An Experience of Love

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As I walked out of the building, I saw her sitting on the bench. Too scared to approach her, I stayed on the side with my buddies and smoked some cigarettes.

“That Jenny is the most beautiful girl here,” I said.

“She’s totally going for that blonde guy!” said Juan.

“No, she can’t, he’s gay!” added Mark. “I saw him the other day with Joe going to Times Square to do what they call shopping.”

I looked at Jenny. Her slender black dress outlined her delicious curves and her petite frame, clinging the tightest to her sides and breasts. Her perky breasts showed through the tightness of the dress: two succulent shapes with the nipples faintly peeking out. The cut of the dress exposed her whole upper chest and the surface of her breasts, highlighting the perfect, even tan throughout her whole body that showed the countless hours she spent in the sun. The dress stopped above the half mark on her thigh, showing beautiful legs only a model could have, with a beautiful tan that ran down to her very toes, painted with black nail polish. But her face was the fairest of all: cute yet sexy Asian complexion, her eyebrows poised in an innocent but seductive provocation, her nose small and petite, her lips full and luscious. Her eyes, her eyes were mesmerizing, carrying a charm and a deep secret within the dark pupils. Her hair was a pitch black on top with some blonde patches on the side from the sun, adding to her overall sexy appearance. The blue make up around her gave her already magical eyes an exotic outline and appearance of a goddess one can only see in their dreams and wake up not knowing what words to use to describe her divine beauty.

She was talking to Gabriel, who I could tell was gay from his voice. In a couple of minutes Jenny left with her friends, and I came up to Gabriel.

“Hey Gabriel, is Jenny single?” I asked.

“She has a boyfriend, but he’s out of town until Monday, do you like her or something?”

“Yes, I’ve been mesmerized by her for weeks! It’s still Friday, do you think she’s would mind some fooling around?”

“I can hook you guys up… I don’t know if it’ll work though, but I can at least tell her how you feel, you wouldn’t lose anything in the long run” Gabriel suggested.

“Thanks so much man! You really are a hero.” I said. Gabriel went off in the direction Jenny went, and I continued to socialize with the guys.

An hour later, at midnight, I get a text from Gabriel. It read: “Jenny says idk.. She’s still outside her dorm tho, hurry!” I drop my cigarette and literally run to the other side to where the girl’s VIP dorms are. And sure enough, among a small crowd of people, there she was at the side talking with her two friends. One was a blonde in a blue dress and the other was Philippine with an astoundingly beautiful face too. She was shorter than Jenny, and wore a similar black dress. The only difference was that her tan made her skin look like gold, and her golden brown hair accented her deep tan and her cute features. But tonight I was hot for Jenny. I came up, wet and sweaty from the dance, and stood right in front of the three.

“You guys danced hard tonight.” I said, quite out of ideas.

“Thanks… weren’t you the dj?” asked the Philippine girl, who I later found out was Scarlet.

“Yeah… but only for like two songs before I got kicked out so that the other DJ could play Single Ladies…”

“Hey I asked you to play it but you didn’t!” Jenny said. She was surprisingly informal even after what I figured Gabriel told her.

“I couldn’t help it; I had to play some of my own good songs!” I said.

“Well if you played Single Ladies, maybe Jenny would have danced with you,” said the blonde. To this day I have no idea what her name was. I blushed, and looked at Jenny, who also blushed, and quickly looked away.

“Aww. I still think your mix was good!” said Scarlet.

“Thanks, I worked on it all last night..” I stumbled for things to say.

“It’s late, I think I’m going to go sleep,” said the blonde.

“Me too,” said Scarlet.

The girls, including Jenny, automatically got up to leave. I stood like stone for a second before something hit me and I realized I would never have a chance again.

“Jenny!” I yelled and ran after them.

“Yeeeeea?” she said as she slowly turned around.

“Umm.. Would you like to go get some coffee with me?” I asked, failing utterly.

“It’s midnight…” she replied. The other two giggled and continued walking towards the dorm.

“To be completely honest… wanna go on a date around campus with me?” I asked bravely.

“Uhh.. Well I did drink a lot of redbull tonight so I won’t sleep anyway… I guess” she said, sort of reluctantly.

Fast forward forty minutes:

I was sitting on the campus field, Jenny in my arms, looking up at the stars. Her skin was amazingly soft as I touched her starting from her neck and down to her legs, and touching her legs under her dress.

