A Widow’s Tale Pt. 04

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[This is a work of fiction. A product of an active imagination in a world where STD’s aren’t a worry. If you want this to be hyper realistic, edit your own version and put in all the preventive measures you need in order to feel satisfied. It will continue until the main character, Maria Salvez, is done letting you know about her story. In the meantime, enjoy!]

Let’s see what there is to talk about, shall we? I’m not about to rehash all my hard work in the previous three chapters, so for more background, go read them and enjoy. My name is Maria Salvez. I’m approaching 40 along with my three BFF’s from high school days. I was a slut in college – a bona fide, every hole available cum dump for the fratboys and their alumni. That is, until I met Johnny Athers. We met in the middle of what became my last gang bang due to the connection we discovered. Over the course of the next few months, I discovered that I was willing to do absolutely anything he wanted me to do, simply because he wanted it. What’s more, with very few exceptions I liked everything he suggested for me. I found my bisexual side and exulted in it. I took on a submissive posture – obeying my master without question and enjoying it because it made him happy. We were sexually active for the entire ten years of our marriage – a marriage that ended suddenly when he had a heart attack on the operating table while a mitral valve prolapse was being repaired. That was five years ago. Writing down everything about our love and life was my therapist’s idea as a means of releasing my grief and returning to the world. I was reluctant at first, but after three chapters I’m beginning to feel like I might be coming out of hibernation. I guess it’s working.

One of the things that made him so special was his cock – I can’t lie about that. It was a thick nine inches, a thing of beauty. God, it brought me so much pleasure! Whether I was sucking him, fucking him or having his cock combine with others – I loved that hot monster of his! I know it seems silly, but I guess it was as much because he always looked to have it bring me pleasure. I mean, I almost had to force him to let loose and just powerfuck me! There’s something about a big cock relentlessly pounding away that can generate new worlds of sensation – and it took a while to have him understand that and just fuck the shit out of me from time to time. Mostly, his cock was a weapon of love and magic, no matter which of my holes he was in. We were both very experienced when we met – I once tried counting the number of cocks that had fucked me and simply lost count. He was no shy, retiring virgin either – that would have been impossible. Between his looks, his personality, his athletic body and his amazing cock, I know he also lost count of things. With some exceptions.

We both had high libidos, and were both verbal and imaginative. We would, from time to time, get on Literotica and use the search function to discover work we hadn’t read. Then we would take turns reading stories out loud to one another. That was so much fun we set aside our Sunday mornings to stay in bed late and read. There was one Sunday when I saw a search term I wanted to read. Glory holes. At first, Johnny was good with it. The first few stories were about women who discovered that indulging in anonymous cock sucking was a real turn on. The quality varied – some authors had clearly written autobiographically. And graphically as well. I was certainly intrigued by it all, especially as I observed the effect on my husband – he was as hard as I’ve ever seen him.

“Would you want me to do try that?” I asked.

“Would you be interested?” he asked me back, avoiding a direct answer.

“Nice non-answer, there, magic dick! I notice that you’re certainly aroused here. I’m assuming one of those stories resounded with some dirty inner desire you have. Oh, and for the record – and to avoid evading – the answer is yes. Remember, I used to take on cock after cock before we met. Part of that was a self-image issue, but part of it was also the sense of power it gave me. Your turn – what triggered this most delightful, throbbing response? Answer the question and I’ll give you a treat.”

“Well, part of it was imagining you, naked, on your knees in a dark booth sucking off all the cocks that came by. Part of it was a memory of the times I was getting sucked off. And finally, part of it was remembering the few times I was doing the sucking.” He said it with a straight face, but he turned red at the same time.

“Oh wow! Isn’t it amazing when they come in your mouth? Do you remember how it felt? Wait – are you ashamed of it? Come on! Look at your wife – me – a reformed gang bang slut who is also now – thanks to you, I might add – an active bisexual submissive and, if I read my porn right, a hotwife in training. Don’t be ashamed, baby. I think it’s hot and that you have guts for trying it! What more can you tell me? This inquiring dirty mind wants to know!”

