An English Matron Ch. 04

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The final chapter. I’ve enjoyed writing this and I hope you have enjoyed reading it too. My thanks to Bob and especially Mary for their encouragement and support.

Over the next few weeks things went quite well between us. Sex was so great and Elizabeth was so accommodating in other matters that I still hadn’t managed to break up our relationship. Weak-willed and too easily led by my cock – that’s me! We did have one little tiff about travel arrangements to the wedding.

About this time the law in England had changed so that people could get married somewhere other than a church or a registry office. This wedding was to be held in the West Country at an English stately home that had been turned into a hotel. It was going to be quite a posh do. The reception and accommodation were also at the same venue. The West Country is actually the informal name for the south west of England and is famed for its beautiful scenery. It’s also quite a long way from where Elizabeth or I lived. We would have to travel up the night before the wedding thus spending two nights at the hotel. It was about five hours drive for me if I went straight from where I lived. Elizabeth was a very cautious driver so although she lived closer and with better roads I reckoned it would take her six hours if she went in her car.

She wanted us to both go with Vanessa in Vanessa’s car. Vanessa had a big comfortable BMW (she’d got a good settlement from her philandering ex) and was a confident driver so that was a pragmatic arrangement. The only problem with it was that I didn’t like Vanessa, didn’t want to spend four hours in her company going there and the same on the way back or be beholden to her for the lift. I categorically refused and threatened not to go at all. Elizabeth worried that if she and Vanessa went together without me then I’d find some last minute excuse not to go. I think she knew in the back of her mind that I was growing cool on our relationship. All very petty but that’s what we ended up doing. And although I was indeed tempted to pull out I made my own way there and Vanessa and Elizabeth cruised down together.

I made sure I checked in first to avoid any curious stares from the reception staff – double room with a woman thirty six years my senior. The room was quite sumptuous – it needed to be as it was bloody expensive although Elizabeth was paying half the bill. Elizabeth and Vanessa arrived about half an hour later. I went down to bring up Elizabeth’s bags – she’d brought three for a two day stopover! I also got volunteered into taking Vanessa’s up as well. Vanessa’s room was in the same corridor as ours and few doors down. She looked at me as if I were a dog stain on a new carpet.

“Be very careful with those bags and don’t’ break anything!” she barked in her irritating nasal voice.

I glared at her, hating her for being the horrible rude cunt that she was and at the same time fascinated by her striking appearance. She had a simple white top on, her breasts were prominently on display and I could make the outline of her white bra underneath. She wore a simple pale green cotton skirt that came to her knees. I was tempted to both smack her one and throw her on the bed and fuck her but of course I did neither.

“Thank you for bringing my bags up, John,” I said sarcastically mimicking what she should have said and then,”That’s all right ,Vanessa, it’s my pleasure,” in my normal voice.

She glared back at me but she knew that I’d hit home. She was being abominably rude and she looked a little shamefaced as I left the room.

I was in a filthy mood. I told Elizabeth what had happened and she sighed and made excuses for her friend but it didn’t stop her going down to the bar to catch up with old friends and relatives. I feigned tiredness and stayed in the room and watched TV cursing my folly at ever agreeing to the whole thing.

I’d just turned in and put the light out when Elizabeth returned. Being the considerate person she was, she was as quiet as possible getting ready for bed and didn’t put the light on. She clambered on to the king size bed.

“Are you awake?” she whispered gently.

“I am now,” I replied rather disingenuously and petulantly.

“Are you all right?”

“No. I’m lonely,” but this time not in a petulant tone of voice.

She moved over to my side and stroked my chest.

“May I keep you company?” she asked playfully.

“Well you can get that off for a start,” I said tugging at her long cotton nightie.

I’d gotten her out of the habit of dressing for bed. It was typical of Elizabeth’s sense of propriety that she chose to wear a nightie when staying away from home. She quickly removed it. I hate making love in the dark. She preferred the dark as it hid her wrinkles and sagging flesh but the wrinkles and sagging flesh of her ageing body were what I desired so I put the bedside light on.

