American Muslims Pt. 02

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Yana Nazarian is a women who has always courted controversy, it’s in her DNA, it’s what maker her, who she is. Although the dark-haired, light-skinned and raven beauty is in her forties, she has the mind, body and soul of someone half her age. Most of her male students would describe her as a MILF, but it’s been a while since she has taken any male student to bed. The divorced professor of History and Politics at the University of Columbia, is known for her rabid feminism, activism, sexual exploits and challenging Academic work.

Being an Armenian socialist from a large and devote Armenian Apostolic Church family, her decision to leave the Church when she was 17, caused a strain in relations with her family. Getting married at 21 to a German immigrant communist didn’t help relations either, but things improved after her first son was born. When her daughter was born, Yana, agreed that she could be baptized into the Church and it looked as if, full reconciliation was possible. Yana decision to take up the Armenian cause in her academic work further improved relations, but unbeknown to her family, Yana’s husband Klaus was a keen fetishist and loved multiple orgies. Yana has been filmed having sex with other men.

But relations with her family broke down again after her divorce. Yana left her husband after she started a relationship with Deniz Arslan, who she has a civil partnership with and will marry properly soon. Deniz is a girl, she’s Turkish Muslim, a recent immigrant to America and half Yana’s age. Deniz has blonde-hair, hazel-eyes and a thick Istanbul accent. But for all they share from progressive politics to Scorsese films, Deniz and Yana clashed over Yana’s academic work. Yana’s insistences on calling the events of 1915 a genocide and Deniz denial of it would often lead to blazing rows followed by horny make-up sex.

The lecture hall fills with students and Yana starts her lecture, “Okay class, today we are going to look at the question of Turkish responsibility for the Armenian genocide. Did everyone read Taner Akcam’s book for today’s class?” Half of the students acknowledge in the affirmative, “Great, who wants to start us off?” Deniz raises her hand and has a confrontational look on her face, and Yana reluctantly acknowledges her.

“Taner’s book is full of gross distortions and selective sourcing, and his only goal is to smear Turks and Islam, in the eyes of an already biased audience. It’s Orientalism at its worst.” A huge sigh leaps out from the crowd and some students attempt to challenge her. But Deniz continues, “I’m not saying something terrible didn’t happen in 1915. But many Turks also suffered and died, plus it’s clear that the Ottomans had no clear plan for genocide.”

Yana looks irritated and starts thinking of ways, to make Deniz pay for her insolence. Hard and forced sex came to mind, and Yana began deciding on what form of sexual punishment, Deniz must perform. “You think there were no clear plans for genocide?”

“No. First of all the figure of 1.5 million being killed is a gross distortion, at most 300, 000 died. 1.5 million was the total Armenian population of central and eastern Turkey. The death toll figure was made-up by British propagandists. Secondly, most Armenians died from being transported from their homes and to the desert, and what killed them was hunger, famine and disease. Most of Turkey was suffering from this too and so it wasn’t intentional. Thirdly, much of the direct killings was carried out by Kurdish tribes, who did so of their own accord and had nothing to do with the Ottoman government. Fourthly, the Ottomans wouldn’t have needed to transport this population, if the Armenians had staged rebellions against the Ottomans in favour of Russia. Turkey’s then enemy.”

Deniz smiles, as the class begins to attack her. There are a few male Armenian students, who are annoyed and aroused by her at the same time. The fiery bitch everyman would like to take his revenge upon. Deniz knew this and enjoyed the attention, being a lesbian, didn’t mean she couldn’t enjoy the horniness she brought out in men. Their so horny, that they are annoyed, Deniz thought.

“Look guys, understand this, I’m not saying bad things didn’t happen. But it was a war and these things happen. Also, why do you only focus on Armenian dead? Did you know, that from the mid-19th century up until the First World War, Central and Eastern European States began ethnically cleansing their Ottoman Muslim populations? Did you know, that many Ottoman officials were put on trial at the end of the war, but no European has been tried for their crimes? Did you know, that the Armenians allied themselves with the Russians, who themselves carried out mass ethnic cleansing?”

Yana finally has enough and snaps, “The Armenians were Ottoman citizens and deserved the protection of the Ottoman state, and not to be cast aside and exterminated. I lost family in the genocide.”

Deniz smiled and stopped talking, she had enraged her lover, which güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri only meant one thing. Good hard sex- and Deniz knew she could use some.

Class finishes and Yana decides to punish Deniz for challenging her. Deniz is walking in the hall way, and Yana grabs her, and drags her into the ladies room. Yana places her hand over Deniz’s mouth and kisses her cheek.

