An Extra Tasty Brunch

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[Second go at a story, the first seemed to be enjoyed and I hope this is too. Read it at work if you can.] 😉

We met for our usual lunchtime coffee, cake and chat outside of work. Talking about the random things of the day when I noticed how fidgety and distracted she was.

“Are you okay?” I asked, noting how red she went as she rapidly shook head.

“No I’m fine,” she said in rapid unconvincing tone.

“Uh huh” I nodded, not believing her for a second. I’d seen her like this before and knew what it meant. She saw my disbelieving look and glared, “okay, I’m really fucking horny, happy now?”

I laughed, “Oh dear, that must be horrible being stuck at this place, desperate for the touch of finger against your swollen pussy.”

“Oh you bastard,” she growled.

“Or the lick of a tongue against your sweet clit.” I continued, relishing every syllable.

“Stop it, stop it.” She whimpered

“Or maybe just the thrust of a hard cock into your hungry pussy.” I growled back, but the following torrent of expletives were drowned out by a colleague yelling at her to get in for a meeting.

Back at my desk tapping mindlessly away, as I thought of her all horny, squirming in her meeting desperate for release. When my phone buzzed, opening the message I quickly ducked down, hoping no one saw my face go bright red. The message consisted of an up-skirt picture of a pair of very wet white cotton panties and the text; “look what you’ve done to me!” I gazed longingly at every pixel of that photo, drinking in the way the cloth stuck to lips of her pussy, glistening in the light of the camera flash. The phone buzzed me out of my reverie and a new message appeared; “get up to the 4th floor ladies toilets and finish what you started.”

As nonchalant as I could I rapidly strolled to the door, breaking into a run as I went into the corridor and tore up the stairs, leaping up them as fast as I could. I stopped at the toilet door and politely casino siteleri knocked. The door opened a little revealing a mad looking face, then sprang open and her hand dragged me inside. Locking the door behind her, she jumped up onto the sink counter and yanked my head down towards her pussy. The delicious smell of her was mind blowing as I began to kiss my way up her legs towards her sweetest spot.

“Don’t fuck about, eat me!” she growled and drove my head between her legs. Needing no encouragement I pulled her sodden panties off her pussy with my teeth, until I could yank them down with my desperate hands. I began to lick like I’d never done before, my tongue rapidly attacking her most sensitive places. It slid along her pussy lips, circled her hole and danced across her clit. She was in ecstasy, I’d never seen her so turned by my tongue’s caresses, pulling her top up she squeezed her gorgeous tits. Making her moan so loud she pushed the rolled up top into her mouth to stifle herself. Her head and eyes rolling back as an orgasm coursed through her,

I pulled back to admire the view, watching her shudder and twist as juices poured out of her pussy.

“Don’t you dare fucking stop,” she groaned as she yanked my hair, forcing my face into the steaming soaked mess of her pussy. Hungrily I licked up all that sweet juice, sliding two fingers inside her, causing her to moan even more as they made wet slapping noises pumping in and out. She groaned excitedly as I curled my fingers up inside her searching for the sweetest spot of all. As my fingers caressed her, she jumped and groaned, gasping “oh god, right there” as I zeroed in on the right place. With renewed gusto my fingers caressed deep inside her, listening to moans to gauge her favourite angles and strokes.

My tongue went back to work on her clit, but it was difficult to keep on it as she bucked and gyrated under my onslaught. I sucked hard on her clit to try and keep a hold, but she almost slot oyna sent me flying as she screamed, “Oh god, oh god.” Let out a cry that must have been heard throughout the building. She juddered and shuddered, as wave after wave tore through her. Tears were in her eyes as she gasped and slid limply to the floor, a drunk smile on her face as she collapsed on her knees.

Hazy eyed she looked up at me and whispered, “thank you.”

“Always a pleasure” I laughed as I licked her juices off my lips and fingers with a deep ‘mmmm.’

A new more devilish smile crossed her lips as she looked at the raging bulge in my trousers. “Poor you,” she purred, “you’re not feeling horny are you?” her fingers stroking my crotch. “Can’t have that can we?” as she undid my trousers, sending them tumbling to the floor, along with my boxers. My rock hard cock sticking out between her eyes, swollen, hungry, desperate for her touch.

Her manicured fingernails gently stroked the length of my cock, smiling as she heard me draw breath, she licked her lips and kissed the tip of my swollen member. A shudder went up my spine as her deep red lips slowly parted over the head, until they had completely encompassed it. Her tongue then slowly slid around my head, caressing every of sensitive bit, whilst her hands gently stroked my thick shaft.

I looked down at her, running my hand through her hair, pulling on it every time she touched a sweet spot. She looked up at me, her sparkling eyes meeting mine and smiled as she slowly, ever so slowly slid her lips down my shaft. Her head began to bob, each time she’d take a little more of my cock into her hungry mouth. I moaned and gasped a little louder each time, her tongue and lips sending pulses of pleasure through my giddy mind. As she got to the base I could feel my cock sliding into her throat, I could her gagging a little, but she clearly didn’t care, if anything it made her suck harder and faster. Her fingers caressed my aching balls, stroking canlı casino siteleri and teasing them, as if encouraging them to ready as much cum as possible for my rapidly approaching orgasm.

“Oh shit, I’m gonna cum,” I gasped between breaths as she worked her magic on my cock. She pulled it out of her mouth and watched the tip gleefully, her eyes twinkling as her hand rapidly stroked my throbbing shaft. The head was swelling, getting redder as blood surged into it, the veins pulsing with anticipation.

“Cum for me,” she purred, “I want to see you cum so fucking hard.” Her eyes wide, she licked her lips, then rolled her tongue around the head of my straining cock.

It was too much, every muscle in my body tightened. “Oooohhhh fuuuuck!” I cried, as I felt cum surging from my swollen balls and screaming up my engorged cock.

There was a little gasp of surprise as the first spurt of cum landed right between her beautiful eyes, then the next hit her cheek, then her lip. My vision was blurring as shot after shot of hot sticky cum, landed on her face and breasts. My grunts of pleasure joined her giggled mmms, as my balls eventually emptied all over her face and front. I sighed as my cock throbbed with a dull pleasurable ache and looked down at the mess I’d created with an unfocused smile.

“Thanks I needed that.” I sighed between breaths.

“I can see that.” she laughed looking at her cum spattered boobs. “Thank you for sorting me out too.”

As we came out of the moment, the noises and bustle of the office around us came back, blinking us back to reality.

“We’d better get back to work” I chuckled, doing my trousers back up and straightening my shirt out.

“Yeah, you go on, I’ve got to get cleaned up,” she grinned as she wiped cum off her lips with a tissue.

“See you later then,” I smiled, giving her a kiss on her slightly salty lips and walking out the door.

I plonked down at my desk and got back to work, hoping no one noticed my absence or big grin. When my phone buzzed a message, “Erm, have you seen my panties??!!” it read.

“Nope, not seen them, sorry lol,” I sent back, sniffing the soaked white cotton clenched in my hand.

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