Alexandra Makes The Grade Ch. 03

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Alex didn’t acknowledge Mr. Morgan for two weeks after their encounter in the parking lot. She could barely stand to look at him let alone talk or look at him! There were four weeks left in the grading period. Alex’s only chance to save her GPA now was to study and see if she could recover in time. She was damn sure that there would be no bribing that arrogant bastard. When Alex thought about the parking lot and what Mr. Morgan had done and how he humiliated her, she could barely stand it.

What really pissed Alex off was that those thoughts… those humiliating memories… made her excruciatingly hot. And no matter how many times she touched herself, she couldn’t duplicate the way he made her feel. She longed for it… for the feel of his fingers as they slid so expertly into her waiting and eager young body. She yearned to feel the strength he used to pin her to the car while he violated her so thoroughly.

She absolutely hated him but she wanted Mr. Morgan more than anything else in her young life.


Jack felt only mildly guilty at his treatment of Alexandra when last they’d met. She had again been so sure of herself. Positive that she could lure him in with her short skirt and her criminally provocative body. He had let her pout and be angry for the last two weeks but it was time to put a stop to it; he’d had enough. She was over the top in her avoidance of him and while it was amusing, it had become trite.

Just before the bell rang that signaled the end of third block, Jack called out the homework. “Chapter 4 review on page 35 due tomorrow. Don’t forget the test on Friday. Jason, pick up the papers under your desk. Alexandra, see me after class.” The bell rang and class erupted into a dull roar as his students filed out into the hallway. He caught the hostile glance that radiated from Alexandra’s green eyes and he grinned in anticipation of the confrontation that was to ensue.

Alex stood there and stared at him… she clinched her fist tightly around the handles of her Coach bag. Unbelievable!! What a jackass! How could he call her out and make her stay after class. She heard the irritation in his voice and she knew everyone else did. She’d seen some of the looks thrown her way as her friends filed out of class. Sophie gave her a sympathetic look, and that asshole Tyler smirked at her as he walked out, believing her to be in trouble. How embarrassing!

Jack walked into his office, ignoring Alexandra and her dirty looks. He sat down at his desk and waited for her to come to him. He knew her anger would force her in to his office to scream at him. He would let her blast him, to get rid of her anger and then he would explain things to her. He didn’t have too long to wait.

Alex stormed into Mr. Morgan’s office and stood in front of his desk tapping the toe of her high heeled Mary Jane shoe on the tiled floor. Not only had he made her stay after in front of her classmates, he walked away from her and into his office, expecting her to follow him like some obedient little twit. She had followed him in there didn’t she? “Ugh!” she thought to herself. She was pathetic.

“What do you want?” Alex blurted out, letting her annoyance show unchecked.

Jack set the folder down that he’d been pretending to read while he waited. He leaned back in his chair before he looked up at Alexandra. Oh, she was mad; her brilliant green eyes flashed angrily. He was delighted. “Are you done acting like a child Alexandra?” he asked his voice hard and annoyed.

Alex couldn’t contain it. Her inner crazy ripped through her composure, “A CHILD? You are calling me a child? You just embarrassed me in front of the whole entire senior class! You touched me and humiliated me in the parking lot! You did things to me! I… You…” Alex’s chest was heaving and she was spitting her venom through her teeth. “You’re a bastard and I don’t care if you give me detention!” Alex took a breath and she felt tears welling in her eyes. How could he do this to her and why was she crying? It was all unfair. So unfair! She bit her lip and turned her head toward the window. Leaves blew around on the dark pavement of the parking lot.

“Let’s talk about unfair Alexandra.” Jack’s voice sharp, harsh. “When I speak to you, you will look at me Alexandra.” He waited for her to turn to him. “Look at me now young lady.” Alexandra turned her eyes to meet his and he smiled at her tears, watching one roll, glistening, down her beautiful cheek. He was pretty sure she hated him. Her tears were exquisite.

“What is unfair, Alexandra, is you throwing yourself at me like a common whore expecting me to change your grade and then getting angry when I beat you at your own game. Now stop behaving like a spoiled little girl. You’ve offered your body to a grown man. Behaving like a spoiled brat no longer suits you unless of course you’ve changed your mind.” He waited for a moment giving her opportunity, surprised that she didn’t look away from him or indicate that casino oyna she had indeed changed her mind. His little minx stood mute, her tears threatening… her eyes sparking.

