Anal Cafe Ch. 02.5

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Jenny & Janet – 2

Janet pulled her back pack onto her shoulder and walked into her sister’s apartment. She’d been here many times but she never tired of being in Jenny’s space. It was always so comfortable and peaceful, no matter what was going on in her life and Janet envied her that. With everything that had happened in the last two weeks, she wondered what Jenny had that made her so at peace with herself.

“Come on upstairs.”

Janet followed her sister up and was surprised to find that her bedroom had been transformed. Thick, cream-colored candles lit the room, giving off a warm glow and the sheets had been pulled back, inviting her to recline on them. Jenny took the bag from her sister’s arm and gave her a smile.

“Take your clothes off.”


“Are you going deaf? Take your clothes off, girl!”

Janet still stood frozen, watching her sister remove her own clothes and admiring her form. They were twins, true, but Jenny’s body was more on the slim side with small, pouty breasts while hers was thicker with heavy, large-nippled breasts. Jenny noticed that she was staring and came over to her.

“Do you need some help?”

“N-No.” She didn’t know why she had stuttered. It must have been when Jenny touched her blouse, her fingertips skimming her flesh as she gently undid the buttons. “Yes.” The blouse opened and Janet felt her bra drop to the floor. Next, Jenny slid down to her knees, unzipping her pants and pushing them down, catching the underwear as well. She felt strange because she was naked in front of her sister, even though they’d grown up together and shared a bedroom for years but this was different.

“Okay. casino oyna Lie down on the bed.”

“Lie down?”

“Jan, this evening is going to drag if you repeat everything that I ask.”

Jenny was right. Janet climbed on the bed, sighing at the feeling of cool cotton on her body and her sister tugged on one of her toes, something that she used to do when they were little. As Janet laughed, Jenny turned her onto her back and asked her to close her eyes.

The squirt of liquid on her chest startled her at first but she relaxed when Jenny’s soft hand smoothed the oil across her skin. She worked on Janet’s throat and shoulders, slowly moving down to her breasts. Janet gasped at the sensation of her sister’s fingers on her nipples and squeezed her legs together, rubbing her moistening pussy lips.

“I always thought that because we were twins, we’d have the same experiences.” Jenny began, giving Janet’s nipples a gentle tug, an action that brought a whimper of pleasure from her sister. “After all, we got our first kisses about the same time and had our first sex about the same time. I always thought that we were on the same page.”

Janet was only half-hearing her sister’s words. Her entire body felt as if it was on fire, tingling every place that Jenny’s fingers touched. Her breath caught as her fingertips cascaded over her ribs, then stomach, spreading more warm oil into her quivering flesh. Sex with Jeffrey hadn’t even turned her on this much and the thought of that terrified her.

“Having anal sex with someone isn’t like sharing a slice of pizza. It’s giving someone complete control over your body.” slot oyna Her fingers brushed the edge of Janet’s pubic triangle. “And it’s you completely trusting someone.”

Her heart pounded in her ears as Jenny’s words rang true. Trust. She hadn’t been able to trust Jeffrey, not completely. Even now, she was still trying to convince herself that this hadn’t been the sixth time she’d caught him cheating on her. Even now, she was still trying to convince herself that it was right not to tell him that she was on birth control, no matter how much he talked about having a baby. She knew deep inside that she would never be able to trust him.

Jenny’s fingers slid deeply into her pubes, slipping into her slit and pressing on her clit. Janet moaned, arching off the bed and opening her legs wider. “Turn over, baby.” She did as her sister’s whisper ordered, lifting her mid-section and allowing Jenny to push a pillow underneath her belly. A deep shiver snaked through her at the touch of Jenny’s lips on her ass cheek. “When you completely trust someone, you trust them with everything.” She spread Janet’s cheeks apart and blew on her pucker, making her twin sister shiver. “Including knowing what gets you off.”

The first swipe of Jenny’s tongue made Janet jump. “Jenny!”

“Sshh!” Her tongue licked again, wetting the pucker until it glistening in the candle light. When she thought her sister was ready, she pressed a fingertip in. Janet felt the intrusion and tried to resist. “Relax, Jan. Open yourself to me.”

Janet closed her eyes and thought about how much she loved her sister. Gradually, the intrusion changed to a pleasant feeling canlı casino siteleri of fullness and she moaned when Jenny added a second finger. A sharp second of pain and the pleasure returned. The same happened as she added a third and finally, a fourth finger to her pulsing asshole. Before long, she was trying to pump onto those fingers but Jenny stopped her, pulling her hand away.

“Are you ready to completely trust me?”

“I love you, Jenny. You know I trust you completely.”

More warm oil sluiced down her crack, lubricating her ass hole and turgid pussy lips, then the naked and sensual weight of her sister’s body covered hers. “I love you, too, Jan.” The cold rounded head of the dildo slid up and down Janet’s crack a few times before lining up with her anal opening. “Here I come.”

She was gentle at first. Janet gasped at the penetration, pressing down to allow entrance and moaning when Jenny was fully seated inside her. Jenny pulled the pillow out from under her and left her hand underneath her body, pushing down until her fingers were just at the top of Janet’s pussy, massaging her clit in a circle. Janet shook, clutching the sheets as the dildo continued to invade her anal passage. The sensation was glorious, like nothing she’d ever felt before and she felt the urge to kick her legs in joy but she was shaking too much.

And then felt it. Hot and warm, like a ball of liquid fire streaking up the insides of her legs. She was cumming and nothing felt better than that. Her pussy convulsed, dripping cream onto her sister’s hand and her ass muscles clutched at the dildo, heightening her orgasm until she was gasping for breath, shivering through aftershocks. Jenny pressed a kiss to her cheek, breathing heavily as well. “You came awfully quick for someone who never had anal before.”

“Couldn’t help it.” Janet gasped. “You’re too good.”

“Wanna do it again?”

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