An Early Christmas Present

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by Stewart Lee as told to BrettJ © 2008


My niece Marsha has never been a raving beauty. She’s tall, at nearly 5’10” and a bit klutzy. Her hair is long and straight and blonde, she wears sloppy clothes and no makeup. The kind of girl that was likely to marry the first idiot who pays any attention to her and end up in a dull, boring marriage. At times as well, my sister can be a bit insensitive to her daughter’s feelings. Marsha is a Christmas baby, born on the 22nd and they usually combine her presents. The kid tries to put on a brave face, but it’s easy to tell she’s feeling a bit down.

I didn’t want that for her, because she’s my niece and because she has such a beautiful heart. She’s wonderful with animals and children and has a kind word for all. I wanted her to see that she had the potential to be anything she wanted, including wild and sexy.

I asked my wife for assistance. Veronique is a very sexual person; she has been one from the day we first met. I was dating a fried of hers and we were fucking up a storm in her apartment. Veronique walked in, smiled and said “Keep going, don’t let me interrupt.” She smiled with that perfect row of white teeth and I was a goner. Next time I fucked Casey, Veronique joined us. The time after that, no Casey.

Veronique is also tall; she’s part Ethiopian, with Crème de Cacao skin and long, dark hair. Her legs are her best feature, but she’s got these tiny beautiful tits and a tight pussy that grips you and holds you tight. Her body is perfection.

She works in the Sex trade, owning a local Boutique & Sex Shoppe. I outlined my plan and her dark eyes danced with delight as I told her. She had one additional contribution.

“W-what? You’ve got to be kidding, we can’t do that !” I was shocked.

“Why not? Let’s give her the night of her life!” Veronique stayed totally calm as she folded a small pile of thongs.

“Darling, I want to give her the sexy makeover and it’s nice of you to contribute the lingerie, but … “

“But, what? We’ve both fucked girls her age — there are always a few young ones at the Swing Parties we attend.”

Veronique and I started swinging almost a month after our marriage. She loves an occasional strange cock, although it’s really more of a chance for her to eat pussy or have a three-way. We go a few times a month, no big deal. Casey and her girlfriend — yes, that Casey — go all the time. Casey and Veronique are on good terms and many times we’ve had foursomes with Casey and her lover, Aubrey. Aubrey paid me a high compliment by telling me I’m one of the few men she can stand fucking.

“Babe, we’ve seen couples that bring their of-age kids, you fucked that little Swedish nymph — Mia, isn’t that right? Her entire family fucks each other, they were watching you both, so why not this?”

“Because she … well, she … “I couldn’t think of a logical response, other than the fact that Marsha is my niece. But then my wife’s perverse nature started to infect me again. Veronique is the kind of woman that keeps a guy on his toes.

“You think she’d go for it?”

“If she isn’t a virgin, she’s close enough. A night with her sexy aunt and hunky uncle? Once we get her into the idea, you’re damned right she’ll go for it.”

Veronique kissed me very sensually on the mouth, not caring about the PDA. In the short skirt she was wearing, it rode up and you could see her buttocks and tiny thong. She has no shame. Well, why should she? She’s a drop-dead hot exhibitionist bitch who has lez-fucked almost all her Sales Clerks. HaHa

On Marsha’s eighteenth birthday, we showed up bright and early at my sister’s place and announced we were taking Marsha out for a day of indulgence, treating her to a day out for her birthday and buying her some nice things for her Christmas present. Quiet frankly, I think Tanya was glad to have her out of the house; Marsha was sulking about having no plans for her “special” day. We intended to change all that.

Marsha wasn’t sure, but Tanya talked her into it and Veronique took her away in our little Triumph. It was a nice day, so we used the Sports Car. I made the house ready, got the champagne, did everything I could to prepare for a wonderful night spent with my niece and wife. I hoped it would be a night beyond all our expectations, I was sure it would surpass Marsha’s. I knew Veronique would make sure of that.

It seemed like no time had passed at all when I heard the car screech into the driveway and the front door open. I had changed into my best blue blazer and dress slacks and readied myself for the night.

And had my mind blown.

Standing in front of me, in a short miniskirt, her hair tousled professionally, her apple-size tits visible in a low-cut top, was my niece. Only she wasn’t . This sure as hell wasn’t the dowdy little thing I knew, this girl was glowing, beaming, happiness radiating from her entire face. A face that had been nicely made over, eyes lined with a smoky eyeliner, cheekbones high and lips soft and kissable. She had on strappy high-heeled sandals that went halfway up her long, tanned casino siteleri legs and she walked towards me, teary-eyed and gave me a kiss on the cheek. For some unfathomable reason, the klutzy had vanished, because she walked in the heels with a gentle sway, like she belonged in them. She looked like a model, a walking wet dream.

