Ableside Manor Ch. 02

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I have put this chapter into ‘Erotic Couplings’, just like the first chapter, but you’ll find some parts fit elsewhere. The story will make more sense if you read chapter 1 first, but it’s not essential.


Mary woke up first and looked at the clock. They had overslept! She woke Jane and both girls dressed quickly and rushed down to the kitchen. Edwina, the cook, who had already been there a couple of hours, shook her head. “About time too! Come on, their lordships will be down anytime now, wanting their breakfasts.”

“Have they rung yet?” As was common in large houses of that era, each room in the house had a cord hanging in the corner, which was connected by a rope to a bell in the servants’ quarters. When pulled, the cord caused the bell to ring and a small wooden indicator on a spring to swing from side to side, to show in which room the cord had been pulled.

“No, not yet; you’re in luck today.”

Jane, who was nominally Lady Fenwick’s chambermaid, poured some hot water from the kettle into a basin, added some cold water to it and took it up, as she did every morning, to Lady Fenwick so that she could wash herself.

Mary cut the bread that Edwina had baked earlier and put it into a basket. A bell rang. The two women looked up at the indicator board – Lord Fenwick’s bedroom.

“He’s on his way; hurry up.” Edwina poured hot water into the coffee jug, which already had ground coffee beans waiting in it and handed it to Mary. Both their lordships liked strong hot coffee and they liked it as soon as they arrived in the dining room. Mary walked off, carrying the bread and coffee on a tray, grabbing the butter dish as she went. Edwina shook her head again: “Those two girls! I don’t know how they get away with it. Things aren’t like what they used to be in my days.”

Mary and Lord Fenwick both came into the dinning room from opposite entrances at about the same time. “Good morning Mary! Ah, coffee, just what I need.”

“Good morning, mi Lord.”

Neither of them mentioned the fact that he’d fucked her brains out the night before. He looked at her though and chuckled. She seemed to be walking alright again now; probably still be a bit sore though.

Mary put the coffee, bread and butter on the dining table and left the room. A few minutes later, Lady Fenwick arrived. “Good morning, Dear. Did you sleep well?”

“Good morning, Penelope. Yes, thank you and you?”

“Yes, I finished my book and fortunately, it had a happy ending, so I slept like a log afterwards.” She helped herself to some coffee and took a sip. It was nice and hot. “So, tonight’s the night!”

“Pardon? Oh, the Summer Ball; yes I’m looking forward to it.”

Mary returned with some boiled eggs. They both thanked her and she left again.

“I’m going into town this morning to have my hair done for tonight and then I’m meeting my friend Heather for lunch in the new café in the High Street.”

Lord Fenwick looked up from his egg, somewhat surprised. “Why can’t the hairdresser come here like she normally does?”

“Ralph, Dear; you’re so out of touch. The days when the working classes come running as soon as we call them are sadly coming to an end. With all these new factories, they have money nowadays and the trades-people can get all the work they need without running around looking after us. There’s a new hairdressing salon in the town, which all my friends are raving about and if one wants one’s hair done, one has to go to them. They’re so busy, I had to book the appointment months ago. And in any case, the hairdresser’s a ‘he’, not a ‘she’.”

“What? A male hairdresser! I’m not sure I like the idea of another man rubbing his hands all over my wife.”

“Oh, Ralph! He’ll only be touching my hair and it’s in a public salon with lots of other people about, so I’m sure everything will be fine.”

He wasn’t entirely convinced, but there was clearly no point in pursuing the matter, so he just went back to his egg. He shook his head; what was the world coming to?

Moments later, the butler walked in, carrying a small tray. “Some post for you, mi Lord.” He placed the letters on the table near Lord Fenwick.

“Thank you, James.” The butler turned and left the room. Lord Fenwick leafed through the letters – only one important one – from his friend and business partner, Sir Reginald. He’d read it when he’d finished eating.

After breakfast, Lady Fenwick briefly returned to her room to get ready for her trip into town then went down to the coach that was waiting for her. Lord Fenwick watched her go before walking up to his retreat.

Meanwhile, the two servant girls cleared the dining table and re-laid it for lunch. “He’ll be ringing the bell soon,” predicted Mary. “I forgot to pretend to limp to make sure you get a turn.”

