A Walk By The Lake (Sweet Tim)

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After enjoying a concert by the lake we walk a little ways from the band shell, away from the crowd of people. Your arm is lightly around my waist as it has been during most of the concert. You turn to face me. I look up into your eyes and smile. You smile back, placing a hand under my chin, tilting my face up and lightly place your lips against my mine. As you kiss me softly and gently I place my arms around you pulling you a bit closer. I part my lips a little and very lightly, almost imperceptibly lick your lips with the tip of my tongue. This spurs you on and you press your lips harder against mine, parting my willing lips with your tongue. You run your fingers thru the back of my gold blond hair pulling me into a deep, passionate kiss. Your soft, warm, sensual tongue explores my mouth, tracing every contour, licking the bottom and roof of my mouth, running over my teeth, your tongue dancing with mine and gently sucking on it. A soft moan escapes my lips as we kiss. You feel me tremble in your arms as I surrender myself to you. Finally, after what seems like both an eternity and yet just a moment we slowly break this sweet, hot kiss.

Between a couple of firm short kisses on my lips you whisper, “You are so beautiful. I want you so much.”

In response I pinch your fine ass and whisper back, “God I want you too.”

We had decided before the concert that we were going to take a walk around the lake. We walked along the pedestrian path around the lake, enjoying the natural beauty, pausing once in a while to continue our kissing and fondling. After passing a couple of benches along the path we decide to sit, to compose ourselves. We find one that is a little illegal bahis off the path and sheltered.

As I sit you lean over and whisper to me, “Do you know what you’re doing to me?”

I coyly reply, “No, what am I doing to you?”

You laugh and then kiss me.

As we kiss I lightly place my hand over the growing bulge in the front of your pants and squeeze gently. You groan into my mouth and the bulge grows bigger and harder. I continue to squeeze and fondle your hardening cock thru your pants.

You grasp my hand and break our kiss to say, “Mmm god baby….not here.”

I say, “We’re back from the walk. No one can see. Or tell what we’re doing.”

I continue fondling your cock while talking. You moan. I smile into your face. I lick your lips and pull you into a hungry, passionate kiss. While we kiss I quickly unbutton your pants and release your rock hard cock.

I stroke your cock as you pull your lips from mine saying, “Oh my god baby…we shouldn’t…”

You look around kind of nervously, moving so that all it looks like from the walk is a man leaning over to kiss his woman.

You look back at me and say “OK. Just don’t…” You let out a loud groan as you feel me kiss and lick the tip of your hard cock.

“Don’t what?” I laughingly ask as I start to lick and suck on your balls, firmly stroking your shaft.

“Oh my god I can’t believe this.”

I stop licking for a moment and ask, “Should I stop?”

I wink up at you as I lick the underside of your cock with long broad tongue strokes from the balls to the head, then thoroughly bath your whole cock with the same tongue strokes. Your only response illegal bahis siteleri is a long, low groan and a hand lovingly resting on my head.

I look up at your dear face as I swirl and flick my tongue around the head of your cock. Then I start to slowly suck your hot cock into my warm, wet, hungry mouth. I suck your whole cock into my mouth in one long, hard, deep suck. I hear your moans and you start to move your hips as I slowly deep throat your cock.

You moan, “Oh Phoebe…Oh baby…Oh yes…Oh please…Oh god.”

You entangle your fingers in my hair as I suck your firm cock in a steady rhythm, sucking hard and deep, moaning as your cock head hits the back of my throat with every suck. You moan louder and start to pump your hips.

Between heavy breaths you say, “Oh god, Phoebe that feels so damn good. Yes, sweet baby, suck me. God you know what I like.”

I look up into your eyes as you now pump your cock in and out of my longing, wet mouth, sucking hard as you do. I play with your balls, gently massaging and squeezing them. You reach down with one hand to squeeze and fondle my big breasts. You find my nipples already hard.

Moaning, you say, “Mmm baby you like this don’t you. God you are so hot. Baby I want to please you so much. I want you so very much.”

I momentarily remove your big cock from mouth long enough to say, “Later, lover. Right now is just for you. Mmm later.”

I grin up at you as I swallow your cock whole again, sucking and licking and swirling my tongue all over your cock. I vary the speed of my sucking of your long cock, sometimes fast, sometimes excruciatingly slow, sometimes in between. canlı bahis siteleri I hold your hips to keep you from pumping my mouth. Your groan let’s me know that not pumping is hard but it’ll be worth it.

I suddenly suck your cock as deep down my throat as I can. I hold it there and swallow, letting my throat massage your cock head while my tongue licks and swirls all over your shaft. You moan loudly and I feel your body shake. I then hold your cock deep in my throat and suckle on it for a while, always working my tongue on you. I feel your body shake more and more. You suddenly clutch my head, groaning loudly as your cock starts to twitch and jerk and throb as you cum hard, spraying cum straight down my throat.

“Oh god Phoebe yes……..so fucking good…….cumming so hard….OH MY GOD YESSSSSS!!!!!!!!!”

I smile around your cock, looking at your face, swallowing the first shot of your hot cum. I quickly lean my head back, opening my mouth wide, holding and stroking your cock as your cum sprays into my mouth. You look down, watching the erotic display, groaning even more. I stroke your shaft, gently squeezing your balls, milking you of every drop of your sweet cum. I hungrily swallow every bit of cum you give me but sometimes some dribbles down the corners of my mouth.

You collapse forward, knees against the bench, hands on the back of the bench, whispering, “Oh my god….oh Phoebe….oh Phoebe….oh Phoebe.”

I smile up at you, lick my lips, lick your cock clean, and put you back in your pants. You look as if nothing happened, except for the big, blissful smile on your face.

You collapse beside me on the bench, pulling me onto your lap, holding me so tight, kissing me madly, passionately. As we kiss you reach under my skirt, cupping a hand over my satin string bikini panty covered mound, squeezing gently.

You moan into my ear, “Oh Phoebe that was amazing. Now I want a taste of this.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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