Andra , Bethany Ch. 02

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That evening Andra sat in her room thinking about how her day had been. All she could think about was Bethany’s body, and how breath taking it had been. She had found it funny when she had said take a picture. If only Bethany knew what a treat that would have been for her.

Her hand slid down her body coming to rest atop her crotch feeling a slight wetness. Yep Bethany was a damn cutie sent from above to torment her; the tension in her body still evident to her. She was still turned on by the events that had transpired.

Thinking back she recalled what had happened. Basketball, two teams, they had been winning. Andra had become cocky, paying more attention to Bethany then the game. She had been drawn to her body, to her chest, to her glorious female breasts.

She had started to watch them as they moved, her bra desperately trying to hold all her womanly flesh in place. Andra speculated her breasts were at least D’s if not larger. With each lunge and jump her tits would bounce around before falling back into place.

It was then that had distracted her so much, to watch her female body so close in front of her. Bounce and move before her, as she stepped forward to take her shot, she tripped on her own feet, plowing right into Bethany.

While Andra had been remembering the past 12 hours her hand had started to rub her crotch, causing her to just become wetter. When she looked she noticed illegal bahis a more defined patch of juices calling to her, asking her to masturbate. She stood long enough to pull her pants off and lock her door, before flopping back onto her bed.

She gently rubbed herself concentrating on her pleasure. She pinched her clit, rolling it between her fingers, creating a warm friction that caused her to moan softly. With her free hand she had pulled her shirt up and was playing with her nipples, squeezing and rolling them into hard nubs of skin.

As she continued to play with her clit she broadened her movement to around her nipples. Playing with her areoles, which were about an inch in diameter around her nipple. She had always had small areoles, and sensitive nipples. She then moved on to messaging and kneading her breasts, causing involuntary moans of pleasure.

Soon she could feel warmth radiating from her vaginal opening, asking to be filled, to be played with. She slid the hand that had been playing with her clit just a little but further down to her opening, slowly sliding one finger in, holding it in a hooked position so she would hit her own g-spot.

She gasped her vaginal walls gripping her finger, pulling at her, trying get her fingers deeper inside. She straightened her finger enough to pull out before plunging back in. She kept contact with her g-spot, moaning in pleasure. As her rhythm illegal bahis siteleri started to become steady she slid in a second finger. Her walls stretched slightly, after gripping one finger so long, before tightening around her fingers.

She fingered faster, squeezing her breast with her other hand moaning. Her orgasm was close; she could feel it edging closer. Moments later she came, her body flooded with waves of pleasure. As soon as she had calmed down, her heart rate had slowed she feebly slid her fingers out of herself and began sucking her love juices away as she drifted to sleep.


Bethany sat on her floor, her back pressed against her bed, rubbing her temples gently. These feelings, her feelings, they couldn’t be right. She wasn’t supposed to feel this way towards someone she didn’t know, whom she knew nothing about.

Bethany had known that she was attracted to females for as long as she could remember. Andra had caused her pleasure from the contact of their bodies. But could she possibly have romantic feelings towards Andra that soon, in the split moment they had touched so intimately.

She leaned her head back, going through the events that had occurred only hours ago. There had been pleasure, followed by pain, her nose cracking and bleeding. She couldn’t have attracted to someone who caused her pain, she didn’t like pain, it wasn’t her. Maybe they could canlı bahis siteleri be friends, yes that was it they would probably end up being friends.

She didn’t even know if Andra liked females in that way. Sure she was staring at her chest, but she wasn’t the first person, male or female to do so. That was something she had been use to ever since she had grown breasts. She had developed way before the other girls in her school and was always teased. So why would it be any different if someone else was looking at her chest, now she just wrote it off.


Over the next weeks Andra and Bethany started to talk with each other every day in gym. They would walk together to class and talk during most of their class period. Their teacher threatened them many times with detention but they never took him seriously. When the class had team activities, Andra and Bethany managed to always be on the same team.

Within a month of Andra being at her new school, she finally felt like she belonged. Bethany may have been awkward that first day, but now they were so close. Andra had trusted her with many of her secrets, all but one. She wanted to tell her about the affection she had towards Bethany, that she was a lesbian. But she could never find the right moment to tell Bethany her true feelings.

She loved the friendship they had, and she wasn’t ready to reveal her whole true self just yet. What if Bethany didn’t accept her for who she was? What if Bethany then rejected her, and ran, because she would think things would be different. Andra had already decided long ago she would tell Bethany when the time was right.

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