Angie’s Deep Desires (Dave)

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Angie is really excited about her next encounter with a handsome man she met on a dating website. They had already met two times and for some reason she just could not get enough of him. He knows her body very well and knows the right places to touch that set her on fire. His touch left her trembling for more. He seemed to know exactly what she liked without her telling him. The times they had been together before left her so sexually satisfied that she was amazed.

It had been awhile since their last encounter and she was burning with desire and needed his touch so badly,aching to feel him deep inside her. His kisses so passionate but so soft, his hands touching all the burning hidden weak spots of her body. No other man has affected her this way and she is addicted to his charm like a drug. Dave had sent Angie a message asking if she would like to meet at his place. She was more than eager to accept. She had been thinking of him and yearning for his touch again.

He had asked her to wear a dress with nothing underneath. Dave had also told her he would like her to shave her pussy bare because he liked that. She had never done that before and found it exciting. By the time she gets all the hair shaved she is on fire. Liking the way it felt being bare and noticed how much more sensitive it made her clit, just feeling the lips of her hot pussy rubbing on her bare clit made her even hotter. After showering she sits in front of the mirror putting on her makeup and fixing her hair. She likes to look hot for Dave. He is such a handsome man. He is very exciting and spontaneous and this is very appealing to her.

Her hot desires are starting to burn deep by now. She has been thinking of him and craving that feeling of satisfaction again. Her pussy is so wet she has to keep wiping it with tissue. She is ready to go and takes one last look in the mirror to make sure she looks good. Satisfied she locks the door and walks to her car. She is so excited she can hardly wait. She feels the wetness between her thighs as she walks and her pussy lips are rubbing slightly against her clit as she gets in the car. She is on fire and craves him now.

Angie is wearing a blue vintage dress with nothing underneath just as he had asked. Her wet pussy was so sensitive casino siteleri now with all the hair gone and she really likes this feeling. She pulls out her phone and sends him a text to let him know she is on her way. He sends one back and tells her to come on that he is ready for her. His cock is hard and needs to be inside her. She gets even wetter now, the ache deep inside her pussy just waiting and needing to feel his big cock inside her. She loves the way it feels when he puts his cock in her because she is not used to a big cock and it hurts at first when he puts it in. She likes it though. She likes just a little pain because it enhances her desires and he always seems to know this about her. She is thinking of his big cock and how much she loves to put her wet lips around it and run her hot tongue all around it, feeling it getting harder as she swirls her tongue all over it and sucks on it. She is so hot she can hardly drive.

He is texting her asking how far away she is and she tells him about ten miles. She is so full of hot passionate desire right now that she is aching deep inside and needs him so bad. She lets him know that she is about a mile away now and is very wet, hot and ready for him. He tells her that he has left the door open for her and for her to just come on in that he is waiting for her.

As she pulls into the driveway she is thinking of him waiting nude in the bed, hard, and ready for her. She gets out of the car and goes to the door. It is open and she walks through and just as she turns to shut the door he is right there and she looks into his eyes and passion takes over. He grabs her and kisses her passionately as his hands caress her soft body. Those hot places yearning for his touch screaming for his soft hands to touch each part. His hungry mouth is kissing her lips and their tongues searching each other and tasting each other. His kisses are so passionate and so sweet and hers are just as sweet and hot and wet. She gently sucks on his tongue and then his neck and he smells so good that she is lost in the masculine scent of his muscular body. He takes his hand and runs it up her thigh and she shivers from the raw passion that takes over her body. His touch sets her on fire. Her hot juices are running wild now.

His slot oyna finger finds her aching pussy and it’s so wet that he is burning now with desire. He grabs her and picks her up and carries her over to his desk, kissing her deeply and passionately. He lays her on the desk and pulls her dress up, both of them so hot now that they had to have each other. He takes out his hard throbbing cock and it seems to know just where to go. He puts that hard cock in her hot pussy and as it slides in she moans, first from the slight pain that she loves to feel and also from the way her desires were so calmed at the feeling of this cock that she is addicted to. She felt like a drug addict getting a fix.

He takes her hand and pulls her up from the desk and turns her around. He pulls her dress up again and she spreads her legs open waiting for him to enter her from behind. She likes this too. Dave pulls his cock out and pulls her to him and kisses her very passionately and leads her to the bedroom. He starts undressing and she looks at his toned body so muscular and tight and smiles in admiration. He really takes care of himself. He pulls out his hard cock and tells her to come suck it for him. She loves his taste. She loves sucking his big cock feeling it get harder as she softly sucks on it and takes it deep in her throat. He likes to deep throat her and she lets that hugh cock slide down her throat as she gags. He is really turned on by that and she knows it.

She swirls her hot tongue around the head and down his shaft as he moans in pleasure. She knows he likes this. He places both his hands on each side of her face as she is sucking his throbbing cock. He lays her on the bed and puts that hard cock in her again and she is so hot now that she rolls him over and climbs on top of him. She spreads her legs and takes his cock and puts it inside her so that it goes deep. She rides him slowly so that she can feel that wonderful pleasure inside her. She then raises up and feels his cock slide out of her as she gently places her hot wet pussy over his lips and feels his hot tongue sucking on her swollen clit and she moans with pleasure. He runs his tongue around her clit until she feels the orgasm that is about to erupt inside her. The pleasure in her canlı casino siteleri body is so great now that she wants his tongue deep inside her pussy. ” Please eat me and put your tongue inside me deep” she moans as she rubs her pussy on his tongue as he sucks on her swollen clit.

The euphoria is building up so strong that she digs her nails in his shoulders as the spasms start from the intense orgasm that has taken over. She has to have that cock inside her again to ease that ache inside after the orgasm. This time he gets on top of her and takes her legs and places them on his shoulders so that he can get deep inside her and satisfy that hungry urge he knows she is feeling. He rides her hard because he knows that what she likes when she is hungering for that sweet release. He tells her he is fixing to cum and she feels his throbbing cock getting closer to exploding those hot juices inside her. Oh how she loves the feel of his hot cum inside her. Its warmth so intense as its flows in her. She is feels her body start to writhe as she reaches that moment of wondrous pleasure and suddenly she moans and loses control of her body. He has to hold her down because it’s so intense and he knows that when she climaxes she will try to get on top but he wants her on the bottom so that he can watch her face as the pleasure takes over.

After they both have reached their peak and the juices all inside her, they lay there for a few moments just letting their bodies and minds relax. He pulls his cock out of her, the juices of their pleasure dripping from its head.

They clean up and he is sitting at his desk now and smiles at her and tells her “You know I was faking it right” and she smiles back and tells him, “sure and I am faking these juices that keep running down my leg”. They both laugh and she gets ready to leave.

He kisses her softly and tells her to be careful as she leaves. She turns back and gives him a sweet smile and then gets in her car to go home. On the drive home she is very satisfied and smiles as she thinks of the friend she has found. She calls him a friend with benefits. Someone to curb her desires when they burn deep down inside. A friend who seems to know her inside and out. She even tells him things she would never tell anyone else. She trusts him completely.

She arrives home and gets ready for bed. She sleeps so well that night and as she falls asleep she smiles thinking of her next encounter with Dave.

Written by: Southerncharm48

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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