind me and whispered in my ear with that husky voice of his.

“When I saw that no one was around watching the tub fill, I turned it off before I ran into you.”

“Oh. Well, that was very nice of you.”

“It’s still hot. Why don’t you get in and I can help massage your body.”

Was I still dreaming or did Nick just suggest that we both get into a tub together? Dream or no dream, I couldn’t pass this up! I undid my robe and let fall to the floor. I was a little self conscious, but I got over it when I saw that Nick was undressing too. I quickly got into the tub and waited for Nick to join me. The water felt so good on my aching body. I closed my eyes and let the feeling of warmth spread throughout my tired limbs when I felt Nick enter the tub.

“Oh, this water feels good,” he said.

I opened my eyes and saw him closing his eyes to enjoy the feel of the water. His body was just like I remembered it: broad shoulders, muscles all the way down to his stomach. I couldn’t really see if he was well hung through the water, so I moved towards him and placed both of my hands on his chest. His eyes opened and he smiled down at me. I was raising my head up to kiss him when he reached over the edge of the tub and grabbed something canlı bahis siteleri off of the floor. It was my toy.

“I want to see how you were going to use this today before I ran into you.”


“I want to watch you using this to pleasure yourself.”

I took the vibrator from his hand slowly. I had never had anyone watch me fuck myself before, so I had no idea how to go about it.

“Just act like I’m not here.”

I leaned back against the tub, closed my eyes and took a deep breath. When I let it out I turned on the vibrator and slowly let it glide across my B cup breasts. I kept my eyes closed as I let the toy work its magic across my sensitive skin at the tip of my breasts and then let it glide through the valley in between. I let out a soft moan as I lowered it down over my stomach to touch the very top of my clit. I opened my eyes then to see what my show was doing to Nick. He had his hand on his cock and was slowly stroking it to full hardness. Just that sight alone made my body quiver. I moved the lower half of my body forward to get a better angle for my toy to enter my body. I turned it off and inserted it into my awaiting hole. I closed my eyes as I started to breathe heavily as I pulled and pushed my way to an orgasm. After a few strokes, I increased my pace and pushed the power button back on. I heard a splashing noise coming from Nick’s side of the tub he was increasing his speed too! I opened my eyes to see Nick holding a nice sized cock, about the same size as my toy but a little thicker. I was really getting into it now, thrusting my body to meet my hand on every push, lifting my hips on every thrust. I glanced over to see Nick reach his climax.

“Oh fuck! I’m going to cum! I’m going to cum!”

I turned my vibrator up to full speed, imagining what Nick’s cock would do to my pussy just sent me over the edge.

“Ah…I’m cumming! Ahhhh!”


I threw my head back as my body convulsed into a powerful orgasm. I could feel my juices flowing out of my box and into the water. When I looked back at Nick, he was breathing heavily. The sweat from his body made his hair stick to the sides of his head. He looked so hot. I reached down and pulled out the vibrator and laid it back on the ground.

“That was unreal. I never came so hard in my life!”

I was trying to catch my breath as I talked.

“I k…I know! I’m st…still shaking!”

Nick came over to wrap his arms around me. My body started to relax against the feel of his strong arms.

“Lets get out of here and go to my room,” I said.

He leaned his head down and kissed my lips.

“Great idea,” he said.


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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