“You little Turkish whore, how dare you disrespect and undermine me and my people in class. Your fanatically denial is what made the destruction of my people, at the hands of your people, possible. I am going to teach you a fucking lesson. Get down on your knees!”

Yana pulls on Deniz’s hair, and Deniz lets out a scream, but Yana persists. Deniz falls to her knees, and looks up at Yana with her big hazel eyes, expectantly.

“Good, I knew you were a little whore. Know undo my belt; pull down my jeans and underwear!”

Deniz struggles to open Yana’s belt, and Yana, becomes irritated and smack Deniz on the hand and barks, “Hurry up!” Yana has a psychotic look on her face, Deniz speeds up her efforts to take Yana’s belt off. Deniz gets Yana’s belt off, but before she can unzip Yana’s Jeans, Yana spits into Deniz’s hair.

Deniz wipes Yana spit off and then resumes unzipping Yana Jeans, she pulls them all the way down and then pulls down Yana’s panties. Yana shaved this morning, thus Deniz is confronted with a bald pussy, with small lips.

“Go on, lick and suck my dirty Armenian pussy. Use that Turkish tongue of yours to tell the truth for once.”

Deniz shoves her face into Yana’s pussy, and Yana places her hand on the back of Deniz head and holds her head in place. Deniz kisses Yana’s pussy out of reverence, “Yeah, that’s it, you Turkish whore. Show some respect, kiss my Armenian pussy! Now lick it, come on you know you like it. It what Ataturk would have wanted.”

Deniz releases her tongue and gets her first taste of Yana moist and sweaty pussy, she leaves her tongue inside Yana’s pussy for a few seconds, before sliding her tongue back into her mouth. Deniz slowly analyses the taste, then she goes back in for second and third helpings.

“Come on, I know you want more!” Deniz’s tongue now plays with Yana’s outer lips, the teasing sensation forces Yana to move her head back and close her eyes. Deniz’s tongue slowly penetrates Yana’s pussy, deeper and deeper, until she has reached the farthest point. Yana’s hand is pushing into Deniz is head so much, that Deniz has trouble breathing and so she tries to lick her way out.

The feeling of Deniz’s tongue and the sense of victory and dominance, forces Yana to scream, yell, grunt and groan. Yana bites her lips, and begins to feel relief is on its way, and it will be a big one. Yana has a policy of never squirting on her students, but Deniz is the exception to this rule. Suddenly, with blood rushing to her cheeks, she feels cum oozing out. It’s taking its time, but its coming.

Deniz can feel some cum on her tongue and immediately gulps it down. But no sooner after swallowing the first lot, the flood comes, and there is so much cream, that she struggles to swallow it all. White cream has embellished Deniz face, Yana looks down and seems satisfied with the redecorating job.

“Now you must swallow every drop. Don’t waste any! I see some of my cream has fallen on the floor, stick your tongue up and clean the floor!”

Deniz looks down at the floor with a look of reluctance on her face, but after Yana barks at her, Deniz gets on all fours and starts licking up.

“How does it taste?”

“Very good, Ma’am.”

“Good! Maybe next time you’ll think before you show me up in class again.” Yana leaves the bathroom and Deniz clean herself off and re-enters campus. But despite Yana’s warning, Deniz starts to increase her activities to undermine Yana’s position.

A few weeks have passed and Deniz, who is now organising events for the Turkish Society, has courted continual controversy on campus. Much to Yana surprise, Deniz is turning increasingly nationalistic, and she plans to host a conference that celebrates Turkish identity and Turkishness. On the program for the one day conference, is a panel discussion called ‘trends in anti-Turkish bias in the media, academia and American policy.’ On the panel include fierce critics of Yana’s work and notorious Armenian genocide deniers.

What really gets’ Yana is Deniz’s nationalistic impulses seem to take on a personal dimension, which directly undermines Yana authority. It’s like Deniz feels guilty for having a relationship with her, Yana initially thought this was a phase that would pass and Deniz would fall into line again, but now she is not so sure. This makes Yana’s heart ache, she loves Deniz so much and would do anything for her, but it’s like Deniz is rejecting her love.

Two-days before the conference they settle down for dinner with Yana’s son and daughter. Yana’s son güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri has a crush on Deniz and throughout the dinner looks love-struck at her.

“I need to say something,” Yana says to Deniz with a concerned look on her face. Yana looks up from her plate and her big hazel eyes make contact with Yana dark eyes. “It’s about your conference.”

“What about it?”

