Alpha Top Requirements

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Alpha Top Requirements
Now there is nothing wrong with wanting to suck on cock. I can totally see the necessity of that. After all, I need someone to suck on my cock.

Below is a list of things cocksuckers need to learn.

When I want a cocksucker, I want lips and mouth around my cock. I like that feeling. I can be hard, soft, or in between. I just want to feel a mouth there. A mouth. Not hands and fucking not teeth. So use your damn mouth and lips.

Most cocksuckers I came across are not accomplished enough to get me off with their mouths. That can only mean you are not sucking hard enough. Work harder, practice, and learn. Quite a few guys that tried to suck me off told me their jaws were sore after. While hearing about it after the fact is cool, don’t let that get in the way of your servicing me during the cocksucking. That is your discomfort. And a cocksucker’s discomfort should never get in the way of my pleasure.

I don’t care if you gag or not. If you have no gag reflex, good for you. But if you do gag, I want you to keep going. If your eyes water, let it run down. Don’t fucking stop. When it is just starting to feel plausibly good, a lot of cocksuckers back off. If you feel like you can no longer control your stomach, back off and take a couple of deep breaths, settle down and then immediately come back on my cock. You can apologize in the process, but that should be all you do. Keep my fucking cock ümraniye escort bayan down your throat. And don’t bother to wipe those tears, we both know they are there, why fucking hide it.

I like to cockslap a cocksucker. It turns me on. When you suck off a guy like me, don’t shy away or try to move away from my cock. It might hurt when I whip you across your face with my hard cock, but the truth is that you face is exposed to the elements, it is tougher than it looks. So just hold your head still and take it.

Look up at me. Sex isn’t all about physical pleasures. I want to know you are between my legs sucking on my cock and you are doing everything you can to please me. And you cannot please me if you are not observing what I am doing. You might be craning your neck in a weird angle. In that case, subtly shift so that you can look at me. I might not be paying attention to you, but a cocksucker should at all times pay attention to me. Don’t fucking look away and for god’s sake don’t fucking close your eyes. If you are looking away or closing your eyes from shame, then why the fuck am I wasting time with a cocksucker who doesn’t even want to suck cock?

Sometimes I will fuck your face. I will drill my cock into your throat and you will gag. But keep your eyes on me and don’t fucking pull away. Be thankful I am doing this. Because this is the one time you will learn what actually gets me going. ataşehir escort Learn the intensity with which I am drilling your face hole. That is the intensity I want from your cocksucking. If I keep my cock inside deep and hold it there for a while and do that multiple times, that means I like having my cock buried deep. If I jab in and out quick and short, that means I like that speed.

Use your tongue. There is a reason why you have one more muscle inside that cocksucking mouth. Use it to press against the underside of my cock so it brings me more friction. Lick the underside of my cock when I am pulling out and about to jab back in again. Lick the head of my cock when I hold it in front of your face. There are a lot of things you can do with your tongue. Learn what I like and use it.

If you must stop because your entire mouth is numb and you need a bit of recovery time, you don’t just stop. You take that face of yours and rub it all over with my cock. Get my cock juice all over your face, including any facial hair. If you don’t use hair product or are bald, rub my cock on your hair/scalp too. Lick and kiss my balls. I am one of those guys that don’t really get into having my balls licked, but it does not hurt for you to show respect for the balls that generates my cum. You can also kiss my dick softly. A man like me loves my own cock. And you can show me how much you love it too by kissing and bostancı escort licking it. If you do a good job of that, I will ignore the fact that you are actually slacking off and let you rest a bit before getting back to sucking cock.

I will cum when, where, and if I want. My cum is a reward for a cocksucker. Just because you worked for like half an hour on my cock does not mean I will cum for you. You might not deserve it. If I don’t cum and leave, that can only mean you were lousy as a cocksucker. If I do cum, I cum when and where I want. If I cum on your face, don’t fucking try and dodge. Get your face right in front of me and be thankful I am creaming you. Trust me, ask any guy who cum on someone’s face, every one of them will agree that their cocksuckers look better when they have a face full of their cum.

If I am cumming in your mouth, don’t fucking pull away. I also expect you to swallow. That is the only respectful thing to do. If you must spit it out, you remove yourself from my sight when you do that. And for fuck’s sake do it quietly. Not cough and shit like that. I don’t fucking understand why some cocksuckers are so damn hung up about this one little detail. Guys leak precum and even some cum when they are hard. It is just a fact. So you if had been sucking on my cock, unless we used a condom, you swallowed some of it already. Why get all stupid about it now. So if I am cumming in your mouth, fucking just swallow it. If you want to enhance my pleasure, show me my cum in your mouth then swallow it.

So that’s a list of what I want my cocksuckers to do. Having this out here will teach some cocksuckers how to properly suck my cock

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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