She turned her head and looked me in the eyes. bahis firmaları That one moment was the highlight of my entire life: The beauty in her eyes with the stars reflected in crystal clear white sparkles in her eyes pierced me that I felt like I would shatter into a million pieces. Her blue eye shadow sparkled and the curvy eye lashes only added to the exotic sexiness in her. I felt my pupils dilate and butterflies rumble chaotically in my stomach with pure desire for her.

I licked my lips and leaned in to kiss her. She closed her eyes and after what seemed like a century, I finally felt her soft lips touch mine. I kissed her gently first, then leaned in again with more passion. Her mouth opened a little to let my tongue penetrate her, and our lips interlocked. Our lips fondled in a slow, but furious passion as our tongues intertwined with each other. Our mouths became a mess of saliva. I bit Jenny’s lip, and she moaned. She moved her hand to the side of my head to put my face closer into hers.

I moved my hand over her body as we made out, feeling her smooth legs that lead up to her panties. I moved my hand trying to please her, but she put her hand on top of mine and moved it away. I put my hand back on her leg and moved it up her dress. I moved it over her smooth belly and up to her bra. Her breasts were round and perfectly fit into my hand. I cupped her left breast while holding her right hand with the other, interlocked fingers. I felt my erection getting harder. She would notice any moment, so I took her body off of me, and lay down on the grass. I bent my legs up so my erection wouldn’t show, not just yet. She got on her knees, and bent over me with one hand on the ground and the other on my chest, squeezing. She gave me that beautiful, unforgettable gaze before she leaned in and kissed me. She was fooling around, lifting her head up, and making me chase her. I put both of my hands on her legs. The silky smooth texture did not help my erection. I did not care at this moment, and I moved my hands up her legs, pushing her dress up, until her round, sexy ass was in my hands.

I squeezed her ass gently, and then ran my right hand to the underside to fondle her vagina. I could feel it being wet through her underwear. With my left hand, I slid my finger from her vagina up through her ass crack, and slid my fingers into her underwear when they got to the top, fondling with the crack of her ass. My other hand did the same on the underside, getting into her divine gateway.

My fingers felt her pubic hair, and I moved down more until I could feel her soft, wet folds. She moaned into my mouth as I moved my finger in a circular motion around her clit. Her eyes closed, her expression was that of the utmost forbidden pleasure. The way her mouth opened and a sudden moan of pain and lust came out, jerking her lips momentarily away from mine, turned me on like no other. Her back arched each time I hit the sensitive spot, and I ran my other hand under her dress right through her back.

Then I slid out from under her, and pushed her gently into the grass. I placed both my legs around her, and bent down just so my dick would be over her ass, not touching though. Her face turned halfway towards me, eyes closed, lips smirking in a smile of expecting the time of her life. I kissed her on the cheek, and moved down, kissing every inch down to her neck. I sucked hard at the side and then moved to the back. Her back arched, and her ass hit my hard dick. I was embarrassed for a second, but Jenny didn’t seem to mind. In fact, as I continued to nibble her neck, she brought her left hand back and grabbed at my dick. I ran my hand down her back, and she arched it in such a way that her ass rammed into my hard cock. Her dress fell down, revealing her white panties with strawberries drawn on them.

I bent down and licked her vagina through the underwear. She moaned loudly, and I was brought back to reality for a second: Bending over Jenny, arching her ass up into the air in the middle of a grass field on campus. But we didn’t care. I grabbed Jenny’s hand and brought her up.

“We have to go somewhere more private!” I said.

“Let’s go to my room, it has air conditioning,” Jenny replied, panting. She brought her dress down to look civilized, and I smacked her ass to take off some of the grass that got on it.

When we got in the elevator, Jenny embraced me and we made out, but suddenly I felt her hand go under my shirt and touch my chest all over. I opened my eyes and looked into hers. Her beauty was only more stunning as her expression showed a pure, devilish lust. The way her deep black eyebrows curved over her blue mascara-decorated eyes and her evil smirk, together with her blushing red cheeks could be described as the ultimate tier of female desire and sexual avarice. Her look into me, unbreaking and penetrating, made me enslaved under her hypnotizing trance. She turned around, and I realized the elevator door opened. She held me by the hand and took me to her dorm. It was small, but I had no time to look around kaçak iddaa before she threw me onto her bed and jumped on me, legs on either side of me, wet pussy rubbing right up against my stiff cock. She started grinding me, rubbing her clit through her panties against my cock. I brought my hands under her dress again, this time taking the damned thing off.