“You are more than capable of earning an A in my class and you will earn that A, Alexandra. I have never, and will not start, giving away grades in my class. But based on how wet your cunt was in the parking lot the other day, I can tell that this is about more than trying to get me to give you a grade. You’re a wanton little slut Alexandra and you were so deliciously hot for me. You do remember how sweet you tasted, don’t you sweetheart?” His words were blunt and he didn’t care. The games were over. It was time to see if Alexandra was willing to ‘put up or shut up’ so to speak.

“Alexandra, your notebook contained some very explicit images. Which hardcore porn sites have you been trolling?” Jack asked tersely. He remembered the images so clearly, very graphic in nature. He had been embarrassed by them at first when he recognized himself in her drawings. Jack had never really felt desire for one of his students but seeing Alexandra and himself drawn so expertly in Alexandra’s notebook, she playing the submissive, he the dominant had pushed the thought unbidden into his head… and his appetite. His cock was hard, like an undisciplined teenager, now, just thinking about them. He wanted Alexandra. He would have her.

“The one you’re on.” She wanted to roll her eyes but she didn’t want to force the tears down her cheeks again.

“You’ll keep the sarcasm from your voice from now on Alexandra, do you understand me?”

“But I…” Alex hesitated. His voice was hard. This was different. Mr. Morgan was done screwing around. “Yes,” she replied.

“Yes what Alexandra?”

“Yes Mr. Morgan.” It was almost painful for Alex to say. She felt childish. Mr. Morgan’s whole demeanor had changed towards her. There was no smile and his voice was cold. When she looked in his eyes though… they were flashing with that hunger she’d seen during their previous encounters – wolfish. But his firmness with her, his coldness… it intrigued her and she was sure he was aroused.

“Very good Alexandra. From now on you will do exactly what I say, without hesitation. You will look at me when I speak to you and you will answer me without question or smart remarks. I want you to give me the notebook right now.” Jack smiled to himself as Alexandra reached into her stack of books for the pornographic portfolio.

“You will do your homework tonight Alexandra. You will study for all of your classes and you will be prepared for your Trig test on Friday. You will get an A. As I said, I believe that all of this has very little to do with whoring yourself out for a grade, Alexandra. If you’re up to the challenge of discovering why you chose those particular images to draw us in, you will earn the A you are coveting; starting with your performance on Friday’s test.”

“It is inappropriate for a girl of your age to be looking at these sorts of images and you will cease masturbating to it. Do I make myself clear? The next fingers in your cunt will be mine.”

Alex looked at him in stunned silence as she handed over the notebook. Who did he think he was anyway? She looked longingly at Mr. Morgan’s fingers as they closed around the offered notebook and held onto it just a little longer before relinquishing it to him. She remembered the feel of his fingers under her skirt and she felt his fist in her hair as he held her still, pinned between him and his car. Her body quickened as she remembered how vulnerable she felt when he had her in his grasp… doing things to her, touching her. She sighed softly and met his eyes with a smoky gaze. Did Mr. Morgan just lick his chops?

“Yes Mr. Morgan,” Alex muttered softly.

Jack scribbled on a pad on his desk and ripped off the top sheet. “You will not touch that perfect little cunt of yours except to shave it clean for me. I will know if you do so do not try. You will make the necessary arrangements and excuses as to why you aren’t coming home after school and that you’ll be home by curfew. You have three days to study for the test. Friday by the end of the day I will have your test graded. You will come directly here after fourth block. An A will earn you a choice in what happens next.” Jack looked at Alexandra, his voice softening for the first time. “Here’s a hall pass. Get to your fourth block class.”


Alex had gone through the rest of Tuesday in a daze. Her mind was swirling with everything that had transpired between her and Mr. Morgan that afternoon. When the final bell of the day rang, Alex found herself at her locker only hesitating for a second when her fingers touched her Trig book and notebook before sliding it into her Vera Bradley laptop bag with the rest of her homework. That evening Alex spent the time after diner in her room with her books, adding the Chapter review that Mr. Morgan had assigned. As she slot oyna fell asleep that night and next two after… she dreamt of the images in her notebook… letting them come to life… teasing her mercilessly.