Jane was laughing so much, she had to put the tray with all the dishes on it back on the table to avoid dropping the lot. “Yes, after what he did to you last night, it’s bound to be my turn this morning.” They returned to the kitchen. Sure enough, after a casino siteleri few minutes, the bell rang. The three women looked up at the indicator. “I’ll go,” volunteered Jane.


There was a knock on the door. “Enter.” Jane walked in. “Ah, Jane, just the girl I wanted. Close the door, go through to my bedroom and disrobe.”

“Yes, mi Lord.” She walked through the door to his bedroom and started to undress. Meanwhile, he locked the door to the corridor and followed her into his bedroom, where he sat in a chair and watched her.

She was a few years older than Mary and had been at Ableside Manor now for four years. Unlike Mary, she hadn’t been a virgin when she had arrived, so he hadn’t had the pleasure of deflowering her, but he had had the pleasure of enjoying her body whenever he wanted since her arrival. And that’s exactly what he intended to do now.

Her hair was jet black and when it wasn’t tied up in a bun, it cascaded down over her shoulders almost to her tits. She was taller than Mary and was carrying a bit more weight too, but fortunately, most of it was concentrated in two mounds on her chest. This more than made up for the fact that her face was not as attractive as Mary’s. She was a simple, curvaceous, ‘Plain Jane’ with nice big tits.

When those tits came into view, Lord Fenwick felt his cock twitch. She stood there naked, facing him with her arms by her sides. She definitely had curves in all the right places. Her bulbous tits didn’t quite fit onto her chest. They pressed together creating a deep valley, which he liked to tit-fuck occasionally and the outside edges overhung the sides of her body. Her nipples sat quite low on her tits, due to the way that her tits hung down under their own weight.

He sat there for some time just looking at her, something which would have freaked out many girls, but she was used to it. Probably deciding how he wants to fuck me today, she thought.

He stood and walked over to her. Taking hold of her shoulders, he gently turned her round so that her back was towards him. He then stepped forward and wrapped his hands round her body so that he could feel her tits. This was his favourite tit-groping position. Cupping them both, he lifted them and squeezed. Her nipples were smallish, but he still managed to pinch them. He stood there for several minutes feeling and mauling her tits, pinching and twisting her nipples, but all the time being careful not to hurt her. She could feel his cock pressing into her through his breeches.

When he was ready to move on, he stepped away and undressed. He had decided how he wanted to have her today.

He sat down on a stool and beckoned her towards him. Reaching forward, he pulled her onto his lap, facing him. Her tits were now at the perfect height for further exploration and sucking on. They were resting against his face and his cock was resting against her belly. He began to lick and suck her tits and nipples, whilst squeezing them with both hands. They were very soft and her skin was smooth.

Jane was enjoying this. She brought her arms up and placed her hands behind his neck. Her tits were very sensitive and the attention they were getting was making her juices flow. She started to buck her hips up and down, which caused the underside of his cock to rub up and down her slit, making her clit swell. Lord Fenwick had been expecting this; he knew her body well. Playing with her tits for a few minutes always made her wet and when she was wet, her slit always needed attention.

He allowed her to rub herself up and down against his cock for a few minutes before placing his hands on her thighs and lifting her slightly. This let his cock spring forward so that the tip nestled against her cunt. Lowering her gently back down again, he penetrated her slippery opening. She sighed and continued bucking up and down, but now more vigorously.

All the time, he was licking her nipples and squeezing her tits. Her breathing was getting quite heavy now and she was panting and gasping as she bounced up and down on his cock. But so far, he hadn’t moved his hips. He was letting her do the work for now, saving his energy for later.

Realising that she was close, he started pumping his hips so that each up-thrust met her down-thrust. She gasped out loud: “Oh, Lord Fenwick, yes … I’m going to … I’m … Arrrggghhhhh.” She hadn’t been fucked for a couple of days and had been looking forward to this. When it was over, she collapsed onto his shoulder. “Thank you, mi Lord.”

He let her rest for a while before easing her off his cock. He wanted to change positions so that he could obtain his relief too. The position they’d started with was a great way to start, especially with a big-titted girl, but to get a powerful climax himself, he needed something that allowed deeper penetration. There was a large table in the corner of the room. He led her to it and pushed her down so that her back was on the table and her legs up in the air. Her body was now at just the right height.

“Open your legs.” She opened them.

“Wider.” She opened slot oyna her legs wider.