When it was off, my mind was blown. Her skinny body was the ideal of a toned, curvy model. She was small and her tan was even throughout, and the moonlight reflected off of her from the window in a mystical glow. I felt her whole body from her belly to her breasts in her black bra, and around to unclasp it. I struggled with the clasp as Jenny grasped my pecks and fondled my body throughout, and her bra finally slid off.

When I saw her breasts, it was like a wave of euphoria cruising through my body, reaching a tier that not even the wildest dreams can achieve. Two luscious mounds with small, yet perfect dark nipples poking out. The skin of her breasts was even smoother than the rest of her body, and the perfectly even tan ran through her breasts. I placed my hands over them, squeezing slightly, and then I put my head up so I could suck them. I placed her right nipple in my mouth, gently sucking on it repeatedly, flicking it with my tongue, while holding the other breast with my hand, the size so perfect to fit in the hand. The milky softness made them smoother and bouncier to fondle around, and I rolled the nipple between two fingers before squeezing the whole breast, their softness being irresistible to the touch. I put the other breast in my mouth, and after working on the nipple I started licking all around in a circular motion until I licked the valley right under her breast and moved to the middle of her chest, licking up and finally stopping right above the cleavage to plant many kisses on her chest, moving upwards to suck and nibble her soft neck while my hands continued squeezing her breasts.

Jenny continued grinding her vagina against my hard cock. I finally grabbed her and put her on the bed, face up. I took off her panties while she laid there in the dark, the moonlight illuminating her perfect, beautiful body, and the light reflecting from the pupils of her eyes like an angel’s. She watched me as I put her underwear in my mouth and tried to act sexy, until I finally threw it to the side (later I stole her panties on my way out). I grabbed her legs and moved my hands up and down her calves and thighs, and back up to her toes.

I grabbed her left foot and put her toe in my mouth, and sucked on it, while looking straight in Jenny’s eyes. She was moaning slightly, her hands rubbing her breasts, her hair a wild mess on the bed. I sucked passionately on her toe and then moved to lick her arch and them down her calf to the back side of her ankle. Licking it tickled her, and she made a loud moan and arched her back. Then I got back up and started sucking on the toe on her other foot. She continued moaning as I slid my hand up and down her leg, my dick rubbing against her thigh near her vagina. I licked all the way down her leg again and to her bushy vagina. I got up momentarily and took off my shirt and pants. She stared at my dick, the sheer size of which even surprised me: I was so aroused that I gained an extra inch!

I lowered my head straight down to her vagina. She wasn’t very shaved, which is to be expected of girls at this age. I pulled away the hairs to see her vagina: a soaking wet mass of delicious, soft, pink folds. I gave the mound a huge, single wet lick. Jenny moaned. I explored her folds and clitoris with my hands, and setting my mouth right over her clit, sucking on it like on a lollipop. Meanwhile my hand moved over her vagina, fondling her lips, and finally sticking one finger into the wet mound. Jenny wrapped her legs around my head, ushering me closer into her. I sucked harder on her clit, and stuck my finger deep into her tight, wet pussy and bent it to stimulate the soft insides. Her juices flowed out in abundance, and my chin was soaked in her pungent, sweet-smelling aroma.

I wiped some of her juices off my chin and rubbed them into Jenny’s nipples, and then sucked on them as I got up and onto the bed. I placed my body directly over Jenny’s and as I looked straight into her deep black eyes, I positioned my dick at her vagina. She raised her legs and spread her vagina lips open with her hand to allow me into the most divine present of all. I shuddered in anticipation as I moved my dick around at her entrance, trying to find the right spot; meanwhile her pubic hairs tickled the head of my cock as I rubbed it at the entrance and around to grab all her juices.

Jenny grabbed my dick and positioned it right at the entrance of her warm, oozing pussy. I thrust slowly with my hips into hers, my dick sliding into her extremely tight pussy after the initial pop as the head thrust its way in. Jenny’s face was a hurricane of emotions as endless ecstasy and erotic stimulation, staring into me, grabbing me to push harder into her, kaçak bahis as she bit her teeth hard at the feeling of my cock going deep inside her tight pussy. The insides of her pussy were soothingly soft and wet as they tightly embraced my cock in warmth and comfort that that one could only compare to smoothly exhaling a lungful of opium. Her vagina muscles enveloped my cock and added to the wave of feelings as I began to move slowly in and out of her. The rhythming contractions of her pussy, together with the softness from the wetness massaged my cock in every direction touching all the right places, resulting in a feeling that could not be compared to anything else.

