Adventures of an Estate Agent Ch. 03

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The Proposals

The next morning was devoid any of guilt, just a few weak smiles between us as the three of us rushed around showering, applying makeup and dressing hurriedly to get to work on time. Jessy left first in her car. A worse for wear Brit and I followed her out of the flat and into a taxi I had ordered to get us to our office in Lichfield.

The taxi as requested dropped us in the office car park at the rear of the building as I requested, just as Suzzane pulled into her designated parking bay next to my dew-covered car that had been there overnight. She smiled at us both, her eyebrows raise in surprise I assumed at our arrival together and in a taxi. I paid the driver and Brit and I met Suzzane at the office rear door.

“Good morning ladies, how are you both?” she inquired.

We both replied at the same time, “great”, I added,” how are you boss?”

“All good, do you have a problem with your car Nester, has it broken down?” Suzzane asked as we entered the office and disarmed the alarm system.

I answered her, “I had a drink last night with my friend Jessy and Brit, I wouldn’t drive, Jessy dropped us off home after as she doesn’t drink alcohol, so I offered to pick Brit up in my taxi into work.”

I realised as she looked Brit up and down, she was wearing the clothes she wore yesterday. Suzzane suggested to Brit, “consider leaving a change of clothes here it stops tongues wagging.” with that and smiling, she went ahead to her office leaving us in her wake open-mouthed at her comment.

I shrugged, hugged embarrassed Brit and we went to start work for the day.

I gathered the documents Brit had prepared on the Jolly Sailor development and checked everything again, finalised the suggested selling figures and returns and called Jason as he requested. After which I emailed a contract and an hour later I had a signed copy on my computer screen, with an attached note from Jason thanking me for dealing with everything and promising hard copies of the signed contract the next day.

A good business deal for the agency. I forwarded it to Suzanne. I felt pleased with myself, a little fortunate in knowing Jason and how the contract came about but we all need a break sometime.

Suzanne entered my office five minutes later with a broad grin on her beautiful face, she congratulated me, thanked me and praised me while hugging me. “You do play things close to your chest Nestor, I think a celebratory drink is called for, come over to our place for dinner on Saturday evening Ron will want to thank you personally.”

“Let me know what time and I’ll be there Boss.” I managed to say before she kissed me illegal bahis fully, a lip-locking kiss full force, tongue fencing sexual kiss, to which I responded thoroughly. Till we both realised we might get caught.

“Bring an overnight bag, stay over so you don’t need to drive, you can have a drink, let your hair down and your knickers, ” she laughed as she finished her digestive suggestion.

“I won’t be wearing any Suzanne.” I quipped as I left her to check the staff were on it and at it for the day.

I thanked Brit for her help with the Jolly Sailor contract and gave her a hug in front of everyone.

At lunchtime, I bought a sandwich and walked to Minster Pool, found a bench and ate the chicken and salad on brown bread with haste, not having eaten since before lunch the day before. I seemed to be running on adrenalin and lust. I resolved to regulate my eating habits.

Sitting watching the ducks on the pool a calmness engulfed me. I started to consider settling down with Jessy, moving in together, making a home as a couple. My feelings for her had never faltered since University, we were never apart for more than a couple of days, we never argued, we were in love. I would ask her how she felt about it all tonight. As I sat looking across the pool at the three spires of the cathedral contemplating what I resolved to do, it felt right, it gave me a feeling of wellbeing.

The rest of the working day flew by, lots of deals we’re concluded, six sales completed, eight more instructions to act as agents also received by us. I called Jessy to tell her that I was on my way to the gym to pick her up to take her to dinner. She was pleased, like me she was starving she advised me. She was waiting for me on the doorstep of the Ariane Gym when I arrived in Cotton Green, she smiled broadly when she saw me, as I saw her my heart fluttered it seemed, I returned her smile, we were both fully committed to each other, we had been for years, it worked for us. In the car we hugged each other warmly, we kissed as lovers do, passionately, intensely, heatedly.

I drove us to The Chequers, a pub eatery we used occasionally and parked. We found a table, ordered and chatted about our days, I bought her up to speed on the deal with Jason her brother and all the other things that had happened including Suzanne arriving at the office as I arrived with Brit and the comment about spare clothes and tongues wagging. “Was she jealous Nessie,” she asked as she pointedly ‘wagged’ her tongue at me in a lewd display, making us both giggle uncontrollably and hold hands across the table till we composed ourselves. That was when I proposed to her, still holding illegal bahis siteleri hands I leaned over to her a softly asked her, ” Jessy I love you, will you marry me?” The way she responded was priceless! It showed clearly in her facial expressions, she smiled, grinned, her lip trembled, her eye shone, she shed a tear and nodded.