“Thank You, Uncle Stewart, oh thank you so much!” Marsha cried softly, hugging me tight. Veronique walked out of our bedroom where she’d made a few preparations. My wife was wearing a gauzy black top and tight black leather pants. I knew she likely had on a tiny thong under the pants, but not much else. My most fervent hope was that my niece would find her aunt as desirable as I did and this would be the evening of all our fantasies.

“Thank your Aunt Veronique” I instructed her. My wife laughed and said “She did, she couldn’t stop thanking me. I think my blouse is still a bit damp from all the tears.”

Marsha sniffed a bit, then ran to look at herself in the living room mirror. I walked over to my wife and whispered in her ear ” Holy Shit !”

Ronnie whispered back “I know. Who knew such a hottie was hiding underneath all that ugly, baggy clothing? I had to restrain myself from jumping her in the salon — and I think the girl styling her hair felt the same way” she chuckled.

“I can’t believe it’s really me!” Marsha enthused, twirling about and making her mini ride up. She was wearing a tiny pink thong that matched the pink mini she wore and had on a light pinkish-white top. I could see a lacy pink bra underneath, she was all so girlish, innocent, yet arousingly sexy.

“Thank you both sooo much for my day, I can’t … “Marsha started to sputter again, but I stopped her.

“Sweetie, it’s not even 6 PM yet and your day is far from over” I said. “We’ve ordered Thai food for dinner, there’s champagne chilling and we’ve got a lot more birthday surprises in store for you.”

“Wow” Marsha said. “My favorite food and champagne — don’t tell Mom — and another surprise after that? You’re both being so good to me; I don’t think I can handle it all!” She chirped.

I hoped she would be able to handle it , because I really wanted to bed this exquisite creature my niece had become and I wanted to watch my wife initiate her into lesbian loving. The image of my blonde, newly-sexy niece and my exotic wife wrapped up in each other’s arms made my cock dance.

My reverie was broken by the arrival of the food, ordered from a place that’s run by one of our swinging couple friends. Veronique and the wife, Myaluanna, have been friends for years, and more recently, lovers when they can find the time. Myaluanna’s husband is cool with it, so long as she’s open with it, she has a higher sex drive than he can handle, plus the restaurant keeps him too busy. As for me — Myaluanna gives almost as good a BJ as Veronique.

The girls unpacked everything and ladled it out on to plates, while I poured the champagne. As expected, Marsha found it delightful and became quite animated after a few glasses. It was hard to believe this sparkling young beauty was the dull little thing of only hours before. Her laughter was musical and Marsha laughed a lot, we made sure of that. Once the meal was over, we surprised her with Crème Brule, her favorite dessert. She gushed over how wonderful it had all been, we just poured her another glass of champagne from the Magnum I had chilled and told her we were loving her company.

Veronique looked over at me and I caught her gaze and nodded. She stood up and took Marsha’s hand, telling her “We have one more surprise for you, in the bedroom. Why don’t the two of us go in there and leave your Uncle to tidy up a bit.”

I cleaned like a whirling dervish, not wanting to miss a second of what was yet to come. I could hear little murmurs coming from our bedroom, but I trusted my wife’s abilities to be very convincing and went back into the Living Room. Veronique emerged in a filmy white negligee which was my favorite, she always looked spectacular in it. “Come on out Marsha darling, don’t be embarrassed — we’re all adults and besides, you look divine.”

Divine was an understatement when Marsha walked out a moment later. In contrast to my wife, she wore a black peignoir that was very alluring, with her legs showing through a small slit. On her feet, she wore high-heeled black mules, she had on stockings and garters, but was braless, I could see her perfect tits and yearned to kiss them. I could almost make out her adorable little pussy, but where her skin showed, it glowed with new vitality. She looked down at the floor shyly, but Veronique was having none of it. She put her hand under Marsha’s chin and lifted her head. “You have nothing to be embarrassed or ashamed of, hold your head up with pride, dearest. You are a lovely young woman, isn’t she Stewart?”

“Perfect” I said, walking over to my niece and giving her a soft kiss on the lips. She kissed me back, but I wasn’t about to rush things. I knew Veronique had a plan of her own and I’d follow her lead.

“I have to admit … ” Marsha slot oyna giggled ” … I feel very sexy. I’ve never worn anything like this, it feels — nice!”

“Lingerie has that affect on me” Veronique agreed.

