A Week With The Webbs

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Will sighed deeply as he packed the last items of clothing he’d need for the week. His parents we going on holidays and they didn’t trust him at home, so they were sending him to his best mates place to be sure. Only problem was, his best mate wasn’t going to be there the majority of the time. Will didn’t really have that much of a problem with it. He knew the family well and was comfortable around them. Any other time he would’ve been happy to go. But there was one problem. He hadn’t been laid in at least six months.

Why was this a problem? His best mate had a mother and a sister, that was the problem. Will was already horny as hell, but he knew that if he stayed at Nick’s place he’d be erect the entire week. It was going to be a challenge. He heard his mother call him from the living room and he picked his bag up and headed downstairs.

‘Here he is!’ said the woman sitting across from Will’s mum, smiling at him.

‘Hi Mrs Webb.’ He said, dropping his bag to walk over and give her a kiss on the cheek. She looked as incredible as ever and it was all Will could do to not get an erection. She was short, with blonde hair and blue eyes. She had fairly large breasts, a trim stomach and a tight ass. And she was 45. Will didn’t know how she did it. She had been a beauty queen or something like that years before and it hadn’t seemed to wear off.

Will sat down just in case his mind started to wander, causing other parts of him to follow. The adults talked for a while about general stuff, occasionally asking him about things happening in his life. ‘Well, John and Katherine have gone to Sydney for a few days, which means it’ll just be Nick, Will and I for a little while. Speaking of which, we better be off before I have too much to drink and Will has to drive.’ She said, putting her wine glass on the table and standing up.

They said their goodbyes and Will was soon in the car on his way to the Webb’s place. He kept quiet as they drove, choosing to stare out the window rather than risk getting an erection by looking at his mates mother. ‘It’s been a while since you’ve stayed at our place, Will. You should come around more often.’ She said, trying to spark some conversation.

‘It has been a while,’ he agreed, briefly looking in her direction.

‘You know you’re welcome anytime?’ she said, placing a hand on his leg for a moment and then replacing it on the wheel. The touch of her hand on his leg was enough, and Will felt his cock begin to rise in his shorts.

‘Thanks Mrs Webb. I appreciate it.’ That one incident was enough to keep Will hard for the rest of the ride home, and he was sure Mrs Webb had noticed his discomfort by the time they arrive. He thought he’d caught her staring at his crotch a couple of times but he couldn’t be sure.

‘Why don’t you go put your stuff in Katherine’s room while I go prepare dinner?’ she said simply, unlocking the door and stepping into the house. Will looked around as he stepped in. It wasn’t exactly what you’d call a mansion, but it wasn’t a shanty home either. He walked across the hall and made his way up the stairs. He found Katherine’s room and placed his bag in the corner. Walking over to the bed, he picked up the picture sitting on the table. It was a picture of Catherine and her mother at the beach, walking hand in hand in bikinis. Not thinking, he continued to inspect casino oyna the photo as slid open the cupboard doors, the smell of a woman immediately hitting his nostrils. Will’s cock, which had relaxed slightly, jumped immediately as he realised he was smelling Katherine’s used underwear from the hamper behind the door.

Will closed the door quickly, placing the picture on the bed-side table and taking deep breaths to calm himself down. This week was going to be harder than he thought.

Settled in to his new room, Will headed downstairs to the kitchen, where Mrs Webb already had something smelling great. ‘Are you all settled in, darling?’ She asked, turning back towards him as she heard him enter.

‘Yes thanks.’ He said, his erection growing by the second as he watched her work. ‘Is there anything I can do to help?’

‘Why don’t you go grab some wine from the cellar? Pick a good one.’ She said, smiling at him. Will didn’t miss the slight glance she took at his crotch, which he had failed to hide when entering the kitchen. He quickly made his way downstairs to the cellar and searched for something good but not expensive. He worked in a bottle shop, so he knew a fair bit about wine and he selected two bottles before taking them upstairs.