“Well, somehow I got it into my head that if I wanted someone casino oyna to suck my cock, it was only fair if I knew what I was asking of them. If I wanted my come swallowed, and say my partner was reluctant, I needed to be able to let them know it was a good thing because I had done it – not merely because I wanted it done to me. I watched a lot of porn. As you know. That whole “glazed faces” thing leaves me cold, frankly. My all-time favorite video is a relatively short clip from a glory hole, as a matter of fact. Shot from below, a woman has a black cock deep in her throat. He unloads and she stays attached and you see her swallowing. Have you seen that? Have I showed it to you?”

“Oh, I know the one you mean. She’s one of my role models, actually! And I get it. Given a choice, every guy I’ve ever been with wants to come all the way up inside me, or deep down my throat. You certainly prefer it, right?”

“Absolutely. Jerking off onto your face or your belly or your ass is porn bullshit. Showing the money shot, as it were. Visually it lets you know it happened, but experientially it’s nowhere near as good. Have you got a favorite hole for me to come in?”

“Whichever one you want, frankly. If I had to choose – you know, one of those “he can only come in one of your holes before you die” kind of kinky questions, I think I’d prefer it to be my ass. Down my throat is good but sometimes it’s hard to breath. In my cunt is great, but up my ass I feel the temperature of that fluid painting my guts and it almost always makes me come as well. Have you noticed?”

“Maybe we should set aside other people’s writing and create our own story? What do you think?” he asked.

“I’ll be right back,” I said. “Close your eyes and lay there until I get back. No peeking, okay?” He agreed and I got up and out of bed. I ran to the bathroom and peed, then reached into the bathroom closet and grabbed one of my favorite toys – a very lifelike silicone cock. I’d been waiting for the opportunity to try this one, since it was kind of unique. On the opposite end of the cockhead was an L-shaped tube about 5 inches long. My friend (and former roommate) Karen had used it on me and then given it to me as a moving out present. That five inch tube fit snugly up inside my pussy, leaving me with what appeared to be a cock – about as thick as Johnny’s but shorter by a few inched A strapless strapon, as it were.

It felt odd walking with it; the cock itself swayed and bobbed as I walked, and that set up sensations at the end inside of me. I tried to imagine myself as a big cocked, arrogant guy. Not sure I really succeeded, but it was fun to try. Johnny was still on is back, his eyes closed and his hard cock jutting into the air. Dripping a little bit of precum. I was tempted to just open my mouth and deep throat him as a surprise, but held off on that. When I got to the side of the bed I got one knee on the bed and brought the cock up to his face. I used my hand to guide it over his lips, and his eyes sprang open.

“Allright, slut, suck my dick!” I commanded, and his eyes lit up as his mouth opened. There was no hesitation, and pretty soon I had a few inches into his face. I wish I actually had a cock so I could feel what he was doing to it. The vibrations on the end that I had inside me were pretty damned awesome! “Go to it, cocksucker. See if you can swallow it all. Can you?” He shifted position until he was facing it, then opened his mouth and took in four inches. He held it there, and then slowed his breathing and pressed forward. Pretty soon his nose was up against my crotch. He could take it all, I realized, and when I did, I started to come. It was an amazing thing!

“Wow! That was amazing and I can’t even feel what you were doing to the end in your mouth. Since I notice you’re still hard, would you care to do me the honor of fucking my tight little ass and filling it with all that hot juice you’ve stored up? I want to feel my guts splattered with your hot sauce. Just lube that big cock – I already made sure that I handled my end. Of my end. Get it?”

“Um, don’t quit your day job. Some folks have a future in standup. Unfortunately, no one in this room qualifies. But your ass certainly qualifies as a sperm target.” He lay back, lubed his big cock and said “Climb on, Maria. Sit on it and slide it up in your ass. I want to watch your face as you do it. I want to see all the feelings of it reflected in your expressions. Fuck your ass with my big cock.”

I did what any submissive would do – I straddled his body, reached behind me to spread my ass cheeks and moved until I felt his cock head at my anus. Then I pressed down at the same time I made as if to take a dump. And I felt his big pole slide in past the ring and every bit of distance as he worked it up inside me. At last I was seated on him, his enormous fuckstick buried deep in my ass. I felt the size of him trying to rearrange my guts and I loved it! I rose up slowly and then worked myself back down his pole, then repeated slot oyna the process again and again. At one point I swore his dick was going to emerge from my throat and out of my mouth – he was that deep in me! Then I stood up over him, pulling that magic appendage from deep inside me. “I’m doing too much work here. It’s time for your to take over and bang me, hard. Understand?” He grinned and nodded Getting to his knees he turned me away from him and bent me over. He was going to do my ass doggy style – a favorite of mine.