“I understand that you are away from your home country, and you need to re-assert your identity. I think that’s great and I fully support you. But, what have I done to deserve this? You keep undermining me? Do you have regrets about us?”

“No baby, I love you so much. I have no regrets.”

“Then why?”

“It’s not personal. I have made sure that no one mentions you at the conference, but I have my beliefs and I want you to respect my right to hold them.”

“It’s not just that, I’ve noticed you’ve gone cold towards me. What’s going on?”


The meal continues and the conversation changes, but Yana suspects something is wrong and plans to confront Deniz later. Soon dinner finishes and Deniz heads up to the bedroom and Yana follows her. Yana closes the door behind her and looks Deniz, dead in the eye.

“So come on tell me what’s really going on?” Yana has an enraged look on her face, but Deniz just smiles and moves slowly towards her. Deniz comes face to face with Yana, and she starts stroking her hair and running her finger down Yana cheek.

“Nothing is wrong, only right.” Deniz places her head to the side of Yana’s head and begins sniffing and breathing Yana in. “Mmmmm…the smell of jasmine.” Deniz now extends her tongue and brushes Yana’s cheek with it. “Tasty too…I wish you had been on my plate instead. You would of made an excellent dessert. Yes, pour some chocolate syrup onto your already delectable body, and you would have made a fine dessert.”

Yana feels aroused by Deniz’s sexual assertiveness, but tries to fight her off, “You still haven’t answered me! I know something is wrong? If not, why have you been cold towards me?” But before Yana can go any further, Deniz places her finger onto her lips and hushes her. Deniz moves in for a kiss and Yana closes her eyes and pushes her lips out. Their lips brush, before Deniz initiates full-blown kissing. Deniz’s tongue enters Yana’s mouth and begins to dance around her mouth and tongue.

Yana is now in a state of ecstasy, she ravages Deniz’s mouth with passionate kisses. The room temperature seems to be rising and sweat falls down both Deniz and Yana’s cheeks. Yana can feel her pussy becoming moist and she feels ripe to be used. But then Deniz stops sucking her tongue and withdraws.

“Actually, there is something.” Deniz starts to run her hand down Yana’s skirt and panties, before resting it, on the outer lips.

Yana is a little shocked, “What is it?”

“I’ve been thinking about ways to spice our relationship up. I know how experienced you are, I sometimes think about how many cocks have mutilated your sweet Armenian pussy. But I think we need to do something a little different. Don’t be mad or say anything, hear me out. I met someone who I think would be great for us.”

“Great for us? What? Who?”

“A girl. Her name is Yasmin, she is Turkish Kurdish. She has dark hair and eyes with fair skin, a large bust and butt but a tiny waist. We have been attacking each other for months. She’s a Kurdish nationalist who supports the anti-Turkish PKK. We would have ferocious arguments, but in the last few weeks, we have been on friendlier terms and I know she likes me. She also likes you and wants to share in our happiness.”

“What the fuck? What’s it with you? Kurdish, are you just co-opting anti-Turkish groups? Have you fooled around with her? I thought you were happy with me?”

Deniz does not respond, instead she begins to rub Yana’s outer virginal lips. Yana feels she should throw Deniz off her, but can’t. Deniz is really teasing the outer lips and says, “Come on, I know you can do it. I know you want too.” Deniz now begins to penetrate Yana’s inner sanctum, the pressure of Deniz’s finger, makes it hard for Yana to resist.

“Oh, Okay, I will think about it.”

But this answer does not please Deniz, who pushes three fingers into Yana’s inner sanctum. Yana starts to cry out with enjoyment and then finally she relents . “Set up a meeting between the three of us then.”

This answer is more too Deniz’s liking, she withdraws her fingers and clenches her fist, she then re-inserts her fist into Yana’s inner sanctum. Deniz has tiny hands and so can just about fit her entire fist in. In and out and in and out, in repeated fashion. Yana eventually feels ready to cum and whitens Deniz hand.

Deniz withdraws her covered hand from Yana’s pussy. She examines her embellished hand and begins to lick the cum off. She licks herself like a cat grooms. Yana stares at Deniz and wonders what she has let herself in for.

A güvenilir bahis şirketleri few days later, Yana is sitting in a café waiting for Deniz to return with Yasmin. Deniz appears and with her is a young, slim and busty girl with exotic looks. Yana stands up to greet the new arrival and all three take a seat.

“So Yana, Deniz has told me so much about you. I honestly, can’t believe it. A lesbian Armenian-Turkish relationship, it’s a miracle.” Yasmin says.

“Well, love is blind. Do you have a girlfriend?”

