Adventure in France Ch. 02

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Part 2: Monique

I had decided to stay in France. I was supposed to be here for one year, but I was going to stay and do another year, and my visa was good as long as I was a student. I liked the way of life-far less rushed than the U.S., and besides, I had a French girlfriend-which wasn’t as exciting as it sounds, but was still a great thing.

We had an apartment on the ground floor with a big window that looked out on the street, and I was sitting, sewing a button on a shirt and looking out the window one morning. My girlfriend was at work (she was a buyer for a clothing company) and I was on my own until the evening. I wasn’t paying much attention to anything, just enjoying the day, when a rap on the window startled me.

I looked up to see Monique smiling at me. Monique was my girlfriend’s sister, but she was 46 years old- the oldest child in a big family. She worked at the phone company in a town about 30 miles away and we didn’t see her very often.

Motioning to the front door, I got up to go open it for her. “Come in, “I said. Florine isn’t here right now, but come in anyway.”

“I had the day off and I was doing some shopping so I thought I’d see if Florine wanted to go.”

“She had to work today. She doesn’t get off until 6 this evening. Still, you can come in and have a cup of coffee or something.”

Smiling, Monique stepped in the door, and leaned forward to kiss me on both cheeks, as is usual between friends and family. I liked it when Monique kissed me because her hooters stuck out so far in front of her they always pushed against my chest. It wasn’t much, but it was a small pleasure.

But this time, instead of just kissing air on either side of my face, Monique put her lips on my cheek and left them there for about 5 seconds-twice. This isn’t normal in France where there’s a lot of “no contact” kissing. Something else was going on.

Monique looked me right in the eye and gave me what I would describe as a wicked smile. She leaned forward and gave me a slow kiss on, the lips. She smiled even more lasciviously and slowly licked her own lips in a circular motion. “Come in,” I managed to say in a husky voice.

We walked in to the front room and I dropped the blinds. When I turned around Monique was laying on the couch with one foot up on the couch and the other on the floor, still wearing that come-on smile. Her conservative knee-length skirt was now up around her thighs. As I watched she put her index casino siteleri finger on her knee, slowly slid it up her thigh, up over her belly, right between her big tits, up to her mouth where she sucked it like a lollipop.

I didn’t have to ask any questions. I went and kneeled on the floor beside the couch and repeated her gesture. I put my finger on her knee, slid it up her thigh, “accidentally pushing her skirt up a couple of inches, up high enough so I could see the darker band of nylon of her panty hose. I continued up over her belly,– and instead of running it between her tits, I went directly and slowly over the one on the right, up to her mouth , where she took my finger into her mouth and licked it. My cock was suddenly rock hard. I knew she wanted me to fuck her. But I had been learning since I had been in France that almost everything is better if enjoyed slowly, so I simply knelt beside her and drew little patterns on her legs and thighs and occasionally I would run my hand over her crotch, which made her jerk a little. Apparently it was very sensitive.

Now, as I said, Monique was 46 years old. She had two teenagers and she was not beautiful by any means. She looked just like somebody’s mother. She was 5 to 10 kilo overweight, and a bit pudgy. She had a little belly and flabby upper arms, and a double chin. But I was excited-for several reasons. First, forbidden sex is always more enjoyable for me, and she was my girlfriend’s sister. Plus, she was married. And, she began to whisper in French, and I could only catch half the words-and I didn’t understand half of the ones I could hear. It sounded so dirty, and it turned me on.

It was time to get more serious. I slid my hand under her skirt, all the way up her plump thighs and put my hand flat against her mound. I was surprised because her panty house was already slick with pussy juice and I brought my hand out and licked it.

She was incredible-she knew the sexiest things to do. She put her hand up under her skirt and touched herself, getting her hand wet with her own juice and then she licked her own hand. Then she did it again, but this time she offered me her moist hand and I tasted her cunt juice off her palm.

I pushed her skirt up all the way and buried my face in her wet crotch. I smelled the sex juice that was soaking her panty hose and it was the sweetest perfume I had ever smelled. She started talking louder, but I still had never heard half the words she used-I slot oyna could only assume it was sex talk and it turned me on even more. She had her sweater pulled up now and was pulling her tits out of her bra.