I drew her to me and we embraced, kissing, our hands wandering over each casino oyna other’s bodies. I kissed her neck and then her shoulders and then her breasts and then her belly and then back up again visiting each sacred site in turn. Simultaneously my hands were in her nether region stroking her thighs and her bush, probing but not penetrating with my finger tips. I started lightly scratching her back moving my fingers up and down towards her buttocks where I lingered for some time before moving to her back and shoulders again then round to her breasts. She raised herself up so that I could have better access and I continued to softly knead her large white breasts, caressing her aureoles and circling her dark pink nipples with my finger tips, now and then pulling them slightly without tweaking. She was getting excited now and climbed on top of me straddling me but not yet impaling herself on my engorged and rigid dick.

She leant forward to kiss me and I continued to pump and squeeze her tits. I moved my hand lower and put my finger inside her. It slid in without any resistance – she was ready for it but I lingered in there for few minutes stroking backwards and forwards. She moved back and sat slowly and carefully on my cock which slid in almost as freely as my finger had. We moved backwards and forwards for some time. Her aged and lined face above me and her bright blue eyes gazing into mine. I could have gone on for some time but her tide was rising and she quickened the pace her face contorting with passion and ecstasy as she came. She almost slumped upon me, worn out, as I carried on thrusting and after a few more charges I came myself. It had been nearly six days since we’d last made love so I had a lot to give and I jismed and jismed and jismed.

The wedding ceremony started at 11 but Elizabeth need time to prepare so there was no time for fooling around in the morning. We had breakfast in our room and then got ready. Elizabeth, being a woman, took quite a long time over this. I have mentioned that my own dress preference was scruffy through to casual. Elizabeth never objected to this but I’m sure that it was one of the reasons that Vanessa took an instant dislike to me. Women of her generation like men to be well groomed. However when the occasion called for it I could and did dress well. I had a charcoal grey suit in a modern cut and good condition. I put on a crisp white cotton shirt with double cuffs and quality gold cuff-links all off set with a red silk tie and black leather polished shoes. I never considered myself as really good looking – I’d always relied on my sense of humour to make myself attractive to women – but I was young, slim and had a mop of reddish brown curly hair. Today I didn’t look bad or at least I looked as good as I was ever going to get. Elizabeth took forever to get dressed but it was still before 10 o’clock so we had a little time.

Finally she was ready (except for her big wide-brimmed hat that English women always wear at weddings). She wore a mauve dress with white swirls in the pattern. The sleeves were loose and neither long nor short but came down to her forearms. The hem of the skirt came came down to the middle of her calves and swished teasingly as I liked it to do. Her stockings were, I thought at first, light grey but then seemed also to have a faintly mauve tint. Her shoes were white.. The dress plunged modestly at the front to show off her ample bosom that sagged a little less than normal (I guessed she was well strapped up underneath) and her figure was accentuated by a broad white belt across her middle. Her hair was coiffed but not too artificially so. She had white pearls around her neck and also wore expensive looking earrings with amethysts and diamonds in them (I remembered that I had given her them as a Christmas present and yes they were expensive). Her lipstick was scarlet red and I was glad she hadn’t tried to match that with her dress. Red lipstick is one of my turns-ons.

She looked lovely and elegant, almost beautiful. I caught a glimpse of the real beauty she must have been forty, thirty or even twenty years ago. She looked at least ten years younger than her sixty-four years. As I gazed at her so she looked at me. She’d never seen me dressed up smart and I could tell she was impressed.

“My god, you’re lovely!” I exclaimed.

“Oh, oh, you’re beautiful!” she breathed in a low voice. Beautiful?! I did not think that I even qualified as handsome but as they say beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

We stood transfixed and quite moved by each other’s loveliness. We were about two feet apart and I raised both her hands in mine and kissed them. Unconsciously we started to touch each other very gently, tracing our fingers over each others bodies. I touched her arms: she touched my chest. I touched her hips: she caressed my face. I very lightly ran my fingers over her bosom. She took my hands, kissed them and then returned them to where she had found them. I drew her to me to slot oyna be closer and we kissed very gently and slowly and then more deeply and passionately. I was oblivious to anything else and it felt as if time had stopped still.