“In addition to sucking a bunch of anonymous cock, would you want to share me with other guys? Like now, to have my ass pounded and someone else fucking my face? Would you like that? Would you like to see a bunch of guys lined up at every hole? Want to see me get made airtight?” That was a magic word, evidently, as he rammed himself deep in me and his come escaped his body like a firehose in my guts.

And, delightfully, I also came at the same time as I experienced his jizz coating my bowels. There’s something special about an orgasm via the back door. The only way I can describe it is that it starts from someplace deep inside, different from my cervix, and spreads forwards from there. If I come from just strumming my clit, for instance, the sensations start there and spread out through my cunt and my body. If I’m fortunate enough to come from being fucked, different nerves are touched and stimulated. I began to wonder – what would it be like to come from all three being stimulated at once…

“Maria! Where did you go?” asked Johnny. “Did you just space out or something?”

“No, honey. First off, I assume you know I came when you did, right?” He nodded. “Well, it felt different than if you were fucking me – or playing with my clit – and I was wondering whether I could stand it to have all those place touched at the same time. I kinda got close during my frat-fucking days, but since my partners were all about getting their rocks off, it wasn’t on their radar. Or mine. Now, though…”

“Are you saying you might want to take on multiple men again?” he asked. It clearly excited him – I felt his softening dick suddenly swell and get hard in my ass.

“Someone here likes the idea, don’t you?”

“It certainly does excite. And if you want it, then all you need to do is say so. I’m fine with it.” See how amazing he was? No insecurity. No hesitation. No conditions, other than “if you want it, I want you to have what you want.” What a special man I had; the emptiness left after his death was almost too brutal to bear.

We eventually got out of bed, showered, messed around in the shower and had to take another one, and then went about life as usual. It was a few days later that he called me at work and told me we were going out for dinner with some people he knew. “Dress sexy. And no underwear, okay?” Oooh! I felt myself get wet. I had no idea what he was planning, but that was an invitation that appealed to me. I got home early, stripped and jumped into the shower, and made good use of the waterjet! I made sure I was very clean – and by the way, I got off three times. Ran out of hot water by the end, but really didn’t care, frankly!

Went into my closet and went for a sexy dress. Found one that left my arms bare, had a scoop neck that showed off my boobs – or not, depending on how I managed it – with a short skirt, slitted on the right thigh. Went with some silk crotchless pantihose, and 3 inch heeled strappy sandals that accentuated my legs. Managed to put up my hair to show off my neck on one side, added some suggestive earrings (yes, there are such things) and was ready when I heard him come through the front door. I stood up and faced the bedroom door, one foot forward, one hand on a hip, and waited with a sexy smile for him to walk in. When he did, I got the reaction I was planning for.

“Holy fuck! You may be the sexiest woman in the state right now! Does your husband know you are dressed like that?” He said with a grin.

“The state? That’s all? I was going for the sexiest woman in the Western Hemisphere!” Turning my back to him, I bent forward and let him see my lady bits in full display. “Care to amend that, mister?”

“I am afraid we’ve both underestimated you. Let’s say sexiest slut on the planet and maybe we’ll be close, okay?”

“Much better,” I said, straightening up and turning around. “Care to tell me what this is all about?”

“Maybe. But I need to jump in the shower quick so we can get there. I’ll tell you on the way, okay? For now, however, let your imagination run wild!” He made a beeline for the bathroom, losing his clothes along the way, as well as revealing a delicious erect cock as he passed. I contemplated following after him, but figured I was waterlogged from before, so I went downstairs and poured a glass of Johnny Walker Black over an ice cube. I sipped on it until he emerged, showered, shaved, and dressed pretty sexy as well – a shirt with the top three buttons undone, slacks, a stunning sport canlı casino siteleri coat and tan shoes.

“Meester, where have you been all my life? Wanna make a little whoopee with me?” I teased.

