An Evening Appointment Ch. 02

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Aaron entered the room, looking at Phillip as he bent awkwardly over the table, his ass streaked with red welts from the switching Aunt Mary had given him.

Mary looked at her nephew and snapped: “Take the slave to your room, do as you wish with him. Bring him to me when you are finished. Understood?”

“Yes, Aunt Mary.” Aaron took the slave by the arm and walked him out of the dining room and down the hall to his small bedroom. He had his slave kneel down on the floor (As he was in no condition to sit down!)

“Are you all right, Slave?”

“Yes, Master.”

“Good. Now relax.” Aaron stepped behind Phil, dropping to his own knees to administer a neck massage to his tense slave. After a few minutes, the slave began to relax as his Master’s skilled hands soothed him. Aaron stood up and removed his clothes behind Phillip, out of his view.

When he returned into Phil’s view, it was to have the slave eye-to-eye, so to speak, with his Master’s 8 inch long throbbing meat spear. “You know what to do, Slave?”

“Yes, Master.” But still he stared at the bobbing shaft as it began to ooze a bit of precum.

“What’s the problem, Slave?”

“It’s just… I’m not…”

“I know, of course you’re not. Now suck my cock, unless you want Mary to know you refused an order.” That ended the argument as the slave leaned illegal bahis forward to take the head of his Master’s penis into his mouth, sucking on it and running his tongue around it. Aaron groaned in satisfaction and gently ran his fingers through Phil’s short but untidy hair, petting his fellating slave.

Thus encouraged, Phil began to take more and more of his Master’s cock in his mouth, bobbing up and down and opening his throat to allow it passage down his throat. His Master took his Slave’s head in both hands and gently began thrusting in and out, face fucking his toy, which moaned softly in response.

Aaron grunted and moaned as he plunged his shaft in and out of his compliant slave’s throat, but then pulled it out with a gentle pop. Aaron sat down on his bed as his slave looked up at him expectantly. “Did you get my dick nice and wet, slave?”

“Yes, Master,” came the breathless reply.

“Good, now straddle my lap, facing away from me.” Aaron leaned back as his slave did as he was told, squatting over his master’s lap and staring at the other wall. Aaron stuck his index finger in his mouth, wetting it with his spit, and proceeded to push it gently into his slave’s rectum. Phil groaned in response as he relaxed his sphincter muscles to allow the moist finger access. Aaron pulled his finger out and then spit on illegal bahis siteleri his fingers, rubbing the saliva around his slave’s asshole.

“Are you ready, Slave?”

“Yes Master.”

“Sit down.” Without another word, the slave lowered himself down, as his master pointed his spear directly at his toy’s asshole. At first the asshole resisted, but as Phil willed it to open up, he was soon impaled on the spear, as it were, the large shaft of meat slowly driving it’s way slowly and inexorably up his anal passage, lubricated by the slave’s own saliva.

Phillip moaned loudly as his Master’s thick, long penis made its way inside his ass. He finally stopped as his welted ass came to rest on his Master’s lap, as Aaron reached around to gently stroke his slave’s stiff cock.

“How do you feel, Slave?” For a moment, the slave didn’t respond, as he just sat there twitching, impaled on his Master’s mighty spear.

“I feel… good, Master. Filled.”

“Very good. But remember that you are here for my pleasure. Not the other way around. Are you ready for me to fuck you, slave?”

“Yes, Master.”

Without another word, Aaron stood from the bed, hanging onto Phil as he perched on his Master’s branch, then lowered them onto their knees next to the bed. Phil moaned as Aaron withdrew his shaft until only the canlı bahis siteleri head was inside, then grunted as the penis slammed back home.


The slave grunted, groaned, and cried out as his Master’s steel-hard cylinder pistoned in and out of his ass, his pelvis slamming into the tender welts of his slave’s abused ass. Aaron, for his part, grunted loudly and deeply as he plowed his fields roughly. As he continued to use his slave for his own pleasure, the door opened a crack, as Mary peered in to watch her nephew have his way with her plaything. She had no sexual interest in Aaron, of course, as that would be sinful and wrong. However, she took a great deal of pleasure in watching her slave get hammered again and again.

Aaron’s grunts came to a peak, and he pulled his cock from his slave’s asshole and growled “On your knees and face me to receive your reward!”

Phil struggled to his knees and spun around, taking the filthy smelly penis into his mouth as his master stroked it quickly with his hand. Finally, his master pulled his penis out of his slave’s mouth and grunted, the first shot of cum arcing forth and hitting his slave in the eye. The second blast hit his nose and made a trail down over his lip and into his mouth. The third launch flew true and all landed in the mouth of its recipient. The last few shots dribbled out onto Phil’s chin, and he proceeded to lick and clean his Master’s cock.

“That’s a good slave. Now clean your face up and go see Mary in her room.

The door quietly shut, un-noticed by slave or master.

To Be Continued…

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