“No. In-fact I have only had brief relationships with non-Kurdish girls. The Kurds have yet to accept the concept of gay and lesbian rights.”

“Oh, that’s too bad. You’re always welcome at our house.”

Deniz turns to Yasmin, “And especially in our bed.” The conversation continues and it becomes clear that Yasmin is a perfect match for the couple. She is open-minded and sexy. They all agree that Yasmin should come to the couple’s home the following evening.

The following evening fast approaches, and both Yana and Deniz are preparing for the kinky sex game to follow. Deniz in her tight denim jeans, black sweater and high heel leather boots. Yana in her short black cocktail dress, everything seems to be ready. They hear the door bell ring and go to answer it. Yasmin stands there in her prisoner uniform, “Are you ladies ready? I surrender!”

Yana inspects the prisoner and then orders Deniz, “Take the prisoner to the basement. And tie her up. I’ll be down to inspect momentarily.”

Deniz grabs Yasmin by the wrists and drags her across the house and into the basement. She plods Yasmin onto a chair and handcuffs her hands behind her back. She then applies feet restraints to Yasmin, and lastly produces a ball gag and ties it around Yasmin’s mouth.

Deniz now moves around Yasmin, with her high heels bashing the floor, as she goes along. “So you thought, we were the police did you?” Deniz moves behind Yasmin and leans forward and whispers into her ear, “You were wrong. We know you are the snitch. Did you ever see the film Reservoir dogs? Well you are about too.”

Deniz moves over to her stereo-system, and turns on, stuck in the middle with you. Deniz begins to dance around Yasmin with a dildo in her hand. She pauses every few seconds and strikes Yasmin across the face with the dildo.

Deniz teases Yasmin and licks her face and blows air into her ears and down her neck. “What did you tell them? If you don’t talk now, then when we finish with you, we may have trouble to get you to stop talking.”

Yasmin just grunts, and Deniz spits on Yasmin’s cheek. “Ahhhh there..there.” Deniz rubs her spit into Yasmin’s cheek. Yana enters the room, crosses her arms and watches with satisfaction. Deniz starts kicking, hitting and beating Yasmin. She screams at her and spits on her. Yana pulls out a cigarette and begins puffing on it. She then walks towards Yasmin and Deniz and starts encircling them.

Yana leans in towards Yasmin’s face and blows smoke onto her. “Hahhahh..Did you really think you were going to get away with it. You’re mine now, my little sex slave. And you must please my every demand. This is your punishment.” Yana blows more smoke into Yasmin’s face.

Deniz now eyes up Yana’s lips, she moves in to kiss Yana. But as her mouth opens, Yana blows smoke into Deniz’s mouth and Deniz starts coughing. But Deniz is not deterred, she moves back in for a kiss and sticks her tongue out upon contact with Yana’s mouth.

They proceed to tongue one another and make a lot of noise doing it. Yasmin is forced to stare and wish. Yana pulls herself off Deniz, “Give her the treatment!” Deniz nods and turns towards Yasmin, she bends down and unzips her pants. “When Deniz is finished with you, you will submit to us.” Yana says.

Yasmin can only look-on helplessly, she feel the fresh air on her pussy, and she can see Deniz’s face. Deniz lick her lips, “I’ve been looking forward to this for some time.” Deniz says, as she eyes up Yasmin’s prize. Deniz now gets onto her knees, and extends her tongue, within seconds Yasmin can feel a wet sloppy thing teasing her outer lips.

The thrill is enough to force Yasmin to open and close her eyes in repeated fashion. Her eyes roll back in her head, her nipples start to erect and harden and her pussy becomes moist. Sweat runs downward from her forehead, and Yana leans in to lick it off. The feeling of Deniz’s tongue and heavy breath sends tingling sensations throughout her body.

Deniz’s tongue works its way to Yasmin’s inner lips. Yana is chanting, “Lick that pussy! Lick that pussy!” Yasmin let’s out groans in rapid succession, despite having a ball gag in her mouth. Deniz shoves her whole face onto Yasmin’s pussy and presses into it hard. She pushes her tongue in as far as it will go. Yasmin feels more pressure and cum begins to trickle out.

It now comes out in droves and Deniz finds her tongue whitened. However, there is some much cum, not all of it goes onto Deniz’s tongue, some hits her in the face. Deniz stands up, and faces Yana. Yana sticks out her finger and swipes a sample of Deniz’s face, she examines it closely and lets it dangle of her finger, before sliding her finger into her mouth. She swallows it whole and lets out, “Mmmmmmm…delicious.”

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