As I embraced her I realised that she was quite firm underneath and had on a corset (I found out later that the correct term is corselet) on to hold her tummy and all her other floppy bits in. This meant that the only way to get in was to go down and then up. I manoeuvred her on to the bed.

“We’ll be late,” she murmured.

“Time enough,” I said and, “Wedding be damned!” to myself. Nothing but nothing was going to stop me now.

As we lay on the bed I rummaged under her dress past all the petticoats and slips or whatever it was that she had on. I felt her stockings and thighs and then the bottom part of the corselet and then her silk panties. I had to look and I raised the hem of her dress right up so that she was completely revealed. It was a fantastic sight and I could not resist diving in and kissing them all in turn. First her stocking and I ran my tongue from knee to stocking-top to bare thigh and pressed my face into her pure white clad crotch. I used my fingers to massage and caress her bush and the cleft inside I tried to draw her panties off but it was too fiddly for me and she did it herself and rolled up or otherwise moved the corselet. I was exposed to her old naked pussy thatched with black and grey hair. I put my head back where it so obviously belonged and lapped and lapped away with my tongue. Raising my head I inserted one then two fingers and then my thumb spreading her pussy juices all over her clit as I brought her to orgasm. Hurriedly I kicked off my own shoes, dropped my pants and briefs without taking them off and lay on top of her and penetrated her. It did not take me long to erupt inside her.

We lay there for a while and then started up as we realised the time. It was 10.45! All the guests would be seated and awaiting the entrance of the bride. We needed to clean ourselves up and Elizabeth needed to reapply her make-up as her lipstick was all smudged. It did not take me too long but it was 11 o’clock as we left our room and hurried to where they were having the wedding. Fortunately the bride was late (as they always are) but we were still the last guests in. We sat next to Vanessa who had kept our seats free. She looked at us both slightly disapprovingly and whispered something to Elizabeth who was flustered anyway and now looked more so. She muttered something back. They both tittered away and Vanessa cast me a knowing and for once not hostile look.

Little to tell about the wedding itself. The photographs took forever to take as they always do. We finally sat down to eat at 2 o’clock and I was hungry, thirsty and bored. The meal was very good however and there was lots of champagne and wine on offer. I noticed that Elizabeth, who normally did not drink very much at all, was getting well stuck into the champagne. We shared our table with five other people including Vanessa who unfortunately sat opposite me. She was dressed in a pale green outfit with a white blouse and of course a green and white hat to match. She was not as well turned out as Elizabeth but looked OK and actually better than most of the other women there regardless of age (the bride was a skinny insipid blonde with a weak chin and a posh voice and I never gave her a second glance). My first impressions of Vanessa were reinforced: firstly if she smiled more she would be quite handsome for her age – she was late fifties but looked about five years younger; secondly she had a fantastic set of knockers. Her blouse had no collar and opened at the front to reveal her magnificent cleavage. There was that little crows foot wrinkle at the top that busty old women often have. I found it a real turn on and found my eyes being drawn there unwillingly.

The other people on our table – two couples and an old uncle didn’t know any of us. This table was obviously the ragbag of distant relatives and our table was right at the back of the room. Conversation was therefore a bit stilted at first but as the wine flowed our conversation got a bit jollier. My inhibitions go after very little drink and I loosened them all up with my jokes, banter and slightly ribald conversation. The old uncle and I hit it off in particular and we were a good double act making the whole table laugh and indeed people at the other tables looked at us in slight envy because we were obviously having such a good time. Vanessa for once didn’t cramp my style and laughed along with the rest of them. It was quite warm in the room and she had removed her jacket. So when she laughed I had a great view of her tits wobbling away in mirth. The little wrinkle at the top of her cleavage winked at me I swear. Elizabeth would normally have restrained me because other than in our intimate moments she was quite prim and proper but she was on at least her third glass of canlı casino siteleri champagne and was half tipsy and so giggled away with rest of them.