When Alex wasn’t in school or studying she was thinking about Mr. Morgan and his affect on her. She could still feel his fingers inside her, pushing her wide, filling her. She ached with the desire to feel the heat and intensity that he ignited within her when he used his blunt dirty words. Alex had found herself in several cold showers so that she could obey Mr. Morgan’s demands. She was pissed a little at herself for caring about making him happy but she did it anyway.

Friday morning she woke a little earlier to ensure she was “ready” just as Mr. Morgan had instructed her. She was extra careful so that everything was perfect… It was soooo hard not to touch her throbbing swollen clit. It had been screaming for her to touch it since she walked out of Mr. Morgan’s class Tuesday afternoon. When she was finished getting ready, Alex took a long look at herself in the mirror. “Do you have any idea what you’re doing Alex? Oh hell no.” She leaned in and kissed the mirror, turned on her heel and headed off to the wolf’s den.

Jack could barely take his eyes off Alexandra as she took her test Friday afternoon. She worked more diligently and appeared more focused than she had at any other time during the first five weeks of the grading period. He wasn’t really surprised. Jack knew Alexandra would comply with his instructions as far as her grade was concerned. Perhaps she had even thrown her grade on purpose with this end being her play. He didn’t know her motives completely but he did know that his cock had a raging erection for the long legs, chestnut curls, and flaming green eyes that belonged to Alexandra Jenkins and he meant to bury himself balls deep between her thighs at his earliest convenience.


“Alright class, pass in your exams. Thanks for your work this week and have a good weekend. Tristan – behave yourself this weekend – I heard about Donnie’s party Saturday. Don’t make me call your mama.” He smiled at the catcalls and jeering as Tristan’s classmates poked fun at him. They filed out of class as the bell rang to end the week.

He tightened his grip on the folder that held Alexandra’s test as he sat at his desk waiting for the hussy to arrive as he’d instructed. It was five minutes since the bell had rung and she should have been in here. Jack had been sure she’d come. “Ahh well,” he sighed. It was better this way anyway. He did not need to get his hands dirty with Alexandra. It could only end badly. Alexandra’s cold feet were for the best.

Jack gathered up the trig and calc tests from today’s classes and started grading the rest of them. He put Alexandra out of his mind for the time being. He was not going to take work home over the weekend. He had to find an alternate recipient for his pent-up frustrations. Marissa. Marissa was his go to girl. Jack grinned… Marissa would take all that he needed to give and then some. He would text her when he left.

Alex leaned her forehead on the cool glass beside the door to Mr. Morgan’s room. She’d been standing there for some time; more than twenty minutes had passed since the bell rang. Trying to calm her nerves and find her courage was not something Alex was used to. She was pissed at herself for being so dumb. “He wants you,” her subconscious kept saying. “Just go in.”

Alex took a deep breath and stepped inside the room. She saw Mr. Morgan sitting behind his desk where she knew he’d be. His head was down and she knew he was grading tests. She couldn’t take her eyes off of him and the door closed behind her. “Fuck.” Alex said, knowing there was no going back.

“Indeed, Alexandra. ‘Fuck’ indeed. Come in here please.” Jack watched her come slowly into his office. Gone the confidence that normally shown proudly in her beautiful features. Alexandra looked earnestly scared… Was that determination he saw as well? He was pleased. Very pleased.

“You’re late Alexandra.” Jack held her eyes as he picked up the folder that held her test.

“Yea… Yes Sir. I uh… I was um… Well I… I was just waiting for everyone to leave. And I was, well… Nervous?” Oh my gawd! Alex screamed inwardly at herself for being such a douche! Get yourself together!

“Yes Alexandra. I suspect that you should be nervous. After all, here you are, in the office of your math teacher on a late Friday afternoon long after the last bell has rung and your classmates and other teachers have left for the day.” Jack stood up and walked around the front of his desk, sitting back casually against it. He opened the folder and spun it around so Alexandra could see her results.

“I did it!” Alex gasped as her eyes darted to his. “Oh my gawd! I did it!” she smiled broadly at Mr. Morgan and forgetting the nature of her visit for a moment threw herself at him, wrapping her canlı casino siteleri arms around his neck.