She had her tits free now and she started squeezing them really hard, twisting them and pulling them. She was pinching her nipples and pulling her tits upwards by the nipples. I would have assumed that would hurt, but she seemed to get even more excited by it.

I didn’t know whether to dive back into her crotch or watch her play with her breasts, but she decided for me. She took one of my hands and placed it on her breast told me to caress it. She didn’t have to ask twice-I filled my hand with her big soft boob and fondled it for all I was worth, rubbing my palm across her nipple which was as hard as a marble and about the same size, and then pinching it lightly between my fingers. All the time she was talking and saying things that I didn’t understand but which probably would have made me cream in my shorts if I had understood them.

Then she cupped the other tit in her hand and pushed it up, offering her nipple to my mouth. I was so torn-I wanted to suck her nipple-god, yes!, but I also wanted to kiss her mouth and I wanted to tongue her pussy-not to mention taking every other part of her body into my mouth. But I went for the nipple.

It was as big and hard as a marble and I rolled it and sucked and licked it – I took the whole aureole into my mouth and sucked hard and long and then I licked , teasing her with my tongue, and then I took her pink bud between my teeth and just lightly held it there . This was what turned her on.

She let out a little cry of surprise and began saying “oui, oui! bite me, bite me!” Now I am, not and have never been into pain-either giving or receiving and I found it very difficult to bite her nipple. Pinch a little, yes. Hold it in my teeth, yes. Bite– maybe not. But she put a hand on the back of my head and kept insisting that I bite her rosy hard nipple. At the same time her other hand went up between her legs and finding my hand pressed my finger into her nylon covered crotch-she pushed it deep into her pussy and I could feel my finger poking in between her lips which were swollen and open.

And then, as I poked my finger deeper into her cunt, she came. While she pressed my finger through her pantyhose and into her drenched pussy, and while I played with one tit, I bit the other nipple until canlı casino siteleri she creamed. I could feel her pussy quivering as she clamped her mouth shut and let out a long high-pitched “mmmmmmmmmm!” I would have preferred her to open her mouth and moan or scream, but I guess she didn’t want to make too much noise. She was shaking and jerking and I lost her nipple out of my mouth, but at this point she didn’t care. She heaved and bucked for about a minute and then began to slow down, giving a big shudder every 20 seconds or so for the next couple of minutes.

Then she pushed me onto my back on the floor, unzipped my jeans, and lowered my shorts. She raised her skirt, lowered her pantyhose to her knees and squatted over me, lowering her dripping and still twitching cunt onto my cock. She looked me right in the eyes as she started sliding up and down on my boner, her big tits bouncing each time she went up or down. Big, floppy delicious tits. Tits with big hard nipples.

I couldn’t hold out too long. Everything was too exciting. Here was an older woman-more than 20 years older than I was. And she was my girlfriend’s sister. And she was wearing panty hose. And she was riding my cock. And she was saying the filthiest, sexiest things in French. And to top it off, she started to come a second time-not as strong as the first time when I was finger-fucking her through her pantyhose with my mouth clamped on her nipple, but an orgasm nonetheless.

I came. And she rode me as I squirted into her hot, slick pussy, coming again, clamping her mouth shut and squealing through her compressed lips. We slowed down, finally coming to a stop, just an occasional twitch as I enjoyed the last minute or two of coming in her cunt.

Then she stood up, pulled up her pantyhose, and started re-loading her bra with her large hooters. She had a satisfied and sexy smile on her face. She left quite quickly, saying as she went that she would be sure to stop by again-whether Florine would be home or not. I assumed that meant that she wanted to fuck me again. I didn’t object. I wanted to fuck her silly and get that mouth open so I could hear her scream and moan when I made her come.

I only fucked her one more time before I broke up with her sister. Florine was out of town at some kind of training seminar. Monique “showed up” one afternoon, and this time, as I fucked her from behind through a hole torn in her pantyhose, grabbing her tits hard, she screamed. Not too loud, but loud enough to make me come even harder as she did, writhing in my embrace. A 46-year-old French housewife – the best fuck I’d ever had-so far. But I was still living in France and things were just beginning to get good.

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