“Has a totally different affect on me” I added and both women laughed. Veronique nodded again, it was time.

“Marsha dear, we have one final gift to give you tonight, and it’s in the bedroom again. Please understand, you can refuse it if you want to, but we’re both hoping you’ll accept it in the spirit in which it was intended.” Veronique stood up and led a slightly-confused Marsha into our spacious bedroom. She lit a few candles and sat down on the bed, asking Marsha to join her. I stood in the doorway, patiently waiting for my wife to begin her spiel.

“Marsha dear, you likely don’t know this, but your Uncle and I are very sexual people. We like sex — a great deal — with each other and with others . Do you understand?”

Marsha nodded, biting her bottom lip. “I think so — you’re swingers?”

Veronique nodded. “Yes. We love sexy people and we don’t limit our pleasures. Both of us see a tremendous sexual potential in you and we’d like to help bring it out. We think underneath it all, you’re as hot a little firecracker as I am, and we’d like to put that theory to the test.”

Marsha’s blue eyes widened, but you could tell it wasn’t in horror. “Are you saying you’d like to have sex with me, Aunt Veronique?” Veronique nodded. “Uncle Stewart, too?” I joined them on the bed and took Marsha’s hand in mine.

“Yes, me too.” I told her. “Marsha hon, this is a very big decision for you to make. We’re talking about something many people wouldn’t understand, your mother wouldn’t, although God knows she had hot pants in the past. So this would have to be a secret kept between us all, do you understand that? And as Aunt Veronique told you, you are totally free to say no and we will both still love and cherish you. We’ll leave you alone for a little while to think it over.”

Veronique and I stood up and began to walk out of the room when I heard a soft, tiny voice say “Wait!” We both turned around at the same time.

Marsha looked down at the floor, then back up at us. She looked nervous, but there was something in her eyes, something was coming alive. “You — both — want to have sex with me? Incestuous sex, bi-sexual sex?” We both nodded silently.

“You think I might be — a fuckslut ?” Marsha giggled a bit, like she had surprised herself by saying the word. Veronique walked back over to the bed and sat down again, hugging Marsha close.

“I think that under this sexy lingerie is one of the hottest, wildest, yummiest little fucktoys ever put on this earth and I’m just dying to see her emerge, like a butterfly from it’s cocoon. Uncle Stewart wants that for you as much as I do. Who are we hurting? If you want us as much as we want you … “

“I do, I do !” Marsha cried out, then clamped her hand over her mouth. There it was, out in the open. “It’s just … well, I’ve been taught … “

“There’s more than one way to be taught, darlin’” I said, hoping that my gut instincts were right. “I think you … “

“Yes” Marsha said firmly, cutting me off.

“Are you saying … ” I said, but Marsha cut me off yet again.

“I’m saying, Uncle Stewart, that I’d be honored to fuck you — both of you — and be a fucktoy for you both. I won’t deny I’m a bit scared, but I’ve never been so turned on in all my life. Please, be patient with me, but love me, do whatever you want, teach me what I need to learn!” Veronique leaned in to my niece and took her face between both hands and kissed her, sliding her agile tongue into Marsha’s willing mouth. She just seemed to melt into my wife’s kiss and began to return it with equal fervor.

Marsha’s shyness had seemingly vanished, although I knew it was all a pretense, a bit of bravado on her part. Still, when I sat beside her on the bed, it was she who kissed me and to my surprise, the little nymph could kiss. She slid her tongue into my mouth and we played tonsil-hockey and I could feel her perfect tits pressed against my chest.

Veronique put her hands on Marsha’s shoulders and turned her around. “My turn” she told our niece. If Marsha was uncomfortable about kissing another woman, it didn’t show, they looked very happy and blissful.

“S-So how do we start?” Marsha asked, a slight tremor creeping into her voice.

Veronique smiled and they stood up from the bed. “We’ve already started love, what do you think Stewart — isn’t she a beauty?” she asked, standing behind Marsha and nuzzling her neck. Her hands caressed Marsha’s breasts through her outfit and she sighed.

“I see two beauties” I responded and I just let my wife take control. She had Marsha raise her arms and she lifted the peignoir off and now all that Marsha wore was her “birthday suit” and the stockings with mules. How had people missed what a delectable little thing she was? There wasn’t a blemish on her skin, she was tanned and sexy, her pussy just had the barest landing strip of blonde canlı casino siteleri fur on the top. I watched as Veronique began to kiss her way down Marsha’s body while the little nymph just stood there and took it all in. When Veronique’s knowing mouth and tongue reached my niece’s pussy, her long legs buckled beneath her, but I caught her and helped her up on the bed. Veronique hopped up and joined her, splaying those long, stocking-clad legs apart and burying her face in one of the pinkest, cutest snatches I have ever seen. She went to town on our little fuckslut-in-training , stabbing her tongue in and out of Marsha’s pussy, moving it every which way and really grooving on her first taste of the teenager’s cunt. I was rock-hard already and no one had even given me head, it was all so mind-blowing, yet somehow beautiful and intimate.