Jack caught her in his arms, the test and folder falling to the floor, and grasped her tightly against him, spreading his legs, pulling her in between his thighs. He was caught off guard by her rather enthusiastic display. Her small pert breasts were pressed against his chest and he could smell her sweet perfume. He groaned inwardly as it took all he had not to throw her on his desk and ravish her. He released her slightly as his hands slid down encircling her narrow waist as she looked up into his eyes, dark with lust. Jack licked his lips slowly as he watched the expression on Alexandra’s face change.

Alex lost her breath for a moment as she realized what she’d done. She felt Mr. Morgan’s cock against her belly and she shivered in his arms. She couldn’t help but press into him. She looked up at him and she wanted him to kiss her. She wanted to taste his lips, so perfect. His hands moved to her waist and she tilted her head back, parting her lips, letting her tongue dance across them. She couldn’t take it anymore. She needed Mr. Morgan to touch her.

Jack grasped her soft brown curls. He could feel their softness envelope his fingers and he remembered hungrily how her hot went cunt had felt around his fingers as he thrust them in and out of her. He groaned and tugged her head back as she offered herself to him, her tongue taunting him as it caressed her pouty lips. He couldn’t wait to force his cock between those soft pink lips and into her throat. He resisted the urge to plunder her mouth.

“We have a few more things to discuss Alexandra. Did you follow the rest of my instructions? Did you play with yourself darling? Did you touch that delicious pussy?” When she sucked in her breath, he laughed. “Really Alexandra? You’re going to pretend to be shocked? Pfft.”

Alex started to lash out at his taunting but hesitated when she remembered Tuesday’s stern reprimand. Was he really going to ruin this with his sarcasm? She swallowed her words when she felt his cock leap against her. She could feel herself soften, the heat building. She was so eager for him to touch her. She could feel the oh so familiar wetness oozing between her pussy lips.

“Answer me Alexandra. Don’t make me ask you again to answer me when I speak to you.” Jack tugged her hair cruelly, yanking her head back, exposing her throat.

“No Sir,” Alex whispered with a soft seductive moan.

“No Sir, what Alexandra?” Jack wanted her to say the words. He would start small.

“No Sir, I did not play with myself. I didn’t touch it.” Alex couldn’t look away from him, but the shame of having to say the words crept slowly up her throat and onto her cheeks.

“Touch what? Use the words Alexandra. Tell me.” Jack coaxed her softly. He wanted to see her humiliation as she was forced to use words she clearly deemed “dirty.”

“I didn’t touch my pussy. I didn’t play with my clit.” Alex thought she might cry. She struggled with her desire.

“Very good, darling. And did you shave your cunt for me? Is it smooth and soft?”

“Yes Sir. My cu…,” Alex hesitated, “My cunt is smooth and soft.” There! She said it! She wanted to die, to hide from Mr. Morgan’s possessive eyes.

“Nice… are the words so hard for you Alexandra? Are you embarrassed that you are turned on by them? Yes, sweetheart, I can feel you grinding against my thigh. Very erotic. It makes me want to fuck that hot cunt between those luscious thighs you’ve been flaunting all week.” He grinned as she paused the movements she clearly didn’t know she was making against him.

“Now one more thing love, just one more. I want you to tell me about the picture you drew of us. The one that that takes place right here? You know the one I mean Alexandra. Is that what you want me to do to you?” Jack couldn’t resist grinning at her as she tried to turn away from his gaze. His hand in her hair preventing her escape.

Alex wanted to crawl under the desk. She was sooo embarrassed. How could she say what she’d drawn? She licked her lips again… pausing. “I want you to have rough sex with me Mr. Morgan. I want to be on my knees while I… su. While I suck your cock. I want you to spank me. Fuck me rough and… hard. Please….” Alex was breathless by the time she’d finished.

Alexandra’s last breathless plea was more than Jack could stand and he claimed her sweet soft lips with his own. His kiss was hard, demanding, and he was pleased when he felt her melt into him as he devoured her hungrily.

Alex thought she might faint when Mr. Morgan finally kissed her. Alex had been kissed many times by many boys but she knew instantly that this was one kiss she’d never forget. She reached her arms around his neck and clung to him as he bruised her lips with his, his tongue stoking the fire low in her belly and between her thighs. She needed him to touch her, Alex was wound so tight with pent up desire and frustration; she began to press herself against him shamelessly. Alex was desperate now. She didn’t know if she could take anymore. Finally when she thought she might die from the intensity of it all, Mr. Morgan broke their kiss.

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