Adventures at the RV Park Pt. 01

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Chapter 1:

I’ve been enjoying the retired life for the better part of 10 months now and look forward to many new adventures on the open road. I recently purchased a 25 foot travel trailer and have been traveling up and down the West Coast of the good old U.S. of A.

My itinerary this week has me traveling down Highway 101 in Central California. I’d been on the road many hours and it was getting late on a dark summer evening. Lucky for me, I spotted a sign for a local RV park just a few miles away.

Pulling into the park this late meant the registration desk was closed for the night. The sign posted on the front door said to pick a spot and check in first thing in the morning. There were just a few open spaces, but I managed to find one in the back area that was a pull through. Even in the dark, I could tell there was nice shade and some seclusion. After the long drive, I decided to just pull in, unhook and call it a night. I would deal with hook-ups and leveling in the morning.

Bright and early the next morning, I wake to a loud knock on my door. My first thought was, wow they don’t waste time collecting the registration fees. As I cleared my foggy brain and got out of bed, the knocking grew louder and more persistent. Well hold on a minute and let me get some shorts on. I always sleep in the nude. I enjoy the freedom and have found that I tend to have more sexual dreams when I am naked as a jay bird. It also makes it easier to tug on my seven inch cock throughout the night and when I wake up with morning wood. This morning was no exception. I was looking forward to a nice long leisurely masturbation session fantasizing about big tits and wet pussies.

I put on my shorts and tucked in my hard cock. My orgasm would have to wait. I opened the door and my jaw literally dropped. Standing right outside my trailer was a lovely, older lady, hair up in a bun and totally topless. I did a double-take, rubbing my eyes, not believing what I was seeing. She looked to be in her 40s or 50s and had the most gorgeous tits I’ve seen in quite a while. They were quite large, rounded with a touch of sag, but sitting high and proud on her chest. Her dark nipples looked to be the size of my thumb and quite erect, probably due to the morning chill. Her areoles must measure at least 3 or 4 inches across. In my mind they were perfect and I probably stared a bit too long.

She introduced herself as Madeline. The sound of her voice brought me back to my senses and I raised my eyes to meet hers. They were sparkling blue and mesmerizing, as were her breasts. Madeline apologized for the early interruption, but was here to ask a favor of me. In my mind I was thinking, may I have the favor of feasting on those two delightful orbs and tasting those hard buds that were still erect.

I told her my name was Paul and it was a pleasure to meet her.

Madeline explained she was in the space right next to me and was having some issues with her RV’s refrigerator. It wasn’t cooling as it should and the ice in the freezer compartment was beginning to melt. Since the park office was still closed and she couldn’t reach the handyman, would I be able to assist her. I would be more than happy to, especially if it meant that I would be able to admire her naked chest up close and personal.

We made our way over to her rig. As we walked over, I must have been staring at her boobs a little too long. She turned to me and inquired if these were the first tits I’d ever laid my eyes on. I replied, “well no, but they are the first I’ve seen in an RV park that were not covered by clothing. Aren’t you worried that other campers might see you?” Madeline laughed and asked me if I knew where I was. I said, “Sure, I’m in an RV park right off Highway 101 near the ocean.” With a smirk she said I was almost correct. “This is an RV park alright, and it is by the ocean, but it is a clothing optional RV park!” She went on to say and that I would probably be seeing a lot more boobs as the day unfolds, so I’d better get used to it and put my eyeballs back in their sockets.

“Now, about my refrigerator?”

It took me a moment to wrap my mind around what she just told me. I heard there were nudist parks all over, but assumed they were hidden up in the hills or down in secluded valleys, not right here next to a major thoroughfare. This was going to be interesting.

We entered her travel trailer; my cock was exceptionally stiff, but hidden casino siteleri by my shorts. Her trailer was quite nice, larger than mine with two slide outs. It was well appointed and looked brand new. I was about to inspect the fridge when I heard another voice wish me a “good morning”. I looked over to the dinette table and my cock got several degrees harder. Sitting there was another lovely older lady, with a bright smile, curly locks and bare breasts. I thought I was seeing double. She reached out to shake my hand and introduced herself as Sandra. I reached out to shake her hand, but my eyes were glued to her tits. They were equally as magnificent as Madeline’s with rose colored aureoles and thumb sized nipples. Her nipples were not as erect, probably due to the warmth inside the cabin. As she stood, her boobs jiggled slightly. They were firm and large and large and firm. I was a lucky man.

Madeline chimed in, “This is our neighbor, Paul. Don’t mind him, he just found out he rolled into a clothing optional RV park last night. I told him it was not polite to stare.” Both ladies began to laugh at my expense.

Sandra told me I could stare all I want. She appreciates a good “boob man” and squeezed her globes to emphasize her point. I detected her nipples stiffening up just a bit.

I looked back and forth several time at both ladies and it occurred to me that they could be twins. If not twins, at least sisters. And, they did not have any tan lines across their breasts. Mmmm, I wonder how often these two beauties flaunt their assets beneath the golden sun.