Re-entering the kitchen, he placed the bottles on the bench and asked which she preferred. ‘Can’t go past the merlot, William.’ She said, applying herself to her cooking.

‘My choice as well,’ he said. ‘Umm… where is your bottle opener?’ he asked, looking around him.

‘One moment,’ she said, turning away from him and bending over to open the bottom draw. Will stared at her perfect ass as she did this, her jeans tight against her skin as she stretched them over her tight ass cheeks. She fumbled around in the draw for a while, allowing Will’s cock to grow enormously inside his pants, before straightening and handing him the bottle opener. ‘My you’ve grown,’ she said, taking obvious glances at the bulge in his shorts. Will blushed and attempted to hide it by turning around and focusing on the wine. ‘No need to be embarrassed. I used to bathe you when you were a kid you know. I have seen it before.’ She smiled slightly as she continued to cook.

Will searched around for wine glasses, finally spotting them above the stove, in front of Mrs Webb. ‘Would you mind passing me a couple of glasses, Mrs Webb?’ He asked, still embarrassed over his state.

‘You can get them.’ She said, not looking up at his as she continued to attend to the food. He walked over slowly, sizing up the situation. After weighing up his options, Will realised there was no way he could reach the glass without touching Mrs Webb. He slowly stepped up behind Mrs Webb, inches behind her.

‘Excuse me.’ He said as he reached for the glasses, struggling to open the cupboard as he felt his fully erect cock nestle between her ass cheeks. She seemed to press back against him as this happened, and Will could’ve sworn he heard her sigh slightly as he reached for the glasses. Finally grabbing the glass, he was able to remove himself before his cock exploded.

‘You have grown…’ she said again, grinning wildly at his discomfort.

‘I’m sorry.’ he said, Will opened the wine and poured two glasses, downing his quickly and pouring another.

He turned around and leaned against the bench as he watched Mrs Webb cook, his erection persisting in his pants. She was as beautiful as he had slot oyna remember her. About 5’3, her hair falling just below her shoulders. She was wearing a tight white shirt to contain her large breasts and a small portion of her soft smooth stomach was visible as she worked.

‘Dinner is served.’ She said, turning around will two plates full of food and heading towards the dining room. Will followed with the wine.

They sat down and Will answered every question she asked him, but generally just ate. The wine he had chosen was exceptional, and he found himself drinking glass after glass as they talked. After his sixth glass in an hour, Will was well and truly feeling it and began to slur his words.

‘So, is there a girl in the picture? Or are there more?’ Mrs Webb asked him, pouring him another glass as she nursed her second.

‘Not one.’ Will said, his eyes dropping to her chest every few seconds as his cock continued to push on his pants.

‘Oh come on. With your charm there must be someone special.’ She asked, trying to get him to loosen up.

‘No.’ Will said simply, sitting back and gulping down his seventh glass of wine.

‘Why don’t we watch a movie? It’s been a while since I’ve seen a movie with my other son.’ She often called him her second because of all the time he had spent at their house when he was little.

‘Why not?’ Will said, standing up and moving with Mrs Webb to the dining room. She sat down on the couch and instructed him to place a tape in the machine, one she had already selected. He turned to see her patting the couch next to her, and he slowly made his way over to sit beside her.

‘Why so far? Come. Sit closer.’ She said, encouraging him to sit close enough so their arms were firmly touching. The start of the movie was very slow, with soft music and soft, whispered talk. Will could feel himself drifting off to sleep, the wine finally taking over completely, and he yawned loudly. ‘Tired,’ Mrs Webb asked him. ‘Here, lean on me.’ She said, laying back on a diagonal. Will slid across the couch a lay down, his head resting on her stomach. ‘Higher.’ She said, and Will made no reason to argue as he moved his head up to rest on her chest.