He absolutely loved it when girls lay on their backs and spread their legs at his command. He looked down at her cunt, which was being pulled open with her legs so wide apart. The whole area was soaking wet.

He walked forward, aimed his cock and pushed hard. With one thrust, he was fully embedded in her cunt, with his balls resting against her bum. Taking hold of her legs, he closed them together so that they rested on his shoulders. Finally, he wrapped his hands round her thighs so that he could pull himself forwards. He was now ready to fuck her and it wasn’t going to be a gentle fuck.

He withdrew slightly then thrust hard and then did the same again. He was now pounding into her with long deep strokes. Her hands were gripping the edges of the table to stop her body being shoved across it with each thrust. He looked down at her tits. Every time his cock hit her cervix, her whole body shook and her tits rippled around like a pair of jellies in an earthquake. He was pounding her with everything he had. “Squeeze your cunt muscles together.”

When she started squeezing his cock with her cunt muscles, he called out: “Yes … harder.” He hadn’t been pounding her very long, but he was almost ready to dump a load of hot cum right up her cunt. He continued pounding. It didn’t take much longer before he felt that familiar intense burning in his balls. The underside of his cock was now incredibly sensitive too. Her silky wet hole was sucking him back in every time he pulled away before each thrust.

Eventually, he rammed his cock right in and flooded her with his hot cum. He pulled away and did the same again. He continued pumping until there was nothing left to pump. Still panting, he let go of her thighs and she dropped her legs off his shoulders. He looked down. His cock was still buried deep inside her. She hadn’t come this time, but he’d made her come earlier when she was on his lap, so he wasn’t too concerned.

He backed away and his cock popped out; He was pleasantly surprised to see that it was still quite firm. As his cock withdrew, she closed her legs. He stood there, still breathing heavily, looking down at her.

“Open your legs.” She did so. Oh, how he loved it!

He looked down at her well used cunt. There was spunk everywhere. It was all over her legs and more was dripping out of her cunt, down onto her arse. He took hold of his cock and stroked his hand up and down. Should he do her again?

His cock was twitching in his hand as he continued to stroke it. Meanwhile, she just lay there, with her legs spread wide for his pleasure. It was so inviting. His cock had shown no sign of shrinking; in fact it was hardening. He made a decision and stepped forward. He’d never done what he had in mind with her before, but this was too good an opportunity to miss. He was hard enough and there was ample lubrication available.

He rubbed his cock against her cum-splattered legs and cunt, coating it with his spunk and then pulling away from her cunt, bent it down slightly with his fingers and thrust hard. She cried out in pain. She hadn’t been expecting that, but with so much natural lubrication, at least he hadn’t torn her apart. Although she’d never been fucked there before, she knew roughly what to expect. “Relax and it won’t hurt,” a friend had once told her. Two more thrusts and he was fully inside her. God, she was tight up there, much tighter than in her cunt.

After waiting a bit for her to get used to him stretching her, he started pumping again. Once more she was gripping the edges of the table to stop herself sliding away. She had now got used to the invasion and was starting to find it quite pleasant. He continued thrusting.

He pounded away at her for ages before he felt another climax approaching. She too was breathing heavily and moaning with each thrust. As far as he could tell, they were moans of pleasure, not pain.

He increased his pace. His climax was approaching at last. She suddenly cried out: “Yes, please don’t stop, I’m coming. Aaarrrggghhh.” She was having her first ever anal orgasm. He came too, pumping what cum he had left, right up her backside. He continued pumping until they both came down from their peaks. Well, he thought, that was an unexpected bonus.

He pulled out and stepped back. As before, she closed her legs. He looked at her. He just had to have another look.

“Open your legs.” Once again, she did so.

He looked down at her; spunk was dribbling out of both holes and more spunk was smeared over her legs and belly. He helped her from the table. “Jane, that was fantastic. I hope you enjoyed it too.”

“Yes mi Lord, I wasn’t expecting to, but I did. Thank you, mi Lord.”

Lord Fenwick washed his cock and the area around it using a small cloth that lay next to a basin of water and dressed. “Jane, please feel free to wash yourself too if you wish.”

“Thank you, mi Lord. I’ll sort myself out in my room, if I may.” She started to dress herself again.

When they were canlı casino siteleri both dressed, he thanked her again and dismissed her. She wasn’t as pretty as Mary, but she had fabulous tits and like Mary, was a great fuck. He must do her more often, especially in her arse. He wondered what Mary would be like in the arse too.