Sandra said, “If you are wondering, we are not twins, nor are we sisters. Just two good friends who look very similar to one another.”

“I was wondering if you were related.”

Madeline chimed in, “We get that question all the time. We do look like twins, but there is definitely one way to tell us apart. Maybe if you’re lucky, you’ll find out just what that is.” I spotted a slight blush by Sandra.

I cleared my throat and turned my attention to the fridge. It was indeed warmer than it should have been, but the chill control was set properly. I mentioned there might be an outside control for the cooling coil I could check.

I walked outside and around to the back of their coach. Both ladies followed, boobs swaying back and forth. I opened the cover and inspected the refrigeration unit. Sure enough, there was a control knob that was not turned to the proper setting. I turned the knob, the refrigeration unit immediately kicked in and I could tell this was the problem. Madeline and Sandra gathered around me as I explained the problem and showed them the proper setting. Both ladies were ecstatic and immediately grabbed me for a big hug. I almost came on the spot as two sets of the most beautiful breasts, and four extremely hard and erect nipples pressed into my chest. Of course, I hugged back and held their bodies close for as long as possible.

I’m sure they could feel my very hard and throbbing member grinding against their lower torsos, but they did not say a word. After we released each other, they thanked me profusely and invited me to join them later down at the beach. An offer I immediately accepted.

I needed to get back to my trailer and get some relief for my aching cock. I knew it wouldn’t take long for me to unload a powerful spurt of jism. I thought briefly of asking for a quick hand job, but knew I should not push my luck. There would be time enough to pursue that course of action.

On my way back I noticed a tag on my car stating I needed to check in at registration, this was not a free park. OK, but first I need to take care of something.

As soon as I shut my trailer door, my shorts were off and I was lying prone on my queen size bed, cock in hand. I didn’t need any lube at this point. I gripped my dick with my right hand and began to stroke. A mental picture of Madeline and Sandra had me at the point of no return. I pictured their perfect breasts, hard nipples and inviting smiles. I remembered Sandra squeezing her flesh, offering her tits to me. I tightened my grip around my pulsing shaft and erupted with a torrent of cum. Two or three thick ropes sperm launched from my cock straight up in the air and landed on my chest. A few more spurts dribbled out onto my fingers as I continued to pump through a very satisfying orgasm. This one curled my toes, it was the release I needed. My cock began to soften. slot oyna I brought my hand to my nose and inhaled. I love the sweet smell of my cum and I hope the two ladies next door do too. I dozed off to a picture of their tits covered in my sperm. Oh, the possibilities.

Chapter Two:

After a brief respite, I needed to stir and get over to the registration office before I receive another nastygram. I enjoyed a quick bowl of cereal to recharge my energy. Then it was time to get dressed in my business attire. Being fully retired, this means a pair of cargo shorts, Hawaiian shirt and flip-flops. I usually go commando as I enjoy the extra room for my cock to sway back and forth. I walked to the office and saw many campers up and moving about their sites. Some were cooking breakfast on outdoor stoves; others were giving full attention to their rigs, repairing one thing or another. I saw other folks already out for a morning walk. One thing in common: they were completely nude, except for the requisite hat and sandals. Lots of boobs, cocks and pussies on display. All shapes and sizes. Most of the people were of my generation, men showing a bit of paunch, ladies with sagging tits, some ladies sported tits sitting high and proud due to a surgeon’s expert hands. I don’t mind, I enjoy them all. All of a sudden, I was feeling a bit overdressed.

I walked into the registration office which also served as the camp store. There were a few couples milling about looking for items to purchase. I couldn’t get over the fact they were so casual about their attire, or lack of it. I admired the ladies from afar, getting nice glimpses of their lovely boobs and the curly tufts of hair adorning their pubic region. I looked at the men too, silently comparing the size of their equipment to mine. As I said, all shapes and sizes.

At the registration desk the lady behind the counter introduced herself as Pamela, one of the owners of the RV park. “You must be Paul. Welcome. You’re a bit over dressed don’t you think.”

“What?” I was a bit taken back by her comment. “How?”

Pamela smiled and said Madeline had just called over and wanted me to thank the lovely man staying in space A18. “Madeline said you were a lifesaver with their refrigerator and to be sure to give you a good rate for your stay. Oh, and by the way, he might be a little shy.” Pamela added a little wink with that last statement.

There was nothing shy about Pamela. She is a beautiful goddess standing behind that counter, completely naked. She looks to be in her mid-40s, soft, tanned skin, intoxicating ruby red lips with a smile a mile wide. Her breasts were a lovely C cup with upturned puffy nipples. The kind I would love to suckle on to see how hard I could make them. They were the color of peaches. Her trim body was flawless, probably the result of many hours working out. As she stood behind the counter, her legs were slightly apart giving me a wonderful view of her pussy. Her golden curls were neatly trimmed into a perfect vee shape, pointing down to deliciously smooth outer lips. There was a hint of her inner labia extending down and they seemed to glisten with moistness. I would love to run my tongue up the entire length of that inviting slit and taste her sweet juices.