“Oh, oooh, ahhh!” Marsha sighed, words weren’t coming, but she sure was. Her juices flowed onto Ronnie’s lips and tongue and you could see from her cute, scrunched-up face that there’d be no going back for her. It was plain to see Marsha was going to be as much a sex-addict as the pair of us. Acting on pure instinct alone, she was already hunching her pussy up for more tongue and when she got it, she exploded all over her aunt’s skilled tongue.

Moving up on the bed, Veronique lay side-by-side with Marsha and snuggled in. “So babe, I take it you liked?” she chuckled.

“No, I loved !” Marsha enthused, kissing her aunt with a forceful tongue. I was almost beginning to feel left out, but I can always count on Veronique to look out for me.

“Okay Princess, time for another lesson. You’re going to suck your Uncle’s cock, even though he doesn’t need it to get hard — magnificent bastard — men love to have their cocks sucked and it turns on a lot of us women too. That’s right sweetie, slowly … ” Marsha slid her lips gently around my rod ” … don’t take too much at once, good girl, little more … ” Lord, the girl had lips like warm butter ” … oh wow baby, you’ve got it all. Now move your mouth up and down, like that, use your tongue if you can, wonderful, and take your hands and stroke it, just like that — good girl, you’re a natural!” What a fucking understatement . Some of our swinging friends don’t give head this good, even Myaluanna was an amateur compared to my sex-hungry niece. No doubt about it, my niece had an innate talent for cocksucking and our guess had been on the mark — she was a little tigress!

Veronique had undressed herself in the meanwhile, and now clad only in her stockings and white stilettos, she moved in beside our niece and kissed and nuzzled her while she was blowing me. That seemed to spur her on, Marsha really got hot and heavy, until I told her to slow down or I might cum in her mouth. She pulled away from my cock with a disappointed pout.

“You could’ve cum in my mouth, I wouldn’t have minded” she sighed.

Veronique kissed a pink nipple and told her “Your uncle shoots a fair bit and we don’t want any mess-ups your first time out. Okay lover, it’s time for the big event. To play it safe, we should ask you darling — are you a virgin?”

Marsha shook her head. “No, I had sex with a College boy last summer, I met him while we were on vacation. We hooked up and had sex on the beach. He was okay, I guess, but it sure didn’t feel this good. He did tell me I had a smoking hot body, though.”

“Well, he was dead right about that baby” I said, lying prone on the bed. Veronique explained to Marsha that for a first-time fuck, she should lower her tight little pussy on my cock and ride me, facing away from me. She could control the speed and motion and naughty Aunt Ronnie, she giggled, can play with both of you.

“Sounds good to me!” Marsha purred in a tone I hadn’t heard before, but hoped to hear again. She moved her long-legged body on top of me and slithered and wriggled around until my cock was buried balls-deep inside her. She was fucking tight, but she moved with an elegant grace as she began to fuck me, my hands on her ass, occasionally moving up to play with her beautiful tits. Meanwhile, Veronique was lying face down, licking our joined bodies for all she was worth, slurping up pussy cream and dabbing at Marsha’s clit, making her yowl with excitement. She rode me like a fucking wildcat, her newly-manicured nails digging into my thighs, but I didn’t mind — I could endure a little pain for the chance at fucking a blonde sexpot like my niece now was!

“Nothing, but nothing , has ever felt this good!” Marsha moaned, tears of joy streaming down her face. “Don’t you dare stop fucking me like this Uncle Stewart, keep eating me Aunt Ronnie, oh you darling loves, I’m yours !” she yelped and then her orgasm hit her. I don’t think she knew at first what it was, it knocked the wind out of her sails, but Marsha recovered quickly and hopped off my dick. She joined her Aunt on the bed and said “Let’s suck it dry Veronique, we can share his cum if he shoots that much.” She was already figuring things out and that made me go off, the little sluts that were my wife and niece sharing my jizz between them. Only Veronique had yet to climax, but Marsha took care of that in short order, eating her aunt’s pussy with a natural, easy skill. Veronique’s eyes closed tight as she came and I have rarely seen her look so satisfied.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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