“I will” she gushed in reply.

We left the pub and we passionate hugged and kissed in the car park, “I love you so much Nessie, I’m so pleased you’ve asked me, over the last month I have been thinking of asking you, I was worried you wouldn’t accept me.”

“Well we have a great relationship, a wonderful friendship, we are good together and the sex is amazing. We should enjoy us more, spend more time together like we did at Uni, I want us to live together, I love you so much.”

It was still light, about an hour of daylight remained, I opened the passenger door for my fiancee, ogled her toned legs and got a glimpse of her white cotton panties as she inelegantly got seated. She never ceased to stir my lust when she did this, she knew it to.

We set off, I took her to the Jolly Sailor apartments, I explained what i’d done on the deal with Jason to act for his company. I parked in the road and took Jessy into the communal door to the apartment on the second floor I had been taken with on my appraisal of the development. Jessy made appreciative noises as we climbed to stairs, noting too there was lift access also. I unlocked the corner apartment door and led her in. Jessy looked around, looked at the view of the bridge, castle and river. She murmured what a great place it was, that she loved the views, the wood finished floors, the high quality of the kitchen and en suite bathrooms. “Are all the apartments finished to the same high finish Nessie?”

“They are, this is the best one, it’s slightly larger than the other two beds, it has the best views as you have noticed.” I explained. “The parking bays is separate to the apartment cost, I’ve recommended they are sold separately, I’ll explain why soon.” l looked at my lover gazing out of the window at the Castle and decided to strike while the iron was hot. “As we are getting married sweetie, how do you feel about us buying this place as our home?” Jessy made no response just continued looking out the window. Suddenly she turned to me and leapt across the room and flung herself at me wrapping her arms and leg around me, kissing me between saying “yes, yes, yes.”

We sank to the floor and devoured each other, kissing heatedly, ” Let’s christen our new apartment,” Jessy insisted as she stripped me naked, kissing and sucking every part of my flesh canlı bahis siteleri as she bared it, finally pulling my panties down my legs and exposing my moist cunt to her. She wasted no time and clamped her experienced talented mouth over my labia and clit and sucked me, lapped me and poked me with her tongue exciting me beyond belief, I was in heaven… With my naked back writhing on the cool timber flooring as Jessy, my soon to be wife worked her magic on my cunt and had me dribbling from my mouth and my pussy as I rode out the orgasm she brought me too, the discomfort of the hard floor was forgotten as with my eyes closed tight I exploded in my sexual climax.

Still panting, I opened my eyes to see Jessy’s succulent moist fleshy fronds about to engulf my slobbering mouth, which it did. She lowered herself onto my face and smiling down at me sensually slowly rode my face, gyrating as she stared at me, I took in her hard nipples as I looked up her beautiful body. Enthauled with her flavour, her wetness and her warmth I savoured my lovers cunt with my mouth, my lips and my tongue the flavour piqued my senses and I held her hips as I devoured her in an effort to drink her sweet secretions all down. Jessy orgasmed in what was her usual staccato trembling and shuddering as she gasped and repeated “fuck, fuck, fuck… Finally collapsing on her side in the fetal position with the sensual overload coursing through her shuddering body and off my soaked with juices face, her juices.

When we had both recovered we cuddled in the middle of the lounge floor till we felt the chill in the air as twilight turned to darkness. We both dressed quickly to ward off the chill and locking up we left for my apartment. Both excited with the planning of what we were going to do together, we chatted away none stop.

We showered together, kissing and hugging as we soaped each other’s bodies. We cleaned as well as sensually stimulated each other, I got carried away, pushing Jessy up the tiled wall as I finger fucked her pussy, kissing her as I squashed her wet hot body against the tiles, eliciting moans of pleasure and lust from her as I drove two fingers in and out of her slippery cunt juice wet hole and rubbed her clit with my thumb as I did so. Inevitably she came, shuddering, trembling and exclaiming “fuck, fuck, fuck.” I prolong her orgasm by trapping her up the wall, not allowing her to roll up in a ball. I fucked her digitally more, harder and quicker, thumbing her sensitive nubbin even more prolonging her sexual enjoyment to the point of exquisite torcher which had my lover on the point of hyperventilating. A sight to behold. I stopped what I was doing and held her tight as her intense feelings subsided as hot water washed over us both. ” I love you, Jessy, I love you more than you can ever know, ” I told her forcefully before kissing her so hard our teeth clashed and I was conscious our lips might bruise.

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