“Oh, you bet I do, chica – but it will have to wait. Let’s go!” With that he took my arm and we went out to his Corvette. He made a point of opening my door and watching closely as I lowered myself into it and swung my legs in, one at a time. My Sharon Stone moment as I flashed him my bare pussy caused his eyes to light up, as I intended.

As he got in, I arched my back, ostensibly to settle in the seat, but mostly to show off my boobs and my now erect nipples that were attempting to poke holes through the material of my dress. “Can I play with your stick shift?” I asked, smirking.

“Not now, my dear. Think about it – but hands off!” With that he started off, and began to explain where we were going. “Tonight, we’re meeting a couple of my friends for dinner. They are very special friends, in the life.” He stopped talking and watched my reaction.

“In what life?” I asked, falling for his ploy.

“They are swingers. They swap, They have a pretty large group of friends and acquaintances who believe that sex is meant to be widely shared. And I want us to see if we belong. So we’ll be checking them out, and they’ll be checking you out.”

“Only me? Does that mean…”

“Yes, I have some personal history with both of them. And others in their circle. Given our talk the other night, I think you will fit right in. If you are up for that, of course. Worst case, it will be a lovely dinner and I’ll get to see a lot of men lusting after you. Best case, well, let your imagination run wild! So, any questions?”

“Just one – what the hell took you so long to set this up? You could have done this months ago, you know.”

“No, I couldn’t. Months ago I didn’t think I stood a chance at finding you again, let alone of marrying you, growing comfortable with you, yet seeing such a broad future. It’s not that you weren’t ready. I wasn’t ready. I wanted you for myself until I realized that it would stifle who you are. Understand?” He kept his eyes on the road, but I knew he was trying to gauge my reaction.

“Yes, I do understand. And I appreciate it, deeply. But just so you know, my dear husband Johnny Athers, that the body may be used by many other men, but only you will have my heart and soul. That is a promise, and I always keep my promises, understand?” I noticed a tear on his cheek. That was good, because it matched the ones running down mine. “Oh, and I will assume that the same goes the other way. I know how attractive you are – just look at how Andrea, Bev and Karen took to you – and if you can tell me that your heart is mine, no matter who is giving your body pleasure, then we have something very special. Do you? Can you?”

“Oh, for sure! You have my heart. Always.” Little did we know that in his case, always had a ten year time limit. But what we did know is that we didn’t have to hold back. That we could have unimaginable adventures and share them. While some of this is in retrospect (I’ve always been gifted with 2020 hindsight. Like everyone else, I suppose.), a lot of it was right there as we parked the car and walked into the restaurant.

“Dangerous” is a local nightery/restaurant with a sterling reputation. It had been in the same family for decades, and had slowly but steadily evolved over time. The décor was subdued but sophisticated. We reached the reservations desk, three steps above the main dining area, and arrayed so that it was as if we were being presented to the room. As I found out later, we were! There was at first a hushed silence as we were noticed, then there were murmurs and sounds of approval and appreciation, and of course I attributed it to my handsome, dashing companion. It was only later that it was pointed out to me that I stood out like a star, and now I realize that I did. I was looking sexy and hot – and feeling sexy and hot as well. And it was noticed. Johnny held my hand as we were led down the steps and towards a nook in the back were a couple were already seated. I started to appreciate how a lot of eyes were following us both, and I managed to put a bit more wiggle in my walk. Because it was fun, dammit!

The man at the table stood and greeted Johnny warmly – they hugged and slapped each other’s backs, and then – surprise – kissed each other on the lips! He was shorter than Johnny by about 5 inches, but built solidly with the shoulders of a power lifter. I was intrigued. As Johnny bent to greet his female companion, he turned to me and reached out with both hands to grab mine, while at the same time examining me from top to toe – every inch of me. I found myself preening in his gaze.

“Hello, Maria. I’m Andy Tolliver, and this is my wife Charlotte. After she and Johnny get done messing around (and they were now locked in a tight embrace) I’ll introduce you properly. We’ve heard so much about you and are thrilled at a number of levels. First, you’ve made Johnny the happiest man I work with. Second, his descriptions, while vivid, don’t do you justice. And third, I sense you are up for an adventure. Now, would you accept a hug from me?” he asked.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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