An Indian Family Story Ch. 08

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At the hospital, their father in law and his brother joined them. There was joy all around. All of them were very happy to see Selvi’s child. So much chatting and hugging was going on. Soon the doctor came and said that they could go home. They all came home and the newborn was welcomed into the house. By evening, their father in law and his brother had to go back. They had a stream of visitors that evening, all the neighbours coming to see Selvi and the baby. Selvi was very tired after her childbirth and needed much rest. Ponni was sleepy after two nights of improper sleep. Ramu was very interested in his child and he too went to be with Selvi. Only Muthusamy and Kamala were awake. They were sitting in the verandah and talking about this and that and slowly the topic came to his sexual problem. He told her about how he can only get an erection if he sees some one having sex. His mother in law pondered about it for some time and then said, “You lack self confidence, or you may be having some nervous problems. I shall try to cure you while I am here. Let me test you first.”

She removed his dhoti and exposed his flaccid prick. She played with it while telling him how her husband and his brother would fuck her one after another and how she would enjoy them every day, except those days when she had her periods. Then too the would want her to suck them out. All this sexual talk did not have any effect on him. She tried sucking him, but that too did not have any effect on him, although he was fingering her cunt under her saree. Finally she gave up and lifting her saree to her waist, she lay down and asked him to suck her cunt. He was only glad and her really gave her a good suck, till she reached her peak and was dripping with her juice. Still his prick refused to wake up. Kamala was very disheartened. She wondered about the fate of her daughter.

The next few days went off quickly. It was usually a busy day fro the ladies. Ponni and her mother had to look after the newborn, casino siteleri the mother and also had to cook for the men. That weekend was easier with the men around. It was time for Selvi to begin her ritual post natal traditional baths which consisted of a good oil rub down followed by a hot water bath and benzion with herbal smoke treatment.

Kamala had prepared the herbal oil the previous day. That morning when the sun was up, she called for Selvi to come and get ready for the oil rub. She had spread a straw mat in the hall and when Selvi appeared, her mother asked her to lie down on the mat after taking off her clothes. Selvi did so, and her mother called for the men to come and help her massage Selvi. Both Muthu and Ramu were only too eager to help her. When they appeared, Kamala asked them to remove their shirts and dhoties and change to only towels for fear their clothes would become dirty. With Selvi lying naked on her stomach, Ramu and Muthu kneeled on either side of her and following their mother in law’s instructions they applied the warm oil on her body from head to toe. Then they gently kneaded and massaged her, from the neck, shoulders, back, buttocks, and thighs and all the way to her feet. Selvi was groaning with pleasure as they drove away her pains. They made her turn around and applied the oil again to the front of her body. Selvi groaned as they massaged her breasts. Ramu pressed out some milk from them for fun. They massaged he abdomen and thighs and all the way to the feet. By this time Ramu’s prick was erect and Selvi caught it with her hand and stroked it for him.

“Oh! How I long for this rod!” she moaned.

“Don’t you mind, we are taking good care of it,” her mother said in jest and they all laughed.

Ponni had brought a basin of hot water with some towels. Kamala soaked the towels in the hot water and began to give fomentation to Selvi. When this was done, Selvi was taken to the bathroom by the women, and given a bath. After that, she was slot oyna dried and then given the herbal benzoin smoke treatment. Her mother paid particular attention to her private parts. She was made to squat over the urn containing the ambers and her mother added the benzoin and dried herbs and directed the smoke into her cunt.

“This will make sure that your cunt shrinks back to normal and retains its tightness,” she said as she administered it. “This treatment was taught to me by my mother.” Having finished the routine, they got ready to finish their bath also.

The two oily sons in laws and their mother in law were joined by Ponni. She too wanted to be part of the fun. While Muthusamy pumped and filled the large drums with water, the others stripped and started applying oil to each other. Ponni took care of her husband while her mother was applying oil to Ramu. After they had finished with the men, the men in turn attended to them. They applied oil to every crease and hole in their bodies, as was necessary after which they rubbed it in. Ramu as usual was sporting a hard erect penis as he went through the whole process.

Seeing Muthusamy’s soft penis, Kamala took over from Ponni.

“Come my son in law, I am going to give you a penis massage. Let us see if it helps you,” she said as she kneeled before him and taking his penis in both hands and after applying some oil to it, began to pull on it. She did it with her thumb and index finger as though she was milking the teats of a cow. Ponni and Ramu stood side by side to watch. As her mother massaged her husband’s penis it began to show some response. Her mother then took both his testes and began to massage them gently. She massaged the blood vessels and the sac. She then proceeded to the space between his penis and his anus and massaged it with both thumbs. She stimulated his anus and reversed the order of massage again, coming back to the penis. This time it was responding and was semi erect. Seeing her mother’s treatment canlı casino siteleri of her husband, Ponni slid in front of Ramu and pressed her buttocks against his penis. Ramu hugged her from behind and thrust his penis between her thighs. Ponni held it tight as Ramu began to move it to and fro. The oil made it very smooth and stimulating. Ponni bent slightly allowing Ramu to penetrate her from behind, which Ramu did with ease. As Ponni groaned, Muthusamy looked up to see Ramu fucking her. As he watched, his semi erect penis now came alive and became hard.

“You bath spoiled my treatment,” Ponni’s mother complained, “but I am not going to waste my efforts.”

Saying thus, she took her son in law’s penis into her mouth and started to suck it. He grew more excited as he saw his wife being screwed by his brother in law. Kamala went to work on his penis with real earnest. Hugging his buttocks, she moved her head faster and faster. Ramu was riding Ponni hard. She squealed and screamed. Selvi heard it in the house and came out to see what it was all about and found the four of them enjoying themselves.

“It is a pity I cannot join you all,” she lamented, as she watched them. “You wait till I am well, then I will not leave you all alone.” She left, fearing that if she watched them any longer, she too would have to join them.

Kamala then bent over and asked Muthusamy to fuck her. It was a nice sight, mother and daughter bending over and the son in law fucking the mother and the brother in law fucking the daughter. They both were groaning loudly and encouraging their partners to fuck harder. The men poked harder and faster till they both shot their loads into the ladies cunts one after another and collapsed.

After resting for a while, they poured water on one another, soaped each other and came out of the bathroom after completing their long bath.

“I feel I can treat your husband. I find the massage good for your father and your uncle. Your husband too had a small response today, but you two spoiled it. From tomorrow, I shall take him to the bathroom alone,” Ponni’s mother told her. This was good news and Ponni was glad to hear it. Muthusamy too was glad to hear it.

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