By the end of the meal we were all in a very good mood, relaxed and merry but not too drunk except perhaps Elizabeth, who had now had four glasses of the really quite good champagne (Krug, I think). Then the speeches started and they were all quite dull but of course there was a toast at the end of each one. After the speeches the bride and groom went off for more photographs and the guests went off and did their own thing until the evening do which started at 7. Some just stayed chatting at their tables until gently chased away by the hotel staff. Others went for more drinks at the various bars that seemed to be dotted about the hotel. Some guests went outside to enjoy the summer sunshine and go for a stroll in the beautiful grounds of the hotel. I suggested to Elizabeth that we did just that as I did not think she should have any more to drink. Too late – the silly cow was pissed as a fart! She’d had seven glasses of champagne which is about three quarters of a bottle and not being used to drink anyway it had gone straight to her head. I tried to get her to walk it off but she was staggering on her feet and so with Vanessa’s help I took her back to our room and put her to bed.

I was quite annoyed. Just when I was starting to enjoy the do she’d gone and spoiled it! I stayed with her but she soon fell asleep into a drunken stupor. I made sure that she was lying on her side so that she didn’t choke if she threw up. It was late afternoon. I had nothing to do. Being the summer there was no football to watch on TV and none of the films on appealed to me so I was bored silly. I remembered that I had a book in my car so I went down to retrieve it. I stopped and chatted to some of the guests. The older women in particular were intrigued and quite nosey I thought.

“Oh so you’re Elizabeth’s young beau!” one of them exclaimed tactlessly but good-humouredly and proceeded to ask me some impertinent questions. I fended them off with innocent and inane answers but I was quite relieved when Vanessa came up and rescued me. She wanted me to stop and chat but I protested that I needed to go back an look after Elizabeth.

“She’ll be all right,” she said a little callously. “She just needs to sleep it off,” and putting her arm in mine she led me back to the bar bought me a drink and then chatted to me much more attentively than she’d ever done before. I wondered if she were drunk too but she did not seem so nor was she knocking the booze back as Elizabeth had done. I did pop back to check on Elizabeth from time to time. Whenever I returned I tried to mingle with the other guests although I only really knew the ones who had been on our table. Vanessa always managed to find me without being too obvious about it. The evening meal was a buffet, not as nice as lunch but it stopped me getting too drunk. Soon after that the disco started. This was something I’d dreaded. I hate dancing with a passion and I especially hate the shite music they play at wedding discos. I wondered why, when they had gone to all that expense for everything else, they had not hired a decent band. Lack of taste and imagination I supposed.

“I suppose you’re a boring old fart who doesn’t like dancing,” said Vanessa to me.

“Not at all!” I lied, “I love a good bop. Will you join me?”

As I led her on to the floor I noticed that all the men had buggered off to the bar and there were only young girls and old ladies (and me!) dancing. I felt trapped by the situation but the only alternative was to walk out and I wanted to see where this little adventure with a new and nice Vanessa would lead to. Not only do I not like dancing but I don’t think I’m very good at it either (well that’s what other girlfriends have told me). However that night I was good enough and soon quite a few of the other old biddies were dancing with us too and I was quite the centre of attention. I was a little self conscious and uncomfortable with this and tried to leave after each number only to be summoned back by them especially Vanessa.

Eventually there was a special number for the bride and groom so we all vacated the floor and watched them do their stuff. The second number was quite slow and Vanessa got me up and danced quite closely with me her big breasts rubbing against my chest. As she pulled me closer her upper thighs pressed against my stiffening cock. She knew exactly what she was doing. When the lights went lower for an even slower smoochier number she pulled me closer still and her hand dropped to my lower back and she surreptitiously fondled my bum. Perhaps I should have made my excuses there and then and beat a retreat but as I said before I am weak-willed and led by my cock.

I did cool things down by going back and checking Elizabeth who was still snoring. I got Vanessa a drink and we went outside into the warm evening. I’d had enough of dancing and it was too warm in the main room. We chatted a while on the terrace, not hidden but away from the rest of the guests. A pretty young woman ran by laughing followed by one of her companions. They were two of the bridesmaids.

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