As I continued to thrust into Jenny’s warm pussy, I grabbed one of her breasts and looked straight into Jenny’s eyes. She was moaning loudly, exhaling hard and breathing heavily as she suddenly grabbed the sides of the bed tightly in support, in between moans urging me to go farther, deeper, harder. I burrowed my cock deep inside her and bent down to kiss her passionately, and then started to piston my cock back out and then inside of her. With every stroke her body jerked upward and her breasts bounced back and forth in an erotic rhythm, their fluffiness and soft texture pleasing my hand in holding them as much as my cock to thrust inside her wet pussy.

As I pumped faster and faster, Jenny suddenly wrapped her legs around me. She grabbed my back with her hands and pushed me down more in her, until my chest made contact with her nipples. She was moaning hard into my ear as I bent my head to suck on her neck. She stuck one hand into my hair and the other across my back. Her moans in my ear continued to get louder and louder until eventually she opened her eyes and looked straight into mine.

What I felt was a connection without a possible worldly description. Her eyes channeled all of her erotic emotions into me, and sucked back in all the passion I showed her as my eyes started deeply into hers, my pupils dilating beyond imagination as I worshipped the goddess I was inside of. I felt like we were one, as my dick thrust in and out of her and her body urging me into her as the peak of all pleasure, her orgasm, was coming on. I felt my motions flowing together in perfect unison with hers, like their shape was identical in a perfect match. I felt our hearts beat at the same pace, and as I looked at Jenny I knew we were breathing at the same rate. I was truly one with her, two spirits connected in an erotic fountain of passion and emotions uniting two.

Jenny was panting hard. She grabbed my back with both hands and couldn’t help starting to scratch me, uncontrollably, as the waves of ideal pleasure began waving through her. She closed her eyes and screamed, quietly. I felt my own orgasm built up as the heat and pleasure waves in my hard cock from the wet feeling inside Jenny’s pussy turned into a burning stream going from my head to all my insides and to every corner of my body as I felt it coming up in a burning physical ecstasy.

I continued thrusting into Jenny. Our bodies choreographed perfectly as her pussy moved towards my cock going in, the wet thrusts adding to the sounds of our bodies rocking the bed as we panted hard. The burning got hotter inside me and Jenny grabbed onto me harder than ever, barely allowing me place to move. And then it happened.

Our orgasms morphed into one, hers and mine both enveloping us in a wave of pleasure. I closed my eyes, and so did Jenny, and time slowed down to a point that I could only feel my own heartbeat, but it wasn’t mine, it was both mine and Jenny’s, beating together, pumping the blood through us and opening the doors for the waves of orgasm to envelop our bodies in its light and divine sensation. All I could feel was my cock thrusting the hardest into Jenny’s tight hole, spurting hot cum deep inside her, and with every contraction of my cock in ejaculation, Jenny’s pussy contracted my cock to enhance the amazing sensation to a tier indescribably with words. The fire burned deep inside me as it went from my dick and inside Jenny’s pussy. Her moans of pleasure filled my ears as a wave of synaesthesia had my whole body drown in the flares of burning orgasm pass through my body.

Holding tightly onto Jenny, I saw her face relax from one expressing the wildest emotions into one displaying pure joy and love. Her face red and her cheeks even more red, Jenny’s mouth formed a grin as out orgasm washed over us, passing and leaving behind it a hypnotic buzz of relaxation, warmth, and glow in our muscles. Jenny and I were still looking into each other and breathing at the same rate as I stopped thrusting my cock and left it inside the warm embrace of Jenny’s pussy.

Our grins at each other were not enough to express the joy and limitless love we possessed for each other, and we both erupted into laughter. Then we both grabbed the other’s body into a tight embrace that allowed out love for each other to flow in between us, coursing through in our lips as we made out with kisses that carried more passion and emotion in them that any possible contact. The exact way Jenny ended one kiss to stick her mouth into mine for the next showed how much satisfied lust we had and were now feasting on.

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