Jane walked towards the door. “Thank you, mi Lord.” She left the room and climbed the stairs to her own room to clean away the sticky mess that he had deposited between her legs, before returning to the kitchen.


While Jane had been attending to the needs of her master upstairs, Edwina and Mary had been busy in the kitchen. There was luncheon to prepare for his lordship and late breakfasts to prepare for the various servants. Edwina put the finishing touches to two baskets of food and handed them to Mary. “Breakfasts for Nelson and Wallace,” she announced. “That husband of mine said something about working in the vegetable garden today, so you’ll probably find him there. And remember, you’re on duty, so no dilly-dallying with Nelson.”

“Alright, Edwina.” Mary took the two baskets and headed out through the scullery into the garden. She immediately spotted a figure at the far end of the lawn, but whoever it was disappeared behind a hedge. Probably Wallace, she thought, so she set off in that direction.

It was indeed Wallace. He was trimming the hedges at the far end of the formal garden. “Well, good morning, young lady. How are you today?”

“Very well, thank you. I missed you yesterday. Were you out?”

“Yes, the beetroots and cabbages that I planted earlier in the year were all eaten by insects, so I had to go into town to buy some more seeds from the market. I’ve got to plant them later. Must remember to give the receipts and change to Mrs. Roberta.”

“I’ve brought your breakfast for you.” She handed one of the baskets to him.

He thanked her and she turned and walked off towards the stables to find Nelson. He watched her go. Fine bit of arse, that one. Wouldn’t mind a go at her sometime.

Nelson was busy cleaning tackle when Mary walked into the stables and as soon as he saw her, he rushed up to her, scooped her into his arms and started kissing her. “I’ve been waiting for you. I want you so bad.”

“I want you too, but I haven’t got time now. I’m on duty and so are you for that matter.” She could feel his cock pressing into her through their clothes. Her head was spinning; she wanted him, but now was not the time.

He resumed kissing her and started groping her tits. He needed her and he needed her right now. She broke away from his kiss. “Their lordships are both out tonight, so I’ve got the evening off. I could come and spend some time with you then, if you want. You’re in the cottage at the far end aren’t you?”

“Last-but-one cottage. When can you come?”

“As soon as they’ve gone and I’ve tidied up, I guess.”

He was still playing with her tits and he started kissing her again. She could feel herself getting wet between her legs. It was going to be agony waiting until tonight.

He could tell she was wavering. “I need you now.”

By spotting Wallace straightaway instead of having to search the whole grounds for him, she’d bought herself a few precious minutes. She made a decision. “If I let you have a quickie now, will you promise to take care of me properly this evening?”

He nodded: “Yes.”

“But you must take care of me properly tonight. Girls like lots of foreplay followed by a really long fuck. Quickies don’t do much for most girls, so if I let you have one, you’ll owe me lots of attention tonight.”

He nodded again. “Yes, I promise.” Under the circumstances, he would have promised anything to get his cock back into her right then, but this seemed to him like the deal of the century: The hottest girl on the planet was offering to let him fuck her and in exchange, all he had to do was fuck her again later!

She looked around and spotted an old cart, suitably hidden from the stable doors in one of the stalls. It had a ledge at the back, which looked to be about the same height as Lord Fenwick’s desk. That would do fine for what she had in mind. She lowered the basket with his breakfast in it to the ground and led him over to the cart. After wiping the dust off the ledge with her hand, she leant down and rested her upper body on the ledge. “Lift my dress up and take me from behind.”

It took Nelson a couple of seconds to work out what she meant, but when he did, a broad grin grew on his face. He stepped up behind her and lifted the hem of her dress up and onto her back. Her bare arse came into view. Her legs were slightly apart and he could see her cunt. It was wet. He fingered her for a minute or so with one hand, whilst undoing the buttons on the front of his breeches with the other.

When he was ready, he removed his fingers from her cunt, aimed his cock at it and slowly pushed it in. Ah, fabulous, so soft and welcoming, silky smooth and warm. Absolute heaven. Taking hold of her hips with both hands he started to pump. Within two minutes, his cock erupted and filled her with cum. It had been a nice climax and he was as happy as could be. He withdrew and Mary stood again, her dress falling back down as she did so.

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