Adventure in the Ghetto Pt. 02

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Disclaimer: fiction

I stepped out of the shower, wrapped myself up in two fresh clean-smelling oversize motel towels and sat on the end of the bed contemplating what had just happened. It hasn’t even been an hour since I’ve arrived in this city and started my vacation, and already I had been bred by a well-hung complete stranger who I met up with, after only three lines of words on an app.

I also realized what I had done was dangerous, stupid, and crazy. After venturing out to that neighborhood and into that building, I knew I had underestimated how seedy parts of this city were and how easily this situation I had put myself into could’ve turned out really bad.

Even though I took these risks I knew they were well worth it. My ass got more attention its’ had in a year and it was so hot I nearly came during it.

Coming from someone who is the textbook definition of a workaholic, getting attention is one of the few joys I learned to truly love in life. While the offices and companies I’ve worked in were mostly male, there were always two or three women working there hired purely for their looks and genders. Their jobs were to look pretty and interact, and every single male in the company would spend hours talking to them, talking about them, or trying to hook up with them. From what I heard quite a few were successful and bragged about it too.

As a male, I never got any attention for my looks. I never got any sexual attention for my body, and as men we accept that as a given that the world desexualizes us as much as possible. Although when we do get that attention, all we think about is getting some more and it can become addicting. I understand all these club whores and party girls.. They feel insecure and insignificant and they feed off of their abilities to gain strange men’s canlı bahis şirketleri attention.

I did not only attract a ton of attention from a total stranger for nearly a half hour earlier today, he was also so incredibly aroused by my body that I made him rock hard and made him erupt a huge load of cum uncontrollably… like a one-night stand or a prostitute would.

My mind was wandering back and forth and around this little experience for the next couple of hours as I sniffed my underwear for the strange man’s cum stains. I went on to jerk off one more time before eating a little dinner and heading to bed. If only I could’ve taken a few vacation pictures to remember this by

The next morning I got up feeling refreshed. It was my second day of vacation and I had zero responsibilities for that day. I could sit around in my room and lounge all day or hook up as clear and free as I wanted.

The first thing I did was open up a bottle of grey goose I had purchased the night before. It was still morning but I knew exactly what I wanted to do, and I had decided that I won’t be driving that day.

I checked out the same hookup app I had used the day before to see if anyone was around and up for some fun.

The first response I got was from a 21 year old guy who lived about a mile away. He said he was looking for right now but had no car. I was disappointed but went on to the next one.

And on and on it went until I got a msg from a 54 year old married straight man who said he just enjoys getting head from younger white boys like me. He said he was looking for a blowjob right now and asked if he could come to my place.

Thinking back to the previous night, I was having second doubts about inviting a complete stranger into my motel room. What if he was a criminal? what canlı kaçak iddaa if he made a scene? I didn’t want to risk it but I was still very horny.

“I’m staying with someone,” I said. “Why don’t you pick me up on this intersection and we’ll chat and decide where to go?”

“Alright, I will be there in 20 minutes. You know what I want I hope you not wasting my time,” he answered.

I agreed and started going through my bags for some clothes. I wanted to wear something that showed off my ass and body but not something that would make me look like I was about to do what I was about to do. I ended up grabbing a pair of very tight shorts and a medium T-shirt and headed out the motel down to the intersection to meet him.

I didn’t have to wait long. He pulled out in his old model Chevy and motioned me in.

I got in his car and he started driving. I noticed he was wearing sweatpants and was subtly pulling at his crotch while looking at my thighs and crotch area.

“Name’s Rich. I’m glad to see you showed up, some guys be backing out.” he said with a kind warm smile. His face revealed his age, but his smile made him look and feel younger.

“I’m Jed,” I answered. “I wasn’t sure what to expect. I usually don’t do this kind of thing, but I like to have fun with guys every now and then.”

“Well it’s nice to meet you Jed. I’m straight myself, married with two children. But you see my wife can’t keep up with my needs. I have a lot of dick and she be tapping out most the time,” he explained. “I didn’t drive here to waste time. I know exactly what you want and I’m gonna give it to you.” he said.

He pulled into a driveway, put the car in park and shut the lights off.

With his hand still on his crotch area the whole time, he pulled his sweatpants down just an inch or canlı kaçak bahis two, and pulled out his dick.

It was not as big as the previous guy. I would guess it was about 7 inches, but it was very thick. I got nervous and looked at it from the corner of my eye until he grabbed my hand and made me touch the tip of his dick which was wet with pre-cum already.

He then pulled my hand back to my lips, and made me taste his pre-cum on my hand.

“How does it taste, baby?” he asked with a smug smile. “Would you like to taste some more?”

“It tastes sweet,” I said as I lowered my head towards his lap.

His hands looked old but they were firm. he pushed down on the back of my head lowering my lips around the head of his cock and he pushed his head back moaning a little.

I could feel his cock grow in my mouth as I slowly worked by way all the way down it. I started bobbing my head up and down, slow at first, and then picked up the pace as he went on to grab my ass and play with my asshole.

“Look at the little whore in my lap. You’re such a good whore.” he said with a shaking voice as I was slobbering all over his head and shaft. “ahh fuck! I’m gonna nut all up your dirty lil white bitch mouth!” he said.

“Fuck I’m nutting!” is all I heard before he started coming in my mouth right in the driver’s seat of his car. he grabbed my head with both his hands and jerked forwards with every shot of cum, violently injecting it deep into my throat.

“Fuckin’! fuck.” he moaned as he squeezed the last few drops out of his thick black dick into my used lips.

I got up and sat back into the passenger seat. I wiped the cum off my lips and into my mouth as he was watching. I swallowed each drop.

He looked very turned on watching me eat his cum. He was so happy he gave me his number and told me to call him again next time I’m in town.

He drove me back to that intersection, squeezed my ass, and we said our goodbyes. I headed back to my motel room with the hot taste of another man’s cum on my lips.

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