He continued to watch the movie, his eyes half closed as his best friend’s mother gently stroked his hair. He could smell her body, and watch her breasts fall up and down in front off his face. He forced himself to watch the screen as a man and woman began to kiss, their hands running over each other’s bodies. Will’s penis began to react to all the stimulus around him, and quickly became erect inside his pants. ‘It’s been a while since I’ve been touched like that.’ He heard Mrs Webb say. Will looked down to see her nipples poke through her shirt, erect with arousal. ‘Will, give me your hand.’

Will was too drunk to argue as he moved his right hand into her. She quickly position it onto her left breast, and sighed softly. Then she began to move it slowly around, squeezing his hand slightly to allow him to caress her. Will’s cock urged to be released as Will caressed his friend’s mother in a way that could never be right. She continued to stroke his hair softly as she directed his hand on her tits, moaning softly in appreciation. Slowly she moved her hand away from his, and Will continued to rub her right breast of his own accord. Her eyes fluttered in pleasure as he flicked her nipple through her shirt, and her left hand reach down canlı casino siteleri to her crotch.

She began to rub herself slowly through her jeans, gently pressing on her mound as this boy played with her chest. She slowly and methodically unbuttoned her jeans, sliding them down to her knees. She reached inside her panties with her left hand and began to tickle her pussy lips. She felt Will reach inside her shirt and begin to massage her bare chest slowly with his right hand. She ran a finger up and down the length of her lips, shivering as Will’s fingers played with her erect nipple. Gently she flicked the tip of her clit, moaning softly as she placed a finger inside her dripping snatch.

Will’s finger feebly played with Mrs Webb’s nipple and he watched her play with her cunt under her panties. The scent of her cunt wafted up through his nostrils, and Will’s cock strained against his pants. He reached down with his free hand, pushing his pants down so his cock was on restrained by his boxer shorts. Then Will began to kiss her chest through her shirt, allowing her fingers to continue working her nipples tenderly. She moaned as Will kiss her neck softly, his hand beginning to get more aggressive as her pleasure increase. He grabbed her left breast, squeezed it in his hand and he was rewarded with a moan of pleasure.

Mrs Webb placed a third finger in her cunt as Will groped her chest, fingering herself steadily. Her pussy was dripping with juice and anticipation. She sat up slightly, allowing Will to removed her shirt from her body, her breasts bouncing free. Will tongue quickly made its way to her nipple and she began frigging herself quickly as pleasure racked her body. She lifted her ass off the couch in pleasure as her fingers and his tongue worked in unison. Her pussy was wetter than ever as she watched Will push her hand aside and begin fingering her slowly. He slid his fingers in and out as she moaned softly, her hands in his hair encouraging his tongue to do better. He added a third finger and quickened his pace as he heard her sigh his name.

Will kneeled on the floor in front of her, grabbing her panties and pulling them down to her feet. Mrs Webb spread her legs and began to play with her own nipples as Will returned two off his fingers to her dripping cunt while he kissed and licked her inner thigh. A third finger elicited a moan as she bucked against his hand, her orgasm drawing closer. Will removed his fingers from her cunt to drop his boxer shorts, and he quickly raised himself, poised with his cock to enter his dripping snatch. Slowly, he pushed his cock head past her moist pussy lips, feeling her vagina slide over his cock.

She moaned loudly as she felt him fill her cunt. She pulled his head to her chest, his tongue working his magic over her nipples as he began to slid in and out of her snatch. Will felt her legs wrap around his ass as he thrust into her, her moans increasing by the second. He heard her whisper his name as he pounded her cunt, and she began to squeal as his cock penetrated her cunt. She bucked against his cock as he slid in and out, her velvet cunt gripping him tightly as she moaned over and over again. He felt her pussy tighten around his cock as she whispered she was cumming, her legs pulling him deeper inside her with every thrust. The tightness of her cunt overwhelmed him, and his cock erupted with a grunt, filling her womb with his seed. She breathed heavily as she encouraged him, his cock spasming rope after rope of hot, thick cum inside her cunt.

Will rested his head on her chest as the last drops of cum emptied into her, and he slowly fell to sleep as she sighed softly and stroked his hair in relief.

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