I felt my cock stir as my eyes wandered up her perfect form and made contact again with hers. She smiled a devilish smile and explained the ins and outs of the RV park, the house rules and lay of the land. She made a point of telling me that full nudity was the accepted norm and she hoped I would comply very soon. Again my cock began to rise. She explained one of the perks of park ownership was lusting over the guest’s hard cocks, wet pussies and lovely tits. She made a point of telling me her favorite is a semi hard cock, maybe seven to eight inches in length, circumcised and neatly trimmed. And shaved balls were a must, as she enjoyed countless hours of licking and sucking a well hung man. I admit I fit that description to a tee.

Why is she telling all of this to a total stranger. Maybe it was her way of extending a special welcome to new arrivals? My seven inches were busting at the seam and I needed to take care of this right away. I figured Pamela had to keep an eye on business, so I opted to take up this subject matter with her at a later date. I paid my fee for a three day stay and turned to leave. Pamela gave me a sly wink and added if there was ever anything she could canlı casino siteleri do to make my stay more pleasurable, don’t hesitate to ask.

I figured now was a good time for me to fit in with the crowd. I unbuttoned my Hawaiian shirt, dropped my cargo shorts and stepped out of them one foot after the other. By now, my cock was rigid and sprang to attention. Pre-cum was leaking from the tip. I gathered the wetness on my finger and licked the salty fluid. Pamela whistled her approval and told me to have a great day.

I walked to my trailer, my mind reeling with the possibilities presented by this clothing optional RV park and Pamela. She will definitely be the subject of many future wank off sessions. Hopefully she may even be a part of them.

I love to masturbate when I am not with a hot sexy partner. Nothing is more satisfying than making love to a willing and energetic lady. But a slow, leisurely self-inflicted hand job is a close second. I travel with a generous supply of lube and my favorite inanimate object, the Fleshlight. The soft silicone inner sleeve with the right amount of lube creates the sensation of a warm pussy. I stand and thrust into it back and forth until my hot seed boils over and erupts inside. I will fantasize I am thrusting into one of my new found and well-endowed ladies. Would it be Madeline, Sandra or Pamela. Maybe all three. The toy’s suction grabs my throbbing cock with a tight grip and always sends me to a satisfying climax. Cleanup is a nuisance, but it’s always ready and available.

My cock failed to deflate walking back to A18. I was harder now than it has ever been in my entire life. That includes those times when Viagra works its magic. The sun’s warmth had my balls hanging low, swaying with each step. A few women passed by, smiled and acknowledged my presence with appreciative nods to my groin. Their suntanned bodies added fuel to my pulsating rod. I’m sorry Madeline nor Sandra were outside to greet me. I’m sure they would have grabbed on and pulled me into their trailer and thank me for saving the day.

I entered my trailer and headed straight for the lube and Fleshlight. Standing next to my bed, I applied a generous amount of gel to my rigid cock and the silicone opening. Holding my favorite toy in place, I lined up my cock and thrust hard. I entered the device easily and pushed my entire seven inches straight ahead. The tight grip was just what I needed. A sublime feeling took over as the gel heated and lathered my shaft. I slowly withdrew from the friendly confines until the tip of my glans nearly popped out. I pushed in, this time with a slow deliberate pace savoring each inch. Again seven inches were fully encased in silicone. I picked up the pace and began fucking in earnest. I pictured Pamela’s spread legs and distended labia glistening with female juice. I imagined being balls deep in her tight pussy with those long willowy legs wrapped around my back, Pamela eagerly thrusting against me over and over again. The picture I created in my mind fueled my passion and that familiar feeling began building. I was close to coming and enjoying the sensations created with the friction of my love glove. I so wanted to eat Pamela’s slick pussy, inhale her womanly aroma and taste her sweetness. My tongue would slice through, lapping her juices and end by flicking her clit. My repeated licks would harden her little nub and create endless spasms of joy. As I was imagined my lips around her clit sucking it deep into my mouth, I erupted in a mind numbing climax. I unleashed several thick sticky ropes of sperm one after another and deposited a huge amount of cum into my fuck toy. I was spent and leaned over on my bed for support. I was lightheaded as my cock began to soften and release from its enclosure.

Once I disengaged, I realized that yet again, I would need to clean up my well used toy. I picked it up and made my way over to the sink where I was able to drain my toy and wash it out. Some of my spent cum covered my fingers. I raised them to my lips to taste my sweet essence. I thoroughly cleaned the inner sleeve of latex and placed it on the counter to dry.

Wow, in the space of 90 minutes, I met three gorgeous and well endowed women, and had two wonderfully satisfying orgasms. It wasn’t even 10AM yet. With all of this excitement, I almost forgot that I need to level my trailer and hook up the water, power and sewer lines. After all, I planned on staying here for a couple of days. I got about my business of setting up camp. It felt rather strange doing all of these tasks while only wearing a pair of flip-flops. At least my cock was fairly flaccid and I could concentrate on my chores.

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